Gourmia Air Fryer Cancer Warning?

 As the cook-it-all air fryer ovens take modern kitchens by storm, experts have confirmed their links to common cancers. A random visit to home appliances stores near you will reveal the same. Sadly, many companies still use toxic substances such as PTFE and BPA on cookware. Dozens of products, including air fryers, have cancer warning labels.

While shopping, you may come across a Gourmia air fryer cancer warning. The alert is a precaution that the models contain toxic elements that may cause cancerThese include Teflon and BPA. In this guide, I will tell you more about this air fryer and why it comes with a cancer warning. Also, learn more about carcinogens in air fryers.  

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The Gourmia Air Fryer Safety

This air fryer is a familiar brand in stores countrywide. In most platforms, the oven sets out among the best. Its ratings are Very Good because of its easy-to-use user interface and controls. The air fryer has numerous capacities, and all its models operate at low noise levels. Indeed, Gourmia is among the highest-recommended brands.

But what about the safety of this air fryer? Is the Gourmia air fryer cancer-free? Unfortunately, the fitness promise that comes with this cooker may only be a dream.

Even though the Gourmia air fryer has high recommendations, it has a cancer warning! According to FDA standards, this oven has traces of toxic substances. But are pretty few. The chemicals include Teflon. This substance is hazardous when heated and will raise the chemical levels in up to 40% of your food. That is high enough to cause cancer. 

According to the EWG, a body that regulates chemical safety, any appliance with traces of Teflon or other toxic substances must have its warning. And because Gourmia has Teflon coating, it has an EWG warning.

It alerts anyone buying the air fryer to be aware of the chemicals they are exposing themselves to, whether a few or many. Well, Gourmia has a few. It passes the FDA standards but still bears the EWG warning.

The best thing about this brand is that it doesn’t radiate, so there is no exposure to cancer through radiation. If you are a die-hard for air fryers, you can still do your homework before purchasing. Many air fryer models come without BPA, PTFE, and PFOA coatings. 

Does Air Fryer Cause Carcinogens?

Does Air Fryer Cause Carcinogens

Air fryers cook with no oil, sometimes a little. That unique property displaces a need for a deep fryer. The results from this oven are far better than those of a deep fryer. Food comes with the perfect crispiness, just with no oil. For a society that is battling obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and other diseases, an oil-free alternative is a plus.

Besides the health benefits, this versatile cooker can cook dozens of menus. With this gadget’s many accolades, it is easy to overlook the risks, such as exposure to carcinogens. Before buying an air fryer, it is essential to note the precautions that come with the gadget

Some air fryers have carcinogens that can alter your well-being. The list is long, but the most common include Teflon and BPA. That is why some health regulatory bodies countrywide attach cancer warnings on some brands. 

An example is California. If you reside in the state, you have seen the Pro 65 Warning. These are warnings on products sold within the state’s territory with harmful substances. Not necessarily carcinogens but many more chemicals. The alerts caution buyers and users about toxins that may be present in the products. 

The regulatory body does not limit a few chemicals as carcinogenic substances run into hundreds. There are other warnings, including the EWG. 

Here’s the take; If you buy your air fryer in California with the Pro 65 warning, it did not pass the substance tests. Using the appliance may expose you and your family to cancer. Be watchful of such alerts on products you purchase in or outside your country.

But what chemicals do you watch for in your air fryer or other cookware? There are many dangerous products in kitchen appliances. But the major one is Teflon. Of course, we have BPA and PFOA. Have a look;

  1. Teflon (PTFE)

You may have come across PTFE/Teflon on many websites. The chemical is a contraction for Polytetrafluoroethylene, which is an artificial polymer. Manufacturers find it very useful. Mostly, they use it in manufacturing cookware and personal care products. But many associate the product with non-stick cookware.

The substance is slimy and creates the best coating for kitchen appliances. Cookware manufacturers find the layer cheap and available. So, they tend to use it more on the machines. Teflon-coated cookware is affordable.

Of course, there are safe, effective, genuine coating products such as stainless steel and ceramic. But the coatings are dear, so the Teflon way is an easier route. Yet it is not without tears. The cancer scare is real.

Teflon is cheap but hazardous. When you heat the chemical at a high temperature (such as air fryer heat), it emits fumes, peels off, and contaminates your food. The chemical, which comprises other elements, is carcinogenic and can cause lung disease.

2. BPA (Bisphenol A)

BPA coatings are numerous in beverage cans and sometimes in food cans. The chemical offers a perfect plastic body for dinnerware and air fryer. Note that it is not all air fryers that have a BPA plastic body. Those with the substance expose you to harmful fumes. Like Teflon, BPA is carcinogenic and can cause lung and heart.  

3. PFOA and PFOS

These two elements fall under Per fluorinated chemicals. They are a long chain of PFAS elements that continue to raise concerns about their safety. Although the chemicals are no longer in use, some companies use them in a different category. They are not safe for use in cookware and other gadgets.

Whether PFAS, BPA, or PTFE, these elements are hazardous. Continually using air fryers with such chemicals can cause adverse health reactions. 

So, air fryers can cause cancer, but it depends on the material component. Fortunately, there are carcinogen-free air fryers. 

When purchasing, go for Teflon-free air fryers. Also, BPA, PFOA, and PFAs-free air fryers are safe from carcinogens and other hazardous elements. If you are unsure when to buy, refer to our guides on non-toxic air fryers. 

Why Are Air Fryers Bad For You?

The debate on whether an air fryer is a bad or a suitable appliance has continued since its invention. Indeed, the oven is a game changer in many homes. Its ability to cook tasty delicacies and eliminate a microwave and toaster is still incomprehensible.

But the fact is, an air fryer is only bad for you if it contains toxic compounds that cause cancer. I detailed a list above, but if it has slipped off, the chemicals include BPA, Teflon, PFOA, and PFOs. There are more elements, so the safety of the oven depends on the material construction. 

Again, the composite relies on the manufacturer. There are those models that come with toxic compounds. Only a few companies are genuine enough to tell you the truth about the safety of their products. 

With the craze about air frying, do not be naive. Please learn more about your brand of choice, including Teflon, BPA, and other elements we detailed earlier.

Before buying, you must determine the safety of your air fryer or any other cookware, as not all air fryers are toxic. Some have unique coatings that are free from hazardous chemicals.

There are several ways to ensure you own a safe air fryer. I will detail that in the next subtopic.

Which Air fryer Does Not Cause Cancer?

 Now you know it is safe to cook with an air fryer. But you are still pulling back because you do not know how to distinguish between a hazardous and non-hazardous oven. 

Firstly, you need to know that the machine does not fry food. So, it will not substitute shallow frying. Other treats like Puff-Puff will still require a deep fryer. The air fryer oven only imitates a deep fryer by creating crispiness without oil. Some recipes will ask you to mist some oil on the surface of the food.

The above revelation about air fryers causing cancer is scary. You need not worry because there are still safe air fryers on the market. An air fryer that does not cause cancer comes with a high cost, but it is worth your dollars.

Also, a previous study about this top-class kitchen gadget has found that improper use can cause the production of dangerous compounds in your food, for example, acrylamide. Baking potatoes and other foods like cakes at high temperatures can cause the release of acrylamide. Like the PTFE, BPA, and PFOAs, this substance has risks.  

So, air fryers that do not cause cancer are PTFE, BPA, PFOA, and PFOS-free. The list could be longer depending on the chemicals a company uses in manufacturing.

Safe air fryers have ceramic, stainless steel, and high-quality plastic. There are quite a number of these gadgets in the market. Read our guide about non-toxic air fryers. 

Follow the below tips to ensure that you buy an air fryer that does not cause cancer;

  • Scanty Information

Any air fryer or accessories with scanty information about toxic contents should be a whistle-blower.

  • Counterfeit Cookware

Watch out for counterfeit appliances. Black market air fryers are safe and contain harmful substances. The companies do not follow the set guidelines, thus exposing users to carcinogens. Buy your air fryer from an established and authorized dealer. That way, you will not fall for counterfeit products.

  • Warning/Alerts

Beware of warning such as EWG and Prop 65. The warnings are government measures to protect you from bad air fryers. Also, you must ensure that you read between the user manual and online reviews. There are alerts to tell you about harmful elements in an appliance. Do not ignore the reviews.

  • Awareness Of Toxic Substances

With an awareness like the one I created in this guide, you now know more about carcinogenic warnings in air fryers. Read more about PFOA, PTFE, BPA, Acrylamide, and other toxins that risk your health.

This website has more topics about air fryer toxicity and cancer awareness. Keep reading for more enlightenment.

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