Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working?| Let’s fix it (Quickly & Easily!).

Gourmia air fryers have user-friendly touch screens for effortless operations. All the symbols come on the display, enabling you to select the controls. The screen has an issue whenever the gadget isn’t responding to touch.   

The Gourmia air fryer touchscreen not working may be due to a power glitch, hardware failure, or even grease on the panel. Also, the issue occurs due to obsolete software and door sensor failure. Whichever the cause, you can resolve it or ask your tech to help you.

Look at this guide;

1. Dirty Screen

Dirt accumulation can block the sensors on your Gourmia air fryer’s screen. These are some culprits if you have not been wiping spills, grease, and dust. Unplug your Gourmia air fryer and grab a clean and soft fabric cloth. 

Wipe off the dirt from your air fryer screen until it is clear. You can wet the cloth, but ensure you dry the panel. Also, clean your hands and operate your screen with dry fingers. Touch the control and see if it works. 

2.  Gloves On Your Hand

If your nitrile gloves are still on your hands, your air fryer touch screen may not respond. The gloves create a blockage on the screen. Remove the gloves and operate your air fryer with clean and dry fingers.

3.  Power Glitches

Loose wiring, short circuits, and detached wires can cause power glitches. The glitch disconnects your machine’s control panel hence a frozen touch screen. This problem requires an electrician to resolve because of the risk of injuries. 

But you can begin by checking if the socket and cables are in good condition before calling your tech. A broken or twisted cable may signify breakages and short circuits. For the internal wiring, you may have to call an expert to inspect, test for continuity, and resolve.

4. Door Error

Air fryers have a design that blocks all operations when the door has a problem. If you don’t lock it well, the screen won’t respond. That’s a safety measure to protect you from the heat from the cooker. Usually, the temperatures can heat as high as 400 F, which can scorch your hand within seconds. 

Also, the door could be locking, but the sensors are faulty. So, your equipment does not sense that it begins to cook when you press start. Such a problem may require replacing the door. Call your Gourmia repair center for a go-ahead.

5. Mylar Plastic Membrane Error

Mylar plastic membrane is a feature in all devices with a touch screen. That includes your air fryer. The membrane sits just beneath the touch panel and has switches that connect the screen sensors to the main control panel. 

In the membrane, tiny wires enhance the communication between the controls and the screen. With time, the mylar plastic may wear. The sensors and the touch panel get interrupted and may not respond to touch. For this reason, your air fryer will need an expert to replace this pad. 

6. Broken Screen

If your appliance dropped recently, it may have experienced impact and cracked. A tiny crack may not be visible on the black screen, but it can interrupt the regular performance of your device. 

The touch panel becomes unresponsive, and heating may stop due to a broken element. Place your appliances on a level surface (countertop) to prevent falls and keep off hanging cables. You can talk to Gourmia appliances to make a screen panel replacement.

7. Control Panel Error

The control panel is the heart of your air fryer. It houses all the commands and responds according to the control you press. In short, it has all the programs necessary for operating your air fryer. 

A small hitch can alter operations and leave you with a mute screen. You might begin seeing an ERROR on display. The error doesn’t clear even if you press the commands. To arouse the touch panel, you have to rectify the device. Doing it yourself can cause further damage. Why don’t you talk to Gourmia on their toll-free number? They will come to your rescue.

8. Factory Faults

Some machines leave the factory with errors. Your new Gourmia air fryer touchscreen not working could be a factory fault. So, the best approach is to stop forcing the gadget to work. Leave factory faults to the manufacturer. You paid many dollars that cover you with a warranty. So, call the dealer or factory and ask them to examine their product.

9. Obsolete Gadget

A reason for the Gourmia air fryer touchscreen not working is obsolescence. This is incapacitation due to old age. 

The machine’s functionality fails individually, and the touch panel dies. Although you may seek first aid for the failing functions, that may not give the machine its former vitality. If you love the brand, a new Gourmia air fryer is perfect.

10. Counterfeit Appliance

Maybe, you bought a counterfeit appliance with the brand name Gourmia. With a world so wicked, that’s possible. Counterfeit appliances look like genuine ones, but they have a short life. 

A fake Gourmia air fryer will have many complications, like the touch screen not working, stuck controls, overheating, less heating, and more. If you suspect that you have a counterfeit Gourmia air fryer, contact the company. 

With the model number, they can tell you if it is an original or counterfeit model. Next time, order from trusted dealers or the company’s genuine website, https://www.gourmia.com/. 

How To Fix Gourmia Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

Cause How To Fix
Dirty screenWipe spills, grease, and dust
Gloves on handsSet your fingers free to operate the screen
Power glitchRepair cables, short circuit, and replace faulty internal wiring
Door errorClose the door Replace a faulty door
Mylar plastic membrane errorReplace worn out mylar plastic membrane
Broken screenReplace cracked touchscreen
Control panel errorAsk an expert to replace it. Buy a new Gourmia air fryer.
Factory faultsCall and ship the appliance back to the manufacturer.
Obsolete gadgetDispose of the obsolete gadget Buy a new air fryer
Counterfeit applianceDispose of the counterfeit appliance Buy a genuine Gourmia air fryer from https://www.gourmia.com/ 

Gourmia Air Fryer Display Not Working || How To Fix

The Gourmia air fryer has display wires connecting to the internal control board. You get the readings on this screen when you touch the temp and time controls. If it is blank, you cannot tell when there is an error, time count down, and temperature at which your food is cooking. Often, some models will show dashes while others show a blank display. If the Gourmia air fryer display isn’t working, check the following;

  • Power Hitches

A power hitch in your gadget’s wiring or the socket will leave your display blank without readings. It could be a broken wire that is causing a short circuit. 

How To Fix

Call an electrician to fix your machine’s wiring. An attempt to resolve it without prior experience may worsen the problem.

  • Internal Issue

Internal issues in your air fryer include a faulty control board and electrical faults. The control board is the core function of the machine. If it doesn’t have a good supply of power or some components are broken, you will experience several errors, including the display not working.

How To Fix

The control board is a complex and primary component of your air fryer. It needs a specialized diagnosis for an effective solution. Again, a qualified and licensed tech can help resolve the issue.

  • Technical Hitch

Technical hitches include bugs that cause digital appliances to stop working. Unless the software system is obsolete, technical hitches are easy to resolve. 

How To Fix

Reset your air fryer by disconnecting the machine from power. Reconnect and check if the display works.

  • Dirty Display

Leaving your display dirty and dusty makes it misty. You cannot see all the digits well due to the dirt layer.

How To Fix

Wipe your oven after cooking to keep the display clear.

  • Obsolete Gadget

Obsolescence causes various components to stop working. The display may sometimes show temperature and countdown, but it may be blank. 

  • How To Fix

First, determine the age of your Gourmia air fryer machine. If it is over five years old, a replacement is better. If your gadget isn’t old, you may have to ship it to the manufacturer for a detailed diagnosis.

Final Thought

The Gourmia air fryer touch screen not working can derail all your cooking plans. Also, if the display isn’t showing, you cannot read the temperatures or countdown timer. These two issues have some similar causes. 

Dirt, obsolescence, technical bugs, power problems, and door error can cause the issues. There are more causes, as we detailed. Start with easier processes such as cleaning the machine and resetting to clear bugs. You can engage your tech or call Gourmia appliances if that doesn’t work. They will resolve your matter. 

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