20 common Chefman Air Fryer problems (Troubleshooting)

Chefman air fryer works perfectly to deliver the crispiest food on your table. The brand is easy to operate, to clean, and comes with an easy maintenance finish. Depending on your preferences, you will find several designs and capacities, but the air fryer will match perfectly with other appliances in your kitchen.

Unlike a regular oven, whipping a meal with this machine is superfast. But you are bound to encounter some shortcomings. These are not uncommon. The Chefman air fryer troubleshooting tips helps resolve minor issues. So, what hitches are you likely to encounter with this air fryer? Our guide elaborates the concerns and helps put things right for you.

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How to Reset My Chefman Air Fryer?

This issue may not necessarily be your first challenge with your new Chefman air fryer, but you must equip yourself with the tricks.

A reset is crucial for your air fryer when it develops minor technical clutches. An example is when the display or the buttons are irresponsive. A simple reset may get your air fryer working in minutes. So, what are the processes to resetting a Chefman air fryer? It is a two-step process!

  • When your air fryer is on, get hold of the plug head and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Wait for a few minutes, about 10, and reconnect your appliance.
  • That will clear all the technical glitches and set your air fryer to factory default.

 Does The Chefman Air Fryer Have a Fuse?

You suspect your air fryer is not heating up, so you are looking for the fuse. Your guess is correct. Your Chefman has a fuse, and like many air fryers, the fuses are two and are on different parts of the unit.

One fuse is on the plug head, and the other is in its guts. The fuse on the plug head is easy to access as you need a Phillips star screwdriver. The tool opens the head so you can locate your fuse’s position. It will be a tiny device slightly less than two inches long.

The fuse moderates the power that goes into your device and is available in all plug heads regardless of the appliance.

The second fuse is also known as a thermostat fuse. Locating the unit may be a challenge if you are not adequately prepared. The procedure involves dismantling your team, plus you need electronics experience to identify the thermostat fuse. Watching a video will help you to locate your Chefman air fryer thermostat fuse.

I’m assuming your appliance failed, which is why you want to access the thermostat fuse or the fusible link. Your thermostat failed because of the extreme heat beyond its rating or an excess current beyond the thermostat’s rating.

While you may want to DIY, remember to replace a thermal fuse with one of the same ratings and not a higher one. That ensures you don’t risk motor overheating and potential fires.

How to locate your air fryer’s thermostat fuse


  1. Unplug your device from its power source.
  2. Remove the nuts that lock your air fryer top case in place. Pull it up to expose all the controls, including the control board, the element, and the thermostat fuse.
  3. Your interest is in the thermostat fuse. The unit has terminals on opposite sides. Unscrew the nuts that hold the fuse on the air fryer.
  4. Use a multimeter to test the unit’s continuity. No continuity? Then your fuse is already burnt. Without the gadget, it will be all guesswork to pick up a faulty thermostat fuse, especially if it is not colored. But look out for brown/black terminals and powder, an indicator for a damaged fuse.
  5. If there is no beep on the multimeter or the unit is colored, you need a replacement, so go ahead and remove the damaged unit.
  6. Note that fuses are available in many stores around you. Make an order and remember to specify the rating (volts, Celsius degrees, and the amps). Once you get your new order, remove the old fuse and replace it. 
  7. Reinstall the unit’s top case in its original position and close your air fryer casing back to its original place. If the repair is successful, your air fryer will wake up, heat up, and work.  

How To Turn on Chefman Air Fryer

Plugging in your air fryer powers it but does not turn it on. First, you will get your user manual and read all the user instructions to ensure you do things correctly. If the prompts are confusing, follow this short guide to get the appliance into cooking mode. Here are the steps;

Step One: 

On your control panel, identify the crucial buttons that make your cooking smooth. These include;

  • Temperature/Time Display: The button alternates between the two functions. If you dial left, you reduce time and lower the temperature and vice versa. The time is 1 hour while the temperature rangers from 200°F to 400°F.
  • Start/Stop Button: The knob at the center of the dial ­and starts or ends your cooking process. Some users mistakenly press this Button when turning on the air fryer. You have to use it once you have set up other features.
  • Food Preset icons: These pictures on your display suggest the temperature and time for your foods, including Fish, Fries, Chicken, Meat, and Air Fryer.  

Step Two

Prepare the ingredients that you plan to air dry.

Step Three

Plug in your air fryer and watch as the control panel illuminates. The display will show the default temperature and time alternately. 

Step Four

Grab the drawer’s handle and pull it out gently. Get out the basket and fix the rack. Arrange your ingredients on the frame, ensuring you observe the maximum and minimum level marks. 

Step Five

Align the arrows on the inside of the basket. Let them match those on the drawer to ensure the basket is in its correct position.

Step Six

Setting the time and temperature to match your recipe is crucial. You can use the preset cooking parameters by pressing the icon representing your food. The presets are preprogrammed, easy to use, and cook your food perfectly.  

Step Seven

Pin the Start button for the fan to begin working. On display, you will see dashes to indicate that your Chefman air fryer is heating.  

Chefman Air Fryer Buttons Not Working

Sticky, hard to press, and irresponsive buttons on your Chefman air fryer can be worrying. The hitch will not let you proceed w ith your cooking plans.

Unless your air fryer has reached its end of life, there is not much to worry about the buttons working. What to inspect for when your air fryer buttons are not working? Have a look!

  • Dirty Control Panel

When the buttons become sticky and greasy, they slide and are difficult to press. Spatters from your food and grease from frequent touch leave your appliance dirty. Some lint and grime settle at the base of the Button, making it sticky.

Cleaning and maintenance of your air fryer are crucial. Clean your cooking appliance after air frying before storage. The cleaning procedure for the control panel involves wiping with a semi-dry cloth.

Use a toothpick or skewer to remove lint and grime around the buttons. Never attempt to wash your appliance in water, as that will damage the internal controls and electric wiring. 

  • Disconnected Air Fryer

Is the power source working? How about the plug and the cord. Inspect the parts that ensure your device is connected to power so that you do not begin taking your device apart unnecessarily.

Be sure there is power in your house, and the fuses are working. You can spare the thermostat fuse and inspect it when checking the control panel in your air fryer guts.

  • Technical Glitch

When your appliance is experiencing a technical error, the buttons will be the first to be affected. They freeze and won’t respond to any touch. Don’t panic! Reset your appliance and move on. Don’t know how to conduct a reset? It is a two-step procedure that we handled at the beginning of this guide;  

  • When your air fryer is powered, get hold of the plug head and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Wait for a few minutes, about 10, and reconnect your appliance.

That will clear all the technical glitches and set your air fryer to factory default.

  • Damaged Controls

Your air fryer button controls are in the motherboard. Each Button has a wire that connects to the board. You have to open your air fryer and try to trace the buttons that are not functioning perfectly. Follow the prompts that we outlined for accessing your Chefman air fryer guts.

You can quickly locate the control board and the button source. Check whether the wires are cut or twisted and rectify. Multiple buttons failure may mean a dead control panel. Resolve the issue by ordering a new motherboard so that you can revive your unit without spending a fortune on a new air fryer.

  • Unbalanced Basket

Users often assume that the air fryer is not working because of damaged controls. While that could be obvious, sometimes the air fry basket doesn’t balance properly in the compartment. It could be overfilled, and so there are obstructions.

But what has this to do with the buttons? The microswitch is unaware that the cooking compartment is ready for air frying. It is a chain of communication that involves the detectors sensing and relaying the information to the controls.

When you balance your air fry basket and there are no other issues with your oven, the buttons will begin functioning immediately.

  • Worn out Knobs

What is the condition of your buttons? Is the panel worn out? Are the icons rubbed off? If so, you need a replacement to use the buttons effectively. 

  • Dead Air Fryer

If your Chefman air fryer has been hanging around for many years, it could be that its life is over. And that’s why the buttons are irresponsive. No repair will work out on a dead air fryer. You can replace the thermostat, control panel, the display, but the programs are obsolete.

Get in touch with the Chefman air fryer support team to find out how best you can dispose of your appliance. A replacement will require budgeting and getting a glimpse of the latest air fryers in the market. Though costly, overall, it will be an exciting experience to get a new air fryer in your home.

Why Is Your Chefman Air Fryer Not Turning On?

It is excellent to prepare your ingredients, hoping to whip a great meal, but your Chefman air fryer fails you. The oven is not turning on! You have never experienced the hitch, so you don’t know what to do. 

Check these eight clues;

  1. No Power

No power means your house has no supply or the main switch is off. So, open the junction box and inspect the Button. Please put it on and check whether your appliance will power on.

Are the other machines in your home running? Check the bulbs, the refrigerator, washer, radio, etc. Contact your power provider, explain the issue, and they will resolve your power issues. 

2. Broken/Bent/Twisted Wires

The wire that links your Chefman air fryer with the power source could be faulty. Frequent use bends and twists the appliance’s plug head and the terminal.

A loose terminal will require tightening and twisted wires straightened. Ensure that you solve any irregularity on your electrical cord. A replacement is worth your time and cost as it saves your device from further damage.

3. Dead Plug Fuse

As we detailed earlier, your Chefman air fryer has two fuses. We will handle them separately, although their functions are similar. They balance the protect your air fryer from harmful power flow.

The plug fuse guards your device against a dangerous power flow to your appliance. It can overheat and blow up. The flow will break, and so your machine will not turn on.

Your appliance may switch off midway or towards the end of your air frying. Open the plug head and replace your dead plug fuse with a new one to allow for continuity.

4. Blown Thermal Fuse

The function of the thermal fuse is to guard other parts of your air fryer from the unsafe electric flow. Unlike the plug fuse, the thermal fuse is found in the guts of your air fryer. Your unit can blow due to excess current or extreme heat beyond the unit’s rating.

Thermostat fuses rarely flow off because another guard to the exterior (plug fuse) controls the entry of high-energy flow. The units are more costly than a plug fuse, a reason why some people will opt for a new appliance. But that’s not to say you cannot replace a damaged thermal fuse.

Order for a new unit while ensuring that you specify the voltage, degrees Celsius, and the amps. That will get your Chefman air fryer a new thermostat with the correct rating.

5. Basket Misalignment

This issue is operational and happens when you do not balance your basket in the drawer. It sits in a tilted position that obstructs the drawer from latching well. Remove the basket and balance it properly.

6. Unclosed Door

Half closed or fully opened door prevents air fryers from turning on. The mechanism is simple: your air fryer isn’t ready to begin cooking. However, it is perfectly safe to pull the door open while cooking. The air fryer will not cook while the door is wide open for your safety.

You can also imagine cooking while everything is blowing off from your cooking compartment. It is not only dangerous but will dirty your kitchen. The microswitch won’t allow you to cook with the unclosed door. Close it well, and you will watch your air fryer turn on immediately.

7. Incompatible Accessories

They could be incompatible if you just replaced your damaged Chefman air fryer accessories, including the basket or door. Mostly, it is the material composition that is wrong.

Though some air fryers show errors on display, your Chefman appliance could be responding by not turning on. Order your air fryers accessories from reliable stores, most preferably Chefman outlets.

8. Failing Appliance

After ensuring that the accessories are correct, the fuses are intact, the basket is aligned, and the door is closed, you will then check that their cord and power source is perfect. If all is well, it could be a significant technical hitch, but the appliance is not turning on.

First, reset the machine to eliminate bugs before proceeding to a detailed diagnosis. The Chefman appliances technical support team is accommodating regarding failing appliances. They have the right tools to solve your issues. Ring them!

Chefman Air Fryer Keeps Turning Off

If you thought Chefman air fryer not turning on is a hard nut to crack, then you haven’t experienced the turning on and off episodes. As a beginner, you bang your head as you have no skill to deal with the annoying issue. But not anymore with the below tips;

  • The Power Is Turning On And Off

When power is turning on and off in your home, you will hear that familiar beep with other appliances that are connected. Your air fryer will also turn on and off. That’s a dangerous pattern. It can blow off your device and smoke your house.

Pull your cord off the power source and wait until the current is consistent. If you were toasting some ribs, consider using your charcoal or firewood grill to enjoy your treats with no delays.

  • Loose Cables

Ill wiring on your machine can make it keep turning off. It could be on the plug head or in the air fryer internals. Check the cabling to make sure that there is continuity. 

  • Loose Components

After major repairs to your air fryer, your electrician may not have screwed every part in place. That’s a major cause for your air fryer turning off. Call them and have them open the guts and tighten the components.

  • Failing Controls

Technical faults can leave your air fryer behaving funny. Going off mid-cycle will give you poorly cooked food. You must dig out the problems and resolve them to cook without interruptions.

If your appliance is failing due to old age, consider other options like budgeting for a new air fryer. Contact your dealer if your air fryer is still new in your kitchen or within the warranty period. 

Chefman Air Fryer Error Codes

Air fryer error codes can become a nuisance if you do not know their meanings. There are four most common error codes that your Chefman air fryer can display. That is, E1, E2, E3, and a Dash;


This error will display when your appliance has a loose wire or short circuit. The air fryer will not go past this error unless you pick out and repair the cables causing the problem.

E1 can also happen when you use an incompatible or ill-fitting accessory in your air fryer. For example, a plastic basket will give you E1. Use Chefman air fryer accessories to prevent or resolve this error.


The error also displays when your appliance is experiencing a short circuit or loose wire connection in its guts. Another cause would be thermal sensor failure. 


If your Chefman air fryer displays this error, it is overheating. Did you pour cups of oil into your ingredients? Or did you overfill your air fry basket? Check out!

Overheating can cause a fire, so unplug the air fryer and wait for cooling for about 15 minutes. Avoid pouring oil on your food while air frying. Air fryers are not oil friendly. Keep the air vents unblocked to allow your air fryer’s breathing and cooling process.

The above errors are most common after a repair where you do not tighten some wires, causing a short circuit. You can attempt to repair your air fryer controls, but we always recommend a licensed electrician to handle your device. Pull off Chefman air fryer from the connections and call the experts.

Flashing Dash:

The dash may not appear as an error, but it scares beginners. Mostly, the dash comes when you turn ON your air fryer.

There is nothing to do about it; neither should you worry as your air fryer is experiencing a firmware update.  Your machine will take a while to go through the update process so that it can go back to operation. Wait for at least one minute and resume cooking.

Chefman Air Fryer Overheat

Air fryers mechanism involves circulation of hot air around your food. In turn, the hot air raises the cooking temperature to a high of 400 degrees F. That’s 200 degrees C. This intense heat can cause errors if you don’t check out and fix.  You may have done the following mistakes.

Blocking Airways

It is bound to overheat if you block your air fryer’s vent. It could be another appliance nearby or a kitchen towel hanging above your device. Inspect if you have placed your machine leaning on the wall. That can block its airways and cause overheating. Clear all the obstructions and ensure your Chefman air fryer is about 15 cm from the wall or other appliances.   

Adding Too Much Oil To The Food

Air fryers are not oil friendly. The moment you pour in more than the requirements, your air fryer will begin boiling, that is, if the oil finds its way into the base of your cooking compartment. For the recipes that require oil, brush or spray with a mister so that your food only gets little fat and not excess.

Overfilling The Air Fryer

An overflowing air fryer drops small pieces of food or juices on the air fryer’s heating element. Cooking everything at once will prevent your appliance from venting.

In addition, when you see black smoke, things have dropped on the heater and are burning and will cause overheating. Disconnect the power source and reduce the food from the basket to a manageable level. There are markings to show that.

Overworking Your Air Fryer

We all know that when you overwork your devices, they will overheat. That’s the same for your air fryer. Roasting pounds and pounds of drumstick all day messes up your air fryer. Consider other types of ovens for commercial output take breaks when air frying.

Dirty Air Fryer 

Cooking residues from the air fryer or other appliances can lodge on your air fryer. If they make way to the heating element, they cause overheating when you turn on your air fryer. Your air fryer hygiene is paramount. Ensure that you clean it properly and remove all the residues that may be lodging near the heating element. 

Chefman Air Fryer Not Rotating

Your worst nightmare would be an air fryer malfunctioning when you dearly need it. With your Chefman air fryer not rotating, you expect raw results. We are talking about the rotisserie as the basket stays intact in the cooking compartment until you open it to flip your food. 

So, if the rotisserie is not rotating, your chicken or ribs will not come out with the perfect doneness. When you notice the spits are not spinning, you have to establish and rectify the issue to get your air fryer back to work. Your air fryer’s problems, especially the rotisserie, are pretty simple to troubleshoot and resolve.

1. Switch On The Rotor

Have you checked the rotisserie rotor switch? It could be off and is easy to resolve. Switch the rotor on and get your appliance rotating.

2. Resolve An Electrical Fault

Power off, broken cable, and other electrical faults will make your air fryer not rotate or keep turning. Resolve the issues and reconnect your device.

3. Insert The Spits Properly

Your air fryer is not rotating because the spits are not fitting correctly into the rotor drive. Ensure that you fix them well before dismantling your air fryer to check for faults.

4. Reduce The Weight

Stashing loads of meat on your air fryer will not allow the rotor to revolve well. Your air fryer is not the ordinary rotisserie grill that you load 20 pounds of meat. Check your Chefman air fryer capacity and reduce to the recommended load.

5. Distribute The Load Evenly

Uneven distribution of your ingredients on the spit will cause the weight to lean on one side. That makes the rotor drag while trying to bear the weight on one side. Arrange your meats consistently to rectify the problem.

6. Old Gadget

An old gadget spells an old rotisserie unit. The rotor and other accessories could be failing. Consider other means of grilling before you plan for a new air fryer.

Chefman Air Fryer Not Heating

Your Chefman air fryer, not heating, is another troubleshooting issue you need to understand. It may be a simple operational fault or a complicated technical hitch requiring you to connect with your dealer or technician.

Although your device may be powered, if it is not a power problem, your food will not cook. So, what is the issue with the air fryer not heating up?

  • Thermostat Fuse Issue

The thermostat fuse is in your air fryer’s internal compartment. It neighbors the elements, control board, wires, resistor, transformer, and other internal controls. If you are familiar with air fryer internal controls, locate the fuse and test it for continuity with a meter.

The meter should beep and show some digits on its display if the thermostat fuse is intact. If not, you must order another one and replace it with the damaged one.

  • Low Or No Power Input

A damaged cord, faulty outlet, and broken plug may cause your Chefman air fryer not to heat up. A damaged line includes wires cut or twisted, breaking the circuit.

Replace such cables to get your appliance working. That’s similar to a faulty outlet. That consists of the socket and its switch. If the socket is old or keeps on tripping, change it to enable the flow of current from the power source to your air fryer.

For the plug, take your time to inspect the three pins and their fuse and replace a damaged fuse to allow power into your Chefman air fryer.

  • Broken Heating Element

Heating elements are breakable. Rubbing the unit can break it. Unfortunately, you may not notice until your air fryer stops heating. A broken heater doesn’t signify the end of life for your Chefman air fryer. Get an electrician to do the replacements for you. 

  • Open Drawer

An open door won’t let your Chefman air fryer start. And so the heater won’t turn on. Open and close it perfectly until you get a click from the drawer.

  • The Temperature Dial Is Off Or Faulty

If you didn’t select a preset for your recipe, you must dial the temperature knob. Dialing a low or no temperature leaves the heater without heating. But that’s not always the case. You may have dialed the heat knob, but it isn’t functioning in the background.

When you open your air fryer interiors, locate the dial and test if it is operating. Replacements are available, but in most scenarios, the entire control panel is failing. Consider a complete repair or repair of your Chefman air fryer control panel.

  • A Broken Piece Of Equipment

An old or broken piece of equipment has several functions failing. The heating element, knobs, thermostat fuse, transformer, wiring, and other components often fail. Think about dumping your long-serving Chefman air fryer and get a new replacement.

Chefman air fryer touch screen not working

Newer models of Chefman air fryer come with a touch screen instead of protruding knobs. All the controls respond like your tablet or smartphone when you touch the screen. Sometimes the screen may become irresponsive, so you will need the tips to troubleshoot it. 

Take a look;

  • Wipe Your Touch Screen

Your air fryer’s screen is greasy, so it doesn’t respond to any touch. Easy! Wipe it with a cloth. Remember, no water on your Chefman air fryer controls.

  • Wash Your Finger!

Not only your fingers but your hands! Keep them clean and off grease when operating your Chefman air fryer.

  • Remove Your Gloves

It’s freezing, but don’t expect your air fryer to respond to touch with your gloves! Remove them to operate your Chefman air fryer flawlessly.

  • Clear Technical Bugs

Not bedbugs but glitches that attack your gadgets when the firmware is updating. Reset to clear such bugs by unplugging and holding for a couple of minutes before reconnecting your Chefman air fryer.

  • Damaged Touch Screen

Screens do break due to impact, transportation errors, or manufacturer default. Rectify the issue by replacing it with a new touch screen. The manufacturer or dealer can do it for you. Ring them!

  • Faulty Controls

Under the touch screen lies the controls. Some components could malfunction and have to get the correct treatment from an experienced hand of expert. Better still, ring the manufacturer or your dealer if it is more complicated than you can handle.

  • End Of Life

Appliances die and stop functioning. After replacing my air fryer parts for the umpteenth time, it was time to call it to quit. The cash I spend repairing the oven could get me a new appliance, so think wisely.

Chefman Air Fryer Recall

When there are safety issues with electrical appliances, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPCS) announces a recall. The company makes a refund and acquires back the device for an upgrade to a safer unit.  

Air fryers are not an exception. Recently, a renowned brand got recalled. Fortunately, since its inception, Chefman air fryers have been safe to use. According to expert of home tops the list of the Best Air Fryers Of 2022

The brand has never had issues of fire, toxicity, or other unsafe practices in its air fryer. Never worry about BPA, Teflon, PFOA/PTFE, and other carcinogenic substances on your Chefman air fryer. So, enjoy cooking the most sumptuous meals with peace of mind. You will whip healthy and safe treats for your family and friends.

Chefman Air Fryer Door Removal

You may need to remove your air fryer door for cleaning, replacement, or adjustment. Not knowing where to begin can cause more disappointments and inconveniences as you have to involve your technician. That means spending extra money.

Removing your Chefman air fryer door depends on the model, so follow the instructions on our user manual. But you can follow these prompts to remove your Chefman air fryer door.

  • Unplug your Chefman air fryer from the power source. That’s the initial step to safety.  
  • Tilt the door while lightly lifting it until it is released from the spot. OR
  • If the hinge nails are spring-loaded, grab a knife or a small screwdriver to take the pins out of the holding slot.

Chefman Air Fryer Door Won’t Close

Firstly, before you learn why the Chefman air fryer door won’t close, you mustn’t force the unit to shut. You may break critical components on your air fryer.

If the door isn’t closing, you may not be doing it right, but have a look at the following causes; 


Food residues can stand in your door’s way and prevent it from shutting. It happens when you heap ingredients in the basket or the regular crumbs that fly from the basket accumulate at the base of your air fryer. You have to clear the blockage and set your door to slide freely into the compartment.

Always ensure that you fill in the correct levels of ingredients by following the markings. You could also remove the door and check for any other objects, like broken components on the use of your air fryer.

Bad Handle Placement

Your Chefman air fryer won’t latch correctly due to lousy handle placement. Lift the door and push in the basket, so there is no misalignment.

Loose Hinges 

The hinges hold your air fryer door in place. Due to frequent use, the screws can loosen up, setting the hinges free. The door won’t align appropriately, so that closing will be an issue. Replace any lost screws and tighten the hinges in place. If you do not have the basics of riveting or screwing, seek help from someone with hands-on experience. 

Tilted Basket

It is a big deal for your door if you place the basket in a tilted position. The unit won’t close. Remove the basket and ensure it lies flat on the tray or inside the compartment. Any other accessories like the rack should align well to avoid obstruction.

Overfilled Basket

You are running out of time to deliver food to your guests. Your air fryer’s basket space is also limited. That will make you think that you will kill two birds with one stone when you overfill your air fryer. No! Instead, you will mess up with your air fryer.

The door won’t close, and if it does close, some components may break. You should have some space for circulating hot air and venting. Lack of such space gives you poorly cooked or marshy food.


Generally, when the entire door doesn’t lie in place, it won’t close or latch well. Your air fryer will fail to turn on, and no heating will occur. Align the door well and let it slide smoothly and with less effort.

Chefman Air Fryer Fan Not Working

As your Chefman air fryer manual specifies, your machine cooks by producing hot air and circulating it in the cooking chamber. The circulation must be consistent so that your food cooks uniformly. The fan is responsible for the unique task.

If the component fails, your food may cook, but after a long time and may not be done evenly. So, if you want perfect results, fix your air fryer fan. But before then, why is your Chefman air fryer fan not working?

  • Is the fanbase broken? Replace parts.
  • There is a short circuit: Repair wires.
  • It is the fan experiencing a blockage: remove obstructions.
  • The base is stuck: Open the base and loosen it up.
  • There is no power: Wait for power to resume.
  • Your Chefman air fryer is obsolete: Plan for a purchase.

Chefman Air Fryer Fan Noise

Fan noise is another Chefman air fryer issue that you should never assume. That is if it exceeds that of your vacuum cleaner or is above 65 dB. As we described earlier, the function rotates to blow hot air on your food. That way cooking process is consistent, at the right time, and the outcome is as per your expectation.

When the fan is noisy, check the following;

Objects In The Fan Compartment

Broken parts and food particles like chips and meat can get trapped in the fan compartment. When the blades rotate, they swirl the objects around the space, creating more noise than usual. 

Peep into the compartment and find out if there are objects inside. You can open it for a cleanup exercise to eliminate all accumulated particles in the case.

Loose Fan Components

A loose fan blade can hang carelessly in the compartment and make noise unfamiliar to your ears. A loose base will also make noise. It sends a rattling noise into your ears.

Don’t ignore it when your air fryer is noisier than usual, or the noise is weird. It’s time to act. Unplug your device and open it to expose the fan. Tighten any loose pins and screws to get ready for a smooth operation.

Mode Of Operation

Fans operate by rotating at lightning speed. Their components, which include the fan blade and the motor, make noise during the process. But it shouldn’t be a rattling noise. A noise that exceeds your washing machine, or vacuum cleaner, or is deafening should be a red alert for a failing component. It’s time to unplug and inspect your Chefman air fryer fan. Rectify where possible.


Some Chefman air fryer models are quieter than others. So, if you are making a comparison with another model, you may find yours noisier. Understand your device before making any alerts to your air fryer support team. 

Rack Or Basket Touching Your Fan

Often, a rattling sound inside an air fryer happens when the metal rack or basket hits the machine as the fan spins. Make sure to fix the basket correctly and lock your air fryer before use to prevent rattling noise.

Chefman Air Fryer Light Not On

The light in your Chefman air fryer ensures that you monitor the cooking progress of your treats. So, you will have to open the door to check if it is dark. The convenient lighting system could be faulty, or the bulb’s life is over. There are several things to inspect when your Chefman air fryer light is not on

Blown Bulb                  

Like the bulbs on your ceiling blow off, an air fryer bulb can go off. If it is its end of life, there is nothing you can do about it besides a new replacement. Replacing your air fryer bulb should not be a daunting experience. Order a new bulb and follow your model’s procedure. It involves opening the lighting cage and changing the bulb.

Faulty Lighting System

It could not be the bulb but the faulty lighting system. That includes the wiring and the terminals. An expert better resolves a short circuit. An electrician will do the job better by inspecting the system and replacing the broken parts for the lighting to resume.

No Power

It is the most obvious! If there is no power in the house, all bulbs go off and resume when the light is back. If the other powered machines in your house are not working due to a power outage, don’t expect your Chefman air fryer light to be on.

Damaged Appliance

It is also a possibility that your appliance is failing. All the controls, including the lighting system, will fail. Once you get an expert to resolve the issue, ensure that even the lighting system is intact.

Chefman Air Fryer Smoking

Our last Chefman air fryer troubleshooting problem is smoking. This issue is common in Chefman models and in many air fryers. It is a scary scene to witness your air fryer smoking, and you will probably perceive that the unit is burning. 

While that could be true, you have to scrutinize the nature of the smoke, its smell, and the magnitude before you blow the whistle. Not all smoke will result in fire, but you must be extra careful with your air fryer smoking.

There are several types of smoke that you will display from your Chefman air fryer;

  1. Black Smoke

Black smelly smoke indicates burning food or residues in the air fryer. Food residues that fell off and found their way onto the heater will burn and produce black smoke. Freeing your air fryer from the dirt after every use is essential. 

Do not overfill your ingredients such that they overflow the basket. When closing the drawer, some pieces of food or crumbs may fall on the base and touch the heater. 

In addition, food in the basket can burn due to extreme heat. It happens when you are unsure about the temperature that suits your recipe. Use presets if you are not sure. Another cause of black smoke is too much oil. Air fryers are not fat-friendly. Their design includes cooking without oil or with very little. A misty spray is enough to cook your food.

Don’t stand to witness black smoke from your machine. It can result in overheating and fires. Reach out the plug and pull it out. Open your Chefman air fryer door and remove the basket. Pour the food into a bowl and scoop the burnt remains. Wash the basket, clean up the air fryer, and proceed with cooking less oily food.

2. Blue Smoke

In electric appliances, blue smoke is a sign of burning components, mostly plastic pieces. This kind of smoke is also smelly. It will smell like burning cables and plastics. Some air fryers that experienced a recall had users report blue smoke followed by smelly wires.

What followed was a fierce fire. So never assume your smelly air fryer. Don’t hold on when there is blue smoke that signifies fire. Unplug your air fryer immediately and seek help. Never attempt to cook with a blue smoking machine unless the problem is resolved.

3. White Smoke

Too much oil and water are unfriendly to the air fryer. That is why there are recipes that you must follow when air frying, broiling, baking, and or roasting your food. Putting too much water or oil in your food will bubble and cause steam, which is the white smoke you are seeing.

White smoke is not too dangerous, but who wants to cook in a smoldering kitchen? The steamy liquid may find its way into the heater and burn, causing black smoke. In addition, it will be dangerous for your controls if the moisture enters the compartment.

Avoid unfriendly air fryer recipes in your oven. Do not cook liquids like soups and gravies in your air fryer.

Have a look at the below table for foods that you can cook and not cook in your air fryer; 

Foods To Cook in Air FryerFoods Not to Cook in Air Fryer
French friesRaw grains
BaconWhole roasts
PizzaRaw veggies  
Roast meatCheese
Roast chikenPopcorn
ZucchiniWet butter
BurgersOlive oil
FishRaw seasoning
Roast potatoesmuffins
Crunchy chickpeaLeafy greens
Fried eggs, etc.Rice, etc.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, Chefman is a superior air fryer brand; does it not mean using the air fryer will be without tears. You commonly encounter issues like smoking, overheating, error codes, not turning on, fan noise, and many more. You can attempt to resolve any of the above if there are no complications, otherwise, call the air fryer’s support team. 

So, Chefman air fryer troubleshooting steps are part and parcel of your air fryer operations. You need the tips to solve the problems you may encounter in your air frying journey. We have dozens of other air fryer troubleshooting guides on this website. Feel free to navigate through and learn more. Cheers!

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