5 common Paula Deen Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

Paula Deen air fryer is a lovely design with versatile cooking options. Primarily, the air fryer works by the rapid air circulation technology that lets you roast, air fry, bake, and dehydrate large pieces of food. The pot cooks consistently and super-fast, depending on different recipes.

Cooking with this beauty is a breeze; you will only be dismayed when hitches creep in, but you have no idea where to begin. Our Paula Deen air fryer troubleshooting guide keeps you ahead.

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Paula Deen Air Fryer Stopped Working

There is a possibility that in its lifetime, your Paula Deen air fryer will stop working or turn off completely. That will stance will scare you but don’t regret having this brand in your kitchen. Our perfect guide will solve this issue.

Paula Deen air fryer troubleshooting tips are all about how you operate your air fryer and inevitable errors common in an electrical appliance. After careful analysis, it may mean a defective machine that requires reshipping. Keep learning;

  • Operating Mishap

Upon arrival, you expect your Paula Deen appliance to function with no hitch-hike. The first stride will be to study your machine. That includes its physical functionality and mastering its user manual.

Keep an eye on the dos and don’ts and the air fryer’s troubleshooting tip sections. If you have a problem with the instructions, you must call the Paula Deen store for detailed guidance.

  • Manufacturer Fault

If your appliance is relatively new, it should not give you trouble. After mastering its functions, you can begin cooking immediately. Stopping mid-operation requires immediate attention.

If you are certain there isn’t any step you have skipped, call your appliance’s manufacturer. The customer support desk’s mandate is to offer after-sale service, including resolving issues you are facing with your air fryer. 

Get ready with the details of your Paula Deen air fryer, the model, and its specs before calling the care desk.

  • You Have A Power Blackout

Power loss is the number two possible cause of your Paula air fryer failure. If the gadget abruptly stops working, get to your other appliances to determine if it’s a power loss. If that’s the case, all the devices will also stop working. Wait for power to resume but be sure it is not an issue in your house. Otherwise, you may have to wait forever.

  • Tripped Socket

A tripped switch is possible to identify. It turns to an OFF position, and sometimes, when you try to put it on, it trips off again. Either your appliance is faulty or the switch. To resolve the issue, you must check the defects on your air fryer and the socket. 

  • Broken Cord 

Inspect your wiring for broken parts. There is a possibility of a twist or cut, thus requiring a replacement. Your Paula Deen air fryer should start working again when you resolve the wiring issue.

  • Basket Error

Half closed, misaligned, or a missing basket in the cooking chamber can cause your Paula Deen air fryer not to respond. Examine the appliance and see if you placed all the accessories perfectly before proceeding with the turning on. Equally, inspect the door for loose or defective hinges.

  • Tripped/Blown Fuse

The fuse on the plug head balances electric volts going into your appliance, while the thermal fuse in the device controls the heat that’s coming out of the heating element. The former protects your device while the latter prevents overheating.

If any fuses are not working, your Paula Deen air fryer will abruptly reach a standstill. The good news is these two fuses are affordable, available, and replaceable.

  • Blown Circuit Board

Your apparatus circuit board could be defective. Its composition is complicated and includes the wiring that delivers power to various functions. A tech is in a position to tell which wire is faulty, so call him for a detailed examination of your Paula Deen air fryer.

But if you are confidence about handling your air fryer’s circuit board, give it an attenpt!

Paula Deen Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

Your Paula Deen air fryer won’t turn on because of operative and mechanical causes. It is of essence to understand these two causes. We begin with the operative causes and move to mechanical/technical details. This way, you will not rush to call your technician and spend your hard-earned cash on DIY processes that you could have attempted by yourself.

  1. Operative Causes

When you handle your appliance correctly, you can avoid some of the below setbacks. They are the major operation causes of an air fryer that won’t turn on.

  • You Didn’t Switch On The Wall Socket

Failure to switch on your wall socket is our number one possible cause for your Paula Deen air fryer not turning on. Though it seems obvious, you may have skipped this prime step. Get back to the wall socket and touch that pull button to an on position. Recheck if the plug is fitting as it should flash with the wall.

  • You Missed The Basket Alignment

The crisper basket must sit right on the pan. If one edge is not sitting correctly, your air fryer will record an error and not turn on. Whenever your basket misaligns in its tray, it is likely to cause a door error and failure to lock. Realign your accessories and try to repeat the process.

  • The Door Is Unlatched

Obstruction, overfilling your basket, and inappropriate closing will not allow your air fryer detector to start the appliance. Unless you do it right, remove the objects on your drawer floor, and reduce a boat-loaded basket, your air fryer will stay mute.

Ensure the right level of food, clean your air fryer, and do things right as your user manual reads out.

  • There Is A Power Blackout Period

You are trying to cook with a powerless oven and it’s not going to work! A local power blackout is possible, or broken power wires to your house. If you do not have a reserve generator, there is no way your air fryer will turn on.

Though this is more technical than operative, you still have to determine if you have been pressing powerless buttons. If so, wait patiently for electricity to resume. 

  • Mechanical/Technical Causes

The technical causes are a result of your appliance defects. With the help of tech, you can resolve some of them, but others require the manufacturer’s attention. We will define the ones you can handle alone, those that you leave your tech to operate, and those that you will go for the manufacturer to resolve. 

  • Broken Door

The hinges at the bottom of your air fryer can become loose or break upon impact or extended usage. Examine your gadget and determine whether you need to replace the door or the hinges. It could be some fallen-off bolts that require screwing. 

  • Blown Fuses

If any of the two fuses in your air fryer break, expect a standstill. The first is the plug fuse, while the second is your air fryer’s circuitry system. A dead plug fuse blocks power from getting into your Paula Deen air fryer. Replace the device to allow for continuity and to turn on.

  • Circuit Hitches

Circuit hitches include broken or blown wires that do not allow an electric current to flow smoothly into your gadget. A technician has to open the internal and examine the system.

They will cut out the damaged parts or recommend a new wiring system. Whichever the proposal, it should work towards making your Paula Deen air fryer turn on.

  • Broken Controls

The main controls for your air fryer include the motherboard. The motherboard houses the memory and all the buttons, including the start function. It is usually a complex feature requiring an expert to identify and resolve the issue. Sometimes, it is best left to the manufacturer to pick the defect and determine it.

  • Manufacturing Defects

A Paula Deen air fryer whose issues are complex, including from failure to start, requires the manufacturer to resolve. It could be the memory or the controls that were messed up during the factory process. No one else can fix this problem except the makers of Paula Deen air fryer. Call them and ship it back.

Paula Deen Air Fryer E1 Error

An E1 error on your Paula Deen air fryer may mean a complicated resolution or a simple one that requires a touch of a few buttons. Your air fryer has a short circuit risk, so it has disconnected. 

This error will show in most air fryers to signify a faulty circuit. Call them back if the Paula Deen stores just delivered your air fryer, and you get this error on your first air frying trial. Don’t agree to stay with a faulty appliance as your warranty is valid, and shipping back your pot will be your best option. 

With an older Paula Deen air fryer, you can have your tech check the electric connections and ensure that the circuit is complete. Probably, a few wires went berserk hence the error.

Remember that you cannot move past this display message unless you clear the error. You may have to refer to your manual for further recommendations. An annoying E1 that shows every time you turn on your air fryer may be a sign of an old air fryer that requires disposal and replacement.

Calculate how much you have spent on your air fryer on repairs. If it is over half the purchase price, you better consider an alternative. Replace your old Paula Deen air fryer with the newest model and enjoy more exciting, modern, and savory dishes.

Paula Deen Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Paula Deen air fryer will not likely give you much trouble in your air frying experience. But you must have the operation basics just in case things go wrong when your ingredients are ready for cooking. If your gadget isn’t heating up, examine the following;

  • Power

No heating will take place on your ai if you lose power. A blackout is possible, especially when it is windy or stormy. Find out on your main meter box if there is electricity flow from your provider.

Some meter boxes will flicker and show a live activity. You can also examine whether the main switch tripped to an off position. This exercise clears doubts that your Paula Deen air fryer not heating up is not related to power loss.

When you experience a power blackout in your house, contact your area customer support and let them know. They treat these outages as emergencies and will sort you out in a while.

  • Drawer

An air fryer design is a relationship between an unclosed drawer and your appliance failing to heat up. It works so that if you do not close the drawer, it won’t turn on, and no heating will occur.

Of course, it is not a design flaw but a security mechanism to only heat your device when the cooking chamber is ready for cooking. Some sensors will relay this crucial information to the microswitch.

  • heater

Most air fryer users will draw conclusions that their gadgets are not heating up because the heater is faulty. Immediately notice your gadgets are not heating up, we recommend that you check out the apparent possibilities like an unclosed drawer, basket error, and power loss.

A broken heater will require you to open your machine and access the internals. You do not want to engage in lengthy examinations when the cause is power loss or an unclosed door.

When you or your tech opens your Paula Deen air fryer, you will pick a broken heater as it may look severed to the exterior or lack continuity. The only solution is to purchase a new element and replace the damaged one.

  • Fuses

The fuse is a heat regulating device. Whereas your air fryer has two fuses, each performs a different role. The plug fuse regulates the voltage that your air fryer will use. It is the link between the socket and your device and ensures that the power your appliance will use is safe and won’t damage it.

Due to prolonged usage or higher voltage than usual, the plug fuse can blow or trip. Either case, your device will disconnect from power connectivity. Unless you rectify the situation, no heating will occur. A fuse replacement is not complicated at all.

The next fuse is the thermostat. It regulates the heat emitted by the element to cook your food. A thermal fuse in your device ensures the temperature flashes with the presets or manual settings on the dial. Blowing or old age can stall the thermal fuse.

Once the organ stops, heating will not take place. The filament will break, and the glassy little device will have a brown color signifying that it is dead. Luckily, you can arrange for a replacement.

  • Temperature

If you aren’t utilizing the presets such as pizza, grill, bake, dehydrate, etc., on your air fryer, you will have to set the temperature manually. There is a provision where you can set the dials to match the recipe on the table. For instance, 250 F degrees.

What if you erroneously set the dials at 25 F degrees instead of 250 F? That is extremely low and will no way heat your air fryer. A temperature below 100 F will keep your air fryer heat at room temperature.

Be keen when dialing the keys and ensure the temperature is sufficient to cook your food. Take note of the Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees on the menu.

In the manual setting, you must also check and enter the temperature depending on the recipe specifications. Sometimes, you are not used to Fahrenheit degrees and vice versa. Take your time to learn your Paula Deen air fryer as it is easy to use.

  • Time

Time, like the temperature dials, is crucial in heating your device. Most cooks make errors when selecting the time manually. That is, if not using the presets. The presets are easy to use as you pin roast, pizza, bake, etc.

Your air fryer will cook within the correct time and give you exemplary results. Problem with heating creeps in when you have to set the time. If you are making guesses and dial too short a time, your air fryer won’t heat up.

Be sure about the cook-time indication on the recipe specifications and dial it correctly. After preheating your air fryer (for some air fryers, it is a necessity), remember to press the cooking time. Learn your Paula Deen air fryer operations to avoid errors.

  • Wires

A broken cord or circuit will not transmit power to your air fryer or the interiors. From the plug head, inspect your machine cables to be sure they have no cuts or bends that cut continuity.

Inside the gadget, you have the wiring. Ensure the wiring is complete and there is no visible damage. The terminals should also connect perfectly. 

  • Age

An aged device will give you trouble ranging from failing controls to a cold heater. When the issues get complex, you may opt for a replacement. This time, not parts but the whole Paula Deen air fryer. Some sophisticated models will make your cooking experience exciting and convenient. Check their state-of-the-art models on their website. 

Paula Deen Air Fryer Fan Not Working

Without a functional fan, your Paula Deen air fryer will not produce exquisite results. Your outcome will be soggy, inconsistent, and non-crispy food. That will not be closer to your expectations of crispy cooked treats.

The fan gusts hot air from the heater over on your food, which perfect cooks it. If the little function is not working, then you have to check out the possible causes and resolve them one by one;

Broken Fan Support

The components that support your fan at the button can break due to prolonged usage, impact, or factory fault. If the fan is not rotating, you must examine its bottom parts. Check the attachments and tighten any bolds that attach the component in place.

Have you checked the bearings? It could be that they are misalligned. Realign them to enable smooth rotation. If there are broken parts, consider replacing the fan, not the entire air fryer. That will bail you out from spending hundreds of dollars.

Dead Motor

The motor aims to drive your air fryer fan at high speed. It’s not the giant motors you see in big machines, but the mechanism is similar. The little device gets its power from the wires like it, and in turn, it propels your fan to blow heated air over your food.

Your motor works non-stop until you switch off your appliance. And the fan too. If the feature stops, your fan stops rotating. So, you have to establish the hitch, but you will probably replace the motor.

Again, replacing an air fryer motor is cheaper than purchasing an entire unit. Once you replace your fan motor, you will have a powerful fan that will serve you for a long time.


An object lying on your fan’s way can obstruct its rotation. Though it is rare for the manufacturer to leave the wires and controls carelessly positioned, we can’t rule out the error. It could also be the guy who did the servicing who hastily left the wires disarranged or an object lying on the way.

Whatever the case, there is a blockage that you need to clear. Open your device and check the cause. You can hold the wires using a recommended clip (usually plastic). That ensures nothing comes on the fan rotation’s way. 

Power Button Off

You probably didn’t know your fan has a button to activate it. You will get a power button at the fan base that is usually off when the appliance is in the stores or in transit. It is usually off to keep the fan inactive. You have to pull the button on to activate the fan. Get an old credit card and rotate the switch to point at ON. 

Electrical Issue

Power loss, a broken socket, a disconnecting circuit, or a faulty cable can cause your Paula air fryer fan to stall. Be swift to pick out electrical issues whenever your appliance stops. If it is a power loss, you could call your supplier or connect your generator if it is not automatic.

Consider other cooking methods if you are not patient to wait for the power to come back. You can test a broken circuit with an ammeter and a disconnecting circuit. A faulty cable is visible as it will have cuts and twists. But you could also try to use a spare line to kick out the doubts. 

Broken Appliance

In all our air fryer troubleshooting guides, you will find a broken appliance appearing as a cause for most errors. This hitch and obsolescence can leave you disappointed.

But it is not abnormal to have a device that stays intact forever. You will experience issues with electrical gadgets in your home. The most crucial is to learn about your air fryer and know when it is entirely failing.

If your Paula Deen is still brand new, customer support awaits to direct you on the best way to deal with your appliance. They can implore that you ship back the machine for attention. 

In all our troubleshooting guides, we point out that once you have used an air fryer for over half a decade, it is time to meet the reality. Constant failures and obsolescence begin setting in, plus you spend more often on repairs.

That’s a red alert to get ready to make a new purchase. But this will be extra smooth as we have hundreds of guides on the best air fryers in the industry. Keep checking.


You have an exquisite air fryer brand on your kitchen counter. The few Paula Deen air fryer troubleshooting hitches shouldn’t hinder you from exercising your culinary prowess.

Whip exciting treats, including pizza, cakes, meats, desserts, prickles, and many more. Our guide will increase your confidence to resolve any hitch that may threaten your happiness. Keep reading, and good luck!

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