Power XL Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Are you having trouble with your Power XL air fryer screen not working? Is the touchpad unresponsive? You should not worry much, as this is common in most air fryers with touch screens.

Some Power XL air fryers come with susceptible pads to touch and malfunction when you least expect them. Unlike the knob design, screens are pretty fast to operate but will freeze or spoil more quickly.

Many touch screens have excellent, intelligent features known as the Alexa technology connecting them to your smartphone. With the app, you can communicate whatever function you want your air fryer to execute.

Many questions cross your mind when the touchpad misbehaves, especially if the gadget is new. Could it be a breakdown? Is the problem fixable, or do you have a dummy apparatus that you wasted your dollars on purchase?

There are many more challenges that come with air fryers. We have compiled this guide; to help you overcome the troubleshooting problems and get your equipment running without replacing many parts or buying a new unit.

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Power XL Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working: What Are The Causes And Fixes?

Like the name, the Power XL air fryer is a sturdy brand that serves you smoothly. But a few hitches here and there are usually. One of those is the screen not working or responding at all. Here are the causes and fixes;

1. No power

Power failure means that your gadget will not respond to any touch. There are several causes of power failure, including;

  • Faulty socket
  • Damaged fuse
  • Broken wires
  • Area power loss, etc.

Any of the above features will cut power flow into your device. No blinking, powering up, or responsive touch screen will happen until you have power getting into your apparatus. First, check whether there is power flow into your house, then test the socket. Next should be inspecting the fuse for damages and the cord for broken wires.

The touch screen should respond when everything is in place and you power up your Power XL air fryer. Otherwise, it is a more detailed issue with a defective membrane switch.

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2. Defective Membrane switch

The membrane switch is the center of operation for your Power XL air fryer’s touch screech. Its composition includes a conductive medium called Mylar Plastic and many tiny wires that intertwine and allow communication between the screen and the controls when you touch your screen.

The touch wires form a complete circuit that relays information to the program to execute a command like Roast, Bake, etc. These wires can wear out and block the relay of information and create an unresponsive touch screen.

Both diagnosis and repair/replacement require a technical expert. His recommendations should help resolve the issue effectively. Unless the damage is intensive, you do not need to buy a new Power XL because of a defective membrane switch.

3. Non-functional Control Board

The control board is the center of your air fryer’s operations, thus the mother plate. All programs get information from the control or mother plate. Any defect means that the entire unit will not execute commands, including the touch screen. And that is why it is not working or remains irresponsive.

Getting the correct control board diagnostics means that all the other functions work as expected. Another critical point to note is that the mother plate is responsible for generating a low voltage electric circuit for the membrane switch.

The switch cannot work with the air fryer’s high voltage. And so the mother plate had to regulate the voltage to a safe level. The membrane switch stops whenever this doesn’t happen and affects the touch screen. Get a qualified electronic expert or take your appliance to a repair center where they will check the control board and fish out the problem. 

4. Dead touch screen

Yes, your device’s touch screen can die! If you are a regular user of touch screen phones, you may have several dead screens in your drawer. The screens are no longer responsive. That’s similar to your Power XL air fryer’s touchpad. Its screen is no longer sensitive to touch.

When the screen wears out, the only solution is to replace it or operate the appliance manually. Like your smartphone’s screen, your Power XL air fryer screen replacement requires an expert to peel it off and put a new one.

5. Obsolete or Broken appliance

Is your Power XL air fryer fully functional? How long has the air fryer served you? More than five years? Obsolescence, among other diagnostics, can make your screen touch stop working.

Suppose you have had your Power XL on your kitchen counter for more than a couple of years; it’s time to upgrade to the newest gadget. Look out for the latest Power XL Air Fryer Pro model that boasts 1700W of Turbo-Cyclonic Power. You will have said goodbye to many touch screen hitches.

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