Can You Slow Cook In An Air Fryer – Debunking the Myths About Slow Cooking

Newer models of kitchen equipment ran across the globe, putting the cooking industry at ease. Most of them are novel ideas and often garnered as multi-use kitchen appliances, making them branded as the new generation of basic kitchen tools.

Some of us always thought that having the simplest kitchen tool might be enough, but in today’s kitchen, it is a must-have to get these kinds of devices in your kitchen.

Two well-known devices are the slow cookers and the air fryers. These devices are different in so many ways and are one of the most kitchen tools that are in demand in the market. Using these tools is to make cooking easier and make everything in just one go.

That’s why they are mostly used in restaurants and food bars. But have you thought of getting only one of these devices for your slow cooking journey? If yes, this guide will help you know if you can slow cook in an air fryer.

Can you slow cook in an air fryer?

If we talk about the flexibility of certain devices, some newer models can slow cook. However, older models of air fryers cannot slow cook, and older models of slow cookers can’t air fry.

So the answer is it depends on the model of the air fryer and the slow cooker because some models function as a 2-in-1 device that can be used as an air fryer and can slow cook.

For example, we have the Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Slow Cooker with Air Fryer Setting. This new model can function as both an air fryer and slow cooker. Other slow cooker models can function as eight devices.

See how awesome these devices can be. It also means that you can have all kitchen equipment in just one device. That would save some space on your kitchen countertop.

Can you use your air fryer as a slow cooker?

Yes! As previously said, certain kitchen device models act as both air fryers and slow cookers. Examples are the lightweight slow cookers which are the Ninja FD401 Foodi 12-in-1 Deluxe and Instant Pot Duo Crips XL.

Because of modern technology today, everything has been made simpler, and most manufacturers create devices that act as a multi-device to be sold on the market.

What is the difference between an air fryer and a slow cooker?

Air fryers and slow cookers are much different from each other. It is totally different if we distinguish its capabilities from the size, shape, and even the functions. That’s if we describe both of these devices as normal and standalone products.

In terms of cooking method, air fryers usually cook quicker than a slow cooker because these devices contain a heating element that is being distributed faster by using a fan. This fan rapidly distributes the heated air evenly all around and makes the cooking process much quicker.

Otherwise, slow cookers cook food at a slow rate with a longer duration since it only allows a certain temperature range held constant to make the cooking process consistent, establishing heat evenly to cook food perfectly. This way, it can thoroughly heat the ingredient components from the inside.

Another difference between both devices is their function in cooking food recipes; slow cookers tend to slow cook and make flavorful and tender dishes, while an air fryer tends to make food crispier without using oil.

What’s better, a slow cooker or an air fryer?

If we talk about convenience, both slow cooker and air fryer are the best in their own ways. Well, it depends on how you will utilize the equipment. Both can cook a healthy meal for you if you are a busy person and want to prepare food in advance.

A slow cooker will certainly help you with that, but if you are an on-the-go person, an air fryer surely works for you since it can cook food much quicker and can save your cooking time.

In terms of being energy efficient, air fryers use at most 0.7 kWh when cooking for only 30 minutes, but when using any lightweight slow cookers, it can only consume 1.4 kWh in 8 hours.

In this case, the slow cooker wins top-notch since it is much more energy-efficient than an air fryer. Therefore you can save more money by having lesser bills. That’s if you want to sacrifice speed for energy.

Concerning versatility, both slow cooker and air fryer consist of the same features, but they should be newer models in a few aspects. For example, the PowerXL Air Fryer Grill 8-in-1 can be utilized as eight devices for everyday cooking.

According to the price, air fryers are more expensive than slow cookers since they can reach more than $100 for a single-purpose air fryer, and slow cookers with multi-setting features can gobble up for less than $100 bucks.

Can you cook almost anything in an air fryer?

This is how air fryers can be a real game-changer because they can cook almost anything. How much more you purchase the newer models with advanced features and multiple functions that can provide several ways to cook any food recipe. It can cook meat, and air fryer ribs, create the best desserts, make delicious soups, and even roast turkeys and beef.

The best achievement of slow cooking in an air fryer is to get delicious food not using a lot of oil. Anyway, an air fryer can cook any recipe from your recipe book, and you can trust it by following certain aspects of food safety.

What are the best foods to cook in an air fryer?

Air fryers can cook numerous types of food recipes, including briskets, soups, roasts, meat dishes, fries and desserts, sandwiches, beans, and pots. Just think of an air fryer as your portable convection oven and can also double as a slow cooker.

With that, it can undoubtedly cook food the same as both devices and even cook more. Just get your cookbook and other recipes. And try to experiment using the air fryer but remember to follow particular instructions from the air fryer manual.

Final Words

Well, that’s it; that’s how air fryers and slow cookers make the best kitchen devices on the market. Remember that these devices function differently from each other. And it’s up to your preference on how to use them.

An air fryer certainly functions to cook faster than a slow cooker and can prepare healthy meals in the absence of using oil. In terms of versatility, air fryers are in the upper hand since they can maximize their function to cook several cooking methods.

However, having a slow cooker will entitle you to have the simplicity to use and can even make the best meals while you are away. All you have to do is set and forget, and the slow cooker will do the rest.

Thus, if you are looking for a multi-usage kitchen device, grab the newest air fryer model that can slow cook and do other cooking methods. Having one will surely get your kitchen going by providing the best kind of food on the table.