Can You Put Aluminum Foil In Gourmia Air Fryer?

Many new Gourmia air fryer enthusiasts might wonder: can you put aluminum foil in Gourmia air fryer? Nowadays, Gourmia air fryers have become popular in people’s kitchens. Thus, people are trying to navigate the several tips and tricks of using them. But, can you put this practice in the Gourmia air fryer?

Put aside your worries; you can place aluminum foil in a Gourmia air fryer. Nevertheless, make sure it does not touch the air fryer’s heating element. Thus, when putting the foil, ensure there is a sufficient distance between the heating element and the food. Furthermore, you have to use clean aluminum foil.

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Can You Put Aluminum Foil in Gourmia Air Fryer Oven?

This depends on what you are cooking the item and how you position the foil in your appliance. Technically, no problem in doing so. Gourmia air fryers cook food by distributing hot air in the cooking chamber. Gladly, you can use regular aluminum foils in this case. Nevertheless, note that there are several guides you need to contemplate before doing this in your Gourmia air fryer oven. They include the following:

  • Gourmia air fryers are ovens minus the fire. Hence, think of the things you can cook in an oven. But, it does not have similar power as a traditional oven. You should maintain your diet void of oil in your meals.
  • If you find black specks in your food, consider removing them because they are not safe in the body. In general, these are byproducts of food and foil reactions.
  • You can safely place and cook frozen food in your Gourmia air fryer. The appliance will do the thawing process before making the food piping hot. But, remember you cannot marinate or season your food when frozen. We recommend fresh seasoning food before you pop it in the air fryer.
  • Check the manual before preparing a meal you have never cooked with the device. Ensure you can use the power settings to control the air fryer’s heat factor.

How To Put Aluminum Foil in Gourmia Air Fryer?

After realizing you can use aluminum foil in your Gourmia air fryer, provided you do it the right way, let’s now look at how you can do this. This will make sure you end up with excellent outcomes.

  1. Get a piece of aluminum foil

Get your aluminum foil and cut the size you need. You can do this is holding your foil roll and putting it until it covers the basket by an inch on each side. You can use two scissors to do this.

  1. Do not cover anything outside the basket.

Truth be told, it is tempting to place aluminum foil on the base to preserve juice, grease, and other food particles. But, it is wrong to do this.

When you set this foil at the bottom, it interferes with the flow of air in the air fryer. The alternative to this is placing water or a slice of bread. This preserves the grease or is useful when you require to reheat your burgers.

  1. Put your foil in the cooking basket

When using a Gourmia air fryer, place the aluminum foil in the basket. Never cover the entire basket with foil. Covering the whole basket disrupts the flow of air. Also, wrap your food in aluminum foil before placing it in the air fryer basket.

  1. Weight it down

Weigh your aluminum foil to ensure it does not blow into the fan or heating coils. Otherwise, it will damage the entire appliance. The worst thing it can do is start a fire.

Luckily, you can prevent this by enfolding your foods with aluminum foil excellently. Remember, your food weight will keep it down. Also, when you wrap your food with foil, it holds the taste and juices when cooking. Failure to do this might yield an unevenly cooked cook that is less tasty.

  1. Do not overcrowd the basket

This is a must when you are air frying with a Gourmia air fryer. Otherwise, it will result in delimited airflow. Make sure you leave enough place to allow airflow to circulate excellently.

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  1. Poke holes in the foil

Even though this is not a mandatory act, doing this help to increase excellent heat circulation. If your meal uses a liquid batter is not recommendable to do this. Else, the juices will drip into the base of the machine. Thus, defeating the reason to use aluminum foil.

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Aluminum is a suitable kitchen product for use in various purposes. It is wise to line your Gourmia air fryer’s basket with aluminum foil anytime you are cooking oozy or drippy healthy food.

From the above, you can put aluminum foil in Gourmia air fryer, but only in the right way to have the best outcome for your proper cooking. Use the guides we have outlined to ensure you never go wrong at your cooking time when placing aluminum foil in your Gourmia air fryer.