Why Is My Popcorn Machine Not Popping?

Why Is My Popcorn Machine Not Popping

Popcorn machine not popping? You have all the reasons to get mad! No more poppy snacks as you watch your favorite movie. But you can resolve the issue. If your popcorn machine is not popping, the problem could be with … Read more

Why Does My Popcorn Keep Burning?

Why Does My Popcorn Keep Burning

After a long boring weekend, you want to kickstart your lazy mood with some delicious chewy snack. A bowl of popcorn will do the magic. But the last time you tried the recipe, you had burnt offerings! Where did you … Read more

Why Is My Microwave Popcorn Not Working?

Why Is My Microwave Popcorn Not Working

Depending on your model, one of the premium features you get is popping corns. The feature can pop all your kernels in minutes. You get to enjoy all the gourmet flavors that you love. But that’s not the case! The … Read more

Why Is My Microwave Popping Noise?

Why Is My Microwave Popping Noise

On a lazy day, you want to ignore all the cooking routines and enjoy yourself on your couch! A microwave oven will take over all your cooking. Also, you can opt to reheat last night’s leftovers. The oven is an … Read more

What Causes Hole In Microwave?

What Causes Hole In Microwave

My three-year-old microwave oven has a rusty hole in the roof. I just realized it is an issue that often happens with these gadgets. But I need to get to the bottom of what causes a hole in a microwave. … Read more

Does Arcing Damage A Microwave?

Does Arcing Damage A Microwave

On any day, you will find a microwave useful. The versatile kitchen appliance offers an effortless mode of reheating, cooking, disinfecting, roasting, and more. All that is within a short time, depending on the model. But all these benefits can … Read more

Are Microwaves Allowed In Dorms?

Are Microwaves Allowed In Dorms

As a new student, your top worry is accommodation in your new college. The dorms are available, but you need to figure out the appliances to move in with, among other items. Whereas institutions have all that information on their … Read more

Gourmia Air Fryer Cancer Warning?

Gourmia Air Fryer Cancer Warning

 As the cook-it-all air fryer ovens take modern kitchens by storm, experts have confirmed their links to common cancers. A random visit to home appliances stores near you will reveal the same. Sadly, many companies still use toxic substances such … Read more

How To Use Air Fryer Rotating Basket?

How To Use Air Fryer Rotating Basket

Air fryers make cooking a breeze. You can feast on a recipe within a few minutes, plus the results are mouth-watering. The only challenge you will encounter is trying to use a new one. You must have the tips, or … Read more

Why Is My Air Fryer Basket Not Rotating?

Why Is My Air Fryer Basket Not Rotating

If you have been using an air fryer oven, you may have encountered this irritating hitch. The basket not rotating will frustrate your efforts to deliver a great meal on time. But this is not strange! Many users face the … Read more

How Do You Use A Multilayer Air Fryer Rack?

How Do You Use A Multilayer Air Fryer Rack

An air fryer in your kitchen is ideal for ditching unhealthy cooking methods. The gadgets are more versatile, less messy, and deliver delicious, crunchy meals. You can also do away with stand-alone appliances such as microwaves, ovens, grills, and toasters. … Read more

Does Cosori Air Fryer Have Teflon?

Does Cosori Air Fryer Have Teflon

With the discovery that Teflon causes cancer, you have all the reasons to doubt air fryers. Most brands come with unsafe films. The coat includes PTFE, of which Teflon is a composite. Though the finish gives cooking utensils low thermal … Read more