Does Air Frying Add Calories?

Although air frying is now a trendy cooking method, users are becoming more conscious of its impact on food. One of the popular questions I handle in my discussions is if the method adds calories or destroys nutrients. Mostly, it is a concern when air frying potatoes. 

Air frying does not add calories or rip off nutrients from your food. Food maintains its calorific value and only loses nutrients if burns or overcooks. The reasons are simple; air frying requires less oil than any other cooking method. Some models even record as little as 75%, others 80%.  Let me expound more about air frying and whether it adds calories, damages nutrients, and other essential facts.

Does Air Frying Potatoes Add Calories?

When my air fryer arrived home, my first food to test if it was functioning as per the advertisement was potato fries. These are a typical delicacy for most people, and most will deep fry the potatoes. The nutritional truth is that the deep-fried ones are choking people with calories and bad fats. Research shows deep frying increases potato calories by 50%.

The above fact has sparked concerns about air frying food. Does it increase calories, more so in potatoes? Air fryers require a teaspoon of oil to prepare crunchy and golden-brown fries. The amount of oil only adds about 40 calories. Conversely, deep frying adds 120 calories, four times the air frying. You can choose not to use any oil, meaning no extra calories will get added to your potatoes. 

So, if you have a health condition that forbids you from enjoying fried potatoes, you can opt for air frying. You will munch on those chips, fries, and crisps without guilt or health concerns. And yes, air frying can reduce calories in potatoes. Ensure you follow the lowest oil recipes. So, if you are yet to own an air fryer, there is no turning back. Go for it!

Does Air Fryer Destroy Nutrients?

Throughout my research about air fryers, this is a regular question. I always justify the concern as any food’s nutritional value is essential. Cooking food with less or no benefits to the body is time and resource-wasting. It isn’t worth your efforts. So, the question of whether air fryers destroy nutrients is reasonable.

The best news about this oven is that it does not destroy nutrients. Researchers agree that the unit can conserve the nutritional value of your food as long as you follow the cooking method. Also, a good one should not change your food’s texture or taste. It shouldn’t burn or undercook your food, as those are some of the indicators that your food has lost nutrients in the cooking process.

As a form of cooking, your foods may undergo several changes that may cause nutritional loss, but with an air fryer, this should be insignificant. The reason is the gadget’s cooking technic. It dries the food’s surface and cooks the interior with the circulating heat. This process is consistent and produces even results.  You can ensure that you do not lose any nutrients during air frying.

Here are several things to remember;

  • Use minimal or no oil, depending on the type of food you are cooking. Spraying or coating is enough for air frying. 
  • Use fresh veggies, meat, and potatoes, if possible, as they have more nutrients.  
  • Observe the basket capacity to avoid overcrowding. When your food is in excess in the crisper, it blocks heat circulation, which causes long cooking time and nutrient loss. 
  • Cook your food at reasonable temperatures, depending on your recipe. Too high a temperature destroys food’s nutrients, especially vitamins.
  • Overcooking food damages its nutritional contents, so cook it at the correct temperature and time.
  • Blanch your veggies before air frying to reduce cooking time and nutrient waste.
  • Balance your ingredients to achieve a nutrient-rich meal. 
  • Follow the air fryer’s guidelines to avoid cooking bland food with no nutritional value.

Will Potatoes Lose Nutrients In An Air Fryer?

The fact is, an air fryer will not cause your potatoes to lose nutrients. But there are some efforts from your end to ensure that all goes well from your pot. With these, you will get the best meal to boost your health. I expounded earlier several guidelines on how to observe when air frying. You will get more information from the manufacturer’s note. 

Any list about the air fryer usage ensures that you use the unit safely and do not lose nutrients when air frying. So, you must use the gadget per the standard guidelines and the manufacturer’s.


You can now confidently use your air fryer without worrying about adding calories to your food. Also, you don’t need to worry about nutrient loss, especially when cooking your favorite potatoes. The gadget cooks with minimal oil and, sometimes, no oil at all. It also has shorter cooking times than other traditional frying gadgets.

Though you may experience nutrient loss in air fried food, it is insignificant. Vitamin-rich foods damaged by heat may not be suitable for air frying. Proper usage of your air fryer ensures nutrient preservation.  Follow the operation manual and the guidelines above to ensure you achieve nutrient-worthy meals. Enjoy your meals!

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