Power XL Air Fryer Not Blowing Air? Fix In 3 minutes

Power XL air has recently gained a good name among other brands. They are more popular because of their durability and friendly user interface.

Though the machine is beyond reputation, it is vulnerable to malfunctions such as fans not blowing up. The fan is crucial in blowing hot air over your food. When the hitch happens, food does not cook well, and this is a reason enough to give you sleepless nights.

Fan problems can be challenging to solve and equally easy to handle. It depends on the cause. So, we will help you with the fixes in detail. Plus, you will find our guides uncomplicated to follow and will help you solve the problem quickly. We recommend that if you cannot handle the situation alone, feel free to call your technician or the repair center for more troubleshooting tips.

Let me get into the nitty-gritty of a Power XL air fryer not blowing;

1. Diagnosis of a fan not blowing

This problem may have started several days before the real stalling, but you probably never took notice. Nevertheless, you are not late.

The feature has stalled, and it could be a result of a damaged power cord, inactive switch, Failed circuitry, end of life, and many other reasons.

Proper diagnosis will help you to handle the issue with a lasting solution.

Let’s examine the causes;

2. Damaged power cord

Your air fryer fan cannot work if there is a broken power cord. The breakage disconnects power from running the fan, and so you have to repair the wires for the fan to work.

3. Overheating

How long have you been air frying? Cooking for several hours non-stop can overwhelm your device. One of the consequences is overheating. When the motor overheats, the automatic safety mechanism in your air fryer will react by stopping the fan.

Give your air fryer a break to cool before you resume cooking. For a restaurant and catering business, consider commercial grade air fryers. Their endurance level is high, and the capacity is more extensive than home use air fryers. Our next article will pick the best air fryers for restaurants and other commercial use.

4. Debris on the base of the fan

Regular use without cleaning can accumulate debris at your fan base and slow or stop the unit from rotating. Keep your air fryer clean, and remember to remove food debris and grime with a butter knife to prevent accumulation. The maintenance protocol helps reduce fan problems and gives it a longer life. In addition, when you remove debris, it clears the way for proper airflow.

5. Worn out parts

Worn-out parts require a tech to examine and do repairs or replacements. Air fryer fan spare parts are readily available in service centers and can save you the perils of buying another air fryer.

6. Failed circuitry

Electric power runs your air fryer fan. And it is the fan that blows hot air around your food to cook it in less time and with no or less oil. A failed electric circuitry stops every function that it drives. That includes the fan, and so you have to get an electrical expert to check if the wires are intact or not. He will apply his electronic knowledge to solve the issue.

7. Manufacturer’s Faults

If your air fryer is brand new and the fan has abruptly stalled, then it could be a case of the manufacturer’s fault. Be careful not to interfere with your warranty. Get in touch with the brand’s customer service desk for repair or exchange.

8. Inactive switch

An inactive switch can give the fan a hard time running. First of all, the feature will not work at all. Secondly, you have to open the button and find the stalled components. Remove the parts and replace them with new ones. A dead switch solution is to purchase a new one for your fan. It will give the function new energy.

9. Interlocked switch

Your air fryer has a safety lock. The fan switch could be active, but if it interlocks, the feature can’t run. Open the lower drawer and check for an interlocked fan switch. Use your hands to unlock it and see if that solves the problem.

10. End of life

Depending on the years of usage, your fan may have reached its end of life. Primarily, an aging fan means an old air fryer. Obsolescence calls for a new machine. Your machine has served you the longest. You don’t require any more repairs and replacements. It is time to upgrade, and you will get many air fryer guides on our website.

We have the Best Air Fryer With Multiple Racks, Best Air Fryer For Diabetics, and many more guides. Take your time and pick the most outstanding model that fits your situation. Read our guides for regular buyer articles for all home appliances.

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