Why is my Gourmia air fryer rattling? 4 Causes and Troubleshooting

That rattling noise in your Gourmia air fryer isn’t normal. There could be some metallic components hitting the surface or a damaged fan. Do not take chances, as your air fryer could be headed for a major breakdown.

When in use, air fryers may rattle because of wreckage in the base, a lost part or component, or the operation of the air fryer itself. First, keep the Gourmia air fryer in an open space to prevent this unusual sound. Clean the Air fryer and check nothing is loose before using it to avoid a rattling sound. 

The first thing to do before you examine your air fryer would be to unplug the device. That’s a safety measure guarantee. When you disconnect your kitchen appliance from power, you prevent electrical accidents.

4 Potential Causes and How to Fix Air fryer Rattling

You can then proceed to check the following:

  1. Dry Food Crumbs

Did you clean your air fryer oven the last time you roasted potatoes? If not, dried food crumbs have accumulated in your air fryer tray. When the fan blows hot air, the particles hit the surface and make noise caused by loose debris.

The above issue is easy to fix by cleaning your air fryer. You can wait until your food particles are ready to clean up. Remove the drawer and clean all the parts. Wipe the surface, including the bottom, to ensure no residues remain. Cleaning your air fryer components helps to keep food residues away.

  1. Screws and Nuts

Some parts of your air fryer device require screws and nuts to stay in place. An example is a door. The hardware fixes the door and its components in place. When the screws loose, they fall off the air fryer floor. Or they hang loose.

Due to the machine’s mechanism, when it is on, the screws tremble and cause a rattling noise. The loose components will also hit on each other and rattle.

  1. Mechanical Breakdown

When the spinning mechanism of your air fryer breaks down, the first symptom will be a rattling noise. Mechanical breakdown includes;

  • Fan

A fan that is loose or broken will rattle. You will need to open the cover to access the component. Inspect the base and the fan. A loose base means the fan is not sitting in place. Tighten it, so it doesn’t sit loosely on the air fryer.

While at it, inspect the bearings. They could be out of place and are causing an imbalance. In turn, the imbalance causes noise. A screeching noise will signify friction. Oil your fan to run smoothly without air fryer noise.

  • Loose case

The head or the cover of your air fryer could be loose, hence the rattles. Impact and failure to close it well after servicing will cause it to shake. When the fan spins, the rattles will increase. You do not need an expert to help you. Return it in place and ensure that it cocks in place.

  1. Air Fryer Nature

Some Gourmia air fryer models, especially the first ones in the market, are noisy. As the fan blows hot air in the oven, you may experience a rattling or humming noise. But it should not be too loud noise. If so, that would suggest a mechanical breakdown. Call a specialist to inspect your air fryer to prevent this unusual noise.

There is little you can do with a naturally noisy Gourmia air fryer. Get a new and intelligent model for your kitchen. The update will offer you versatility in your cooking expositions. You don’t need to get out of this website. We have many air fryer model guides.

Pick an air fryer product that excites you most and fits your needs. The cookers range from basket to oven air fryer models. Consider quietness (lower than 60dB), features, price, versatility, ergonomics, and many more factors.

I think you got the right and convincing answer as to why your Gourmia Air Fryer makes a rattling sound.

Good luck!