How To Pause Power XL Air Fryer?

When you take home a new appliance, it is an anticipatory experience. All you want to do is air fry your first meal, more so succulent chicken wings or crispy fries. You can enjoy a new way of cooking and guilt-free meals with a drop of oil. But what if you need to learn how to operate your Power XL air fryer? 

How do you start or pause the gadget mid-process? The best news about this air fryer is you can pause to shake your ingredients at any time of your liking. It could be when you want to monitor the progress or flip your food to allow it to cook consistently on all edges. It is easy to pause your Power XL air fryer. Depending on your model, the most popular method involves pinning down the Start/Pause button. Find out other ways you can pause your Power XL air fryer. 

  1. Opening The Door

If you need to peep into your air fryer basket, you can open the drawer, as it will pause the oven and allow you to do so. Hold the drawer handle and pull it out. Your air fryer will instantly pause. 

But you should be careful with this method not to burn your face or fingers when opening the oven. Use kitchen gloves to hold and pull out the drawer. Your face should be away from your air fryer to ensure you do not get scolded by the hot steam from the tray. 

Also, remember that opening your air fryer lid or door interrupts the airflow, thus stopping the cooking process. Frequent openings can alter the cooking times and give you undesirable results. So, open the door minimally and at intervals that do not interfere with the cooking process. Once you flip or add ingredients, lock the door and ensure it clicks. Press start and continue with your cooking process. 

2. Use The Start/Pause Button

Depending on your Power XL model, you can use the start/pause button to pause your oven. However, this button may be missing in some models. 

Look for the knob on the control panel. If it is present, use it to pause your air fryer instead of opening the door or switching off the power source. 

The button is a plus and offers a safer method to pause your gadget. For instance, the Power XL Vortex Duo uses Start/Pause Button to start, pause, or restart the cooking process.

3. Adjust The Cooking Time 

You can pause your Power XL air fryer by adjusting the cooking time or temperature. The timer and temperature features share a knob. However, some models will not allow you to change the timer downwards. Simply adjust the time until it is at zero.

The air fryer will stop and let you do whatever you want. This method is treacherous as you must begin from scratch with the timer. That may affect your food’s cooking time and results. To prevent this issue and guesswork, please follow the recipe guidelines. The modifications might not give you good results.   

4. Plug Off The Oven.

Another method to pause or stop your gadget is plugging it off from the power sauce. If you use this method, it will completely break your food’s cooking process. So, you will require a time and temperature setting. Use this method if you are keen on the time/temp and if your food is ready.   

Parting Shot

Pausing your air fryer is necessary as you may need to add some ingredients or shake the contents halfway. It is a challenge, especially if you do not know where to press. If your Power XL has a Start/Pause button, engage it, flip your food, and push it to restart. You can also use the Power button depending on the model.

But some models may not have these two buttons. Adjust the timer to 0.00 for it to go off, or plug off the device to turn it off completely. 

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