The 8 Best Cleaner For Air Fryer Basket In 2024

A greasy and dirty air fryer basket is not only an eyesore but also taints your delicious food. When the grease gets heated, it melts and gets into your food.

The unpleasant taste and odor will kill your appetite instantly. You wouldn’t like this to happen if you had guests around!

The outright thing to do is clean your air fryer basket regularly, probably after a cooking session. Your basket will always give you excellent results.

But if you haven’t been cleaning regularly, your air fryer accessory could already be smeared with layers of grease.

A degreasing session with your air fryer will give the appliance and its accessories a new life.

While most brands claim that air fryer baskets are dishwasher safe, that may not work out well.

A dishwasher can strip grease from your basket but may damage it irreparably. Same to your air fryer; you may need to work on both the air fryer and the basket with your hands. 

You will also require to pick the best cleaner for the air fryer basket. Discover the best degreasers that leave your air fryer and its accessories shiny and freshly smelling. We will also give you how cleaning an air fryer basket is done.

List Of 8 Best Cleaner For Air Fryer Basket

The Top 8 Best Cleaner For Air Fryer Basket Reviews

Your air fryer should not smoke or fill your kitchen with a skunky smell. Clean up your basket, tray, and other accessories using any below cleaners and degreasers.

1. Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner, 48 Ounce

Our top on the best cleaner for air fryer basket is this expert deep-cleaning formula. Easy off Heavy-duty oven, and grill cleaner dissolves tough grease and food spills from your air fryer basket, tray, and other accessories. 

The formula does not spare any mess, be it baked-on grease or stuck crumbs. It wipes and cleans away easily for five minutes.

This same formula strips away dirt from your warm or cold air cleaner by penetrating the stains. The deep cleaning formulation is also great for your microwaves, ovens, grills, and BBQ, thus a multi-cleaning formula. 

If you have that tough burnt-on grease on your air fryer basket, Easy-Off will break the layer down without a scrubber or brush.

When testing Easy-Off, we first removed loose food particles on your air fryer basket and from the tray for the formula to work effectively.  

You can use a soft toothbrush to remove food particles, but be careful not to scratch off the non-stick coating. Easy-Off does not require diluting; it is a spray, leave, and wipe step!

Spray the basket while holding the can away from your face and at a distance of 9-12″ away.

Easy-Off will produce a thick form. Leave it for about 40 minutes, come back, wipe your basket clean with a sponge and keep it ready for your next frying air session.

2. FS Oven Clean Grill, Stove, Oven Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Viscous Gel Cleaner

FS Oven Cleaner is a heavy-duty gel made in the USA by Rochester Midland. It comes with an industrial-strength that guarantees clean food processing equipment, including air fryers and accessories.

The formula is ideal for cleaning vats, nut roasters, BBQ grills, ovens, kettles, potato chips, and donut machines.

Your air fryer is a small oven prone to oils and food spillage. When the oils spill on your basket and tray, the unit becomes greasy, sticky, and difficult to clean with the regular dishwashing formula.  

This heavy-duty biodegradable degreaser has a specially formulated alkaline agent. All its ingredients are USDA-authorized and are safe on most surfaces. 

You will love the Easy-Off fragrance as it is pleasant and eliminates any chemical smell on your air fryer basket and your kitchen. 

FS Oven cleaner does not have fumes and is safe to use. The cleaner will not scorch you, your air fryer, basket, or other accessories. But always remember to use protective hand gloves when using the formula. 

You can use it undiluted or diluted, but any will strip off the dirt from your basket. After rinsing, the solution does not leave a film on the basket and will always give you a fresh and clean look.

Use a brush to paint your basket with the solution to dissolve the dirt. Wait for about 15 minutes and rinse or wipe off.  

3. Weiman Gas Range Cook Top Cleaner and Degreaser

Weinman is a gas range cooker cleaner but a versatile degreaser. It works on different appliances, including air fryers and their accessories.

The solution instantly dissolves grease, food stains, film, and any other residue that may have accumulated o your air fryer basket. If there are any traces of rust, Weinman will dissolve those without hard scrubbing.

This cleaner is multi-purpose. You can use this multi cleaner on other surfaces like tubs, ovens, tiles, and many more surfaces.

It is non-abrasive and restores your air fryer basket’s natural color and texture. The revitalizing effect gives your basket a shiny and brighter surface.

Weiman Gas Range Cleaner & Degreaser is gentle on your hands. The heavy-duty formula has a powerful blend of degreasers that meltdown grime and makes it easy for you to clean. 

Make the formula an everyday clean-up solution for any kitchen appliance. It is easy to use this solution; the spray design safely reaches your basket’s perforations, leaving it perfectly clean.

Suppose your basket has a drip pan or tray, whether ceramic, glass or metallic; this grease stripper does not discriminate. It cleans all surfaces effectively.  

Weiman Products is a perfect solution and the best air fryer degreaser for home, commercial, beginner, pro, and household cleaning needs.

So, any time you see fingerprints on your air fryer basket, you have the best product, Weinman, to bring back the shine and leave your home clean home and spectacular!

4. Mrs. Meyer’s Baking Soda Cream Cleaner, Lemon Verbena, 12 OZ (Pack – 3)

Get Mrs. Meyer’s baking soda cream cleaner for cleaner and sparkling air fryer accessories. This formula is mild and does not contain bleach and caustic. It also works excellent on ovens like air fryers, microwaves, deep fryers, and air fryers. 

Using this soda cream, you can also clean other household items like sinks, pots, showers, tubs, and stovetops. The list is endless as Mrs. Meyer’s cleaner outperforms both natural and conventional cleansers. 

With its scratch-free scrub power, you have no worries about damaging your non-stick air fryer basket. The formula will ripple tough kitchen grease or soap residue from the mesh and leave your basket with a fresh and rejuvenated look.

Mrs. Meyer’s soda cream comes on different scents, but the most common is citrus. The scents leave your kitchen smelling fresh all day.

Though it is a powerful product, this cream does not contain bleach. The trusted formula has essential oils and well-blended ingredients.

The cleaning process is straightaway; apply the cream on the soiled basket and tray. Leave the cream on the grease for a few minutes if the stain is stubborn.

Scrub or wipe gently using a soft cloth and rinse off the cream. If soap residues or layers of sticky grease are on the mesh, they will melt and leave your basket neat and clean.

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5. Kona Safe/Clean Grill Cleaner Spray  

Kona is a heavy-duty degreasing formula that guarantees you up to 65% less scrubbing on your air fryer basket and other household equipment.  

The spray cleanser breaks down tough and sticky grease accumulated on your air fryer basket and its tray. If you have any clinging char stains, Kona will work on it in minutes.

Any food particles and burnt down dirt will drop off when you spray Kona. Do not worry about your air fryer’s material; whether stainless steel, ceramic, silicon, or porcelain, Kona does not damage any surfaces. 

Additionally, it works on grill grates, cookers, microwaves, ovens, stoves, and many more. With the 23 OZ / 680 ML spray bottle, you have an economical and the best degreaser for an air fryer basket. 

It is easy to use the Kona cleaner spray. Detach your basket from the tray and spray the cleaner over the mesh, interior, and exterior. Spray the tray and hold on for a couple of minutes for the dirt to dissolve. 

Wipe the formula and rinse the unit. Kona is a biodegradable cleaner that does not affect the environment negatively. It is non-corrosive, fumeless, non-inflammable, non-phosphate, and water-based cleaner.

This best cleaner for air fryer oven and its accessories is a superior USA brand that also cleans away crap, flaky carbon, and grease from your air fryer’s interior and exterior that builds over time. 

Outside your kitchen, you can use it in a thousand and one places; as a boat cleaner, metal cleaner, tiles cleaner, auto spare part cleaner, and many other applications.

6. Stera-Sheen Fryer Cleaner, BULK SAVER

Don’t know what to do with an oily air fryer basket? Try Stera-Sheen Red Label Fryer Cleaner and Multi-Purpose Degreaser.

This formula is an easy-to-use portion packet that cleans and removes oils, grease, char, Rust, Calcium, and carbon from any air fryer basket. 

It is non-caustic, non-toxic, and powerful enough to penetrate thoroughly, cleaning your equipment deeply. In addition, this non-caustic solution is mild on your hands, ceramic, metal, and silicon material. It does not rust or stain your basket or any other appliance.

But how does this powerful formula work? It is a two-way cleanser. The Fryer-Off option with a 30-minute soak offers you an overnight soaking for heavily soiled utensils. 

Stera-sheen also offers the Fryer-On option, perfect for fryer baskets, open pressure fryers, and oil filters. This option comes in 24 six-ounce packets. 

If you have complex layers of oil and grease, the Red Label will safely clean your basket easily and save you long hours of scrubbing.

Aside from air fryers and baskets, you can use Stera-Sheen on vent hoods, filters, and popcorn kettles. The potent alkali ingredients will dissolve any complex oils and stain quickly. 

Stera-Sheen’s user directions are simple and easy to the point. The first process is to dissolve the crystals in hot water. Pour into your fryer reservoir and put on the heating unit.

Soak the baskets into the cleanser formula and boil for three minutes. Lower the heat and wait for ten minutes.

When your basket is clean, use the hot cleaning solution to clean the exhaust fan filters, sink, greasy pots, tiles, and other greasy surfaces.

Stera-Sheen is a great tile cleaner and works effectively on greasy and oily surfaces. The Stera-Sheen Red Label meets and exceeds all local health department specifications. The formula is biodegradable and does not harm the surrounding.

7. Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser

Goo Gone is a kitchen degreaser with multiple uses, including cleansing and rejuvenating your air fryer basket. The formula breaks down any gunk and grime on the mesh, leaving your basket spotless.

This degreaser is powerful, fast working, and also mild. It does not harm your basket’s coating, whether non-stick, ceramic, or stainless steel.

The formula is also safe to apply on finished wood, plastics, porcelain, glass, polished stone/granite, rubber, and household surfaces.

Goo Gone comes in a foaming formula. All you need is to smear or spray your air fryer basket and wait for the ingredients to work on the stains.

You can also use this one-step cleaner on your air fryer, microwaves, pots, pans, stoves, counters, and walls.   

In case you want to try other Goo Gone products, the company comes with a line of different original cleaning formulas for removing tough messes on several surfaces.

You can order Goo Gone Pro-Power, Patio, Automotive, All-Purpose, Grill, Paint, Sticker Lifter, Wipes, Spray Gel, and many more.

Every Goo Gone product does not require scrubbing to clean up stains. The process involves applying, penetrating, dissolving, and wiping/rinsing.

This best grease cleanser for air fryer comes with the directions for use, including safety in its application. Remember to put on your work gloves to protect your hands; otherwise, the product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and fumeless.

When cleaning your air fryer basket, wait for it to cool down. Never use Goo Gone on a hot basket, tray, or any other cooking surface.

8. KH-7 Concentrated Degreaser, Professional-grade

Finally, we have KH-7 Concentrated Degreaser. This formula is a professional one that allows you to clean your air fryer basket effortlessly. KH-7 is also a multi-use cleaner that makes your life easier at home and in several other places. 

You just apply and wipe off the mess for an air fryer basket that has encrusted grease and grime. This best air fryer basket cleanser maximizes efficiency by dissolving the toughest dirt making your utensils shinier and cleaner.

To guarantee high safety standards, KH-7 does not contain phosphate, caustic soda, potash, or water-based. The formula is not scented, making it ideal to use on utensils. 

If you are hunting the best cleanser for Ninja air fryer, NuWave, Deluxe, and any other brand, KH-7 will work perfectly well. In addition, it is a safe cleanser for all other accessories.

You will never get skin or eye irritation when using KH-7. The cleaner is mild on you and meets the European Ecological standards. 

Getting this fantastic multi-use cleaner will help you clean greasy pet areas and remove grime on your clothes and shoes. Open the trigger and spray on the target stain. Wait for five minutes and wipe with a damp cloth. Easy!


Easy-Off Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner, 48 Ounce

Easy-Off comes in a 48-ounce easy-to-use spray can. It is a deep-cleaning formula that dissolves the toughest grime and food spills by just a spray and wipes away a step.

The heavy-duty formula will clean your air fryer basket in five minutes. Easy-Off is also a multi-use formula for many surfaces, including air fryers, ovens, stoves, microwaves, et cetera. It is our top pick for the best cleaner for air fryer basket.

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Best Cleaner For Air Fryer Basket Buyer’s Guide

We have summed up several air fryer basket cleaners. But we have not given you the formula for selecting the best cleanser/degreaser.

There are several features that you can look to guide you through getting a formula that will clean your greasy air fryer trays, baskets, and other accessories.

Have a glance!

1. Fragrant, Pungent Or Odorless? 

You may find this a non-essential consideration, but it’s the topmost consideration before purchasing an air fryer basket cleaner.

Consider the basket as one of the kitchen utensils that do not require a strong fragrance. The scents are fantastic, but not on the food. If your fries smelt like your cologne, you will not swallow a piece.

Same case to pungent smells. A lemon fragrance is excellent for kitchen use. Sniff the spray or the bottle to detect strong smells. An odorless cleaner is also perfect, depending on the application.

2. Clear User Instructions

The above and many other cleaners on your store shelves come with different application procedures. Some direct you to apply and hold on for several minutes for the formula to work. Others are spray/apply and wipe.

If the instructions are not straight, or you have to squint to grasp a word, that’s probably not the best cleaner for your air fryer basket.

3. Safety  

Ingredients are what form the cleaner. All cleaners are a mixture of components that may be toxic, non-toxic, corrosive, non-corrosive, mild, strong, and more.

Many manufacturers make greener decisions to make non-toxic, environmentally safe, and non-carcinogenic cleaning formulas. But some do not mind giving you the most potent cleaning formula ever and disregard user safety.  

At the store, the decision is all yours. Go for a greener decision to avoid carrying trouble at home. If you are buying from the internet, it is even better because you have all the time to read the ingredient label, disclaimers, and certifications/standards.

Look further than the natural, plant-based, water-based, and other gimmicky labels.

4. Versatility

It saves you dollars when you pick an all-purpose cleaner. You can get an air fryer basket cleanser that can clean ovens, grills, countertops, cars, walls, tiles, tables, glass, ceramic, rubber, plastic, and many other applications. 

When you get a versatile cleaner, you also save yourself from confusing the right cleaner for a specific surface. If you stock more than five cleaners, you have to put up with several sprays, bottles, and cans in your cabinets. Disgusting, right?

5. Packaging

A strong, safe, multi-purpose cleaner in poorly illegible packaging isn’t worth your money and time. Go for easy-to-use, well-packaged cleaners that do not spill off easily.

6. Cost

Special formulas may be costly than multi-purpose cleaners or the opposite. But the cost of specific cleaners added together surpasses a multi-purpose cleaner.

You can save your resources by getting a multi-purpose cleaner for all your utensils, appliances, and surfaces. 

Sum Up!

You have the eight best cleaner for air fryer basket. In addition, we have a complete buyer’s guide. You don’t have to toss your mind around many products.

After careful examination of over thirty-five products in the cleaning business, we have listed the products. 

To make your purchasing smoother, we have our final verdict. It doesn’t mean that the other seven products are inferior. But this stands out among the cleaners. You can pick out the winner or any other degreaser from our list.

If you need assistance, hit out Contact Us button to get more help.

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