15 Kalorik Air Fryer Troubleshooting (Issues and How To Fix)

Kalorik air fryer is a one-stop cooking machine that handles almost every recipe in a modern kitchen. It makes savory dishes without disappointment.

The smiles around your dinner table say it all, healthy finger-licking Air-Fried food, roasts, bakes, veggies, smokes, rotisserie, etc.

The mini oven is super intuitive, sleek in appearance, cooks faster, and doesn’t consume your counter space. Indeed, it is a trade-off in everything it does.

But this relishing goodness comes with some setbacks. The Kalorik air fryer will experience several troubleshooting issues like a soggy outcome, Kalorik air fryer not working, basket not sliding into the air fryer, white smoke, and many more.

With several Kalorik air fryer troubleshooting tips, you should get your appliance into operation mode.

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How Do You Turn On A Kalorik Air Fryer?

Turning on this user-friendly machine Kalorik air fryer is not a challenge to many users. Once you insert the plug into the power source and switch on the wall socket, the appliance is ready for use.

But before use, you have to position your air fryer on a stable and horizontal surface to prevent slipping. The surface, preferably a countertop, should be heat resistant with no surrounding objects.

Once your Kalorik air fryer is on, you must select the program option, time, and temperature settings to begin cooking.

And just a recap of what you will find in the user manual, the Start/Stop button. The button’s purpose is to start and stop your cooking process.

You will press the button after selecting a preset menu and adjusting the cooking time and temperature. With this digital button, you can pause the cooking process whenever you want.

Kalorik Air Fryer Won’t Start

It is all fun and glamorous in your kitchen until your Kalorik air fryer oven won’t start. Your marinated chicken breasts are well stacked in the air fry basket, but your appliance won’t cook.

Is it an operational, technical, or mechanical breakdown? Let’s find out eleven possible reasons for this hitch;

Power issues

Loss of power or connectivity hitches will not let you run your electrical appliances, including your Kalorik air fryer.

The easiest way to determine if you have power issues in your home is to inspect your other electric devices.

Are they on or off? A power supply issue will disconnect all your gadgets unless you have a generator backup.

If there are no notifications on power loss in your location, call your supplier and report the issue. It will save you from surges and many other inconveniences.

Wrong/faulty adaptor

A quick check on the type of adaptor your Kalorik air fryer came with can help you determine which socket it fits. That way, you do not end up with an appliance that doesn’t start.

Mostly, we have the three prongs adaptor for most air fryers. A broken or loose prong will not allow any power to flow to your air fryer.

Burnt circuitry box/system

If you just brought in your Kalorik air fryer and it fails to start, your assumption will be they sold you a faulty appliance. While the manufacturer’s fault could be a right guess, it is not always the case.

Rushing to conclude a damaged air fryer can cause you anxiety and money as you look for technicians to resolve an issue that’s not present.

Other inconveniences include finding a way of shipping your mini oven to the manufacturer.

Consider checking your house circuit system for the disconnect. The inspection requires some technical know-how, but you can find out first if other appliances are working in the same power source.

A device known as a tester or multimeter helps eliminate guesses regarding electric conduits. Never miss it in your toolbox. Get an electrician near you to diagnose and repair broken circuits in your house to clear your suspicion.  

Timer Function

Some air fryer functionalities do not allow your gadget to start if the timer is on. That’s a feature many users overlook.

You will think your machine is faulty and cannot start when the timer knob is on. Switch off the timer and disconnect your appliance. Re-plug and begin the process when you are sure the timer function is off.

Unplugged air fryer

Have you plugged your Kalorik air fryer into a power source? Did you switch on the wall socket? It is not rare to find yourself plugging in your air fryer and forgetting to switch on the power socket.

You will assume that the air fryer is faulty, only to find out later that you didn’t put on the socket. Switch it on and power on your device.

 Damaged power flex

The flex that supplies your Kalorik air fryer with power can twist or break. If any wires inside the flex brake, your appliance will not start.

That wear and tear happen after prolonged usage, old age, or damage by rodents. Inspect, straighten, and replace damaged flex to avoid electric shock and other inconveniences.

 Slipped air fry basket

A misplaced or slipped air frying basket is an operational fault you can avoid. If you are new to your air fryer toaster oven, read the manual or watch a video to master how to use your mini oven correctly.

You will learn the correct way to place your air fry basket so that it doesn’t cause an obstruction when closing the door.

The door sensors will not allow your Kalorik air fryer to start during the blockage. It is a safety measure to prevent spills, burns, and fire outbursts.

Faulty/dead thermal fuse

The Kalorik air fryer plug head’s fuse regulates your appliance’s power volume. It plays the work of guard against high voltage.

When the thermal fuse is faulty or dies, your device won’t start. The only way is to open the plug head, remove the faulty/dead thermal fuse, and replace it with a new one.

Technical fault

Kalorik Air fryer technical defects include dead/faulty controls. It could be selective buttons or all. If your standard oven Kalorik is new, and you have checked all the possible causes of your Kalorik air fryer not turning on, you have to reach out to your dealer.

They can ask you to ship it or send the KALORIK service center to inspect the problem. What if your appliance is not new?

Still, call the dealer. You also have a choice to bring your technician but be careful not to overstep your warranty contract. 


Bugs attack all electronic devices. These are the same that attack your computer, microwave, smartphone, and smart washer. Your appliance stalls and does not start at all. You can try Kalorik air fryer troubleshooting, which involves a reset procedure.

If your brand doesn’t have a reset button, switch off the socket, pull out the plug and hold on for 5 to 10 minutes. That short process wakes the control panel, and your air fryer starts working. 

End of life

Obsolescence is on your list of expectations, but every appliance has got its end of life. For air fryers, it is about 6-7 years. After that, you will experience some of the worst episodes, including failure to start.

When your Kalorik air fryer often begins breaking, plan for a replacement. Contact your dealer for a newer model that serves you better without significant hitches.

Kalorik Air Fryer Not Working

Your Kalorik air fryer not working is a pointer to several issues. Unless it is a power issue, something is not correct.

You have to check the control panel, the plug head, misplaced air fry basket, among others. If your Kalorik air fryer is not working, flash the chart below and resolve the issue;

Kalorik air fryer not working: tips

Cause  How to fix
Broken power flexReplace flex
Dead/faulty fuseReplace fuse
Unplugged air fryerPlug and switch on the socket
Timer button onPut the timer off and restart the air fryer
Burnt circuitry box/system  Get an electrician to diagnose and redo the wiring system.
Technical faultCall your KALORIK service center or tech for repair and replacement.
Slipped air fryer basketInsert the basket properly and close the drawer for the air fryer to work.
End of lifeReplace your model

Kalorik Air Fryer Door Not Working

From time to time, you will experience your Kalorik air fryer door not working. It could be something to do with a broken door assembly or a greasy drawer. Have a look at these causes and their fixes;

  • Overfilling

You want to cook all your ingredients without having to repeat a batch. That will not only save you time but power. But overfilling your Kalorik air fryer basket to the brim will not help you. It causes the door not to close.

Your ingredients should not touch the roof of the cooking compartment. If you overfill, the Kalorik air fryer door won’t close, preventing your air fryer from starting. The basket has two-level indicators for the minimum and maximum amount safe for your air fryer.

  • Broken drawer/door components

Your air fryer’s door could be falling apart without your knowledge. If you experience looseness or tightness that is not normal, the components, including the screws and the lock, could be broken or loose. Get a technician to solve the puzzle for you to prevent further problems.

  • Stuck air fry basket

A stuck, slipped or misplaced air fryer basket will not let the door work or close properly. Check the component to rule out obstructions if your door is not working well.

  • Obstruction

Spilled food, grease, grime, and food juices can make your air fryer door not function well. The base becomes sticky with lots of food crumbs. That is unhygienic and causes obstruction and damage to your air fryer door. Clean your air fryer after every use to ensure that the drawer slides freely without forcing it.

Kalorik Air Fryer Not Heating

When you start your Kalorik digital air fryer and press the Preheat button, you expect that your appliance will start heating up and air fry, bake, roast, or broil your food. That’s not the case. The heating coil temperature is not rising. What’s the issue?

  • Dead heating coil

Most probably, your Kalorik air fryer heating coil had died. Damages on your heating element can happen when you clean and are rough on your appliance. It can also occur when you are inserting the tray.

One thing is possible; you may have broken the heating coil during your last cleaning session but hurriedly returned everything in order. The unit is brittle and requires extra gentleness and care when cleaning.

Experts recommend a soft brush on the element. But now that the heating coil is dead, you have no choice but to replace it. It will cost you a couple of dollars to get a new heating element, but better than replacing your Kalorik air fryer. Next time, be keen not to damage your heating coil.

  • Low voltage

The same flow into your oven when there is low voltage in your power source. And that may not be enough to heat your air fryer. A perfect test would be using a multimeter but if you do not have it, run your washer to see if it works. An issue of low voltage requires a power provider or a licensed electrician to resolve.

  • Open tray

If your air fryer tray is open, your Kalorik air fryer will not start or begin heating up. The Kalorik air fryer not heating up is an internal safety mechanism.

All air fryers work that way. If the door or tray is open, no heating will occur to prevent burns and the fan from blowing food particles all over your kitchen.

  • Broken temperature control

The temperature control for your Kalorik air fryer may be a cause for not heating. If rotating the knob to the highest temperature does not heat your mini-oven, it is probably not functioning correctly. You must determine the problem if your heating coil remains cold or lukewarm.

Like most controls on the panel, you have to open the unit to access and diagnose the issue appropriately. You will require a multimeter to test the current flow.

If you have no skills to do this or have no unit to test for continuity, visit a Kalorik air fryer service center or seek assistance from an experienced person. They will check for the control and replace it if it is irreparable.

  • Defunct Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse detects and regulates excessive heat that can cause damage to your appliance. The fuse can blow to prevent excess heat from flowing into your machine and causing more damage. Whenever that happens, the electric flow stops, and your unit becomes lukewarm.

It is not rare to experience a defunct thermal fuse, hence the need to keep extra thermal fuses in your kitchen drawer. The small components are available in most electrical stores around your area to resolve your Kalorik air fryer troubleshooting issues.

Once you test and find that the little unit is dead, you can go ahead and replace it to heat your device to your requirements. You will find the thermal fuse on the plug head and your appliance’s guts. Usually, a dead fuse will have a broken filament and is black.

The Food Isn’t Done

After arranging your ingredients in your air fryer, you expect that at the end of your cooking time, your food is done and ready for serving. But that is not so! Disappointments slap you at the eleventh hour when everyone is around the dinner table.

You have to get to the bottom of this because you didn’t select the right program or your air fryer is misbehaving. So, what’s causing your Food not to cook in your air fryer?

  1. Wrong program/mode

Are you sure you selected the right program? If you are new to the Kalorik air fryer, you may plug in your air fryer, but without choosing the matching program to your recipe and the temperature, your Food will flop. Sturdy your air fryer’s control panel to pick the right program for your recipe.

  1. Overfilled mesh basket

One of the mistakes you will make with your air fryer is to overfill the basket. When you load over the maximum capacity, the airflow gets blocked, and your Food takes long or doesn’t cook consistently.

Remember that your oven uses hot air blown over your Food until it is done. So, cook in batches if you have a whole bowl of ingredients.

  1. Not preheating

Some air fryer models do not require preheating. Check if your Kalorik air fryer model requires preheating. For example, the MAXX model does not need preheating if it is in Air Fry mode, but the other programs require that you add five to ten minutes to your recipe’s cooking times.

  1. Did you turn your Food

The only time food will automatically turn in an air fryer is when using the rotisserie. Other times you have to keep on rotating your Food in intervals. That facilitates perfect cooking.

Do not sit and wait for your French fries to cook to a crispy texture. They will be half done if you do not rotate them. Open the drawer and turn your Food.

  1. No oil in your air fryer

One of the reasons you went looking for an air fryer is that it doesn’t use cook food using oil! And with the global cooking oil prices rising, you thought it was the perfect deal. That’s closer to the fact that air fryers do not need oil to cook your food.

The truth is, you need fat to cook Food with your air fryer. The dealers tell you 95%, 80%, 99%, etc., less oil. You do not need liters of oil to cook with your air fryer, but be sure to spray your Food with oil to get that golden, crispy, and juicy Food you always desire to serve your loved ones. Follow the air fryer recipe specifications.

  1. Broken fan

The fan is a component in the air fryer, blowing hot air around your food. If it breaks, hot air will hover around your Food, but it will not blow over consistently. The results are undone Food.

When the mishap happens, inspect the fan. It could be obstructions by Food remains a tight base due to grime or broken parts. Whichever is the problem, you have to fix it to get your air fryer working.

  1. Faulty heating coil

The moment you load your basket, start the air fryer, and select a program, temperature, and timer, you expect your Food to get done at the end of the cooking time. But this turns out to be a flop. Food doesn’t cook. To worsen the situation, when you open the drawer to turn your Food, you find it cold or lukewarm.

There is a possibility that the heating coil or thermal fuse is, the temperature knob is not working, you have a low voltage in your house, or you didn’t close the drawer properly. Any of the above reasons contribute to the coil not heating.

Try to resolve the issues beginning from the least engaging; closing the drawer appropriately. Others may require you to empty your basket and open your appliance for a more detailed inspection, repair, and part replacement.

7. Faulty/ dead appliance

Generally, if your air fryer’s control panel is faulty or the machine has reached obsolescence, Food will not cook.

If you’ve used the appliance for over half a decade, you need to upgrade to a newer version. But for a faulty control panel, you can take your unit to a service center or call them to attend to your air fryer.

Food Isn’t Crispy

The perfect outcome for air fryers should be crispy, golden, juicy Food but not soggy results. If your results are not crisp, something went amiss during the cooking process.

  • Too much oil

If your Food isn’t getting as crispy as you like, hold back on the temptation to add more oil – it’s likely that it could be one of these other air fryer issues.

  • Wrong recipe

You can broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate, but air fryers don’t cook everything! The critical point is that non-oven-ready recipes will not cook to a crispy texture when you cook them with an air fryer. An example is deep-fried foods.

These will not come out ideally as you would expect. Select the suitable recipes and follow the requisites for your air fryer to get the perfect crispy results.

  • Overcrowded basket

Overcrowding your air fryer basket brings a myriad of problems from giving you undone or half-done Food, drawer issues, air fryer not starting, and now, the marshy outcome.

Keeping the correct levels is vital as it solves many problems, including the marshy/soggy effect.

  • Wrong temperature

Selecting the wrong temperature, significantly lower than the requisite, gives you a non-crispy outcome. The opposite will provide you with dry and chewy Food.

Preheat your oven before use if it is a requirement before cooking. Ensure that you follow your recipe’s temperature requirements to avoid such disappointments.

  • Wrong cooking time

Like the temperature, the wrong cooking time can give you non-crispy results. Be sure to turn the knob to the correct cooking time for a perfectly done meal.

Basket Doesn’t Slide Into The Air Fryer

Why is your basket not sliding smoothly into your air fryer? You need to determine the reason and solve it to close the drawer. It’s only after closing the door that your appliance will start.

Air fryers have a safety mechanism that doesn’t allow operations if the door is not well latched. Here are the three possible reasons;

  • Obstructions

If you didn’t clean your air fryer, there could be some food trapped in the base of your air fryer. Remove the basket and clean up your air fryer. Good cooking practices include cleaning your oven after every use so it is ready for subsequent use.

  • Overfilled basket

Overfilling will not let your basket slide into the air fryer, especially if the Food touches the roof. You may force it in, but the consequences will be breaking some components or your Food not cooking well.

Reduce the ingredients and consider cooking in batches if your family is large. You can also upgrade to a larger air fryer to save time and troubleshoot issues.

  • Tilted basket

A slight incline or tilt will make your basket not slide into the air fryer. Place it appropriately to resolve the issue.

  • White Smoke

While smoke from your Kalorik air fryer indicates excess steam from your gadget, mostly, that happens when you cook fatty foods and ingredients with excess water. An example is pork and green vegetables.

Depending on the portion, pork has too much fat and requires trimming before roasting. Green vegetables, especially when you wash them, have high water content and produce white steam when cooking—Cook food with less water in your air fryer.

If you notice your meat is too oily, trim the fatty parts to prevent excess steaming. You could try this tip; add some water to the bottom pan when cooking fatty foods.

Unevenly Fried Fries

Deep-fried fries come out perfectly cooked and crispy. But the dripping oil is not the best for your heart. With the air fryer, you will no longer care about excess fat. You need to know that cooking with the gadget requires operating skills.

Without the proper knowledge, disappointments with your new device will crawl in. Unevenly fried fries are not fun to chew. They will give you a bloated tummy if not food poisoning.

The most common causes of unevenly fried fries are:

Too much starch: Potatoes hold a lot of starch, leading to unevenly fried fries in your air fryer. Wash your chopped potatoes in running water and dry them with a kitchen towel before putting them in the basket.

Overfilled basket: Overcrowding your basket doesn’t allow proper hot air flow to cook your food evenly. Reduce the potatoes and cook in batches.

Low heat: A lower than required heat will not cook your fries evenly. The fries on top will cook faster than those in the middle or underneath. Use sufficient temperature.

Wrong cooking time: set the right time for frying fries, and you will get well-cooked Food.


Overcooked Food is not fun to eat. It is not appealing, and the texture is not worthy of your taste buds. Even with the sophisticated mechanism and settings, your air fryer can produce overcooked results.

On the opposite, undercooking is also possible. But there are only two features you need to be careful about to eliminate overcooking and undercooking in your meals, and make cooking healthy and quicker..

  1. Right heat level

The right heat level includes the recipe requirement. You will get overcooked or undercooked results if you go over or below the requisites.

  1. Right cooking time

Every recipe comes with the right heat/temperature level. Be keen to dial it precisely; otherwise, you will end up overcooking or undercooking your food.

Kalorik Air Fryer Stopped Working

When dehydrating your veggies or roasting your chicken breasts, the most unexpected thing happens; your Kalorik air fryer stops working. Here is what you need to determine;

  • Is there power in your house?

It’s possible that a power blackout just visited your locality and your air fryer shut off. Check other power points and consult your provider.

  • Blown fuse

The protective device experienced overheating and blew up. Test the unit to be sure and replace the fuse to continue with your cooking process.

  • Tripped socket

It can switch itself off if there is a power hitch. Unplug, and try another switch as you prepare to inspect and replace the tripped one.

  • Control panel

The control panel is the central operation point for your Kalorik air fryer. It can malfunction while in the middle of cooking. When this happens, you have to carry out a proper diagnosis to resolve the issue and continue with your cooking.

When it is not working for you, think of an alternative to cook your ingredients as you look for a solution. It may take longer than you anticipate.

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 Final Thoughts

Let’s crown up this guide; our assurance is that you have the best appliance in your kitchen. Though the Kalorik Air fryer brand has extra durability, excellent ergonomics, and ultimate performance, no machine comes without shortcomings. Our Kalorik air fryer troubleshooting guide comes to you as an eye-opener when using your gadget.

Read and follow your manual instructions for longer life. If you have any concerns regarding this air fryer, we have a team of experts ready to handle your queries. And if your brand is different, some of the tips here cut across. But look out for your brand’s troubleshooting tips on our website.

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