Power XL Air Fryer Not Heating Up? Fix in 3 minutes

Most air fryers have this problem. It may happen when your air fryer is still brand new or after several days, weeks, months, or years of usage. Whenever the problem occurs, it means that you cannot cook.

The heating mechanism is the one that feeds your fan with hot air for cooking your food. The repairs may be detailed or prompt you to shop for a new machine. It will depend on how many times you replace the parts, costs, inconveniences, and many other factors.

But it is always a great move to try repairing your Power XL before shopping for a new one. Heating hitches have something to do with the electric circuit not flowing. So, unless you are an electrician, you need the services of an expert first to do the diagnostics.

Once they get whatever is ailing your air fryer, they can recommend the best route to take. But before that, we need to enlighten you on what causes your Power XL air fryer not to heat up;

1. Defective thermostat

Every electrical gadget, including your Power XL air fryer, has a thermostat or a device to regulate the heat. They would blow up every time the heat skyrockets if they didn’t have one. The thermostat ensures the proper interior heat by balancing unsafe circuit flow to safeguard the appliances. 

Thermostats are easy to detect when they are not functioning; the device will not heat up! Try to rotate the thermostat knob and check if there is any response. A multi meter gives the proper diagnostics. Equally, the small unit can tell you whether the thermostat is working or not.

Once the test is over, a possible recommendation will be to replace the feature. A dead thermostat means that there are no repairs that can revive the unit back. Replacement is viable and affordable, and the cost will be comparing much lower than buying a new Power XL.

2. Malfunctioning heating element

The heating element warms up your air fryer cooking compartment. The fan then blows hot air over your food until it is ready. When the element breaks down, the fan will not stop. It will continue to blow the cold air around your food, and it is a sure bet that you will wait forever for your food to cook!

The most common cause for your heating element malfunctioning is overheating. Power surges and prolonged use can overheat your device and lead to element damage. When the heating element is damaged, you have no choice but to replace the function.

We recommend that you do not use your air fryer the whole day. Give it some break to rejuvenate, and always use a regulated power system to avoid power surges in your house. 

3. Dead Solenoid  

Situated next to the thermostat is a feature known as a solenoid. The unit delivers electric power to your device’s heating element. When it’s switched, or the unit is dead, your Power XL cannot heat to provide to the component. So your gadget’s cooking compartment is not heating up.

The Solenoid requires that you uncover it and inspect it for continuity. You better leave issues to do with a faulty solenoid to the Power XL manufacturer or a certified service center.

4. Faulty mother plate

Your Power XL air fryer’s mother plate is the brain of your device. The feature has all the switch ends for different programs. For your device to switch on and heat up, the mother plate must first get the message and relay it to the appropriate function.

A faulty mother plate means communication breaks down, so no amount of heating up will happen. You will notice that when your electrician works on the mother plate, all the other functions that have connections to it wake up. And that includes the heating element. 

5. Thermal fuse

A thermal fuse is a must-have feature for all electronic devices like the thermostat. It strategically features the plug head to control the electric current that flows from the power source into your machine.

Ideally, it is a safety device for leveling high voltage power to a consumable quantity that cannot damage your electric appliances, including air fryers. You will find the device in your iron box, refrigerator, microwave, et cetera.

The gadget can get overwhelmed by power surges and break down. No current will flow to your device even if the socket is on, and your power XL will not heat up until you replace the thermal fuse. It will cost you a few pennies to get a new thermal fuse.

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6. Dead Power XL Air Fryer

It is now half a decade since you brought in your Power XL air fryer. And like your energies dwindle year in and year out, so does your air fryer’s performance. You have tried to change old parts and give your device new life. You have had endless trips to the repair center.

Give it up! Like us, gadgets have an end of life. Sadly, you have to let your dearie Power XL air fryer go, but you have no choice. Get a brand new Power XL air fryer with modern features like more voltage, Alexa technology, more programs, and combo features that eliminate the need for separate cookers. Make up your mind!

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