The 8 Best Dehydrator Rack For Air Fryer And Oven

If you want to cook herbs, vegetables, meat, fish, or any other food by removing their moisture effectively in your air fryer or oven, a food dehydrator rack will come in handy.

The design is simple stackable racks that allow warm air in your air fryer to circulate around your food. The idea is to kick off steaming and allow food to cook slowly and dry. These are the same racks that work for food dehydrators.

Dehydrator racks range from commercial ones up to 100 sq feet to the small ones that we use in ovens and air fryers. This guide focuses on the best dehydrator racks for air fryer and oven.

At A Glance! List Of The 8 Best Dehydrator Racks For Air Fryer And Oven

The 8 Best Dehydrator Racks For Air Fryer And Oven Reviews

Here are the 8 best dehydrator racks for air fryer and oven;

1. Air Fryer Oven 5 Pieces Dehydrator Racks 

These Air Fryer Oven racks are a set of five, all compatible with Chefman 6.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer, 10qt Power XL Vortex Air Fryer Pro (CM005, CM 006, CM007), 6qt Power AirFryer Pro 6-qt (CM001-V2, Delux CM001-V2, CM003), Power XL Airfryer Pro 6QT Oven, and Caynel 6QT Air Fryer Oven. Though rounded, they fit perfectly in your air fryer and oven. 

In addition, the airflow rack size is 10 inches by 9.5 inches, thus suitable for ten qt and six qt air fryers. The racks come with a narrow grid pattern that ensures your food, especially fries, fruits, and meats, do not sag or drop.

At the same time, the grid allows proper air circulation. You can also use the racks for baking your snacks and frying potatoes. 

Air Fryer Oven racks allow you to cook or dehydrate several dishes at once, so you don’t have to stop and wait like when using a single frame. You will also find the pieces easy to clean and store.

Plus, you can use the dishwasher to clean up the mess after cooking. Spray the racks with oil before cooking to prevent food from sticking on the grid for easy cleaning. 

2. Goldlion Dehydrator Rack 

Dehydrate your food without losing nutrients and flavor with these five stackable racks. You will preserve your fruits, meat, snacks, and lots of other foods all at ago with five stackable layers.   

Goldlion Dehydrator Rack is food grade safe and features a stainless-steel grid that serves your loved ones healthy and delicious meals. The food-grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel racks do not rust and thus ensure safe food handling practices. 

You will love the roll hemming technology that assures burr-free edges. Its toughened diamond grid does not warp or get dents. Overly, it is a high-quality design.

It is easy to use Goldlion Dehydrator Rack. Place the first layer, arrange your ingredients and do the same to the other racks. Place your stacked layers into your air fryer basket and slide them into the oven or air fryer.

It is an exceptional convenience design that saves your precious oven/air fryer space as well as your cabinets and countertops.

Cleaning the Goldlion dehydrator rack is easy; it is dishwasher safe, meaning cleaning is a breeze. The design fits 8.5-inch diameter, the perfect dehydrator rack for the Ninja foodi grill.

The size is mainly for all Ninja Foodi 6.5 and 8 qt old and new models, including OL 701, OL601, and OL501. It also works excellently with Instant Pot Air Fryer 8 Qt. 

3. Kispog Dehydrator Rack 

This drying rack system comprises five stackable layers for dehydrating fruits, meats, and other delicacies, thus an excellent dehydrator rack for ninja air fryers.

The system is compatible with an 8-inch diameter Ninja Foodi pressure cooker, Instant Pot Air Fryer 8 Qt, Instant Pot Air fryer, Air Fryer 6.5 and 8 qt, Instant Vortex Pro Air Fryer Oven 10 QT. But it will not go with Instant Pot 6 Qt.

This dehydrator is a great fix if you want Maon Jar dried soups, dried corn, apples, bell peppers, mushrooms, and many other ingredients. You can use the racks to make delicious dishes in a single batch. That saves you time, space, and energy.  

This dehydrator rack is your perfect accompaniment if you are extra keen on food safety. All parts comprise the safest food-grade stainless steel 304, which does not rust or release poisonous substances into your food. Besides drying your fruits and meats, you can treat your pets with dehydrated foods.   

Kispog is a durable hemming technology that guarantees rigidity and no dents on the dehydrator’s grid. The accessories are easy to use and stackable. Such a design offers convenience during cleaning, cooking, and cleaning.  

4. Zallo Dehydrator Rack, Dehydrator Stand for Oven/Ninja Foodi Accessories 

Are you looking for a dehydrator rack for Ninja foodi grill xl? Zallo has five stackable layers; you have plenty of room to dehydrate your steaks, veggies, and fruits. This dehydrator Rack/Stand for Oven and Ninja Foodi accessories comes with a narrow grid of five racks in one. 

When using the racks in air frying, your food will not sag, drop, or droop. In addition, the frame ensures proper air circulation and locks all the nutrients while maintaining the flavor.

Zallo is compact, and all its shelves allow airflow and dehydrate your food in a short time. You will also like the high-quality design as the material is food. Zallo has no rough burs, dents, and scratches with the smooth edging design.

This dehydrator rack creativity is also suitable for Ninja Foodi pressure cooker and 6.5 qt and seven qt air fryer; however, it does not fit Ninja Grill and Instant Pot 6qt).

Before you purchase the rack, measure the height and diameter of your pot to ensure that it fits perfectly. Note that Zallo’s maximum diameter for the stand is 8 inches, and the height is 5 inches.

Cleaning is easy; you can wipe the trays with a damp cloth or put them in your dishwasher. Additionally, you will store the racks stacked, meaning that you are safe on the countertop and cabinet space. Above all, you will benefit from stacking food and dehydrating several meals in a batch.

5. Geesta Dehydrator Rack Stainless Steel Stand Accessories

If you are looking for a dehydrator rack for ninja foodi, this is a great idea. Geeta is another good food dehydrator with the ideal dimensions (9.7-inch x 8.2-inch diameter). That’s a perfect size for many Ninja Foodi Grill models, including AG300 and AG400.   

An outstanding feature is a stackable design that offers you convenience in air frying. Besides space-saving, it is easy to store these stand accessories. Putting them in a dishwasher is also easy, and the stacking ability ensures thorough cleaning.

You will stack up to three layers where you can dehydrate fruits, steak, and a snack, all in a single batch. No worries about carcinogenic elements in your food; this is a food-grade safe dehydrator rack. It features 304 stainless steel material that delivers healthy dishes to your loved ones.

Geesta gives you a 100% Guarantee with a 12-month warranty that commences immediately after your purchase and receive your dehydrator rack. More so, the Geeta customer care contacts are available 24/7 to address your concerns.

6. Air Fryer Three Stackable Dehydrator Racks for Gowise Phillips USA Cozyna Ninja Air fryer

This rack by RAMLLY is compatible with all standard air fryers 6.8 qt, 5.8 qt, 5.5 qt, 5.3 qt, 4.2Qt, and other XL pressure cookers and air fryers. It is also compatible with many air fryer brands, including Philips, Gowise USA, Ninja, Cozyna, and more.

The most significant advantage is the rack’s immense size and a stackable design that does not allow waste of precious space in your air fryer. That means you will make enough meals for your family without wasting time making small batches.

RAMLLY is also an easy-to-use food dehydrator. Arrange your ingredients, stack the racks, and put them in your air fryer/oven basket. The air will flow effectively and dehydrate your meats, fruits, and veggies without robbing them of nutrients and flavor.

RAMLLY’s design offers exceptional convenience and, at the same time, saves your oven, air fryer, or pressure cooker space. You can make various foods with your air fryer or pressure cooker simultaneously. 

When cooking, you can interchange the three stacks to beat about heat blockage and ensure that your food cooks properly. This dehydrator comprises top-quality stainless-steel material (304 food-grade stainless steel) that will last for years without rust and toxin release.

Cleaning is by wiping, or you can throw the accessories in a dishwasher for a thorough job.  

7. Air Fryer Rack for COSORI Air Fryer, Instant Vortex, Philips Air Fryer

These air fryer dehydrator racks are perfect for COSORI, Phillips, Instant Vortex, among other air fryers/oven models. The total stacks are three, each of them measuring 8 x 7.87 x 3.66 inches if you have an air fryers model with a 5.5-quart capacity that is compatible, more so the square ones. 

The three stacks are removable and help create plenty of room for cooking and dehydrating fruits, snacks, meat, and veggies. You can even cook and warm simultaneously.

This Maesa brand comprises 304 food-grade safe materials and is one of the safest stainless-steel racks in the market. It will never rust, stain, or release harmful substances into your food.

Additionally, the air fryer rack is dishwasher safe. Stuck food residues only require a warm water soak, and it will peel off quickly.   

You will love Maesa’s versatility and superb ergonomics. Besides the stackable racks that you can simultaneously bake your cake, air fry, and at the same time dehydrate your fruits, meats, herbs, and vegetables, this collection is easy to use

Maesa Dehydrator rack design will exceptionally save you on the air fryer, countertop, and storage spaces. The stacks also facilitate and improve air circulation so that your food does not steam but comes out crispy and full of flavor. 

8. Bright Kitchen 5 Dehydrating Sheets 

Finally, we have Bright Kitchen Dehydrating Sheets compatible with Ninja dehydrator. This dehydrator rack for instant pot comes as a pack of five Silicone non-stick mats that match the Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker/Food Dehydrator.

With these dehydrator mats, you are not limited to what you can dehydrate; seeds, fruits, meat, veggies, herbs, jerky, nuts, name them. That means you can stock up expensive goods in your store and save yourself from a last-minute rush.

Whether you are stocking for winter or you are going for an extended vacation, picnics, or to the village where such delicacies are rare, this set will come in handy to dehydrate all your foodstuffs.

The material is top-quality, food-grade silicon. The sheets are not plastic, nor do they contain Teflon. Their non-stick effect releases food smoothly after dehydration, making it easy to clean.

Bright Kitchen mats are also heat resistant (up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit). They do not warp or melt in a standard oven and are great for baking and cooking. In addition, the set is dishwasher safe.

This model fits all five levels of the Ninja Dehydrator rack and is 8″ circle diameter. Use the mats to line baking pans, cookie sheets, and pie pans. 


1. Can You Use Dehydrator Racks For Air Frying?

As the name suggests, dehydrator racks are mainly for food dehydrators, but yes, you can use a dehydrator rack for air frying.  You can stack dehydrator racks in your air fryer as long as the dimensions match your appliance.

The accessories inside the fryer allow you to cook various food with an adequate heat supply. Hot airwaves circulate efficiently on all the food, which ensures proper cooking. 

The only inconvenience you will encounter with dehydrator racks for air frying is insufficient cooking due to stacking. Blockage of hot airwaves may happen, leaving some parts of your food uncooked.

Luckily, you can overcome this shortfall by interchanging the rack positions at regular intervals so that your food cooks properly.

2. Can I Use Dehydrator Rack To Air Fry?

Yes, you can use a dehydrator rack to air fry. The rack is designed for food dehydrators and use in air frying. Besides letting you stack several foods and cook at a go, the rack allows sufficient airflow inside the drum or basket.

A dehydrator rack also has a mesh pattern that facilitates airflow. Its stand lets air pass beneath and all over your food, and the results are crispier and more delicious food. 

3. Can You Put Dehydrator Trays In The Oven?

Dehydrator trays are excellent accessories for use in your oven. You can use them to place your baking pans, cookie sheets, and pie pans.

Like in the air fryer, the racks will allow hot air to flow sufficiently on your food, thus a smooth cooking process.

With a dehydrator tray set, you can stack several foods and cook simultaneously without waiting for a single batch.

4. How To Use Dehydrator Rack In Air Fryer?

Most air fryers arrive without dehydrator trays. The appliance only comes with a basket or drum for stacking your ingredients.

But a rack adds value to your air fryer. It allows sufficient airflow under, above, and on the edges of your ingredients, thus giving you well done, crispy and flavorful dish. With dehydrator trays for air fryer, you can also cook several foods at a go.

If your air fryer doesn’t come with a rack, also known as a dehydrator tray, consider the ones We mentioned above.

Once you have ordered, here is how to use dehydrator trays for air fryer;

Step One: Cleaning The Rack

Any new utensil you bring home is usually dusty and not clean due to the manufacturing and handling processes. Your air fryer racks are dirty and require grooming. Luckily, they are uncomplicated to clean accessories.

A rack requires only water and mild soap. You will clean and wipe them dry to stack your ingredients ready for air frying. If you are lucky to have a dishwasher machine, put it in your racks. The dehydrator racks we listed above are dishwasher safe, so click the link and make your desired order.

Step Two: Set The Racks With The Stands Facing Downwards.

Step Three: Utilize The Racks

Arrange and stack the racks depending on your ingredients. For example, if you are dehydrating meat, apples, and vegetables, you may have to arrange the meat at the bottom, veggies in the middle, and apples on top. The reason is apparent; you do not want the meat juice to drip on your apples!


The Sum Up

Whether you are looking for a dehydrator rack for Gourmia air fryer, Ninja, or Instant pot, you now know what to pick. We have given you the eight best dehydrator racks for air fryer and oven. You also have the directions for using the rack in your air fryer/oven.

Once you get these accessories, you will soon notice how much the rack organizes your air fryer and oven. Pick a rack and safe air fryer, countertop, and cabinet space!

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