Power XL Air Fryer Smoking? Fix In 3 minutes

When I saw smoke smoldering from my new power XL air fryer, I was too scared to move closer. Then it crossed my mind that the first thing was to switch off the central junction box.

At the same time, that’s the right way to handle the issue. Going all the way to the junction box, wastes more time (Outside the house near the garage). I should have reached out to the socket, switched it off, and pulled the plug off the power source. 

I have added this portion to help you solve this problem without panicking. In my account, I didn’t even observe the color of the smoke. Wrong! The only way to solve the smoking problem is to watch the smoke, which will spell the trouble for you. These are usually three; black, white, and blue.

1. Black smoke from Power XL air fryer

Like in many cookers, the black smell indicates that food is burning. Usually, a burning smell will accompany this smoke. Switch off the socket and pull off the plug. Open the door to the cooking compartment by pulling the basket handle.

Food is burning because you add in a lot of fat. Air fryers do not require extra fat or oil. Spray your food faintly to cook effectively. If it is not adding in a lot of fat, you put in fatty foods like mutton and pork. Scale down the fatty portions and cook only the red ones to avoid the burning and black smoke.

2. White smoke from Power XL air fryer

Too much water or white bread at the base of the basket is causing white smoke. Your Power XL air fryer does not require water to cook. You may also have stuck in green leafy vegetables. When they steamed up, they filled the basket with a lot of water.

In addition, if your food is too greasy, white smoke will shoot out of the air fryer. Solve the issue by pouring about two tablespoons of water into the basket’s bottom, and your food will continue cooking peacefully.

3. Blue smoke from Power XL air fryer

Blue smoke means some components are melting down. If you are new to your Power XL air fryer, the tray you used below the basket maybe plastic. Hot air will not leave any plastic intact. Check quickly and remove any plastic components inside. If the smoke continues, call your service center or Power XL manufacturer.

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