Power XL Air Fryer Door Won’t Close? fix in 3 minutes

It is not rare that, at some point, your Power XL door won’t close. To function effectively, it has to click in place. Whereas the door keeps the basket in position, it is also a safety feature to prevent burns. Your appliance will not work with an unclosed entry, so you have to try the fixes below to get it functional.

1. Improper basket position

The basket carries all your ingredients while cooking. After arranging your food, the basket should close and locked into the air fryer oven after setting the food. If it is not locking well, it could be a case of misalignment. Pull the basket out and slide it gently back in position. The door should close perfectly.

2. Overfilling

Every air fryer basket comes with markings to tell the levels you cannot exceed or fall below. When you exceed the levels, your appliance will not close. Adhere to your Power XL air fryer manufacturer guideline to fill the basket with the right quantities of food.

3. Wrong handle placement

The Power XL air fryer door is not closing because of a wrong handle placement. An incorrect handle placement will not allow the door to lock. You have to lift the drawers and push the basket in gently.

4. Screw and rivets issue

Air fryer rivets can become loose and prevent your door from locking effectively. Get the tool to unscrew and tighten the door screws. Unlike the screws, riveting requires a unique machine, so you have to get a tech to work on them if you don’t have the essentials. That should resolve the screw and rivet issues.

5. Stuck food particles and grime

As you cook food, light items can fall or pour on the door from the basket. That creates grime on the door and prevents sliding and locking the door—proper air fryer cleaning and maintenance for the Power XL feature on the manual.

Follow the guide to ensure that you do not damage the electronic parts and, at the same time, give your air fryer maximal maintenance. The processes should include removing dust, grime, and food particles off the sliding plane. 

6. Customer Support

Do not force your door to go into the air fryer. If you have done from number one to six above and none of the tips seems to solve the issue, it’s time to take your device out for a repair session. Call customer support to advise you on the licensed repair outlets near your home.

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