Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Troubleshooting! 6 Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Problems Solutions

Instant Vortex air fryers keep on getting upgrades to improve performance. One of the latest is the Instant Vortex Plus air fryer. If you have used the older model, you can attest that the difference is significant.  

The Vortex Plus comes with two additional smart programs, which include the broil and dehydrate functions. You will find the pot half-pound heavier than Instant Vortex, but its performance is speedy. 

This air fryer’s exterior comprises stainless steel accents, but with all these added benefits, it comes at a higher price than the other models. 

Despite the differences and the upgrade, you will still encounter a few Instant Vortex Plus air fryer troubleshooting issues. Check here how to handle those; 

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Instant Vortex Plus Touch Screen Issues!

The touch screen issues are some challenges you may encounter in regular usage. When you experience those, it doesn’t necessarily mean your Instant Vortex Plus air fryer is malfunctioning.

Though that could be a case to point out, always begin resolving screen issues with the simplest, a reset. It does not require tampering with your display in any way. But let’s dive into the reasons why is your Instant Vortex Plus air fryer touchscreen not working;

A Technical Hiccup

Technical hiccups affect all electronic devices, including air fryers. When they hit gadgets that have touch screens, they become irresponsive. The screen will not move, and neither will the buttons respond. But that shouldn’t give you a dread. If it is a bug, it will go away upon a reset. 

Here’s the secret; reboot your air fryer by unplugging, holding it up for 10-15 minutes, and re-connecting your machine. That’s a reset process for all appliances that do not have a reset button. You can use the reset button if it is present. If the screen still gives you issues, move ahead to the next cause.

Damaged Screen

An impact on your appliance can crack the touch screen and damage the sensors. That’s why you have to handle your air fryer with care. 

During the shipment process, your Instant Vortex Plus may also experience impacts if it is not packaged correctly. Hitting other objects around its space may damage the screen and other parts. If the appliance is still new, call the dealer and let them know your air fryer arrived damaged. 

The customer service desk will advise you on what to do. Most probably, it’s a ship back to rectify the problem. Keep your air fryer on a flat, spacious surface, preferably a countertop, to prevent falls and related damages.

If your appliance is old and has a damaged touchscreen, the only solution will be to replace it. Be sure to engage an Instant Vortex air fryer specialist, most preferably licensed by the company.

Impaired Controls

When your air fryer controls are impaired, expect touchscreen issues, among others. The control panel has thousands of details inside that require proper expertise to solve when they misbehave. 

It could be a tripped microswitch, a blown transformer, relays, or HMI that wouldn’t allow any function on display to work. You require a full assessment of your Instant Vortex Plus air fryer’s control panel to resolve touchscreen issues.

No Electricity

We all experience power shortages in our homes. Broken wires, faulty sockets, damaged fuse, and loss of power in your area can cause your air fryer screen to touch mute. The display will also be blank, and none of the functions will respond to touch.

In addition to electricity disconnection, a low voltage is also a culprit for an unresponsive touch screen. The current flow into your air fryer cannot power the device because it is lower than its rating.

Disconnect your appliance and wait for stable power flow. Keep testing with a multimeter until it is safe to use your air fryer. Remember, power surges are the number one cause of damaged home appliances.

Worn Out Membrane

The membrane is just beneath the screen pad and the center of your touch screen’s operation. It has many small wires attached to a Mylar plastic. These tiny wires allow communication between the touch screen and the controls.

It is usual for the plastic membrane and the wires to wear off due to extended performance. The damages block the relay of communication and cause unresponsive touch screen issues. Get a qualified electrician to determine the issue.

Greasy Touch Screen

A dirty or greasy touch screen will stop working because of the extra layer accumulated. When cleaning your air fryer, ensure that you also wipe the touch screen to keep off fat and other food juices from building up.

Greasy Fingers

Your fingers could be greasy, or you may be pressing the touch screen while your gloves are on. The air fryer will not respond. Remove the glove and wash your hands to remove the grease from your fingers. Never use wet hands on your appliances. Once you wipe the touch screen and your hands, too, your air fryer should work perfectly. 

Instant Vortex Plus Door Issues!

Instant Vortex Plus door issues include broken components, failure to latch, irresponsive switch, and misalignment. Your air fryer will not turn on or cook unless you resolve the above issues. It is a safety mechanism that only allows your Vortex Plus to function when you close the door.

Here are a few pointers to check out when your Instant Vortex Plus door issues;

  • Misaligned Door

A misaligned door is where the unit gets off the sliding plane. That won’t let the door close well. And even if you manage to slide in the door, your air fryer will not turn on. The drawer sensors will not relay the information that your appliance is ready to cook.

  • Latch Failure

The latch has its mechanism for closing the drawer/door in place. When you slide in the door, it clicks to alert you that it is in the proper position. Your door’s failure to latch signifies that some parts are not functioning well or you didn’t close the door correctly. Pull the door out and close it back.

Not closing yet? That could be a latch failure. If you are not new to air fryer operations, you can attempt to open the door and check the switch, but we always recommend a qualified tech to handle your device.

  • Broken/Loose Components

Your air fryer door is the most active component. It closes and opens many times. That leads to overuse, and some components become loose. Rivets and screws attached to the door become loose, and the drawer can no longer slide in correctly.

Use your Phillips screwdriver to fix the screws and a riveting gun to fix broken rivets. You can inspect your door and decide if it requires a replacement. Instant Appliances have spare parts that fit their appliances, but you must give your model specification when ordering a new drawer.

  • Overfilled Basket

An overflowing basket is a common cause of door issues. You will have to force the door to slide in when you overfill. In the process, you can break weak components or loosen the latches. Opening an already overfilled basket will obstruct the door.

Your Instant Vortex Plus air fryer has a maximum capacity mark that you shouldn’t exceed your ingredients beyond. Take note of foods that swell after cooking, like pastries, pasta, and grains. For such foods, fill below the markings to give space for expansion and prevent door issues.

  • Stuck Food Particles 

While cooking your food, some items or gravy may pour on the door from the cooking compartment. Meats and bakes are culprits for juices and crumbs.

Cake crumbs fall, or meat juices trickle on the door as you cook the food. If you didn’t clean your appliance thoroughly after use, expect accumulation. Next time you use your air fryer, a sticky substance will build up and bring door issues. 

Unless you clean your door and pay more attention to the sliding plane, you will encounter problems when closing or opening the door. But be careful when scrubbing off the grime to avoid scratching or breaking drawer the components.

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Display Not Working!

What can make your Instant Vortex Plug air fryer display not work? Firstly, your air fryer’s display is the center of operations for;

  • Cooking time
  • Reminders
  • Cooking Temperature
  • Error messages
  • Other display messages such as INSTANT ON, INSTANT END, INSTANT FOOD, INSTANT ADD, 

When the display goes blank, you will operate with guess works. The screen may not go blank but may show E1 and E2. You cannot move ahead with any of these errors on display.

First, all the lights will flash, and then the code will appear. These two codes are essential to comprehend and signify a significant problem with your thermal sensor. Most probably, it is a broken circuit or a dead fuse. You can call a tech to check it for you or reach out to the Instant Appliance customer care team to resolve the issue.

What if it is just a blank display? There will be no alerts, and neither will your air fryer show errors. As we said, you will not air fry with a blank display! Even the seasoned gourmet will not do that. Check the problem, solve it and go back to a perfect air frying business!

1. Check For Short Circuit 

A circuitry that serves your display with power could be broken. That one calls for the keen eyes of an electrician to check and resolve. Opening your air fryer’s display without prior knowledge of the process may cause more damage. 

2. Fix The Plug, Fuse, Cables, And Power Source

Electricity disconnection through a faulty plug, fuse, or power source will cause your air fryer display to shut off. Equally, twisted, bent, or broken wires will disconnect the power flow. Inspect the cause of the disconnect and repair/replace to keep the display active.

3. Reboot Your Air Fryer To Kick Off Technical Bugs

A technical bug can through your display into confusion and cause it to freeze. Reset your air fryer regularly when you notice irresponsive buttons and displays. The reset updates the system and often clears glitches that attack air fryers and other electronics.

4. Call Customer Care To Solve Manufacturer Faults 

Sometimes the display issue will not go even after trying all the tips you gave. For manufacturing errors, the problem may be complicated as you think. It may only clear up after full attention from the maker.

Why don’t you try the Instant Appliance customer care number to resolve such complications? Besides, you will not pay a penny to resolve their errors. They will repair/replace the appliance or advice you on how to resolve the problem.

5. Obsolescence? Order A New Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer 

Old age signifies dead or obsolete appliances. After a long service, your Instant Vortex Plus air fryer will stop functioning. It is a gradual process where you begin replacing parts often.

When you begin ordering parts every other time, those are signs of obsolescence. Putting up with the equipment will add more costs and emotional drain. A new order will come as a relief to you and your family.

Remember to give the appliance the recommended disposal method according to state laws. That will keep your ecosystem safe and secure for everyone.

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Instant Vortex Plus Stopped Working!

It is not typical for an excellent appliance to stop working while cooking. Unanticipated interruptions may make your loved ones miss delicious treats or a main meal, so you must act quickly and resolve the hitch quickly. If your Instant Vortex Plus stopped working, check the following;

Power Grid Interruption

Power blackouts are common due to winds, fires, and rationing. Whenever there is a rationing schedule in your area, your supplier will give an alert. If you forget about it, you may have an uncooked dinner in your air fryer.

Remember such alerts to save your situation. You must call the emergency line for attention if it isn’t noticeable. As you wait, you can use your gas cooker to fix your food or a coal grill to roast your ribs and serve your family.

Tripped Switch

A tripping switch is dangerous and a common cause of the abrupt stalling of connected devices. The reason is overloaded circuitry. How many appliances have you connected to your power system? Try to plug them off and run a few, probably two at once. Your air fryer’s performance will increase.

Thermal Fuse Error

The thermal fuse can stop working mid-cooking process. It could be the sensor or fuse that stopped working unexpectedly. If that’s the case, you must open the interiors and fix a damaged thermal fuse. You can use your smart oven, microwave, or grill to cook your meal as you resolve the issues.


When appliances overheat, they can stop working—a high rise in cooking temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 200 degrees C. Intense heat is unsafe for air fryers, and the only response will be stopping abruptly.

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Door Won’t Open!

When your Instant Vortex Plus air fryer door won’t open, do not struggle to pull it out. You may break the door components and complicate the issue further.

To prevent more problems, check first why the air fryer door won’t open;

Broken Door Components

You broke some components if you forced your air fryer door to slide in. The loose parts may misalign and be a challenge for the door to open. Try to open the door by lifting and pulling it out gently. That way, the damage may not extend to other parts.

Once the door is out, detach the basket and the pan so you can empty your food. Inspect the broken components so that you can order the parts or the entire door.


Food remains, grime, and broken parts can obstruct the door from opening. Opening the drawer may be a challenge if you also overfilled the basket. Some broken components can also block the door from opening.

Inspect your appliance and remove any objects in the cooking compartment. When cleaning your air fryer, ensure that you strip all the grime and food remains.

Rusty Hinges

When last did you use your air fryer? Did you clean and dry all the parts well? Storing a wet appliance exposes the metallic parts, especially the hinges, to rust. The door will not open easily. And so you have to oil the hinges and try to open your Instant Vortex Plus air fryer.

Loose Hinges

Loose hinge bolts can leave the door wobbly and hanging. Even if the door closes perfectly, it may be trouble trying to open. The loose parts become misaligned, bend, and cannot open smoothly.  

Warped Door

Instant Vortex air fryers comprise high-quality parts, including the door. Factory errors are possible, but very high temperatures, up to 400 F degrees, can cause the door to warp and change its position.

The new shape will cause problems when the door cools and block it from opening. Such a door requires replacement. Avoid setting extreme temperatures as they can damage your appliance further. 

Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Keeps Turning Off!

Some Instant Vortex Plus air fryer users report the appliance turning on and off. When the episodes happen, they interrupt your food’s cooking process. The timer will keep resetting itself so that you will cook with guesswork.

Overall, the food will be undercooked or overcooked due to extended time. This problem may be due to a technical error that arises when cooking or electricity is disconnected. But let’s determine the causes;

  1. Frequent Blackouts

Power could go on and off, and that’s how your connected appliances will behave. Your Instant Vortex air fryer will keep turning off. If you confirm it is a power blackout, you may have to switch off the appliance and wait for the electricity to resume.

Depending on the cause, your power provider should reinstate to power back without delays. You can consider other cooking appliances available in your home, including a gas oven. That will save your food from going wrong if the power doesn’t stabilize.

2. Loose Connection

A loose socket, twisted wire, or a loose plug can cause your air fryer to keep turning off. Start by checking the socket. Is it damaged, loose, or tripped?

If yes, you have an issue with a loose or blocked power connection to your appliance. It could also be a plug whose pins are wobbly and keep on losing grip. Inspect your appliance and resolve the hitches to stabilize your air fryer’s performance.

3. Faulty Touch Screen

A shaky touch screen could relay the wrong information to the controls. You will notice when the air fryer performs a function you haven’t selected. In addition, the air fryer will keep turning off even when you haven’t touched the power button. Investigate your touch screen to detect the faulty and get an air fryer tech to resolve it.

4. Damaged Controls

Besides a faulty touch screen, the internal controls could be damaged and subject your appliance to off-and-off episodes. The power button could be faulty, among other motherboard features. Ask someone to help you check the appliance or call the customer care center to assist in solving the issue.

5. Old Appliance

Old age can cause your Instant Vortex Plus air fryer to turn off. It could mean other functions are failing too. Forget about repairing an old appliance. It is triple more expensive than buying a new model. Make up your decision and order a new appliance with an improved upgrade. 


With this Instant Appliances air fryer model, you have an improved machine with extra features, including the dehydration and broiling function. That’s the most significant difference between the Instant Vortex Plus air fryer and the other models.

It’s top-notch performance and has a touch screen that eliminates the need for knobs. Like other air fryers, this brand has operation problems, but not many.  

Instant Vortex Plus air fryer troubleshooting processes come in handy to clear those hitches. You will solve the door and touch screen issues without calling a tech in your home. When things are out of hand, do not hesitate to inform the Instant Appliances customer service desk for the quickest and most accurate solution.

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