12 Common farberware air fryer problems Solutions (Troubleshooting)

Nothing excites you like having a new gadget on your kitchen counter. Moreso Farberware air fryer. You can whip perfectly healthy, crispy, tempting meals free from any dripping fat and grease. 

Whatever model you have, Farberware delivers hundreds of menus in the form of air frying, baking, pizza, et cetera. The air fryer assures you fewer hassles, and its troubleshooting is a breeze. 

Our guide gives you a straightforward Farberware air fryer troubleshooting guide so you do not cave into disappointments when cooking. 

How To Reset Farberware Air Fryer?

Farberware air fryer comes in many models. You are lucky because it is one of the few brands with a reset feature. The function allows you to rejuvenate your air fryer when there is a bug, regular updates that bring about operation hitches, or when your gadget overheats.

This air fryer design has an automatic switch-off whenever overheating happens. If you try to reconnect the oven, it may jam and fail to turn on. But that should not be on your worry list. A reset will do the gimmick. 

  • Detach your gadget from the socket.
  • Wait for the Farberware air fryer to cool down to room temperature.
  • Reconnect your device to the power source.
  • Find the reset knot at the rear of the control panel.  
  • With a pencil or ballpoint pen tip, shove the reset button
  • Proceed with your cooking processes. 

What if your Farberware air fryer came without a reset knob?

After detaching your gadget from the socket, wait for it to cold down to room temperature, which will take about 20 minutes. Reconnect to the power source and proceed with your cooking processes.

If you were mid-cooking, you might need to reduce the cooking time with the minutes your appliance had cooked before developing the hitch.

Farberware Air Fryer Timer Knob!

Some Farberware air fryers come with a rotating timer knob. But with modern technology, we have those models with touch screens, just like tablets and smartphones.

Whether it is a rotating knob or a touch function, the operation is the same; to set up your cooking time. That ranges from 0-60 minutes. When you key in the timer and press the start button, your air fryer will begin heating.

The time will begin counting as a preheat or the main cooking time. Preheat is usually three minutes before you continue with the main cooking process.

When the time you have set ends, your Farberware air fryer comes to a halt. Dial the knob up to zero, and proceed to open the drawer to remove your treats. The timer knobs also help you to stop your machine mid-process. 

Having detailed the need for a timer, we now focus more on the rotating knob. This feature is a manual time dial for your air fryer. Sometimes, you may encounter difficulties like stiffness and failure to add or reduce time on the display. The timer may also stop counting down. 

Firstly, you need to know that with such errors, you can’t set a preheat or cooking time. That will force you to use the preset menu on your air fryer dial. We have got several tips to resolve timer knob issues.

  • Software Interruption

A significant Farberware air fryer software upgrade could be ongoing. That causes an interruption that also affects the timer, among other functions. The most straightforward route is to wait for the dashes on your air fryer to clear. If your air fryer’s timer function doesn’t respond, you can perform a reset by pressing the button at the rear end of the control panel.

  • Sticky Knob

Soups, food residues, and grime can accumulate on the neck of your timer knob. Over time, the dirt causes stickiness and may mute your knob. The feature will not rotate effectively, so setting the dials becomes challenging. Use a wooden skewer to clean the neck of your air fryer. Wipe clean after every cooking session.

  • Broken Timer Control

It is possible that your timer control is broken or has a short circuit. Whatever the issue, you must open and access the controlled terminus for your Farberware air fryer timer knob. Check the components and replace the broken ones.

  • Broken Timer Knob

Your Farberware air fryer rotating timer knob can wear, tear, or break due to usage. In most circumstances, the feature will loosen or fall off. Luckily, the knob is easy to find in Farberware air fryer outlets, both physical and online. Get the replacement to smoothen your cooking process.

  • Malfunctioning Air Fryer

Overall, a disfigured or faulty air fryer can have complications, including the timer countdown or the knob not working. The issue requires a detailed assessment of the equipment. Get a technician to perform the task and resolve or make recommendations appropriately.

Farberware Air Fryer Recall!

Hundreds of thousands of appliances, including air fryers, are recalled yearly. The body responsible for the exercise is known as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPCS), which seeks to ascertain user safety for these gadgets. There are several air fryer brands on the recall list. But the Farberware air fryer isn’t on the listicle.

So far, the brand has never recorded a case of blowing up, melting, or causing a fire. That assures you that you have a top-quality appliance in your home. You can confidently whip hundreds of recipes throughout the year.

If you experience any weird or unusual behavior with your Farberware air fryer, do not hold on from calling the manufacturer. If there is slow or no response, consider contacting the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPCS), but I bet if this will ever happen. Farberware is;

  • Top-rated quality
  • Safe
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Non-toxic
  • Powerful
  • Versatile

Farberware Air Fryer Door Removal!

Your Farberware air fryer requires regular care, cleaning, and maintenance processes. That includes getting to the cooking chamber and performing deep cleaning.

The first process will be to remove the air fryer door so that you can scrub the components and the chamber’s interior surface. So, how can you perform a Farberware air fryer door removal? 

Firstly, the process will depend on the model because each has a unique door. You either have the basket or the oven Farberware air fryer model. Both air fryers are countertop designs but come with distinct shapes, and so are their doors.

The basket air fryer model has a drawer and removable basket similar to the deep fryer ones. Its purpose is to contain your food while air frying. Heated air peeps from the appliance’s top chamber and circulates with a fan’s help.

An Air fryer oven also operates in a similar principle. Heated air blows from the above control chamber but does not circulate in the drawer and basket. Racks are the same as a toaster or oven holding the basket (crisper) and your baking trays.

So the door setup for these two types of air fryers varies. But two things are common;

  • Screws
  • Hinges

The door secures in place with the help of the above hardware. That tells you if you need to take your Farberware air fryer door apart, you will arm yourself with a screwdriver. As you work on your air fryer, detach it from a power source. It should also be cool at room temperature to prevent burns. 

For the Farberware basket air fryer;

  1. Lay your air fryer on a flat surface (your kitchen counter) to access the base. 
  2. Locate the hinge and unscrew all the bolts. Ensure the door remains in a closed position.
  3. Lift the door and place it on a flat surface. Keep the bolts safe.
  4. When you have completed the cleanup, place the door back and let it fit in the grooves so that you can bolt back the screws.

Farberware Air Fryer E1 Code!

Farberware air fryer can display several error codes, usually denoted as E1, E2, etc. E1 code is one of those. When your electronic show E1, it will be impossible to operate and frustrating. Your air fryer is at risk of malfunctioning, and you must figure out how to resolve it.

E1 indicates an electrical malfunction, a circuit breakdown, or overheating. Any error on your display requires you to switch off your air fryer and let it cool down. That way, you can tick out the issue of overheating.

If the same error shows after reconnecting, inspect for circuit breakdown in the internals. While checking for electrical malfunction, you can also check the thermal sensor and rectify a possible error.

For the overheating challenge, recheck what is causing the issue. It could be that you have blocked the airways, so your appliance isn’t breathing. Another reason would be a badly overloaded basket or overwhelming your oven by air frying for long hours. 

Using oil on your Farberware air fryer is also a risk factor for overheating. The appliance cooks flawlessly without or with less. So when you add more than enough, the hot air burns the oil and raises the temperatures to an overheating level. 

Dirt and grime can cause your Farberware air fryer to overheat. Do a thorough cleanup after every use, and keep your appliance away from spatters.  

Air Fryer Fan Light Blinking!

The fan is one of the most significant components in your Farberware air fryer. The feature aims to blow hot air from the heater onto your food and facilitate consistent cooking. 

When you turn on your equipment, a fan icon will blink on the control panel to indicate that the component is rotating. The light flickers in a sequence after setting the temperature and may slow if you pause your appliance.  

In addition, the symbol will remain active and flicker occasionally. If you pin your Farberware air fryer start/pause button, the fan icon will turn off and turn on when you press it to restart the oven. 

What if the fan light isn’t blinking? Check out;

  • The basket: Align it perfectly.
  • Door: Close and ensure it latches.
  • Power: Check the circuit, plug, fuses, and wires for continuity.
  • Start button: Ensure it the knob working and press it to begin cooking.
  • Faulty fan: Check all the components, including the motor, blades, and base. Remove any obstructions that are preventing rotation.

Farberware Air Fryer Fuse Location!

Usually, you will get two fuses in any air fryer model. One location is on the plug head, while the other is in the machine’s internals. Both features protect your piece of equipment from high and unsafe voltage. Farberware air fryer fuses are two; in the plug head and inside when you open the case that holds the display and houses the circuitry. 

On the plug head, you have to open it by unscrewing the bolts that hold the chair together. It is about an inch and a half long and has the input and output terminus. One end receives power from the wall socket, while the other allows a safe flow into the appliance.

With the plug head fuse, the current flow gets regularized, thus safe for your Farberware air fryer. Sometimes, it can get overwhelmed. It will blow off and cut the electric connection into your appliance. Your Farberware air fryer will not operate until you replace a burnt fuse.

The other fuse in your air fryer is known as the thermostat and sits on the circuit board. It is glassy and has a filament. Its core function is to regulate your cooking temperature and ensure that there is no overheating.

The thermostat monitors your air fryer’s heat transfer from the heater and cuts the heating process when it is too high to withhold. Usually, it is at a specific temperature depending on the food your air frying.

You may require to check your thermostat for continuity. If your air fryer is not heating your food, you Will reach this decision. You will use an ampere, but you have to locate the fuse on the circuit control board.

But you can observe the filament and color of your thermal fuse. If the filament is broken or the fuse is brown, the unit is probably dead.

  • Remove the top casing to access the circuit control board.
  • Detach the plugins that connect the case and the controls.
  • Take a tour of the wires that supply your device with power. This is a chance to also get hold of the control panel that has the relays and inspect for possible errors.
  • Locate the heating element as the thermal fuse is next to it.
  • You can now test its continuity and do any procedure you would like, including a replacement.

Farberware Air Fryer Keeps Turning Off!

What exactly is causing your Farberware air fryer to keep powering off? As a new user, this issue can disappoint and, at the same time, challenge you if you are clueless about how to handle your air fryer. It doesn’t have to be a technical hitch. It could be the way you are running your Farberware air fryer.

Here is a fast-checker to your Farberware air fryer turning off the issue;

  • Poor Electrical Circuit Connection

Loose wires, a bad electric outlet, and a broken power cord all cause power disconnection in your appliance. To resolve a Farberware air fryer that keeps turning off, get hold of your cable and inspect for breakages. You can use an ammeter to test your electric outlet. Resolve the issue with your circuit connection so that your air fryer can stop powering off.

A broken or loose circuit board in the interiors of your air fryer can disappoint you as the appliance will power off and on. Pay attention to damaged wiring and test with an ammeter for continuity. Solving your appliance’s circuit board electrical wiring will solve the annoying powering off while mid-cooking.

  • Loose Lid/Door

The air fryer lid/door could be loose, causing your air fryer to keep powering off. That’s a mechanism found in all air fryers and works by turning off the gadget if the lid or door is faulty. It could be loose or half closing.

Either way, your air fryer door won’t shut perfectly or will keep losing grip. That causes the powering issue. Tighten your loose hinges and close the door until it grips and latches perfectly.

  • Faulty Thermal Fuses

A thermal fuse not tightly soldered on the circuitry can become problematic when running your air fryer. It will keep losing grip hence the on-and-off incident. The fuse could also be in the process of breaking down.

Eventually, it will but it will keep powering off. Whatever the scenario, inspect your device and check for continuity. An ammeter will reflect the issue perfectly and help you to resolve it.

  • Defective element

A powering-off occurrence could happen when the heating element is defective. The feature’s purpose is to convert the electrical energy from your power source to high temperatures that can cook up your food.

A defective element will cause your appliance to behave weirdly. As the feature disconnects occasionally, so will your Farberware air fryer keep on powering off. To resolve the issue, unplug your fryer and give it time to cool down.

Empty the crisper basket and remove the outer casing that keeps your air fryer guts safe. Once you gain access to the controls, locate your heating element and test the feature for continuity.

  • Overheating

Your Farberware air fryer can occasionally overheat because of excess oil, dirt, or a circuit error. The pattern will cause powering on and off. To resolve, first, ascertain the cause of overheating. If it is excess oil, unplug and reduce any dripping fat in your crisper basket. Clean the dirt and rectify circuit errors to cook smoothly.

Farberware Air Fryer Light Not Working!

Oven air fryers have light in the interior to monitor the cooking pattern of your food. You can watch your rotisserie or cake baking in the chamber. That’s all courtesy of the light bulb integration in the oven. Its design is such that when you open the oven, it goes off and vice versa. If it is all dark in the chamber, find out the following;

  • No Power

An issue of lack of power in your kitchen will come atop the list of things to check if your appliance is not turning on, the light is not working, and many more hitches. 

  • The Door Is Open Or Half Closed

When your Farberware air fryer oven door is not fully closed, the bulb won’t light. The mechanism is equivalent to that of your microwave. Whenever you lock the door, the bulb lights. Before you move to a full inspection of your air fryer, open and relock the door to rule out the issue.  

  • Dead Bulb

The bulb will be the next inspection you will carry out after the door. Like your house or garage bulbs, an air fryer bulb can also blow and leave your oven’s interior dark.

The reason can range from an old incandescent light to a faulty circuit. An old bulb requires replacement, while a defective course requires a deeper investigation. See below.

Faulty Circuit

Visibly broken wires in the controls may be why your bulb is not functioning. If you can spot cuts on the wires, you are probably experiencing complex issues with your air fryer. Get a wireman to have a look at your Farberware air fryer.

He can also point out other underlying problems such as buttons, thermal fuse, solenoids, etc.

Farberware Air Fryer Not Turning On!

A mute air fryer that is not turning on is a cause enough for panic. First, you are unsure whether a manufacturing fault will require you to ship back the appliance or a simple breakdown that you can resolve with DIY tips. You can also bring a wireman to inspect your machine. Either way, you need an informed conclusion;

  1. Is There Power In Your Wall Socket?

Electrical connection will be the first on the list to check. Whether you use a generator or regional supply, a power cut to your house means a mute gadget. Not a single button will turn on, which will apply to all the other appliances in your home. But the socket that you are using may be faulty.

Grab an ammeter and found out. You can have a wall socket replacement, but do you have the technical know-how to handle that? If not so, call a wire man.

2. Close The Lid Perfectly

Another operational fault that can stall your Farberware air fryer is the imperfectly closing lid or door. That is the lid that locks your loaded crisper basket in place.

Closing won’t be easy if the hinges are loose or you overload the basket. Remove the cover, reduce the contents if they are above the recommended level, and look for an open hedge and broken latch. 

3. Straighten Your Power Code

Although power is in your home’s circuit, a twisted code or a broken wire will not allow your machine to run. Inspect for physical cut and also the plug. Some wires could be lost or damaged and require replacement.  

4. Plug Fuse

An ill-fixed or broken plug fuse is a cause for your Farberware air fryer troubleshooting. The oven won’t turn on because of disconnection. The fuse is small but quite significant. It regulates the power so that your appliance gets the safest voltage. If it is ill-fixed or blows off, your machine will not power up. Please obtain a new fuse, and be sure to fit it appropriately. 

5. Internal Wiring Is Faulty

Wire cuts in your air fryer internals are possible. It happens as your appliance grows old, or it could just be a manufacturing error. If you are not sure, a wireman can help resolve this puzzle. 

6. Broken panel

After setting up your food in the drawer and closing it, you are ready to air fry your treats. The power socket works, but you cannot go beyond that step. The display and the buttons are mute. The panel may be experiencing hitches. It could be old age or a glitch that requires a tech’s touch.

A better option will be to call the Farberware air fryer support center, especially if your appliance is new, and you are facing the issue for the first time. If not, get your tech to inspect your air fryer and give you the perfect fix.

7. Dead Air Fryer

Yes, air fryers do reach their end of life. And though it is your kitchen darling, your Farberware air fryer has lasted for over five years on your kitchen counter, and the symptoms are clear it is obsolescence. At this moment, you cannot “revive” your gadget.

You have got to let it go and get a new air fryer. The latest Farberware air fryer models have an amazing feature that whips up many exciting meals for you. Good luck in your new air fryer hunt.

Farberware Air Fryer Not Heating Up!

“Not heating up” doesn’t sound friendly, especially if you anticipate getting breakfast ready in a few minutes. You have all the details ready, but the failure won’t let you cook. Have a glance at the tips below to fix this disappointment.

  • Close The Lid

Your first move is to reclose the lid and ensure a complete latch. Find out why it isn’t closing. The possible causes could be obstruction, where some food residues fell and found their way to the base or objects that you left in the chamber. 

If you puff chicken wings in the crisper basket, your air fryer lid won’t close well. Overloading not only damages your air fryer components but will also not allow closing up. The sensor that tells the appliance to begin cooking (heating up) will not function, so your cooker remains cold.

Ensure that you fasten the hinge screws on the underside of your air fryer so that the door closes perfectly.

  • Element 

The main heating element is situated in the wiring controls inside your air fryer. It emits heat which circulates in the cooking chamber to cook your food to excellent. The feature is brittle.

You may have tampered with the element accidentally and broke it during maintenance steps. Or the air fryer had an impact. Anything is possible, so recheck it and test for continuity.

If there is no beep on the ammeter, call your tech or visit a repairer within your reach. Farberware accepts reshipping their models for part replacement. You can call them and arrange for delivery. 

  • Bad Wall Socket

Recheck if your wall power source is functional before reporting your appliance to the support center. A simple tester or ammeter will tell whether your wall socket is letting power into the plug or not. It is smooth to replace one but if you aren’t confident, look for a wireman to do it for you. He can also inspect your home wiring and ensure no short circuits. 

  • Power Cord

A power code that is twisted or cut will discontinue power flow to your Farberware air fryer. The appliance will not heat or turn on. Maintenance of your air fryer parts is crucial if you want to cook smoothly. Be sure to change the bad power cord to prevent further damage to your pot. You will also minimize electrical accidents like shocks and fires.

  • Temperature Switch

This switch works to increase or reduce heat on your air fryer. When you do not have a recipe that matches the presets or want to add or reduce minutes to perfect your meal, this button comes in handy.

If you erroneously set the temperature low, for example, 20 F degrees instead or 200 F degrees, your Farberware will heat at that low temperature. Thus, not sufficient heat for your appliance. Recheck your temperature setting and ensure that it suits your recipe. 

  • Thermal Fuse

Overheating will blow off your thermal fuse. That already kills the continuity, and so your element cools down. The blown fuse protects your appliance to prevent further overheating and damage. Without a replacement, you will remain with a non-functional air fryer.

You must locate the little device and test for continuity, then do a replacement. A black or broken filament is an indicator for an exploded thermal fuse. 

Farberware Air Fryer Fan Not Working!

Your Farberware air fryer cooks by blowing hot air over your food and on all sides. The mechanism gives you excellently cooked fries, pizza, bake, meats, and veggies. And all that is with the help of the fan.

The fan on your basket air fryer is at the top of the appliance over the heater. When the element heats the air, the fan circulates it consistently over your ingredients. So if the fan is not working, you have a reason to get worked up. But you can improve the situation by inspecting;

Fan Base

Inspect for a loose or extra-tight fan base. A loose one will rotate out of the way, while an extremely tight base will rotate slowly or stall. Mostly, it is dirt, food residues, and grime that have accumulated at the bottom, making it slow to turn. Scoop the sticky substance with a wooden skewer and make it a routine to deep clean your air fryer regularly.


Loose wires and other objects can stand on your fan’s rotating space and cause it to stop working. When doing wire repairs and maintenance, ensure that you place them back in their right position to prevent interference when the fan is rotating.

Fan Switch

A fan switch keeps the feature off on the display shelves. When you purchase your Farberware air fryer and discover the fan is mute, locate the button and pull it to an on position. An old credit card can help you turn the switch on.


Loose or broken blades bring an error in the entire rotating feature. Luckily, you can have a replacement. Or, if the appliance came with a broken fan, plan for a reshipment for the company to do the repairs or exchange for you with a good machine.

Broken Circuit

The fan rotates at the power of electric flow. When there is a broken circuit, the unit will stop. Inspect the terminal leading the fan motor and adjust it appropriately.


The motor is the power that rotates your Farberware air fryer fan. The fan cannot spin with a malfunction, so when inspecting the components, ensure that you check the motor and ensure continuity.


Lack of power on your machine will stall all the functions, including the fan. You have to ensure the power current flow from the junction box, to the socket, to the plug, and the air fryer controls are complete. An ammeter will give you accurate indications.


Our Farberware air fryer troubleshooting guide is now complete. You cannot afford to miss out on your lovely delight because of issues like overheating, the fan not rotating, powering off mid-cycle, etc. 

Keep referring to this guide whenever there is an issue. Call Farberware air fryer customer support for technical issues beyond your effort.

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