About Norma N. Gardiner

Norma N. Gardiner is passionate about home use products, particularly those that are in the kitchen. For many years, she has researched existing and new products that can change your life for good.

It is with this intent in mind that she endeavors to bring you up to date with the latest gadgets and products that you wouldn’t learn about otherwise.

Some of the products she is currently researching include blenders, juicers, toasters, pans, meat slicers, tenderizers, sausage stuffers, and food processors, among others.

While other authors tire along the way in their search for better kitchen appliances, Norma soldiers on in ensuring you get the best appliance that will make your life and that of your loved ones a lot easier.

It is, for this reason, she invites you to benefit from her 15 years of experience in researching the ideal kitchen appliance