Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times for the 60+ Most Popular Foods

With a new Power XL air fryer, you are ready to embark on a seamless culinary expedition. The outcome will be delicious and healthier family meals. But there could be something you are missing out on, the Power XL air fryer cooking times. These guide you to perfection.  

The Power XL Air Fryer cooking times give you precise guidelines for the best results with your new appliance. The chats are essential in delivering your favorite dishes from the ever-versatile oven. Since the gadget will cook, broil, roast, air fry, bake and cook various recipes, you will need several cook-time chats. The timings take into account the different unique features of your air fryer. So, don’t get stuck! Bookmark this guide to avoid guesswork in your culinary adventure.

Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Chicken 

Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Chicken

Chicken is tender and fast to cook. However, the meat has different portions that cook at their cooking times. The reason for this variation is the thickness of the meat. Also, the type of meat matters. A country chicken will take longer to cook than a broiler. When deciding your recipe, ensure that you get the right meat for the same. 

Ultimately, the air fryer should give you a tender, juicy, crunchy, and crispy outcome. Use your meat thermometer to ensure your poultry meat has the right internal temperature, 165F. Below is a chart to guide you through specific cooking times for Chicken in your Power XL air fryer and the specific temperature.

Type of Chicken MeatCooking time (Minutes)Temperature (°C)Temperature(F)
Boneless breast12187380
Breast with bone25188370
Stir fry15183360

Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Fish

Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Fish

You can cook fish with a Power XL air fryer! All you need is various cooking times for various seafood. The recipes include prawns, tilapia, salmon, crabs, tuna, lobsters, scallops, and calamari, among other steaks. You will achieve a uniform texture and tenderness if you carefully select your seafood’s time and temperature. 

There are several considerations when selecting the times, including the fish type and thickness. Thin seafood cooks for less time, while thick steak takes more time and a higher temperature. Monitoring, whether thick, thin, touch, or tender, is essential, and flipping half the cooking time ensures consistent cooking.

Type of fishCooking time (minutes)Temperature(°C)Temperature(F)
Salmon fillet10 -13199390.2
Salmon steak5-7205400
Crab cakes8-12177350
Shrimps (Jumbo)7-10199390
Lobster tail5-7195380
Fish sticks (Frozen)4199390F
Tuna (steak)7-8205400
Prawns (coconut)6-9177350
Prawns (popcorn)8-10199390
Fish fillets10-12205400
Swordfish steak10205400

Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Vegetables

Power XL air fryer does not limit you from your favorite cooking veggies. You can dehydrate or even dehydrate greens. Air frying green beans, kale, cauliflower, and any other vegetable will require you to observe the cooking times to ensure you benefit from their nutritional value. 

We have dozens of veggies out there. However, we managed to catch up with cooking times for the following chart. Please ask us or your air fryer’s customer service for guidance if you do not have your favorite vegetable cooking time and temperature.

VegetablesCooking timeTemperature (°C)Temperature (F)
Brussels Sprouts15-20183360
Cherry tomatoes4-6177350
Green beans15-20190.6375
Corn on the cob10-15205400
Yellow Squash15205400
Sweet potatoes (cubed)15-10190.6375
Potato Chips (frozen)15-17182360
Potato puff12204400
Potato gratin15–18204400
Potato wedges18–22182360
Sweet potatoes (baked)12205400

4. Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Beef

Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Beef

You can also air fry beef with your Power XL air fryer. The chart below will give you the correct time and temperature for different types of beef. You can add a minute or two if the meat doesn’t cook in the respective cooking time. 

The internal temperature will tell you the right time to serve your beef. However, the above temperature depends on the doneness. For the rare (middle bright red), it should be 125°F. The medium-rare (middle warm red) should achieve a temperature of 135°F while the medium (center warm pink) is 145°F. Medium well (center slightly pink) and Well done (no pink) are 150°F and 160°F, respectively. Below are the cooking times;

BeefTime (minutes)Temperature (°C)Temperature (F)
Sirloin tips7-10205400
Skirt steak6-8190380
Sirloin steak7-14205400
Filet magnon9199390
Thai larb20205400
Eye of round12-15183360
London broil20-28205400
Flank steak12205400

5. Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Pork

Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Pork

If you love pork, we haven’t left you off the bandwagon. The outcome is tender, chewy, delicious ribs, chops, tenderloins, and bacon. But you must ensure your pork reaches an internal temperature of 145F. This temperature is its correct doneness and keeps you from meat-born illnesses.

PorkTime (Minutes)Temperature(°C)Temperature (F)
Chops (boneless)12-14205400
Chops (bone-in)1219512
Loin Roast45-55180360
Ham slices10-12190380
Ham (fully cooked/spiral)30149300
Aby back ribs30-40190360
Belly (cubed)17-20205400

6. Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Cakes And Pastries

Craving for cakes, pastries, and other baked goods? Grab your Power XL air fryer and obey your craves. Here are the cooking schedules;

Cake/pastriesTime Temperature (°C)Temperature (F)
Muffins15–18 204400
Quinche20–22  182360
Cake20–25  160320
Baked goods20160320
Chip cookies 7-8149300

7. Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Frozen Foods

Power XL Air Fryer Cooking Times For Frozen Foods

Last, we have the cooking times for frozen foods. It would be an injustice to leave you without this chart. The reason is, frozen foods are part of kitchen groceries. With such a stock, you don’t need to rush to the stores, plus the foods can last for several months without going bad. 

Frozen foods do not lose their nutrients, are cost-effective, and can have a variety for your culinary exploration. The foods cook perfectly in an air fryer. Here are the power XL air fryer cooking times for frozen foods.

Frozen foodMinutesTemperature (°C) Temperature (F)
French fries (thin)15-16204400
French Fries (thick)15-50204400
Pizza rolls7195 380
Empanadas 9-12 180 360
Egg rolls12199390
Corn dogs8205400
Sausage5-10205 400
Hot pockets13199390
Chicken tenders12-14190380
Chicken Fries8-10205400
Potato chips15-17182360
Waffles 6175350
Dumplings 8199390
Tater Tots12-15205400
Spring rolls 8199390 
Mozzarella sticks6-8205400
Onion rings15204400
Fish sticks9-12205400

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