My Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Is Not Pre-Heating?

The first step when cooking with your Ninja Foodi air fryer is pre-heating. The purpose is to get your appliance ready for heating, and you do that by pressing the pre-heating button. Pre-heating takes five minutes to get your gadget prepared to cook. If your device is not pre-heating, something is not right;

Stuck or damaged pre-heating control

The button could be stuck, thus not pressing the controls. Hit the button to force-start it and observe whether your appliance is heating up.

Damaged Control panel

If it is an issue with the control panel, you have to get an expert to open the board and check the issue. They will solve a problem and get the apparatus to work. 

Damaged appliance

A major electrical breakdown of your Ninja air fryer will not let your appliance to pre-heat. Avoid engaging in a repair job that you do not understand well. You may extend the damage beyond repair.

Call the NinjaShark Operating LLC customer care department to solve your issues. The person will ask you to ship the equipment to them for repairs. And if it is a manufacturer’s fault, they will replace it depending on the warranty terms.

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Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Is Not Working

We have gone through the many troubleshooting problems you may experience with Ninja air fryers. It will take many hours to read if we mean to exhaust them in this guide. And probably discourage you from buying the oven.

Note that the issues vary from one individual user to another. Ninja Foodi brand is still top on the list of best air fryers. User experience indicates that the gadgets are safe, durable, and very efficient. Keep reading these guides to equip yourself with tips to handle any problem that you may come across with the Ninja air fryers model.

So, what if you woke up to your air fryer not working? Here is the summary of the causes and fixes;

ProblemHow to resolve
Improperly installed basketAdjust the drawer, fit it in the basket properly and slide in the drawer to close
Standby modePress the ON button to remove the standby mode
Loosely connectionCheck the socket, plug, and power cord and tighten the wires
Broken controlsSource for an electrician to diagnose and repair/replace the controls
Power lossCheck the main meter and switch on power or wait for power to resume
Obsolete applianceDiagnose correctly and get a new appliance
Overcrowded basketReduce the ingredients to activate the microswitch. Try to close the door for your device to work.


Final Thoughts

With electrical appliances, you experience various troubleshooting hitches. So, it is normal for your Ninja Food air fryer fan not to work. Pre-heating issues, stuck buttons after many days of inactivity, basket/drawer popping out, Sticky drawers, and many other problems are not rare but are nothing to worry about.

This guide resolves all the above and many more problems. Watch out for our next article, and arm yourself with troubleshooting and repair tips! Now enjoy the air fried food with no tension using Ninja Foodi Air Fryer.

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