How To Turn Off Gourmia Air Fryer Oven?

Are you struggling to turn off your new Gourmia air fryer oven? That should be a breeze. The Gourmia air fryer toaster oven comes with an excellent user manual interface. Every part of its operation is on the control panel. And depending on the model, yours is either the knob or a touchpad device.

Regardless of the model, turning off this digital air fryer should be easy unless there is a problem. You can easily turn it off mid-way or after cooking. Get the entire procedure here and more tips on Gourmia air fryer operations.

You will want to turn off your air fryer oven when there is an error, a beep, or a smoke situation. It should be a short and smooth procedure. This guide outlines the turning-off process. Later, you will learn several issues that may hinder turning off and how to fix that.

Process of Turning Off Your Air Fryer Oven:

  • On your Gourmia air fryer model, Press the ‘Stop/Cancel’ tab.
  • Switch/turn off the power at the outlet.
  • Unplug the air fryer from the power source.
  • Allow the appliance to cool down.

Easy, but don’t go yet!

Your air fryer should turn off once you unplug it. However, you need to turn it off safely. Pulling your Gourmia appliance from the socket without following the above process may cause a hitch later.

That’s a force stop. It can throw the programs off balance by resetting the appliance. Unless you want a reset, you should always press the Stop/Cancel tab before unplugging your appliance.

If you experience any issues while using the Stop/Cancel tab on your Gourmia air fryer model, it is time to examine several features. Here are why you are experiencing issues when turning off your air fryer.

4 Reasons for experiencing issues and how to fix them:

1. Faulty Stop/Cancel Button 

Switching off your air fryer will no longer be easy when you have a malfunctioning button. The display unit will tell you when the appliance has an error. But at least not a faulty knob. You should check why the button isn’t responding while cooking time.

The prime thing to do will be to press the tab several times to clarify doubts about non-functioning buttons. If there is no response, there is a major hitch.

  • Defective Touch Screen

If your Gourmia air fryer’s touchscreen goes mute, you will have issues accessing the buttons. That includes the Stop/Cancel tab. The screen has its defects, including a worn-out mylar membrane, a greasy screen, or a bug. Your technician will resolve your screen issues depending on the cause.

You will have to replace or buy another device when the screen is beyond repair. Whichever works out better for you.

  • Worn Out Button

A broken Stop/Cancel button will not respond to any touch or Press. It could be the specific knob or the entire button pad. If it is only the Stop/Cancel pad, it will be easy to single out the problem.

The knob will be mute while other knobs function. You can change the button depending on what your tech advises. When servicing your air fryer, you can consider replacing the panel if you note physical wear. That way, your appliance will serve you longer.

  • Short Circuit

A short circuit occurs when the wires that supply power to your air fryer function break. Though the cords are in the interior parts of your gadget, they can wear out, or a high voltage can melt them.

Your buttons won’t function. A certified tech can easily spot or test a short circuit in your device. They will use a multimeter to test the terminals and repair any damages.

  • Loose Terminals

Loose button terminals are a culprit for mute buttons. If you have electrical knowledge, check out the button terminals for looseness and tighten them where applicable. You can ask an electrician to help.

  • Bug

A technical bug will make your appliance freeze. The control panel stops working, including the buttons. Since all the buttons are mute, resolve this issue by pulling out your appliance from the wall socket. In other words, a force reset. If nothing works, check your manual for a replacement or call a technician to assist.

2. Unclean Power

Unclean power will result in the tripping breakers. Thus, causing short-circuiting of the appliance. The air fryer will not turn off. You might need to check why your house has a faulty circuit system. Unsafe power is harmful to your appliance and can cause accidents.

Unplug the appliance and allow it to cool down. Get a different socket and test continuity using a multimeter to confirm it is working. Connect the air fryer and use the procedure above to turn it off.

3. Faulty Cable/Power Cord

Never gamble on your appliance by using a faulty power cord. Because of leakage, the wires deliver less power than your appliance requirement. Such an error can cause surges and short circuits in your air fryer. The defects affect performance, including the control panel. The buttons, including the Stop/Cancel tab, stop working.

A faulty cable is easy to spot. It has bends and breakages. Also, your equipment will keep turning on and off even with sufficient power flow. Replace the cable/cord and turn it off when the air fryer is not working.

4. Faulty Device

When your Gourmia air fryer experiences mechanical or technical faults, that affects all the functions. Turning off becomes an issue. Unless you force your air fryer, nothing else seems to function.

If your appliance is new, you may need to call Gourmia appliances. The tech support is ready for inquiries and help. A slightly older appliance may be experiencing regular wear and tear. Still, technical support can help to diagnose the issue. An alternative route will be to get in touch with a technician. He can assist in diagnosing further.

Determine the age of your Gourmia air fryer. You may be using an old device that is slowly failing. At this point, parts replacement doesn’t work. Your next option will be to get a new cooker.

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Additional Tips On Using Your Gourmia Air Fryer Oven to Avoid Turning off Problem:

Your new Gourmia air fryer has various parts: Rack positions, display, and control panel. The basket, oven rack, pan, and tray are inside the fryer. The most important thing is to know how to operate your convection oven.

That includes turning it off. You will also need to remember some quick safety processes. Here are quick tips to guide you when using your new gadget:

  • Once you unpackage your new type of air fryer, remove all labels and packaging materials. Use a soft sponge, warm water, and soap to clean all the accessories.
  • Set the air fryer on a flat, firm, and heat-resistant surface.
  • To turn on your fryer, plug it into the power source and Press on the power icon.
  • Switch off your air fryer when not in use.
  • Never immerse the plug, power cord, and appliance in water or liquid.
  • Use oven-friendly dishes. Avoid metallic materials in your Gourmia air fryer unless the manufacturer specifies them.
  • Never leave your plugged-in appliance unattended at the cook time. That can be dangerous, especially if you have kids around.
  • Never use abrasive material. It will peel off the coating and cause more damage to the appliance.
  • Dry your hands when operating the appliance’s control. Wet or greasy hands can hinder button functionalities.
  • Keep the plug and cord away from water or liquid.
  • Connecting the air fryer to an external remote control will cause harm. Thus, avoid external connections to timers and control systems.
  • Insert your air fryer oven properly into the power outlet.
  • Store the appliance in a clean, safe place that is not prone to damage after the cooking process.