10 Most common Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer problems (Troubleshooting-quick and Easy Ways)

Undoubtedly, Emeril Lagasse air fryer remains a top-performing multi-cooker oven brand. No more oils dripping from your food, yet the results are finger-licking. The cooker is a breeze when it comes to frying, baking, roasting, et cetera. It is super easy to use, relatively fast, and easy to maintain. 

But you must equip yourself with an Emeril Lagasse air fryer troubleshooting guide. That ensures you are not caught off guard. You can turn it on, solve a lid error, or heating problem, and many more. Keep it here!

How To Turn On Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer

When you bring home the Emeril Lagasse air fryer, its basics are a must-have. Turning it on does not necessarily mean pushing it into the power source and getting your dream meal! It is a series of processes but not complicated at all. Here is how you will turn on your Emeril Lagasse air fryer and set it on operating mode;

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Screen Not Working

Emeril Lagasse air fryer has many models. That includes the primary knob and the touchscreen models. The latter is a more sophisticated and sleeker design. Anyone would want to own this air fryer brand as it is easy to use, versatile, and has innovative features. More so, you will realize hundreds of treats for your loved ones.

But with a screen not working, you can’t cook. The display does not show, and the hitch locks you out of your favorite pot. If it is a touchscreen air fryer, it will be impossible to dial any function.

Pairing your Alexa feature (if present) with your mobile will not work out. It is quite a disappointment, but you have to dig out the problems and get a fix.  So, what’s causing the screen to stall?

  1. Dirt

Soups, oil, and dust can cause your Emeril Lagasse air fryer screen to mute. Cleaning this oven after use or a prolonged storage period is vital. Ensure your air fryer is free from dust, oil, and food spills. That way, the screen is not slippery or sticky to the touch.

2. Membrane Issues

The screen has a membrane beneath that connects it to the controls. It’s made of Mylar material and can shake or tear with time. The screen mutes, barring the sensors from relaying information.

3. Bugs

These technical problems and programs run on your device when the applications update. Some are harmful, like a technical virus, and will affect the running of your appliance. Others are essential updates that rejuvenate your appliance. Luckily, you can clear the programs through a reset. Turn off your oven for a few minutes, reconnect, and see the change.

4. Worn Out/Broken Screen

Though the air fryer screen is made of durable material, it gets worn out over years of usage. It can also get scratches or cracks. Your Emeril Lagasse air fryer could be in good condition, so you can get the screen replaced.

5. Broken Control Board

This board houses all your air fryer functions, so a slight mishap will leave the screen blank and unresponsive. After resolving the board, the screen will begin working.

6. Power Mishaps

It could be the power source, plug, or a circuit that is not functioning. Inspect all the electrical connections, including your plug head and your appliance’s circuit, to ensure continuity. Using a multimeter gives you the correct answers to continuity issues.

7. Old Appliance

Old age causes many hitches like frozen screens, non-responsive knobs, and programs. An analysis of how long your Emeril Lagasse air fryer has served you will help you to make better decisions. You can get a newer version of this brand or check our guides on the best air fryers in 2022.

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Heating Element

Air fryers work by emitting heat that, in turn, blows over your food and cooks it to the perfect results. The heat comes from the element, which gets fully regulated heat from the thermal fuse.

Emeril Lagasse air fryer heating element sits at the top of your air fryer in the interior near the other controls. The heated element supplies heat quickly, thus cooking your food right away. With the help of a fan, the food you place on a mesh tray cooks through hot air circulation.

The heat from the superheated element gets to the cooking chamber through an opening at the top of the cooking compartment, and the fan disperses around the food.

The heating element comprises a brittle material that is susceptible to breaking and requires care when handling. Never scrub your heater when deep cleaning your Emeril Lagasse air fryer. It can break and, unluckily, is irreparable. You have to get a replacement if the feature breaks.

You may find it costly and time-consuming as you have to deliver your air fryer to a licensed repairer. So, you may find this easy guide helpful as it saves your time and other resources.

In addition, we will look at the Emeril Lagasse air fryer’s heating element problems, which include not heating up. Keep reading.

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Your Emeril Lagasse air fryer, not heating, signifies a broken appliance. It could be a power hitch, among other issues. Let’s see;

  • Power Hitch

A power hitch at your main house supply or even the individual socket where you have plugged your air fryer won’t allow heating. You have to get down to the issue and resolve it one at a time.

Begin with the main house junction box. Look out for a tripped cut-out and check whether other connected devices have power. That includes the oven, dryer, washer, etc.

Once you are sure the problem is not at the supply junction, check the wall socket. It could have tripped immediately after turning on your Emeril Lagasse air fryer.

A multimeter will clear any doubts you may have with your wall socket and other parts of your appliance. Next, carry out a complete inspection of your appliance. Proceed with the plug and test for a blown fuse. Remove it and replace it with a new fuse.

Inspect the cable and straighten any bends cutting the power connection to your Emeril Lagasse air fryer. When you have completed all the above and have ensured that the power is adequate and is flowing smoothly to power your appliance, move on to the appliance.

  • Broken Heater

Checking your heater for breakages and burnt elements is the next step to resolving the appliance issue, not heating. As we mentioned, the heater is susceptible to breakages, so you must handle it cautiously.

To determine if your heating element is broken, check for physical flaws. If you can’t find those, test for continuity with your ammeter. You can change the heater as it is available in major hardware stores nearby or online stores.

  • Broken Solenoid 

The solenoid supplies energy to your thermal fuse from the primary power circuit. It has a switch that can break down, leaving your heater ripped off the power.

The solenoid has many purposes in your air fryer, so you will experience multiple hitches if it breaks down. Upon a proper diagnosis of your air fryer, your tech will replace the solenoid for you as, mostly, it is irreparable.

  • Broken Thermal Fuse

Thermal fuses in all electrical appliances moderate the voltage in your appliances. For this matter, your heating element needs a safe electric current, so your thermal fuse will work continuously to offer that.

When the thermal fuse breaks, your heater will not receive any power. That is good news as there is an assurance that your equipment is safe.

Like the plug fuse and solenoid, you can replace the thermal fuse instead of the entire appliance. It will be cheaper if your Emeril Lagasse air fryer is intact and doesn’t have other complications.

  • Bad Temperature Knob/Switch

One of the heat-regulating features in your piece of equipment is the temperature knob. Most air fryers will be Temp/Time as it also allows you to key in the period your recipe will take to cook. If you are not using the presets, probably due to a new recipe that’s not on the menu, you have to indicate the temperature and time by dialing the knob.

What if you dial, but the knob is faulty and not connecting to the internal controls? It will be a vain attempt as the heater will not get the signals. Same as when you dial the time. Making the mistake of keying in the low digits will also not let your element heat up.

Establish whether it is a faulty knob or you dialed the wrong digits as indicated on the air fryer recipe.

Old Appliance

Aging appliances have tons of problems. Daily, things will get complicated for your Emeril Lagasse air fryer. The knobs, screen, and even the element will fail, among other features. You will experience strange beeping, turning off mid-cycle, and many more.

If yours is an old air fryer, you may consider replacing it with an up-to-standard appliance that serves you efficiently. And if you still have the Emeril Lagasse air fryer brand at heart, go for it! The models do not disappoint. 

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Turn Off Beep

Beeping becomes a bother when it is loud and continuous. Otherwise, you should let your Emeril Lagasse air fryer notify you when your air fryer overstays in the power source and when you forget to get your food from the cooker.

The feature works concurrently with your timer and functions like the Start/Stop. You can turn it off when you can’t put up with the beeping. But remember that you will not get notifications. 

You can turn off the beep by removing the food from the oven and disconnecting the air fryer from the power source. Using the STOP / CANCEL button, you could also temporarily silence your air fryer.

Press and hold the knob for several seconds. Same when you want the sound back. After muting your air fryer, you will have fewer beeps.

The other method will be to remove the speaker from the appliance gut so you will not hear the beep again. This is permanent and will have consequences like not getting any notification when food is done. Who knows! You might blow your air fryer by leaving it overnight on the socket.

But if you still insist, here’s how to remove the speaker so that your Emeril Lagasse air fryer turns off the annoying beep. Note that you require adequate knowledge or may pluck out other functions unrelated to the beep. 

  • Open the top case of your Emeril Lagasse air fryer to access the internal controls.
  • Locate the little black sound mechanism and pluck it out.

You will no longer have the irritating whistles in your house.

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Lid Not Working

The lid locks your food in the air fryer compartment. Usually, this is a mechanical function more than technical except for the sensor system that detects when the lid is perfectly closing to begin operating.

Your Emeril Lagasse air fryer lid comes with several components.

  • Handle
  • Basket
  • Tray
  • Rack

You will arrange your food ingredients in the basket while fitted in the tray. The basket must lock perfectly in the tray, so it is not tilted or misaligned. Grab its handle and push the lid into the cooking chamber. If it does not fit properly, there is an operational fault. What’s the cause?

Overfilled Basket

Your Emeril Lagasse air fryer’s basket has indicators for your ingredients’ minimum and maximum levels. Never pass these marks. When you boat-load your basket with drumsticks, they will cause your lid not to close appropriately. So, fill the right capacity.

Obstructions In The Chamber

Some of the ingredients may fall over and sit on the floor of your cooking chamber. As you push the lid in, it will be difficult to touch the chamber’s far end. It won’t close unless you remove the food remains. The obstructions could be broken components. Remove the lid and inspect what could be causing the blockage. 

Loose Latch And Hinges

A loose latch or a broken hinge can cause trouble when closing your lid. The latch won’t allow the door to hold well, while the hinges will make one side of the door lie low. You will struggle when pushing in the lid because one side is lower and the other is higher.

If you are struggling to give your lid a push, do not force the closure. It may get stuck and give you issues when removing it.

Pull out the lid, inspect, and rectify the problem. You can get Emeril Lagasse spare components by order from their outlets. Ensure you buy the correct lid and components. 

Wrong Component 

The wrong basket, door, or tray can prevent your lid from closing. The dealer will have relevant components when delivering your new air fryer. But after using the equipment for a period, you may require replacement for worn-out pieces.

You will then head to your stores or order new accessories. If unsure, carry your Emeril Lagasse appliance or reship it to its manufacturer. You will get a fitting lid, tray, racks, etc.

Failure to give the correct specification will cause a wrong delivery. It could be the wrong material that warps when heated or the wrong size. Ensure you get the original Emeril Lagasse air fryer lid components when making replacements. This is not only safe but also ascertains the durability of your appliance.

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Lid Error

A lid error will occur on display due to any of the following;

Faulty components: Ensure that you do replacements with the right lid components, including hinges, latches, trays, racks, and handles. Have the repairs done by an experienced tech so that you do not get a lid error on your air fryer display.

Overfilled basket: Reduce the contents in the basket to the leading indicators. That will allow the lid to close and clear the error.

Loose hinges: Fasten the loose hinges and ensure you replace any broken parts or missing screws.

Faulty Latch: A malfunctioning latch allows half or no closure. That means the following function won’t work.

Lid sensor error: any time the door doesn’t close fully, there will be a lid sensor error. It could also be due to a faulty sensor. You will need help from air fryer experts to resolve this problem. Or call support for detailed directions. 

Blockage: Any objects that make their way to the base of the cooking compartment will not allow the door to close hence the lid error message. Remove the drawer and clean up the chamber to get rid of blockages.

After attempting all the above tricks, your air fryer should clear the lid error. Cheers!

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Not Turning On

Another problem crops in! Your Emeril Lagasse air fryer is not turning on! Don’t fret! You may not need tech or equipment reshipping as it could be a minor mishap. 

  • Unpowered Equipment

Without power, your piece of equipment will not operate. Your air fryer will be unpowered if there is a broken cord, blown plug fuse, faulty wall socket, and circuitry, or unswitched equipment. 

To begin with, have you switched on your power socket? Often, we assume our appliances are not functioning well when it is only a minor detail such as switching on the power. Don’t assume.

You must also resolve any wiring issues in your house to continue using your Emeril Lagasse air fryer. Thoroughly inspect the cord for any twists or bends. But it could also be a disconnecting terminal. Check before you order a new cord. You will find it smooth to use a new cord.

While ordering, ensure the voltage matches your air fryer requirements. You could pop into nearby hardware with the details and get a new code. Remember to dispose of the spoilt one responsibly. 

Equally, a blown fuse requires replacement. You can be stocking fuses in your cabinet for similar emergencies. Open the head and fix your new plug fuse to allow continuity. A faulty wall socket or circuitry requires an electrician’s hand to minimize the risk of tampering with your house’s connectivity. 

  • Missed Basket Placement

Missing the correct alignment when placing your basket into the tray can lead to a muted device that does not turn on. Before proceeding to check the interiors, please check the basket.

If it is overfull, reduce your food, place it perfectly into the tray, and close the lid. That way, the detector may alert your air fryer to commence cooking.  

  • Faulty Start Button

After connecting your equipment to a working power source, and the plug plus the cord are flawless, next will be to push the loaded basket into the cooking chamber. You will select your matching preset or dial the temperature/time for that particular air fryer recipe.

Next, press your Emeril Lagasse start button to begin the cycle. You cannot proceed with the cooking cycle if this button is faulty. Try to press it severally to get your air fryer on.

If there is no response, it could be the controls in the interior. So, get ready to open your air fryer and locate the start button. It is easy.

Once you access the controls, follow the wiring from the knob to the board. Use an ammeter to check for power flow. If the meter does not beep, your button controls are dead. Prepare to change the function or the entire control board if it remains the primary source of the hitch. 

  • Control Board

While checking for a faulty start button, that’s the ideal time to inspect other functions like the control board, blow any dust clogging your equipment, and fix any broken wires. Doing the exercise is part of the maintenance process for your Emeril Lagasse air fryer.

Besides cleaning your air fryer, the exercise will solve many of your issues, including faulty wiring, thermal fuse, and other hitches.   

  • Technical Bug Attack

Bugs similar to those that attack your phone and computer are also common in kitchen appliances. The hitch attacks your air fryer during updates and may not let you turn on your device.

You do not need an anti-bug application! Pull off your appliance from the wall socket and wait for the bug to clear. It will take about 10-15minutes. Re-plug and begin the steps afresh.

  • Faulty Equipment

Your guess may be correct! But don’t always rush to conclude a faulty piece of equipment as it could be an operational error like failure to lock the lid or put on the power source.

When you have tried resolving the power issue, basket misalignment, bug attack, and control panel hitches take your appliance back to the dealer for a detailed check-up. It could be a factory issue that only requires Emeril Lagasse manufacturer to resolve.

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Making Noise

An out-of-normal noisy situation is not easy to ignore. It is distinct from a normal beep or a blowing fan. When it is rattling, it is even scary, so you have to ascertain the cause. 

Check this;

Broken Fan

The fan rotates in its chamber to blow air over and under the basket. When its components are loose, you may have a distinct noise from the air fryer. Stop your appliance and check out the fan base, blades, screws, and any other components and fix them.

Worn-out rollerblades and bearings can also produce clunky noises. Quickly fix them to eliminate the irritating rattles.

It’s A Normal Behavior

Air fryer noise 65 dB (decibel) or louder can be a standard mechanism for your brand. But it is always wise to consult with your brand to find out what is expected and abnormal. If the air fryer is noisier than a vacuum cleaner or rattling, be cautious and look for faults.

Components Hitting The Fan

The basket, tray, or rack could be hitting the fan box. That happens when the lid is not aligning as well as it should. Open and check, especially if it is a metallic sound.

It Remains In The Basket

Food remains and other debris in your crisper basket can cause annoying noise. Open the lid and pull out the basket to inspect for such. Do not procrastinate cleaning your air fryer after use.

The food craps dry out and can damage your air fryer or cause obstructions. Sponges and clothes can help clean your Emeril Lagasse air fryer effectively.

Not sure of the genesis of the noise? Call your Emeril Lagasse support center!


Solving your Emeril Lagasse air fryer troubleshooting issues may hit a snag if you do not have the basics. Follow our fixes as they are a breeze, simple to adopt, and apply. Keep reading our thoroughly researched guides for all your air fryer issues and give us a call whenever you are in a fix.

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