Power XL Air fryer reset button? fix in 3 minutes

Not sure of how to reset your air fryer? Unlike many air fryers, Power XL has a reset button. Beneath the right side of the digital screen, you will find a small light gray button the size of a pencil eraser.

The button is a safety feature to prevent over-frying your food. If your fryer is on a high setting, the switch turns off the gadget until it restarts at a lower pressure or heat level. That will automatically prevent overcooking or burning your food.

Besides the above purpose, the reset button is a troubleshooting feature. Whenever your device misbehaves and displays errors, pressing the reset button will clear the problems.

Here are two ways to use the button and bring all the programs to default.

Method one

  • Before you perform any function, unplug your power head from the electric socket. Resetting your air fryer with power on exposes you to live electric current and shock.
  • Empty all the food in the cooker’s compartment.
  • Wait for 10 minutes or more before re-plugging.
  • Plug back the air fryer and resume your cooking.

Method two

  • Resetting using the button requires you to press and release it.
  • You will see a C flash on the Power X display.

All the cooking sensors and the presets will go back to default (factory)settings. But you will have resolved many errors. Begin fresh with no bugs in your air fryer memory. 


All Power XL air fryer models are compact, sleek, and durable. Additionally, their excellent ergonomics make them perfect accompaniments for modern kitchens. The gadgets are powerful and cook your food within the preset times.

They develop a few hitches, no complications that call for a return to the manufacturers like other devices. Arm yourself with the above guidelines to help you solve common troubleshooting problems. You will enjoy cooking with this miracle innovation of the 21st century!

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