NuWave Air Fryer Basket Stuck (How to Fix Problem)

NuWave is an established American brand famous for its innovation in home appliances consumer products. Its air fryer model is a cutting-edge design that seeks to push aside the traditional oil fryer. 

The oven-like air fryer model has a rack and an air frying basket where you arrange your food and select bake, broil, roast, grill, air fry, and many more.

And its cooking technology involves hot air circulating over the food and working on it until it gives you a crispy, juicy outcome at the end of the session.

This brand of air fryers comes in many models, including Brio, Bravo, and many more. The sizes differ, but you will find that the mechanism is the same despite the size and upgrades in cooking programs. 

An example is the air fry basket. This component is similar to all the NuWave models, which tells you that our solution to your air fryer basket problems cuts across the model right on your countertop. 

So, is your NuWave Air fryer basket stuck? Keep reading this comprehensive guide for easy solutions.

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How To Fix NuWave Air fryer basket stuck Problem

Firstly, NuWave air fryer baskets will rarely misbehave unless it is a case of a pressed-in release button, a damaged handle, or a tilted basket. The cook sharks will last in your kitchen for many years with only a few troubleshooting issues that are easy to handle as DIYs.

Whatever the case, you need the quickest solution as your NuWave air fryer is stuck, and you can’t pour your food.


Stuck Demounting Button

A stuck demounting button eases your basket from the inner tray. You have to press it ahead for the basket to pop out. If the mechanism is not working right, the button may stay pop out or stay in and affect your basket’s position. 


To remove your basket from the base tray, you have to press forward the demounting control knob on the handle’s side. Lift the basket from the base tray so that you can pour the food.  

If it is not released, your first move will be to inspect the demounting control parts for breakages. But it doesn’t have to be breakages always.

The feature could also be stuck due to staying in inactive usage, accumulated grime, or a damaged mechanism.

Try to press the control back and forth repeatedly to see if it works. A stuck-out button will be stubborn at first but will loosen up and begin working soon after several releases.  

Caution: You have to be extra cautious not to press the demounting button when you pull out the basket from the cooking chamber. Only press the shove button if you want the basket out of the base tray.


Damaged Demounting Controls

The Problem with your air fryer’s basket clinging to the tray could be dismantled by demounting controls when the handle gets damaged due to poor handling, impact, or a fall.

The handle holds the button, which is in charge of loosening the basket for you to lift it. If the handle parts are loose or broken, your demounting button is also likely to be broken as the components work in a combo.


Remove the demounting control’s cover to inspect its mechanism. If parts are not in good condition, work out a replacement plan to be able to use your NuWave air fryer basket effectively.

Note that a broken demounting button is more difficult to repair. The parts may not have a replacement, or it may cost you more to purchase one. You also require an expert to fix the parts. 

Getting a new handle will be a more workable solution than trying to fix a demounting button. Talk to your NuWave air fryer stores or manufacturer, explain the problem, and they will be happier to serve you and make your air fryer ready to use.

You can send by email a photo of the damaged demounting controls for more explicit guidelines on fixing the issue.

Tipped Basket

A tipped basket happens when you place it in the tray leaning position. The basket leans on one side and so when you are done cooking, you cannot remove it easily from the tray. 

Your basket’s right position should lie on the tray’s support hooks and balance such that it is flat on all ends. If a tipped basket happens, you will probably not be able to slide your basket into your air fryer. The unit’s design will alert you that you need to balance your basket in the tray.

Whereas that is not always the case, your basket may slide in but give you trouble later after food is done. You have to find a way to remove it from your NuWave air fryer tray. 


Hold the handle and open the safety cover. With the help of your thumb, press the already visible demounting control as you lift the already loose basket.  

New To The Appliance?

Everyone has always been dismayed by the simplest appliance because they didn’t know how to use this basket style air fryer. You probably don’t know where to touch it, and that’s why you assume that your NuWave air fryer basket stuck, came with flaws, or is simply inefficient. 


Go back to your user manual or get online for a PDF manual. You will get all the instructions on removing your NuWave basket from the air fryer or the base tray. If you can’t access your user manual or an online PDF, remove your basket from its base tray by holding the handle.

Push in the mounting knob and lift the basket out. Read below to learn how to remove your basket from the NuWave air fryer.

How To Remove Basket From NuWave Air Fryer

I will demonstrate to you in the simplest terms how to remove your basket from the NuWave air fryer;

Hold the handle with your easy-to-use hand and press down the knob on the topmost part of the handle.

Watch out not to press the demounting button. Pressing the button means that you want the basket out of the pan and can lead to spills and serious burns.

The Wrap-up

Your NuWave air fryer basket stuck because of mechanical and not technical causes. It could also not be stuck, but you have not hacked the right way to detach the basket from the base tray. So, with the right procedures, you can easily solve the problem without calling in the experts. 

The mechanical causes for your stuck NuWave air fryer basket include stuck or broken demounting controls. It could also be an inappropriately placed basket in the tray.

The first step would be to inspect the issues and resolve them. Always replace the handle if you discover broken parts. That’s a safety procedure for all-electric home appliances.

Be sure to read through your NuWave air fryer user manual for complete instructions on troubleshooting your device. Happy chance!

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