How To Clean PowerXL Air Fryer? (Cleaning Tips)

One of the best decisions I made this Easter was to bring home a PowerXL air fryer grill with a recipe book. The indoor grill functions as an air fryer and grill, allowing me to fry my food with less oil and do several barbeques. That gives me the exact outcome as that of deep-fried food but with no oil drips.

With this magnificent grill oven, I can dehydrate veggies, roast mushrooms, and bake various pastries. My deluxe grill is an upgraded traditional air fryer version, plus it is spacious enough to fit even the most giant turkey.

Regarding the grill function, I have finger-licking BBQ supplies for my dinner table. And whether it is Turkey, lamb, chicken, beef, mutton, pork, etc., I’m all sorted. But I have encountered various concerns on various platforms on how to clean the PowerXL air fryer grill

That’s my intention for this short guide. I will dwell on cleaning this unique grill to remove doubts and guesses from your kitchen. Towards the end, you can click on the Contact Us link for any further concerns on your PowerXL air fryer grill care. But first, you have to know your air fryer grill parts and accessories.

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Parts And Accessories 

Before following the cleaning instructions for your PowerXL air fryer grill model, you need to accustom yourself to the appliance. That includes all its components. Depending on your preference or the model, you may have more accessories than the ones I have mentioned below. But these are the basic PowerXL air fryer grill;

1. Rotisserie Spit Set

The rotisserie spit set holds and rotates your food on the grill during cooking time. Instead of your meat juices dripping and leaving your delicacy rough and dry, the set circulates while binding the juices.

Also, your rotisserie chicken doesn’t twine or get scorched by the grill heating element. When using the Rotisserie spit set, remember to insert the drip tray below the heating element to prevent stains from the little juice, grease, or oil dripping from the food.

2. Grill Plate

The grill plate is a crucial accessory in your PowerXL air fryer as it holds your meats, vegetables, and other foods while grilling. This non-stick grill plate means that your food will not cling to it.

Your oven’s grill plate has stamped grill marks that give you the perfect outcome, just like the char-grilled meat. After grilling your meat over the plate, you will be happy to see the char marks on your food’s surface. 

The nonstick grill plate is heavier than other accessories, gets very hot, and is not easy to remove when hot due to expansion. You must wait until the oven cools down to remove the accessory freely. Also, use mitts to hold the oven and carefully pull out the plate.  

3. A Drip Tray

The Air frying and the grilling process cause juices and oil drops. If you cook without a drip pan for holding the liquids and greases, your oven will stain at the bottom after finishing the cooking cycle..

The liquids are some of the most common causes of smoking in air fryers. One of the scariest moments in the kitchen is cooking with a smoldering grill, so always insert the drip tray.

Besides holding the food juices, greases, and oils, the tray will keep your oven off stains and easy to clean.

Whether you are using the crisper tray/basket, rotisserie spit set, grill plate, baking pan, or pizza rack, always insert the drip tray to prevent spatters on the bottom of the oven.

4. Pizza Rack  

When cooking pizza, you need a rack to place the bread. The best material is nonstick stainless steel or coated wire that allows your pizza to cook without sticking. You can also place your pan or cups on the pizza rack when baking pastries.

5. Crisper Tray 

The crisper tray is also a mesh basket whose purpose is to hold your ingredients as they cook in the air fryer. It comes as a nonstick meshy to allow the superheated air to circulate over your food and cook it consistently.

6. Baking Pan 

 You need this accessory to hold smaller cups and pans for pastries and cakes. Like the PowerXL air fryer grill accessories, the baking pan is also nonstick and high quality.

7. Recipe Guide

Finally, you have a guide for making your dream delicacies. It comes free with your PowerXL air fryer grill. Never place your recipe guide in the grill. Keep it on your kitchen recipe shelf or drawer.

How To Clean PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Accessories

Cleaning your PowerXL air fryer grill accessories is not a tricky business. You will find most dishwasher safe and easy to add to other utensils as recommended. 

The most important thing to remember in previous cooking or before cleaning your grill accessories is to read the appliance’s operations manual. That way, you will know which ones are dishwasher safe and those that are not.

If you bought any accessories separately, the cleaning instructions would not be available on your grill’s user instructions. You will check in the accessory packaging. If you are unsure how to clean it, hand washing will be a better option.

Handwashing Powerxl Air Fryer Grill Accessories

Requirements for handwashing your grill accessories are not many and include;

  • Warm water
  • Soap (mild)
  • Mild scrubber
  • Skewer
  • Dry cloth

Follow the simple accessories cleaning instructions. You will find the general to your grill components, a reason why I advise that you go through the cleaning instructions on your grill model number or separately purchased grill accessories instructions.

In addition, I recommend hand washing all your new PowerXL air fryer griller accessories before you begin to use them. That way, you can do it thoroughly and notice any defects.

  • Add warm water and soap to a big bowl or sink.
  • Soak your accessories if they have food crumbs stuck on them.
  • Use the mild scrubber to wash off the dirt and set them on a drying rack. You may find the basket challenging to clean because of stuck foods and grease on the mesh. Use a skewer to remove the dirt so your basket does not stink or contaminate your food next time you cook.
  • You can choose to wipe dry your accessories and place them in your already clean air fryer grill. 
  • For accessories like the Rotisserie spit set and the crisper basket, you can store them in a clean drawer or cabinet shelf.

Cleaning The Powerxl Air Fryer Grill

If your Power XL air fryer grill shipment just arrived, you have all the excitement and nervousness to try out your first recipe. The dish will be your first test that they delivered a fiddle-fit appliance to your home.

But you have to clean the oven before using it! During the manufacturing, warehouse, and shipment processes, lots of dirt and germs found their haven on your appliance. So please do not assume that it is sterile. Clean it first.

Also, after every use, we recommend cleaning the grill and its accessories. That gets you set for the next cooking session. We have already detailed for you the cleaning procedure for the accessories. Let’s check out how to clean the PowerXL air fryer grill;

Step One:  Unplug Your Power XL Air Fryer Grill

It goes without much explanation that you cannot clean an already plugged electric appliance. You will be risking electric shock and injuries.

Your device can also blow up and leave you counting repair or replacement costs. So, remove the plug from the socket to ensure no electric current flow.

Step Two:  Wait For The Oven To Cool Down

If you just completed your grilling, your appliance is super-hot. You don’t want to scorch your hands. Be patient for a few minutes as your oven cools down. You will be comfortable removing the accessories and handling the surface.

Step Three:  Remove The Accessories

After removing the rotisserie, basket, baking tray, or the grill plate to pour your food, you still have the drip tray under the heating element. Remove the pizza rack you have on the grill. 

The grill plate can give you trouble while removing from the oven, significantly if the appliance hasn’t cooled down completely. The sticky situation is due to expansion because of heat.

If you find getting the plate out of the grill challenging, grab a pair of mitts and hold the grill with one hand. Hold the plate with your other hand and carefully pull it from the appliance.

You can soak the accessories in warm soapy water and clean them later after working on the grill.

Step Four:  Use A Mild Scrubber

You need to work on the exteriors first. Use a mild scrubber with warm soapy water to work on the exterior surface of your grill.  

Step Five:  Do Not Submerge Your Grill

Submerging your grill in water will damage electronic parts. After scrubbing gently, wipe with a clean wet cloth to remove traces of soap. 

Step Six:  Clean The Interiors

Use your mild scrubber and hot water to clean the interior surface from the top to the sides. Use a skewer to remove grease from corners and wipe your interiors with a wet cloth. The damp cloth will absorb all the soap elements. 

Concentrate on the glass door on both the outside and inside surfaces. Again, use a wooden skewer to remove grease on the edges of the door and the hinges. Wipe clean to ensure the door is clear and no traces of soap remain on the corners.

Do not touch the element. It may break and leave you with replacing costs. Once you finish cleaning the interiors, wipe all the water on the base of your grill. Please do not leave it damp as the water can cause rust on your appliance.

Step Seven:  Clean Your Countertop

Be sure to pull the oven to one side so that you clean the countertop. That will free the area of food crumbs that attract insects. Return your grill to its position and wound the plug so it doesn’t hang over the wall.

Step Eight:  Reposition The Accessories

Some accessories like the pan, grill plate, and pizza rack are better off on the grill. Repositioning them ensures that you don’t risk misplacing them in drawers.

Dry the accessories before storage to prevent rust. You can spare a separate cabinet for storing your basket, mats, skewers, rotisserie spit set, etc., for easy access whenever you want to air dry.

How To Clean Powerxl Air Fryer Grill: Tips

  1. Read all cleaning instructions on your PowerXL air fryer grill before the exercise.
  2. Some PowerXL air fryer grill accessories are effortless to clean. Use your dishwasher to effectively clean the basket, grill plate, pizza rack, and pan.
  3. Hot water rips off grease from a dirty air fryer grill.
  4. A skewer helps pick food crumbs and grime from your basket and inaccessible corners.
  5. Never soak your appliance in any liquid, including water.
  6. No abrasives on your PowerXL air fryer grill!
  7. The heating element is fragile; never scrub it.
  8. Never clean plugged-in air fryer.
  9. Lemon juice kills bad odors from your air fryer grill.
  10. Baking soda strips off caked-on residues.
  11. No inserting wet accessories in your PowerXL air fryer grill during storage!
  12. Clean your Power XL air fryer grill to prevent odors and smoking after every use.
  13. Use a pan or tray to trap dirt, liquids, and grease; your grill base will be easier to clean.
  14. Allow your PowerXL air fryer to cool for 30 minutes before cleaning. That allows easy removal of heated and expanded accessories like the grill plate.
  15. Keep your grill oven on a dry surface, free from dirt and water.

Final thoughts

You can now roast, air fry, rotisserie, bake, dehydrate and experience modern cooking with your newly acquired oven. Besides using less oil, this oven sparks your family dinner with healthy and delicious food.

Your biggest concern is how to clean the PowerXL air fryer grill. The baking pans, grill plate, racks, baskets, and even the grill itself require care. 

In addition, cleaning your grill before use removes manufacturing, storage, and shipment dirt. That’s important! But there is also after-use care.

Our processes for cleaning your oven are easy to follow. We have the tips too. Keep your PowerXL air fryer grill clean for more extended and efficient service.