11 Reasons Why is my air fryer timer not working? How To Fix

Is your air fryer timer stuck? This question is familiar among air fryer users. The function flashing and not counting down the cooking time is a significant hitch in your air fryer.

Knowing when your dish is ready will remain a guess game. Also, the remainder will go mute. Your food is likely to overcook or undercook.

We have the reasons why the function is unresponsive. And the fixes too. That’s the core purpose of this guide. But you must know where the timer is on your air fryer, among other details. Don’t go!

The Air Fryer Timer Function

There are a couple of functions on your air fryer, including cook temperature, time, menu, start/stop, and more. The positioning depends on your model. But all the knobs operate from the control panel of your air fryer.

In this article, we will put more details on the timer button. Many users are experiencing hitches where the function won’t work. Firstly, the timer button is one crucial function of the cooker. It counts down your cooking time. It also gives you a ring when your meal is ready. That ensures you do not forget your food in the oven.

In some air fryers, the timer function shares a knob with the temperature. To select the timer, you must press the button until the time shows. The arrow marks guide you sufficiently. You will then go ahead and set your menu’s cooking time.

The above brands are great but may not have intelligent features. The rotating knobs tell it all—the clustering of several features on a rotating function knob. Many users are now upgrading to better, stylish, more sophisticated, intelligent devices.

The newest air fryer models have many features. You can connect them to your mobile and computer gadgets through internet features! When it comes to the timer function is separate from the temperature knob.

All the buttons are touch features, are independent and respond super fast. Unless the touchpad isn’t responding, a touch of the icon gets commands working instantly. In short, the new breed of air fryers is effortless to operate.

Whichever your model, you have to learn the timer button operations. That way, you will set the right time without tears. And whether yours is the older or newer model, the timer function operates similarly.

The countdown timer is between 60 and 0 minutes. Also, it will count the minutes from your settings downward to zero. If your cooking time isn’t enough, and the countdown has clicked zero, there is a provision to key in extra minutes until the dish is ready to your liking.

Now You Understand Your Air Fryer Timer Better! 

What if the timer stalls? Would you continue with the cooking process? I’m unsure if you would continue cooking with a bad air fryer timer. That’s especially if the cause for the stuck buttons is faulty controls.

With a non-functional air fryer timer, you are in a fix. You don’t know when the time expires, and your food is ready. Most probably, you will rely on an external watch. That’s quite cumbersome.

Mostly, the failing timer is due to faulty controls. But we are going to get into more details. Keep reading!

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11 Reasons Of The Air Fryer Timer Is Not Working And How To Fix:

There are several causes of your air fryer timer not working. Have a look.

  1. Failed Controls

The air fryer controls are the lifeline of your appliance. Its failure will cause common problems in your air fryer—for example, the display, fan, and buttons. Sometimes, an error code will display when the controls fail. But that depends on your brand.

If there is no error code and your timer isn’t working, you need an experienced person to test the function. He will use specialized equipment, such as an ammeter, to check the control board. The examination will reveal the power output on your air fryer controls, among other issues.

  1. Technical Hitch

Technical hitches occur all the time when your appliance is updating. During the exercise, the operating programs restart. That improves your air fryer memory and operations. It isn’t much you can do with program updates or prevent technical glitches. They are part of the air fryer system.

Luckily, you can clear the hitches and get your gadget’s functionality back to normal. Also, your timer will work after clearing the error. The clearing is possible by a reset.

Pull out your air frying device from the power source and wait for a few minutes. Ten minutes will do the trick. Reconnect and check whether the timer works.

The above reset cycle is for those air fryers with no reset button. If your appliance has the knob, press it for rebooting to happen. Otherwise, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on resetting your air fryer model.

  1. Faulty Touch Screen

Your modern air fryer’s screen pad allows you to operate all the buttons by touching the buttons. If the timer button icon isn’t responding, the rest of the functions are probably stuck. We experience non-responsive touch screens on many modern gadgets. The cause doesn’t have to be a broken air fryer. Determine the cause of your air fryer’s touch screen as below;

Dirty Touch ScreenClean the touch screen by wiping it with a spongy cloth. Keep the screen free of oil and splatters by cleaning it often.
Dirty/Oily/Wet handsClean and dry your hands before pressing the timer function.
ObstructionRemove gloves before pressing the timer or any other button.
Pressing the button with objectsDo not press the timer button or any other button on the screen.
Sharp objects can perorate or damage the padEnsure you press the timer with your fingers.
No powerDetermine the source of power disconnection and resolve it.
Defective electric circuitExamine the touch screen’s electric terminal block. Reconnect the electric wires to resolve internal power issues.
Worn-out screen padContact the company to replace your worn-out screen pad.
Worn-out Mylar membraneReplace the membrane or the screen pad
Dead controlsResolve the dead controls issues in the motherboard. If your screen pad will work, replace the appliance.
  1. Broken Timer Button

A broken knob on the air fryer panel won’t rotate or dial the essential digits. Sometimes, it may turn, but it isn’t dialing. The reason could be an old knob or a weary one. Whatever the reason, you need to get a replacement.

Call the consumer helpline and find an accredited air fryer accessories distributor near you. While on call, you can ask the team whether you can reship the oven for replacements.

Remember that your air fryer manufacturer knows all the anatomy of the gadget. Besides, they have genuine accessories that match your cooker.

  1. Dirty Timer Knob

A knob whose base has layers of grime and lint will eventually fail. The knob threads get clogged, and the base can’t rotate. Such a button will not allow you to key in the cooking time.

Why don’t you clean up the lint and grime before considering a replacement? You might find that the knob is intact and doesn’t require repairs.

  1. Loose Electric Terminals

The timer will fail to work due to a loose electric terminal. The power cord disconnects, so the timer doesn’t work. Other parts of your air fryer will continue to work, but the timer will be off.

Locate your air fryer’s terminal block and inspect the thin wires. If you aren’t sure, get a professional. The electrical connections on your air fryer are delicate and can cause more damage if mishandled.

  1. Failure To Set The Clock

If the power recently went out when you are cooking, that may throw the timer into a shut-off. You will have to reset the clock and the timer. When you haven’t set the air fryer clock, it may not work. That happens to all appliances with clocks, so a reset is crucial. Consult your appliance’s user manual for the timer hitch.

  1. Faulty Air Fryer Timer

Sometimes the problem is the air fryer timer itself. In this case, you must disconnect the oven from the power to remove the relevant parts.

Remove the panel to access the back of the timer clock. Using an ammeter, check the terminals of your timer. If the clock is defective, you will have to replace it. Talk to a professional.

  1. General Electric Power Hitch

A general electric power shortage or hitch will shut your air fryer’s controls. The timer won’t work, and all other operations. Your first approach will determine if your kitchen and the main house have power connectivity.

The main switch or the meter box is the most appropriate place to check. Some central meters have LEDs that flash when there is power. The switch could be on, but there is no power. That’s an external issue. If the switch is off, then it tripped.

Please switch it on and observe its performance. An automatic switch-off means there is a circuit error. Hire a professional to inspect further. For lost connectivity, be patient, as power will resume soon.

  1. The Air Fryer Timer Is Faulty

A faulty software or technical operation of your air fryer will tamper with the timer. The technical glitches we mentioned earlier resolve with unplugging and replugging. If the process doesn’t resolve the issue, contact the consumer care desk at your location.

  1. You Haven’t Set The Timer!

The processes you follow when operating your air fryer are essential. They are going to determine a smooth functionality. For example, an air fryer with a combo timer and the temperature knob must learn its operations.

There is a way you will press the knob and set the time or temperature readings. The arrows show you how to press the right dials. Learn how the knobs work, so you do not have to call a professional to resolve an omission error.

Moreover, you can follow the manual user book that comes with your air fryer to know how to operate and also solve the problem.