The 9 Best Air Fryer Liners In 2024

Cleaning up your air fryer basket this holiday season doesn’t have to be teary. After treating your family and guests, you will remove the liners and dispose of them. You can also rewash them for next time. So with the best 9 air fryer liners in 2023, you can enjoy French chips, chicken nuggets, zucchini, and ribeye. That is, without scrubbing your air fryer.

Liners prevent chars and scratches on your non-stick accessories. Also, you can serve fresh meals to your guests. Ride through our nine premium wraps for all your cooking recipes. They range from the best parchment papers to premium silicone pads. We also have organic reusable bamboo mats! Get an air fryer liner by clicking the links on this review.

WAVELU air fryer silicon is an ideal liner. The pads replace the traditional inflammable parchment paper liners. Besides, the silicon brand is high quality, natural and non-toxic air frying solution.

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The 9 Best Air Fryer Liners Reviews

Here are the nine best air fryer liners in the industry;

1. WAVELU Air Fryer Silicone Pot 

Get this upgraded food-grade air fryer pot and replace flammable parchment paper liners. You will say goodbye to harsh cleaning your basket after each use. WaveLu is high quality, natural and non-toxic air frying solution.     

You will find this accessory indispensable. Firstly, you enjoy cooking food without sticking and burning. All your dishes come out clean, healthy, and delicious. 

Next, cleaning your air fryer basket is painless. This premium silicone pot keeps your appliance and accessories free from grime, food spills, and grease.  In addition, using this pot makes your air fryer easy to maintain and gives it an extended life span.

The non-stick surfaces remain intact for longer, saving you on replacement budgets. This air fryer accessory is also a cost-saving option as you don’t need expensive disposable parchment papers. It is a one-time purchase that keeps you from recurring orders, time, and money.

You will also be excited to discover that WaveLu is dishwasher safe. There is no need to put up with the trouble of handwashing your pot. The silicon material is heat resistant, eco-friendly, BPA-free, and a high-grade liner that fits more giant air fryers than 5.3 QT. 

Also, the soft silicone liner keeps your delicacies fresh, allowing better airflow and constant heat distribution. With WaveLu’s best reusable air fryer liners, your food cooks to the perfect doneness. 

2. Air Fryer Parchment Paper

Get this set of bamboo steamer perforated parchment papers for wrapping your air fryer basket’s bottom surface. The liners come in a package of 100, are square-shaped, and come in an 8.5″ precut size.

Air Fryer Parchment Paper liners perfectly fit in an 8.6 to 9.6-inch square type air fryer. They can also work in a 10.5 to 11.5 inches oval shape air fryer or 11-inch round metal steamer.

The papers are non-stick and also make the surface easy to clean. In short, no more char and grime on your air fryer basket.

 Your bacon, turkey, chicken, seafood, and buns will come out clean, in perfect shape, and with great tasting. The product is perforated, meaning airflow is a guarantee in your air fryer. 

If you are looking for organic, non-toxic, food-grade, and clean perforated parchment, this pack of 100 gives you the best. The steamer paper liners have no bleach and are non-wax.

Many perforations allow speedy steam circulation that prevents food from sticking. The papers also speed preparation and cleaning up.

These are also waterproof and grease-proof to maintain your food’s taste. Additionally, choosing these best air fryer paper liners gives you heat-safe liners that can stand up heat up to 230 ℃ (446 degrees Fahrenheit) and still come out intact. 

Before buying, countercheck the packet size with your air fryer’s size to ensure the papers are compatible. When using the papers, beware that they are lightweight and can fly away and catch fire.

Follow the manufacturer’s guide to avoiding mishaps in your kitchen, but overall, this is a premium product purposely made for flawless cooking.  Plus, the 100 pack will take you many days before you think of the next order!

3. Air Fryer Liners

Air Fryer Liners come in a smart pack of 200 with sizes 7″, 8″, and 9″ perforated parchment. The packet is non-Stick and consists of bamboo round-White papers.

These round perforated parchment liners are non-stick and come with a grease-proof and non-absorbent design. Your food comes out of the air fryer crispy and with no rip-offs.

No worries about the liner papers as they don’t burn. Air Fryer Liners-200 pack is heat resistant and can hold up to 450ºF. That means all your air fryer recipes are safe with these best air fryer paper liners.

Available sizes include 7″, 8″, and 9″, which fits small to medium-sized air fryer baskets. You will no longer consume time rolling sheets of paper to suit your basket as these are pre-fitted. Plus, the 200 pack will take you through hundreds of air frying sessions.

The liners do not affect your dishes’ taste and keep your bread, buns, drumsticks, and other delicacies nice look. And you have a choice between the natural brown and the bleached white parchment liners.

The shape is round, but they fit perfectly in smaller square trays. With a pack of 200, you have up to 200 cooking sessions that are mess-free and enjoyable. 

These liners are easy to cut in the correct size. They are also single-use and do require washing. Although the papers do not get damaged by moisture and heat, store your papers in a dry and cool environment. 

4. Airware Aeromats Reusable Air Fryer Liners

Suppose you are relatively new at the Air Fryer thing. This design by the USA will fascinate you. They are 100% food-grade silicone and non-stick liners that make your food come out of the air fryer basket quickly and compact. 

Airware Aeromats are the original and best reusable air fryer liners that protect your air fryer basket from scratches and sticking. They are usually 8″ round and a universal fit for round air fryers. The mats will also fit well with a 5.7 quart or smaller air fryer. 

You save many dollars with these liners as they are not single-use pads. The liners will not take your time to clean either, and they are eco-friendly, non-toxic, BPA-free, and heat resistant. Clean the Airware Aeromats liners by a dishwasher or hand. 

But these are not just air fryer liners; you can protect your countertop from hot baskets by using them as mats. The perforated mat design optimizes airflow cooking your food evenly and crispy. 

Airware is SGS-certified and holds up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a safe and reusable silicone air fryer liner for steaming your delicacies, air frying, deep frying, and oven baking.  

Airware Reusable Liners make the perfect gift for family and friends as they are attractive, non-stick, reusable, and of premium quality. The packaging is a resealable bag to reduce further waste. 

Get these premium silicone liners, save your cleaning time, and protect your air fryer basket from premature wear and tear.  

5. Airware Aeromats Original Reusable Air Fryer Liners 

Like number four above, these original USA silicon design air fryers are food grade but only differ in shape. These are square, while the Airware Aeromats in number four above is round in form.

The silicon liners beat parchment paper as you don’t have to spend your pennies for replacements. Airware Aeromat 8.5″ square protects your square design air fryer basket and stops burning and sticking.

These Liners designs improve your cooking, cut cleaning time, and spare you from the hassle of scrubbing your air fryer basket. 

Buy AirwareAeromat 8.5″ mats and say goodbye to single-use baking paper. You will also have eco-friendly and heat-resistant liners. The product is BPA-free and promises a non-toxic, eco-friendly environment. 

The perforated design allows airflow in the appliance, essential for crispy and evenly prepared food. 

Heat resistance is up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, safe for all air frying, steaming, and oven cooking. These are professional quality liners that make a wonderful present for your loved ones. 

Besides the aesthetics, they are reusable, plastic-free, and versatile. Use AirwareAeromat as countertop and table mats and protect your surfaces from extreme heat.

6. GoWISE USA GWA0005 Perforated Parchment Non-Stick Liners

GoWise is a non-stick, grease-proof, and non-absorbent design meant to make your air frying life easier. This best air fryer paper liner/parchment paper resists heat up to 450ºF. It does not get burnt, neither does it allow heat to burn your food. You can almost cook anything with this parchment paper in place.

The liner fits most air fryer baskets and is available in 7. 5 inches and 9 inches. With the perforated pattern in place, this parchment paper is a guarantee that allows air will flow in your air fryer without blockages. Cleaning up is a breeze as there are no stuck foodstuff, grime, or greaser.   

You can resize these liners to fit your situation. In addition, the papers are disposable, so no worries about who will clean up! And with 100 sheets of paper, you will cook dozens of dishes before you make new orders.

The papers are light, so make sure you place weight on them to prevent the paper from flying. This is dangerous and can cause a fire. Hold all the edges down as you place your food to not lift towards the heating element.

Your chicken will not stick, and your basket will be cleaner and easy to maintain. GoWise parchment liner come in the proper size are not expensive. The liners match well with GoWise air fryer, Ninja air fryer, and other brands. 

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7. Air Fryer Liners

If you prefer unbleached air fryer liners, buy this design for all oven and air fryer cooking. It is free from harmful bleaching substances and keeps your food safe throughout the cooking process.

This brand by Infraovens measures 7″ x 7.4″ and perfectly matches your basket if you measure well. Measure your basket for best results. Infraovens’ large size is compatible with popular brands like Bella 2.6 qt, Comfee 2.6 qt, Chefman 2.6 qt, Dash 10 Liter, Cosori 3.7 qt, and 3.4 qt, Nuwave Brio 6 qt, 3 qt, and 4.5 qt, Philips 2.75 qt, and many more models.  

The papers make it easier and faster for you to clean up by preventing grease, grime, and food residue from sticking to your basket and tray. You will no longer scrub your appliance as a sponge is enough to clean up.

If you want to extend your air fryer’s life, consider these Infraovens parchment liners. The perforated papers are excellent for better airflow and allow your dishes to cook evenly while keeping your food from sticking and tearing.

The packaging comes with a free grilling mat, which is reusable and dishwasher-safe. The mat protects your trays and baskets from getting messy, especially when you air juicy fry foods. 

8. 100pcs Air Fryer Liners, Vancens

Here is another 100 pieces pack of air fryer liners by Vancens. The 7.5″ bamboo steamer liners are perforated to complement your cooking with even and great tasting dishes. The paper sheets are perfects for 3.5 & 3.7-quart air fryers. If your fryer is smaller, you can trim it to get an excellent fit. 

These parchment steaming papers are non-toxic, non-stick, and robust. They don’t tear easily. The material is 100% food-grade pulp and has no fluorescent agents contaminating your food. Vance air fryer liners are also eco-friendly and heat resistant. 

The liners can resist heat up to 230℃ or 450℉, thus ideal for air frying, steaming, and all kinds of oven cooking. In addition, the product is water and grease-proof. That means your food will stay intact without absorbing any steam from the paper. Using these bamboo liners means crispy and delicious results!

You have got round steam papers to keep your air fryer basket free from crap. When you line your basket, it will not get scratches, sticky mess and will be a breeze to clean the accessories.   

Air fryers function by circulating hot air on the food. That tells you if you use non-perforated parchment papers, air blockage will happen. Air blocked air fryer doesn’t function well and leads to long cooking hours and unevenly cooked food.

That’s not Vancens Air fryer liners. These are professionally perforated to allow speedy steam air circulation and cook your food faster and adequately.

9. Air Fryer Mats

Are you looking for reusable air fryer liners? Go for this brand as it offers safe, hygienic, and stylish silicone pads. The mats are not a single appliance fit but universal.

These best silicone air fryer liners are compatible with Black & Decker Purify 2 Liter, Costzon 3.2 qt w/ Chefman 3.7 qt, Hamilton Beach 2.5 Liter, GoWise USA 2.75 qt Digital, and many more air fryers.

Order these silicone cooking mats and make air fryer cooking easier and effective. You can choose the colors of your choice and reuse them many times. That saves you pennies and time.  

The silicon mats allow extra oil and grease to drip off your food. That is by the little pyramids or elevations underneath that allow airflow, essential in air frying. Food crumbs will also not fall into the bottom of the basket tray, which helps with cleanup.

When you use these mats in your electric air fryer, your food cooks evenly and faster, plus you will not experience burnt and undercooked, or overcooked edges.

The products prevent food from sticking on the mesh, thus easy to clean off the dirt. You will find the crisper tray easy to clean than when you use it without liners.

In addition, the silicone mat is heavier, meaning that it does not fly when you heat the element. Unlike the paper liners, it does not catch fire.

Final pick: Best air fryer liners!

AirwareAeromats Original Reusable Air Fryer Liners 

This brand is a trusted USA food-grade air fryer liner design. The liners are reusable, so you don’t have to keep ordering like the disposable parchment paper liners. This design takes care of various air fryer baskets and keeps your food from burning. The liners are easy to wash by hand or dishwasher and clean your basket.

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The sum up!

Air fryer liners are easier to keep your appliance clean and give it a longer life. Plus, cleaning doesn’t have to be teary! You have a couple of choices, including bamboo, silicon, and paper liners. 

We gave you eco-friendly, heat-resistant, non-toxic, and non-stick air fryer liners on our list of nine best air fryer liners. The links give you more information and get you to the stores. The ball is all yours, but push our Contact Us button if you have any problems or queries.

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