Gourmia Air Fryer Not Heating Up | Let’s fix it (Quickly & Easily!).

Your Gourmia air fryer not heating up means you won’t enjoy your favorite roasts and fries. The food remains cold, and the cooking process will continue once you resolve the issue. Sometimes, the problem may be technical, thus requiring your tech to come and repair the gadget. Other hitches are due to human error, so you must begin with those before engaging personnel.  

Typically, your Gourmia air fryer won’t heat if you leave the tray open. Unconnected plugs, broken cords, and power problems are possible causes of this error. Also, you can inspect the door for breakages, temperature switches, and heating element defects. We will discuss these further;

1. Open Tray

Air fryer operation involves a mechanism that does not allow the gadget to operate when the tray is open. The tray holds your food when cooking and is usually hot, up to 400 F. At these temps, you can get severe burns on your hand. If you leave your air fryer’s tray open, the door sensors cannot trigger the element to heat up. 

How To Fix

Check if the tray is in place before attempting to latch the door. Sometimes, this component slides out of the way, causing the door not to lock well. Also, overfilling the tray may block closure. Fill in the right amounts and try to slide them into the drawer. 

2. Unconnected Plug

Humans are to error! So, if your Gourmia air fryer is not heating, check this standard error; non-plug device. Depending on the socket type, you may have plugged in the machine but forgot to switch it on. That won’t allow any power to flow from the power source to the gadget’s heating components.

How To Fix

It’s easy! Connect your plug and switch it on.

3. Broken Cable/Plug

The cable that feeds your kitchen appliance with power from the power socket can wear and tear. That, too, disconnects your machine. So, there may be power, but if the cable has twists and breakages, no energy will flow to your gadget. The results are apparent; there will be no heating.

How To Fix

The first step to fixing a faulty cable is inspection. Inspect the line from the plug to the terminal connecting to the appliance. If there are bends, straighten them. Examine the terminal to ensure all the screws are intact and the wiring is undamaged. More often, the problem is in the plug head. Please open it and confirm the fuse is in place and functional. The pins that attach the plug to the socket must also be intact.

4. Inadequate Air Fryer Settings

Various settings control your air fryer heating process. Among those are the time and temp settings. The time setting guides the heating duration, while the temperature setting regulates the heat. If you set a short period, say 0.30 min, your oven will only heat up for that duration, which is insufficient. Likewise, a low-temperature setting of 70 degrees F may be inadequate to heat your device to your menu requirement.

How To Fix

Be keen on the temperature and time settings. You may dial the correct measurements, but the oven is not responding or displaying the same. Your tech can examine the control board and advise further.

5. Did You Preheat Your Air Fryer?

Though failure to preset your air fryer is one of the errors to include in the inadequate air fryer settings, let’s examine it independently. Some air fryers have a preheat knob to help them achieve your desired menu temperature.

Othersovens do not have this setting. If you have the knob on your air fryer, use it appropriately before cooking. Failure to preheat the oven will not get the air fryer to the right temperature. It is a matter of waiting as the preheating stage takes a few minutes.

How To Fix

Do not skip your model’s preheating stage. Please wait until the time lapses, usually 3 – 5 minutes. Your appliance will signal you with a beep.  

6. Power Error

Power errors in your home may be external or internal. It is external when the power company fails in transmission and internal when the problem is only in your home.

The first scenario isn’t your problem, but you can report it to the company. They will take action and reconnect with you. The second issue is more technical and requires you to bring an electrician. So, what’s the perfect solution?

How To Fix

Before you call your tech, check whether other electrical devices are working. You could also ask your neighbors if they have power. That information will help you to determine the next cause of action. External power loss is a power transmission issue. Only the company has the mandate to restore power. Call and inform them. 

If the issue is only in your home, call an electrician. When the experts arrive, they will inspect your home’s wiring and tell you the cause. The first spot they will check will be the power meter. From there, the tech will examine other gadgets in your home, like the TV, fringe, ovens, and washing machines.

If these are not working, the system could have an electrical error. Some sockets may not be functioning. The tech will work on them and allow you to connect your gadgets, including the air fryer.

7. Broken Door

A broken door affects the sensors that trigger the heating process in your air fryer. The hitch affects the sensors, whether a broken hinge or a loose latch. Communication breaks between the sensors and the heating mechanism, causing the device not to heat.

How To Fix

A repair center or tech can help you fix your air fryer’s broken door. They will make sure the latch and the sensors work. 

8.  Faulty Temperature Switch

All the switches in your air fryer are crucial, including temperature control. The control has an internal button with connecting wires to the external dial. If the outer knob breaks, cranking the dial knob won’t work.

Same as the switch. If it has faults, there will be no response on display. For a broken knob or control, you know outright that it will require a replacement. After step five below, you can determine whether to buy a new switch.

Sometimes, you may need to buy both the knob and button. So, order from your manufacturer to ensure the components match the gadget’s requirements.

How To Fix

Replacing the temperature switch is a DIY process. 

Step 1: Unplug your machine and leave it to cool down.  

Step 2: Remove the air fryer’s frame to expose the guts.

Step 4: Locate the temp switch right behind the external dial knob. 

Step 5: Test its continuity.

Step 6:  If the knob is broken, fix a new one by attaching the terminals with the screws. Do the same for a broken switch. 

Step 7: Fix back the frame and test your air fryer.

9.   Faulty Heating Element

The heating element emits heat to cook your food. Typically, the component is brittle and can break due to impact or improper handling.

How To Fix

If broken, the heating element cannot work. Sadly, it has no repair and will require a replacement. Call an expert or the brand manufacturer to help replace a faulty heating element.

10.  Old Air Fryer

One of the signs of old age in air fryers is heating issues. Sometime, the oven may cook flawlessly. Other times it may be slow with low or no heating. 

How To Fix

Fixing an old air fryer may cost more than buying a new one. Why don’t you window shop around for a new machine? It will have benefits, including modern air fryer technology and super-fast cooking features.

Gourmia Air Fryer Not Getting Hot| How To Fix

An air fryer that is not getting hot will delay or end your cooking plans. While looking for other cooking alternatives is an option, sometimes it inconveniences you. You may have to dispose of your ingredients if you have no options. You don’t want to incur such losses. Your Gourmia air fryer not getting hot may be due to various errors. Some of them you can resolve in a few minutes and continue air frying. Others require technical advice. Let’s explore this table;

How To Fix The Gourmia Air Fryer Not Getting Hot

CauseHow To Fix
Open doorClose the air fryer door until it latches.
Unconnected plugConnect your plug to the wall source and switch it on.
Overfilling Fill the tray with the right amounts of food.
Broken cable/plugReplace the broken power cable. Replace the plug  Fix a new fuse.
Inadequate settingsSet the temperatures correctly. Ensure the time matches your recipe.
Failure to preheatFollow the preheat steps. Examine and replace the broken preheat button.
Power errorInspect your electric system. Call the power company to restore your power.
Broken doorOrder a new door to replace the broken one.
Faulty temperature switchOpen the air fryer to access the temperature switch.  Test for continuity and replace a faulty switch.
Broken knobReplace the broken knob.
Faulty heating elementReplace the heating element.
Old air fryerBuy a new Gourmia digital air fryer.
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