6 Reasons Power XL Air Fryer Won’t Turn On: power xl air fryer stopped working (Quick fix)

Is your power XL air fryer not turning on? Are you experiencing issues with the safety switch, reset button, fan not working, and an abrupt stopping?

These problems are familiar with many air fryer brands, including Power XL. You, therefore, don’t have to ship back or replace your air fryer as there are a few tips you can try out to fix the gadget.

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Power XL Air fryer won’t turn on; what is the reason?

You are all prepared with your ingredients, but your Power XL air fryer is not turning. Here’s what is happening and how to resolve the issue;

1. Power Loss

Your area or your house may be experiencing power loss. None of your electric gadgets, including your Power XL air fryer, will work with a power problem.

But how do you know that it is power loss? Simple! Power disconnection is possible if all your electric gadgets, sockets, and lights are not working.

You have no control over the electric power company. Other than waiting until they correct the error and reconnect you, you can notify them using their hotlines.

2. Try Rebooting

It is a simple process that works like magic. Turning off and on and unplugging and re-plugging can bring back life to technological devices. The reset trick works well if you hold on for up to 10 minutes. And even with your other seemingly complex devices, you will see them start working again.

3. Broken socket

A malfunctioning socket will not allow electric power into your air fryer. Your gadget fails to turn on, and you can’t move beyond that point. The easiest way to determine a broken socket is by connecting your machine to a different socket. If your Power XL air fryer turns on, you need to replace the socket near your countertop. 

4. Broken Fuse

Your Power XL comes with a plug that you use to connect to the socket. The plug has a small control device known as a fuse that senses high voltage. It then regulates the amount of power that should operate your device. That way, your air fryer or any other machine cannot break down due to a power surge.

But fuses break down. Once that happens, your Power XL air fryer will not turn on. You cannot fix a fuse unless it is loose-fitting. Just buy and replace it with a brand new one. 

5. Wrong Basket Position

When this accessory is in the wrong position, your Power XL air fryer won’t turn on. The reason is, this is a safety mechanism for your air fryer. It is on the Power XL brand and other air fryers in the market. You have to close the compartment appropriately for the air fryer to turn on.

6. Broken Appliance

Multiple defective parts on your Power XL air fryer signify that your appliance is breaking down. You have shipped your appliance to the company severally and even replaced broken parts for the umpteenth time. Your air fryer works only for a few days, and you are back to calling the customer service desk.

You have limited choices other than shipping or bringing in an expert to replace the parts. Nothing else is remaining apart from claiming and enjoying your warranty if it is valid.

Lastly, determine the age of your Power XL air fryer. If it has air fried in your kitchen for several years, it’s probably time you called it off and brought a new one home.

Power XL Air Fryer Stopped Working

You are in the middle of air frying, baking, roasting, or broiling, and then the most unfortunate hitch happens; your Power XL gadget goes off!

It’s pretty frustrating! Transferring your fries to a deep fryer is the quickest fix. But you will choke your arteries with several milliliters of oil. Worse still, your guests are curiously waiting for the sumptuous roasts!

Before you overthink, we have a few tips to get your device on again. But before that;

Why did your Power XL air fryer stop working?

  1. Power loss: you probably have a power loss in your area. 
  2. Blown fuse: the little guy in your Powe XL plug may have blown mid-process.
  3. Tripped socket: electric sockets trip and cut power connection to your gadget. The result is stopping mid-cycle. 
  4. You didn’t close in the basket properly.
  5. Twisted, bent or squashed cables disrupt the electric current flow.


  • Wait for power to be back or use a backup source.
  • Replace the fuse on the plug to power up your Power XL air fryer.
  • Use an alternative socket as you wait to replace the malfunctioning one.
  • Check whether the basket and its accessories are in the correct position.
  • Damaged air fryer cables require replacement to function appropriately. You can straighten the twist and bends to see if the appliance works again.
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Power XL Air Fryer Fan Not Working

A malfunctioning fan interferes with air circulation in your appliance. When your appliance’s fan is faulty, food will not cook properly and may come out soggy. But what would cause the fan not to work?

  • Defective Switch

Defective switch button or interlocked button is a major cause for your air fryer fan not working. The problem involves a broken-down switch that stops most functions in an air fryer.

This function is usually on the drawer’s base and can interlock when returning your tray in place. When it interlocks, the fan fails to rotate. Air fryer technicians point out that the cause for interlocking is a faulty electrical connection. 

  • Loose Fan Power Base

Another possible cause of the Power XL air fryer not working is a loose fan power base. This one requires immediate action, which involves tightening to function.

  • Faulty Fan Components

Faulty fan components can also stall your fan. These require a constant check-up to prevent breakages. You can have a technician check for you and replace the parts to get your appliance up and running.

Here are a few tips you can follow to fix your Power XL broken fan;

  • Find out the cause: 

Proper diagnosis is critical in fixing your air fryer fan. It is a simple process that eliminates guesswork and prevents further damage. Open the air fryer’s drawer and investigate the problem. Remove it and slide it again after plugging and switching on the device. Try to see if the fan is working. 

Investigating the cause of your Power XL air fryer fan also includes a simple mechanical test. A technician can help you find your gadget’s electrical problems.

Remember that this is a complex process that can leave you electrocuted. Consult Power XL manufacturer for a detailed diagnosis and professional repairs.

  • Check out the inactive switch.

Turning your switch can get the fan up and rotated by adding extra effort. Our air fryer technicians recommend using a credit card or a butter knife.

The idea behind using these two tools is to trigger the jammed switch. Switch off the device and close the drawer in place. Slide your card under through the gap to bypass the interlock button. Your air fryer will work again.

Get a professional to work on it if you realize you can’t fix a faulty fan after trying different tricks. 

Power XL Air Fryer Reset Button

Your Power XL air fryer comes with a reset button like other air fryers. You will find the button on the device’s side for this range of air fryers. Its primary purpose is to prevent over frying, thus a safety feature.

If your food is overcooking, the reset button will turn off automatically until you restart your air fryer at a lower temperature. That way, your food will not overcook.

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Power XL Air Fryer Safety Switch

Your air fryer’s safety switch activates when you push back the tray in its position. In your power XL air fryer, you will find the button is beneath the tray area.

The purpose of the tray is to control the heating element. Every time you remove the frying basket, its switch shuts off your air fryer. A functional safety switch ensures trouble-free cooking. 

Why Isn’t My Power XL Air Fryer Working?

Your Power XL air fryer not working requires immediate attention. The problem does not go away if you don’t check and fix it as soon as it happens.

While this problem requires a simple fix, there are incidences where you have to call the manufacturer for guidance. Have a look at the reasons that could be causing the malfunction;

  • Power loss: 

Check if your area or house has power. Inspect the sockets and the fuse to rule that its power connection is causing your appliance to stall. A tripped socket and a blown a fuse cannot allow power into your gadget.

  • Faulty cables:

 It’s easy to notice twisted or worn-out cables. Straighten the twisted cable and replace the worn-out power cord. Never use your air fryer if you see wires popping out of the line. Electrocution kills! 

  • Overloaded air fryer basket:

The appliance will sense and power off if your basket is overflowing with ingredients. Do not force a full turkey in your Power XL and expect the air fryer to work. You can try portioning and putting in the recommended quantity for your air fryer to work again.

  • Obsolete appliance

All technological gadgets and appliances have become obsolete. They stall, and no repair can wake them up and work. If your Power XL air fryer has been around your kitchen for years, the system may have become obsolete. Plan to get another gadget to continue enjoying air-fried delicacies.

Why Does My Power XL Air Fryer Keep Turning Off?

Your air fryer turning on and off is not something you can ignore. It disrupts the cooking pattern, wastes your time and results. Treat this occurrence as a mechanical issue.

Before you consider calling a technician, check whether the power is going on and off in your house. When it goes off and on, your appliance will behave the same way.

Switch your air off and wait for the power supply to resume in your house. Powering on and off many times can damage your air fryer beyond repair.

Another reason that makes your Power XL air fryer keep turning off is faulty components. Faulty controls, a faulty drawer door, cables, and the heating element can cause this annoying episode.

If you notice the Power XL air fryer turning on and off, the first step is to inspect if the components are sound. Suppose you are not experiencing a power cut out and surges in your area.

Lastly, the best solution is to repair your appliance and replace it when every tip above doesn’t work. Never operate a faulty air fryer. It is not only dangerous, but it will also not give you the best results. Your food will be undercooked, overcooked, or soggy, hence wasting ingredients, time, and money.

How Do You Turn On A Power XL Air Fryer?

Are you worried about how to turn on your new Power XL air fryer? It is not complicated at all. The power button is right on your air fryer’s display, but you have to ensure that the drip tray is in its position before you start.

The first step will connect your air frier to a power socket. Arrange your ingredients on the basket, place it on the tray, and push in the drawer in position.

When you push the tray in position, your Power XL control panel will light up. Press on your unit’s power button to set it to default temperature and time (370 degrees Fahrenheit and 15 minutes cooking time). Press the button again to start your cooking process.

You can choose the cooking presets (up to 10) for pizza, French fries, fish, chicken, reheat, roast, and others. Other buttons you can utilize while using your Power XL air fryer include temperature control, time control, and dehydration.

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Final Thought

Power XL is a familiar brand that gives you many cooking options with less oil. The cooking time is minimal, but the end is crispier and more flavorful. But that is not a guarantee. The appliance can disappoint you, especially if you do not know the troubleshooting tips. Your power XL air fryer won’t turn on. What will you do?

With this simple guide, you can carry out a few tricks before you resolve to call an expensive tech. But when things do not work out, and you can’t seem to grasp the problem of why your Power XL air fryer won’t turn on, call your tech person to handle the appliance before more damage occurs.

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