Gourmia Air Fryer Not Turning On? Here’s The Reasons & Solutions

Is your Gourmia air fryer not turning on? You have to fix the hitch to get this miniature appliance up and running, and we have the tips here.

Gourmia air fryer won’t work if there are faulty components such as a broken or twisted cable or a faulty or jammed safety switch.

If your gadget’s fuse blows, the socket tripped, or there is a power outage in your area Gourmia air fryer won’t turn on.

So, what’s the cause and the solution? Have a glance.

Gourmia Air Fryer Reset Button!

The appliances reset button comes first to solve your Gourmia Air fryer problems.

It is easy to locate your Gourmia air fryer’s reset button. Look for the function at your device’s bottom of the base. As the name of this function suggests, its work is to reset your device if you notice an error.  

Reset buttons in Gourmia and other air fryers are a security feature. The function senses higher heat than average whenever your food begins to overcook. It switches off the air fryer automatically to stop all the parts awaiting you to restart at a lower temperature for it to work.  

Why Does My Gourmia Air Fryer Keep Turning Off?

When your Gourmia air fryer finishes cooking, it will automatically shut off. Its fan takes up to five minutes to cool down and turn off. That is how the unit is supposed to function.

But this is not your scenario; your Gourmia air fryer keeps turning off mid-operation. Treat it is a common problem in Gourmia and also other air fryer models.

Let’s dive straight into the causes and the solution for this annoying hitch;

  1. Mechanical hitch

Your Gourmia air fryer may have developed a technical hitch; hence keeps on turning off. A little faulty control can make your air fryer misbehave.

Eventually, it will result in a more complex problem and may break up completely. When you notice an abrupt turning off, the first thing to do is inspect mechanical errors. These include;

  • Broken cable: Are there visible broken wires on the cable line? Keenly inspect the whole thread from the plug to your Gourmia gadget. The purpose of this cable is to transfer power into your device from the socket.

Wear and tear are possible if you have not replaced the cord for several months or years. Once the electrical wires break, your appliance will fail. Broken electrical wires are dangerous and require replacement immediately.

  • Burnt fuse: the fuse controls the quantity of current that should flow into your device. In other words, it’s a safety device that takes the burden of safeguarding your expensive appliances from damage whenever there is a power hitch.

The location of this crucial function is on the head of your machine’s cable. That is the plug. You will find a fuse in all three-pronged pins. It safely rests inside the plug, and you can only access it by unscrewing the visible screws on the plug.

Instead of your air fryer getting damaged, the fuse blows, and everything comes to a standstill. Your Gourmia air fryer turns off. The only solution is to replace the little guy on the head of your cable (plug).

  • Damaged socket: When did you last check your sockets? They, too, fail, and the result is your appliances turning off. The condition of your wall sockets determines the smooth operation of your Gourmia air fryer.

Use a tester screwdriver to check whether your kitchen socket has power. If you don’t have the tool, move your air fryer to a different socket to rule out a damaged socket.

  • Faulty air fryer door: The central issue could be your air fryer door. Even the slightest hitch on the door will throw your air fryer off balance. The unit will keep on turning off.

Check whether all the door components are intact, including the clicking when you close. If your door is not locking perfectly, it may be loose, or some parts have fallen off. You can have a technical hand fix it if you are not familiar with air fryer components and DIY. 

  • Cracked equipment: what is the general condition of your Gourmia air fryer? Does the equipment have cracks and dents on the surface? Are the controls in place and the display working? Any of these issues can make your appliance turn off every time you begin cooking.
  • Power disconnection: When the power goes off from your grid and your Gourmia air fryer operates, the machine will go off. When the power comes back, your device will turn, and the trend will continue until you have a stable connection in your area.

Call your power emergency guys to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, you have to pull out your device from the socket as you wait for the response team to restore power.

Never leave your Gourmia air fryer connected to a fluctuating power supply. Such power surges can leave your appliance completely broken down. Ensure you plug in the appliance appropriately to the socket to prevent power disconnection when you have power.

You may have stacked excess luggage, and your machine cannot accommodate the quantity. The air fryer will keep on shutting off and disrupt the entire cooking process. Reduce the ingredients and close the drawer to check if your machine behaves appropriately. 

  • Control errors: Gourmia comes with intelligent controls that are prone to mistakes. These are simple hitches that should not worry you as they require rebooting.

Switch off your appliance and unplug it from the socket. Wait for a couple of minutes before returning your air fryer into action. If you have an alternative way to cook your ingredients, you can wait overnight for you to reconnect and use your Gourmia air fryer.  

Gourmia Air Fryer Won’t Turn On!

One of the troubleshooting issues you encounter when using the Gourmia air fryer is failure to turn on. Before you rush to dial the customer service number, you can attempt a few things. They will get your air fryer on its feet without you spending an extra coin.

But before you try anything, you need to know the possible causes of your Gourmia air fryer not turning on. We will be precise to show you how to fix the problem and enjoy this quick and efficient cooking technology.

  • Power disconnects: Check the plug, sockets, electrical cables, and power connection.
  • Timer not set: rotate the timer knob to select the appropriate cooking time. 
  • Ill-fitted basket: Fix the basket into its compartment.
  • Mechanical failure: inspect your air fryer for broken components and fix them where appropriate.

Gourmia Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

Your air fryer cooks by blowing hot air into your ingredients. It is the work of the fan to circulate that hot air.

A malfunction means your food will not come out of the cooker to your liking. Your food will be soggy and chewy, thus not appealing. There are several causes of a failing fan in your Gourmia air fryer;

  • Power surges: The fan cannot drive without electric power. When there are power fluctuations, it will stall. 
  • Motor failure: your air fryer’s central motor system controls the machine. If it fails, the fan will stop working.
  • Failed circuitry – your appliance’s thermal fuse will blow off whenever there is a power circuit, causing the fan to stop.
  • Malfunctioning timer unit – the time controls most of the functions of an air fryer. If it is damaged or reaches the end-of-life Gourmia air fryer fan will not work.
  • Outdated technology: If your Gourmia air fryer has been on your kitchen countertop serving you for years, expect obsolescence.  
  • Technical damage: Gourmia air fryer components like the drawer compartment, knobs, and a damaged switch can leave your fan disabled.
  • Manufactural fault – poor fan assembly or design results in the fan interlocking and stalling. 
  • Overheating: When your appliance’s element or circuitry overheats, it switches itself off. The fan will also stop functioning until you turn on your air fryer at a cool temperature.


  • Wait for power to stabilize in case of fluctuations.
  • Allow your air fryer to cool down and start it at a lower temperature.
  • Repair all the technical hitches that disable the fan.
  • Replace your obsolete appliance with a brand-new Gourmia air fryer. You will get more features.
  • For manufactural faults, ship back your air fryer to Gourmia.

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The Sum Up

Gourmia brings a top-brand air fryer to your kitchen that allows you to roast, bake, dehydrate, broil, and air fry different kinds of foods. It will enable you to cook various dishes with a crispy and healthy touch.

When the disappointing troubleshooting issues kick in, you have this guide to refer to for tips. Above all, keep your Gourmia air fryer user manual safely for quick reference in times of need.

9 thoughts on “Gourmia Air Fryer Not Turning On? Here’s The Reasons & Solutions”

  1. My air fryer just stopped and screen went blank . Looked online for trouble shooting and nothing applies. Great air fryer is dead. Sad day!

  2. I have never gotten this air fryer to work…once it’s plugged you see the power button, when you open it, place food into the basket and close it the screen display comes on for 2 seconds then shuts off which makes it impossible to set your timer or do anything else then it goes back to a blank screen with only the power icon on display.

  3. Our Gourmia air fryer stopped working too. Closed the tray for display to turn on for a milli second then switches off without any beep.
    Cables, fuse, socket all in order. Will revert to using the grill. 🙁

    • If your Gourmia Air Fryer is displaying an “open” message, it typically means that your air fryer is not properly closed or secured.
      Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot this issue:
      • Check the Basket and Drawer
      • Inspect for Obstructions
      • Reset the air fryer
      • Clean the Sensors
      If your Gourmia air fryer still keeps saying open, as your Gourmia air fryer is still under warranty, it will be better for you to contact the Gourmia customer service or the shop where you purchased it to fix your issues. The authority will fix your issues or replace it with a new one.
      You will find the Gourmia customer service phone number or Email address in the user manual that comes with your air fryer.


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