Does Gourmia Air Fryer Have Teflon?

As air fryers continue to crawl into modern kitchens, their safety concerns also rise among users. The primary reason is the coating material. Factories use cheap Teflon (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) to make air fryers non-stick. Teflon has other benefits, including low thermal conductivity, but WHO lists it as harmful. It’s a significant cause of major health disorders, including cancer. 

For now, your primary worry is one brand, Gourmia. So, does it have Teflon? Gourmia air fryer is safe from Teflon, BPA, PFOA, and other harmful elements. But the surest way to determine this is to get a model with a stainless-steel interior.

Here, we have answered more sensitive questions about the safety of the Gourmia air fryer.  

Does Gourmia Air Fryer Use Teflon?

Does Gourmia Air Fryer Use Teflon
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Even with the Gourmia air fryer’s fantastic technology, you still want to know more about its safety. Your health concern is valid. The worrying number of home appliances that come with Teflon coating keeps rising. Yet, the substance is toxic.

As we highlighted above, health experts link the product to the rising cancer cases among users. The makers of these air fryers are aware and are only trying to gamble with your health. So, before buying the magic pot, you must be sure that the brand is toxic-free.

Like other air fryers, the Gourmia air fryer manufacturer claims the appliance has no toxic coatings. But how sure can you be that Gourmia is Teflon-free? That’s where the doubt sets in.

Our intensive research about this air fryer brand confirms that the manufacturer does not use Teflon coating. Also, further examination of some of the air fryer’s accessories reveals no Teflon use. That includes baskets, trays, mats, and rotisserie, among others.

But you can only be a partial percent sure. You have a part to play in ensuring that you have the safest cooking gadgets in your home. A naked eye may reveal the difference between Teflon and other coatings. It appears slippery and grey/black. Also, the coating comes off within a few weeks/months of use. Stainless steel is slippery and shiny. It cannot resemble Teflon.

Based on appearance (color), we examined the interior cooking surface. Most Gourmia air fryer interiors are stainless steel, thus the safest coating. But we still have some accessories we couldn’t ascertain safety. But you can pick stainless steel basket, tray, and rotisserie.

Be aware that Teflon coating is typical nowadays. The surest way to confirm that an air fryer model is free from toxins is by establishing the type of non-stick coating present. Check out for warnings like Prop 65 and a list of present chemicals on the models’ leaflet. All California appliances, including air fryers, have the Prop 65 warning. That’s an added benefit, that is if you live there.

What if your model of choice has scanty information regarding the non-stick material? That is a straight-up red flag. Call Gourmia on 888 552 0033 and ask the rep for clarifications. Be straight to the point and ask if the air fryer and its accessories have Teflon. 

Follow up on other toxic coatings, including BPA and PTFE. This information is crucial and will guide you into purchasing the safest Gourmia air fryer model. 

Besides Teflon, here are other substances to watch out for before buying any kitchen appliance;

  • BPA
  • PFOA
  • PTFE
  • PFAS Chemicals, etc.

The above coatings are safe if they do not chip off your air fryer surface. You can consider stainless steel interiors to ensure you take home a safe appliance.

Is Gourmia A Good Brand Of Air Fryer?

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There is no doubt that Gourmia air fryers are top-performing countertop ovens. The brand comes with various capacities, ranging from the smallest (2.2 QT) to the largest (16.7 QT). Gourmia air fryers have excellent control ratings and ease of use. You will find the noise levels low, plus cleaning is easy.

Here are the top qualities that you will benefit from Gourmia air fryers;

  • RadiVection 360 heating technology
  • Perfect Crisp System
  • Digital interface
  • More preset functions
  • Non-toxic stainless-steel coating
  • Non-stick surface
  • More power
  • Durable and non-rusty design
  • Detachable and dishwasher-safe parts
  • SensiTemp heating
  • Variety of capacities

The above qualities depend on your brand of choice. For example;

  1. Gourmia GAF698 Digital 6 Quart Air Fryer is powerful (1500W), Weighs 11.92 lbs, and has up to 12 Preset cooking functions.
  2. Gourmia GTF7450 is a digital air fryer oven with a 17-in-1 Multi-functionality. It weighs 17.31 lbs and has a power equivalent of 1700W. The oven has a glass viewing window.
  3. Gourmia GAF635 6 QT Digital Air Fryer weighs 10.13 lbs, has a 1700W, and has 8 preset cooking functions.
  4. GAF375 Digital Air Fryer has straightforward controls and an express heating system that guarantees quick results. That way, your roasts will produce low acrylamide.

Gourmia has dozens of models. The oven and basket types are available, so keep the list open. Plan a visit to the Gourmia website for more exciting models. 

Do Air Fryers Increase Acrylamide?

Like Teflon, acrylamide has joined the list of some of the most harmful products globally. People are now more cautious about its presence in many industrial products. It is worrying that most of these products, including dye and paper, have acrylamide. 

Also, some food products that we consume contain acrylamide. But not in their natural formula. The chemical is a byproduct. For example, deep frying, roasting, and grilling potatoes in high temperatures above 120°C produce acrylamide.

Not only potatoes; cereals, bread, and coffee produce the chemical as a byproduct. The fact that the chemical is soluble in water and other solvents makes it difficult to smell and taste. So, you will never know that you are consuming toxic elements.

Even more worrying is this chemical’s carcinogenic properties. There is a potential risk of developing cancer. With much emphasis on cancer awareness, using an air fryer raises the question of whether the gadget increases acrylamide.

Air fryers are life savers. The conventional heating process involves blowing hot air on a food item. You need less or no oil to cook your food. The gadget does not cook food at extremely high temperatures. Also, food cooks for a short time.  

That’s how air-frying lowers acrylamide in your food. Deep frying, roasting, and baking increase the chemical content. Besides keeping oil content low, an earlier study determined that air fryers reduce acrylamide by 90%. The researchers compared the machine with a traditional deep-frying machine. So go ahead and grab an air fryer! It will deliver healthy food free from dripping oil and high levels of acrylamide.

Are Gourmia Air Fryers BPA-free?

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Before you buy any kitchen appliance, a background check is necessary. Gullible factories are using toxic substances to coat ovens. That satisfies the craze for non-stick cookware.

Of course, there are genuine coatings such as stainless steel and ceramic, but the toxic substances are cheaper. BPA (Bisphenol A) is one of them. It is a significant composite for plastics and a non-stick coating for metallic cookware, mostly air fryers. But the product is carcinogenic. 

Some air fryers may contain BPA. The Gourmia manufacturer indicates that all its products are toxin-free. While Gourmia Indicates the safety of its air fryers, it is your responsibility to purchase your air fryer from a certified dealer. Counterfeit air fryers may contain harmful compounds such as BPA and Teflon.

Is Gourmia Air Fryer Safe?

Gourmia is a brand you want to consider if you are hunting for an air fryer. The models are versatile, quality, and safe to use. Gourmia’s user interface is friendly. You can opt for the digital control cooker as it has more features. Nevertheless, the manual air fryer is still available. 

Here are the safety features that come with this air fryer;

  1. Toxic-free Coating

Gourmia does not coat its air fryers with Teflon, BPA, PFOA, or other toxic substances. The above chemicals make a perfect non-stick coating, but they are poisonous to human health. Gourmia uses stainless steel to coat the interior cooking surface. Keep checking the manufacturer’s specifications before taking any model home. That’s the only way to ascertain the safety of the appliance.

2. User-Friendly And Safe Controls

This air fryer brand is easy and safe to control. Also, all its models have straightforward buttons. You will like the displays as they are clear enough to show the temperature and time. Once your goodies are ready in the air fryer basket and the timer clicks 0.00, the gadget switches. The automatic switch-off prevents burning, overcooking, and undercooking of your food.

3. Safety Plug

The Gourmia air fryer plug has a fuse to block and regulate unsafe currents. The air fryer goes off whenever the flow exceeds the requirement. Also, the cord is strong and long enough to use your countertop safely.

4. No Risk Of Radiation

Food that cooks in your Gourmia air fryer has no risk of contamination through radiation. Gourmia’s cooking principle doesn’t use electromagnetic radiation.  

5. Quality Appliance

Quality goes hand in hand with safety. And so, before you spend your money on an air fryer, you must look at its quality. That way, you have a safety guarantee.

I bet you have crawled through the safest air fryer guides. It is rare to miss Gourmia in any quality air fryer’s guides list. Besides the compact design, the air fryer has a sturdy structure. Gourmia air fryer is power-packed and comes with modern innovation that is hardy, easy, and safe to operate.

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