5 common Big Boss Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

Although you are experiencing a few troubleshooting issues with your Big Boss air fryer, you have a pro cooker in your kitchen. You no longer have to battle with greasy and unhealthy foods. The all-in-one machine comes with a wide temperature range of 180℉ to 400℉, meaning you can toast, bake, roast, air fry, and grill with the air fryer.

This air fryer’s heating mechanism is even and powerful; you get crispy and juicy results. The air fryer utilizes the latest 360° air convection mechanism to circulate blazing hot air on your ingredients.

So, Big Boss fryer troubleshooting shouldn’t bang your head. It is easy with this guide. Read and solve easy problems that do not require technical support. And if it seems complicated for you, do not hesitate to contact the company’s support team.

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Big Boss Air Fryer Not Turning On

You will most likely encounter the turning on troubleshooting problem in all electric appliances in your home. For each device that exhibits the issue, some prompts help you to resolve it. This article is unique to all Big Boss air fryer models. We will also touch on one of its sleekest designs, the Big Boss Oil-Less air fryer.

Here is what to check if your air fryer won’t turn on;

  • Inspect The Power Source

Your appliance’s power source will be top on the list of what to check if the Big Boss air fryer is not turning on. It is a mechanical issue you must sort out before you can power your device.

Overlooking the loss of power in your house can make you conclude that your appliance is faulty, while it isn’t. That can be a costly mistake for you. You could ship your appliance back to the dealer, yet it is intact.

The most common cause for the disconnect could be the socket tripped. The wiring in your house could be faulty or the surface wires chewed by rodents. Check out whether your power source is intact before moving on to inspect your air fryer.

It is easy to replace a broken socket, but faulty electric wiring requires an expert. If you are not an electrician, please do not attempt to repair wires in your house. They can worsen the situation by causing injuries and fires.

Get in touch with your electrician, who can also assist in checking your Big Boss air fryer for other troubleshooting issues.

  • Reboot Big Boss

Not only your Big Boss air fryer but all electrical appliances require rebooting once in a while. The reason is frequent system updates that throw your device in a frozen mode.  It could also be the reason for not turning on.

Though you may be questioning how you wood reboots a machine that is not turning on, that’s possible! If the power is on and you are sure there is continuity, just pull out the device from the power source and hold on for a couple of minutes. Re-plug and try to see if it turns on before proceeding with further investigations. Rebooting your air fryer or any other device works like magic!

  • Did you seal the door appropriately?  

After solving the power source issue and rebooting your appliance, Inspecting the air fryer will come next on your list. Have you closed the door properly? Is the drawer in the correct position?

An unsealed entry will block your Big Boss air fryer from turning on. When the door mechanism doesn’t latch or seal perfectly, there is no coordination between the component and the microswitch.

The microswitch turns on your air fryer upon receiving information that the air fryer is ready to start cooking. Open your door and close it again to ensure that it latches in place. Once it seals perfectly, your air fryer should begin working unless there are further complications. 

  • Replace Faulty Fuse

While still on the inspections, check the fuse. It is on the plug head. Use a screwdriver to open the head and access your Big Boss air fryer’s fuse. The fuse is a small device that modulates the electric current flow into your device.

Power flow from your supplier is not always consistent. Sometimes it is low voltage, other times high. The irregular flow can damage your air fryer. The fuse in your electrical gadgets guards your appliance by ensuring that it gets a safe power flow.

Even guards get worn out. When the unfortunate happens, the flow stops, and that’s why your Big Boss air fryer won’t turn on. Unless you replace the fuse, no miracle is going to happen. A plug fuse is readily available in your hardware shop. Order several pieces to spare some for emergencies like the one you are experiencing.

  • Broken Plug Head

Upon replacement of the fuse, your Big Boss air fryer should wake up and work perfectly. If not, check whether the three prongs that fit into the socket ate working well.

Sometimes, the pins become loose or break. A non-functional plug head is easy to replace but if you find a challenge, call the experts who may also help pick up other troubleshooting issues with your air fryer and resolve them for you.

  • Set The Basket In The Right Position

This component is necessary for holding your ingredients while roasting, broiling, dehydrating, etc. When cooking, it has to lie perfectly in the pan. Otherwise, the air fryer won’t turn on.

Some of the reasons why basket errors happen are because of overfilling or misalignment. Remove the basket and fill the recommended capacity before you put it in the drawer. Push the door/drawer into the cooking compartment so that you hear a click sound. That will tell you that you have set the basket properly.

  • Repair Damaged Cable

Aside from power loss and damaged plug/fuse, your Boss air fryer may not be turning on because of a damaged cable. The cable that connects your appliance to the power source undergoes twists and bends over time.

If you do not straighten the wires or look at the connector on the appliance edge, you may use a cable whose interior is broken. Open and check whether the three wired lines are intact. You can replace the cable with electrical knowledge and get your appliance rolling.

Never seek to repair broken wires, for the damage could be more intensive than you imagine. Buy and replace a broken cable with a new one.

  • Wrong Accessories

Every air fryer comes with the right accessories. These are compatible with the model, but once you lose or break any of them, you must replace them by making a new order.

Your Big Boss air fryer may not respond because you use the wrong accessory. A wrong basket or drawer can cause your appliance to stall and not cook. Ensure you repair and replace your air fryer with the right accessories and spares.

  • Dead Controls

Non-responsive display, touchpad, and buttons indicate the dead control unit. The problem can be complicated and call for Big Boss air fryer experts. A technician can handle the situation or resolve it smoothly. But you do not have to kill yourself because of a faulty appliance that keeps breaking every other time. Replace it and resume economical and healthy cooking.

  • Call Technical Support

You have taken your appliance through all the tips above, but none is working. Your air fryer could be having complications that only the manufacturer can solve. Ring them! They know the appliance in and out and will give the best resolution, including shipping back to the company for repairs.

Big Boss Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

The table below summarizes for you why the Big Boss air fryer won’t turn on; 

Why Air Fryer Won’t Turn OnHow To Fix
Unsealed doorClose the door appropriately.
Dead controlsCall a technician. Replace the air fryer.
A bugReboot Big Boss air fryer.
Damaged applianceCall technical support for further recommendations.
Wrongly set basketSet the basket in its right place.
Wrong accessoriesUse big Boss air fryer accessories for best performance.
defective fuse Replace with a new fuse.
Broken cordsReplace with new cords to ensure continuity.
old appliancePlan for replacement.

Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Troubleshooting

Having a Big Boss Oil-Less fryer around means you will not require fat to cook your food. It is a reinvented brand that kicks off traditional air fryers from modern kitchens. Its mechanism combines convection heat, halogen heat, and infrared technology that leave your food brown, crispier, and not dry on the inside.  

You will find troubleshooting the appliance easy when you read all the instructions on your new Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer. But you may not have time to squint at the user manual. These troubleshooting tips are specific to Big Boss Oil-less air fryer and will help you solve your appliance’s issues;

1. Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Stopped Working

You are likely to encounter this issue, so what will you inspect?

  • Cable

Before connecting your fryer, the cables had a slight twist, bend, or cut before connecting your fryer. Your appliance may stop the mid-cycle if the continuity stops. Pull out your Big Boss Oil-Less air fryer and inspect the cable for cuts.

  • Tripped Socket

Suppose you have several devices running simultaneously from your power system. That means less going into your Big Boss Oil-Less air fryer. The results are a tripped socket. If you are lucky, the socket isn’t damaged, so you can reduce the devices and finish with your air frying business first. A damaged socket calls for outright replacement as it cannot pass power into your device.

  • Blown Fuses

Two fuses work to moderate power flow in your appliance: the plug and the thermal fuse. Suppose any of those blows mid-cooking. Your machine will go off. Contact your technician to replace both fuses for you or DIY.

  • Controls

Your car, washer, microwave, or computer controls can lose grip mid-operations. And so can your air fryer. Cooking will not progress unless you scrutinize and resolve the issue with the controls. When you notice the controls at fault, the first recommendation is to think of an alternative cooking method. You can grill or bake using your oven to repair your air fryer.

Controls are the guts of your appliance and will take longer to fix. You don’t want your costly ingredients to waste or your guests to wait until a technician comes to fix your machine.

2. My Big Boss Fryer Is On But Not Cooking The Food

You cannot ignore a problem where your air fryer is on and running, but your food isn’t cooking. Most probably, it is a heating issue. When you open the food, it will be cold or warm without progressing to doneness. So, let’s resolve the heating issue and see if your air fryer will cook your food;

  • Bad Heating Coil

A damaged heating coil means no heat to cook your food, so your ingredients will remain cold and uncooked. Air fryer heating coils are fragile and can break while cleaning or transporting your appliance. The heating element lies in the lid, and that’s on top of the glass bowl. The unit is set close to the glass cooking chamber and distributes hot air, so your food cooks consistently. 

If you notice physical damage on the lid, you must inspect the coil and determine if it is intact. Also, the element in the coil could glow out. Check that as well, and replace your heater to solve the issue.

2. Bad/misaligned Lid

When you lift the lid, the heater stops working. You may also have placed it wrongly, and didn’t latch well. Though your fryer is on, your food will not cook. Check out for misalignments and resolve them. As we detailed above, a disfigured lid can cause your food not to cook. 

3. Damaged Fan

The fan helps to circulate hot air in the cooking chamber. If the unit is damaged or some components like the blades are not rotating, your food will not cook or have cold and uncooked spots. 

 4. Overfilled Basket

Following the capacity marks of your air fryer’s basket is crucial. Pushing in more and more ingredients than your air fryer can accommodate will give you bad results. If you overdid the elements, be patient and cook in batches. You will get great-tasting food that is healthier, crispier, and juicier.

5. You Didn’t Flip Those Ribs!

Cooking continuously in your air fryer without flipping your food can give you a raw deal. Mid-cycle, turn over the food so that it can cook well inside and outside.

 6. Malfunctioning Controls

Big Boss Oil-Less air fryer’s digital interface and buttons can stall and cause the gadget not to cook your food. Try a reboot and see if the cooking process begins. A few informed technician adjustments will solve the control issues and get your food cooking. Call the support team for procedures that you do not understand well.

Big Boss Air Fryer Fan Not Working

The fan’s work in your Big Boss air fryer is to circulate hot air in the cooking compartment. That way, your food cooks consistently without cold spots. If the unit stops working, you have poorly cooked food that is not crispy or uncooked. Here are the causes for your Big Boss air fryer fan not working;

  1. Inactive Safety Button   

Your air fryer comes with its fan’s safety button off. If the machine is unfamiliar to you, you may have assumed that it is on. Check the switch and turn it on. The fan will begin to work.

2. Loose Power Base

A broken or lose power base connection cannot allow power to flow into the motor and power it. The wires down there could be bent or cut and so need a replacement. Once you repair the power base, you will get the fan rotating.

3. Poor Design

A poor design by the manufacturer may exhibit in the fan component. Observe the blades for warping or insufficient space in the compartment. If you notice any irregularities on your fan, call the manufacturer to access and replace the faulty piece of equipment.

4. Motor Failure

The motor powers your air fryer fan to rotate. If the fan stops, it could be the lack of power or the motor is failing. One of the things to check is continuity and frequent overheating. It means some parts or the entire motor are failing. Get a concrete diagnosis and replace your fan’s motor if it is irreparable. 

5. Obstruction

A fan whose base is sticky and has all kinds of food crumbs and grease will stop working. Dust also settles on the compartment, making it difficult for the blades to move. Open your fan compartment and use a wooden skewer to remove the sticky substance at the base.

You can use your hair brow dryer to blow dust from your fan compartment. Observe the cleanliness of your appliance all the time.

6. Damaged Thermal Fuse

A broken/damaged/blown thermal fuse disconnects the circuit to your fan’s motor. That way, the fan stops until you replace the fuse. If you are unfamiliar with thermal fuses, contact your electrical person to make the replacements for you.

7. Broken Components

Your air fryer fan comprises several parts that have to work together to propel the blades. 

The base holds the blades together and rotates to blow air on your ingredients. If the base is broken, rotation is not possible. Repairing broken fan components can be costly. Consider replacing the entire fan to get your air fryer working.

Big Boss Air Fryer Not Getting Hot

The power is on, and you ensure the plug is in the socket. But your Big Boss air fryer is not getting hot. Something isn’t right. Either the air fryer is faulty, or you forgot to switch on the socket. Let’s examine deeper;

1. You Forgot To Switch On The Power Source

Re-check the power source. That includes the circuits, surface cables, etc. If you forget to switch the socket, your appliance will not get hot. Reach out to the socket and plug appropriately. Switch on the socket and continue with the cooking process.

2. Bad Power Source

The power source could be faulty. Inspect the source before you move to the appliance. Consider testing another outlet with your machine and see if it will work.

Check the circuit breaker and see if wires are coming into contact. That will resolve circuit breaker issues for your broken socket and wires and replace them to ensure continuity.

In addition, we recommend that you stop using power extensions on your appliances. They come with less wattage/voltage and can fail to supply enough power to your air fryer.

2. Unsealed Lid

Your Big Boss air fryer has a lid that lies over the bowl. Unless you place it correctly, the appliance will not turn on, and heating will not occur.

3. Heating Element

An old element or one that is broken will not emit the required heat for cooking your food. Your appliance will remain cold and not cook at all. Disconnect your air fryer from the socket and inspect the element for breakages or other damages.

A faulty heating element doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy a new appliance. Contact your dealer for a replacement.

4. Broken Temperature Switch

Your Big Boss air fryer isn’t heating up because the temperature switch is not working. It may be broken in the control panel and so not raising the temperature. Why don’t you get someone to do it for you?

Meanwhile, you can test for continuity by unplugging your device and removing the lid. Locate the screws that lock the lid components in place. Once you unscrew, you will expose the appliance’s controls. Try to locate the switch by matching it with the external temperature dial knob. Use the multimeter to test for continuity.

5. Air Fryer Timer

Depending on your model, it is only after setting the time that your air fryer will run. And running means turning on and heating up. Go to the time setting and fix the appropriate time so that your air fryer’s temperature can begin rising.

When opening your air fryer guts to check the temperature switch, look at the timer knob. It could be faulty and requires repair or replacement.  

6. Overloaded Basket

If you piled several pounds of frozen drumsticks or French fries in your basket and didn’t allow any room for air circulation, your air fryer may not heat up sufficiently. Plus, frozen food will lower the temperature and delay the healing process. Put the right levels of food in your air fryer, so you do not overload the basket. 

The Wrap-Up!

Troubleshooting your Big Boss air fryer or the Big Boss Oil-Less should not be a daunting task. Unless a technical problem requires expertise, you should find turning on and fixing the fan, fuse, and other components easy. With this guide, you will find the process smooth. 

We recommend you call your Big Boss air fryer’s support center for complicated faults requiring technical expertise.  Your dealer will only abide by the warranty if you haven’t tampered with your appliance. Good luck with your Big Boss fryer troubleshooting.

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