Gourmia Air Fryer Crisper Tray Not Fitting! Here’s The Reasons & Solutions

Undoubtedly, Gourmia air fryers are top-performer appliances. Besides their durable build and nonstick accessories, the air fryers assure you of non-greasy healthy meals. Most models work with Fry Force 360° Technology that cooks food with superheated air. 

Gourmia air fryers have one-touch functions that eliminate the guesswork in all your cooking and guarantee super meals in minutes. To realize perfect results with this air fryer, you must know the basic operations and troubleshooting processes. 

One of those is the crisper tray. Your crisper tray fits in the basket and holds your ingredients in the cooking compartment. If it does not work well, expect problems like your air fryer not turning on.

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Gourmia Air Fryer Crisper tray not fitting!

Your Gourmia air fryer has many accessories, including those in the crisper tray. As I mentioned, the tray holds your ingredients in the cooking compartment. It is messy to allow hot air to flow from every direction. That way, your food gets golden and well-cooked from the inside. 

Since the crisper tray is part of your Gourmia air fryer, you expect it will fit perfectly when you cook your delicacies. But that’s not so! You have a problem with the crisper tray not fitting in. troubleshooting this problem will be easy if you follow the below tips;

  • Wrong Arrow Position

The crisper tray is flat and fits perfectly in place in the basket. Gourmia air fry basket has an arrow directing you perfectly to the right position for your crisper tray. Equally, the crisper tray has an indicator at the backside. Follow the two indicators so that the tray faces downwards. When the crisper tray fits in the basket, slide the unit into the air fryer. 

  • Faulty Crisper Tray Clips 

You will run into problems with your crisper tray if its clips warp. The clips get out of position and won’t allow the tray to fit uselessly if you straighten or adjust them. Ensure that the pins are not protruding. Indented or broken clips will not allow a perfect fit in the basket. 

  • Warped Basket

This problem rarely happens unless your air fryer came with a defect, fell off a high height, and was damaged. A faulty air fryer basket will not give the crisper tray a perfect fit. Inspect the parts and call technical support.

  • Food Residues

Food crumbs and sticky grease will not let the crisper tray fit in the air fry basket. Check the sides and clean the tray. Your air fryer Makes it a routine to thoroughly clean its accessories so that they fit perfectly in place when cooking. That includes the crisper tray and the basket. 

  • Wrong Accessory

You could be using the wrong accessory in your air fry basket. During shipment, the dealer may have accidentally packed another model’s crisper tray, and that’s why you are experiencing the problem.

If that’s the case, Gourmia technical support will help you take the photos and specifications of the tray. Claim the warranty and get a new crisper tray for your air fryer. 

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How To Remove Crisper Tray From Gourmia Air Fryer?

Removing or replacing your crisper tray from the Gourmia air fryer should not be troublesome. The pan is meshy and lies perfectly on the basket to hold your food while cooking.

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Gourmia air fryers are easy to use and will only give you the troubleshooting problems that are common with other air fryers. A problem with the crisper tray not fitting could be a warped clip, broken basket, obstruction, and a wrong tray for your basket.

Solving the errors will give you a smooth air-frying experience. Call your air fryer’s technical support team when tips don’t seem to work well. You will get more information and a replacement where applicable. Cheers!