How to put crisper tray in air fryer gourmia?

The crisper tray is one of the air fryer accessories of a Gourmia air fryer model that makes it so effective. In general, it is a wire rack that fits in the appliance’s basket. Its role is to hold food up to ensure there is a perfect circulation of hot air to cook evenly. Here, we will tell you how to put the crisper tray in the air fryer Gourmia.

You can cook food in your air fryer Gourmia without a crisper tray. But, consider it present if you want quality outcomes of your food. The steps involved in putting the crisper tray are as follows.

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  1. Wash the crisper tray and air fryer

The initial step you need to do to your crisper tray before putting it in your Gourmia air fryer is to make both clean. This is because it will not fit in the appliance if there is food residue on the tray sides or on the air fryer. So clean the crisper tray with soapy water before starting the cooking process.

  1. Make sure there are no clip issues.

Besides the food residue, the tray will not fit in the cooking basket if the clips of the crisper tray are bent. When the tray clips are disturbed, they will not fit. If this is the case, adjust the clips to solve the issue.

  1. Follow the arrow

In this stage, follow the arrow given on the tray backside to place it in the air fryer. Keep the arrow in the downward or back side position. This way, your air fryer component, the crisper tray, will fit with no trouble on the air fryer.

  1. Contact technical support

If you follow all the above guides and still the crisper tray does not fit, contact the technical support and request a clear guide on how to handle the task. Nevertheless, if it has a warranty, claim for it. This is going to save you some money.

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When to use crisper tray in air fryer

A crisper tray is a component in an air fryer whose role is to help distribute air when air frying your food. Thus, make sure your food cooks evenly. It helps to crisp up your food. What’s more, it suspends food in the air to have fats and oils drip into the bottom basket. Gladly, you can use it for anything from roasting potatoes to grilling meat.

Can you use the Gourmia air fryer without the crisper tray?

Using a crisper tray for your Gourmia air fryer is not mandatory. Nonetheless, it is helpful because it significantly circulates the hot air uniformly around your food. You can still use your air fryer despite not having a crisper tray. But be sure to tackle this drawer with a lot of care to avoid yanking it off.


The guides above give you clear directions on how to put the crisper tray in the air fryer Gourmia. Therefore, following them to ensure your air fryer crisps your food evenly is up to you.

Luckily, you can contact technical support to guide you on how best to do that if you experience challenges when putting the tray in your appliance during the air frying process. Otherwise, you can ask them for a replacement. Good Luck!

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