PowerXL Air Fryer Grill: Easy Steps to Turn It On

Your new PowerXL air fryer grill is an ultra-modern oven that comes in a compact rectangular design. The appliance has many cooking functions and up to 8-Piece deluxe accessories for indoor grilling and air fryer needs. Like other air fryer models, it cooks with superheated air.

As you will find out, the most outstanding detail about this oven is the smokeless indoor grill that cooks with cyclonic air. It also leaves your food with char grill marks, which is essential for BBQs. In addition, the result of cooking with an air fryer is crispier food with 70% less oil.

Aside from a grill and air fryer, this PowerXL model gives you a Rotisserie, Broil, Pizza/Bake, Reheat, Toast/Bagel, and Time/Temp features for your programming.

Yes, you have got a breathtaking gadget in your home, but delivering your dream bite doesn’t come easy. That is if you have no idea of its operations.

Having the basic operations procedures for your new PowerXL air fryer grill is vital. But first, we advocate for reading the user manual thoroughly. In case you can’t trace the document or can’t grasp the instructions there, our guide will come in handy.

So how to turn on the PowerXL air fryer grill? Stick here and learn more.

The process of Turning On and Operating The PowerXL Air Fryer Grill

Cooking with your PowerXL air fryer for the first time can be a grueling experience, especially if you have to rely on guesswork. You may not have time to go through thousands of tiny fonts on the air fryer manual.

But with a few steps here, you should enjoy your user experience with this magic cooker. You can turn on your PowerXL air fryer grill knobs and appropriately select the settings and programs.

Once you plug in your air fryer grill, you have to make a few selections on the controls so that the oven can begin cooking.

You will find the main operation panel for the PowerXL grill is on the left side of your appliance. That makes it convenient for you to turn on the knobs.

The buttons are three in number: Temperature/Darkness, Function, and Timer (Menu). I will take you through the three knobs plus the power button that lights when the cooking cycle of the appliance is on.

1.    Temperature/Darkness Knob

This knob combines two operations, the temperature and darkness settings. It allows you to set your grill heat and also the light inside the cooking chamber.

Turning the knob left-right or right-left will increase or decrease the heat. Your PowerXL heat or cooking temperature range is 200° F to 450° F, so you can set your desired heat. 


2.    Function knob

With this feature, you can turn it to select a cooking function. Choose a program on the function knob to begin your grill cooking process.

Turning the function knob of the AirFryer grill activates several cook programs following;

·        Rotisserie

The Rotisserie provision heats your food, including meats, using the convection style. It has its slot in position three, which is in the middle of the grill.

Your food rotates on a Rotisserie spit. The rotating motion ensures that the juices lock in your roasts so that the outcome is not dry or tough.

The Rotisserie uses the air frying fan to roast your turkey, chicken, etc., and utilizes the bottom and top heating coil.

·        Reheat

With the Reheat function, you set hot pre-cooked meals on your table. The feature doesn’t sear your food, thus ensuring it maintains its flavor.

It uses the air frying fan and both (top and bottom) elements to heat your food. To reheat your food, you must use the Pizza rack in position 5. 

·        Toast/Bagel

Are you tired of plain bread? Try the Toast/Bagel option on your PowerXL air fryer grill. On both sides, you will brown and crisp your bread, rolls, bagels, muffins, waffles, etc. The Toast/Bagel utilizes the Pizza rack while in position two.

Your PowerXL air fryer grill is large enough to toast six slices of bread at a go. The toasting works from both the top and bottom heating coil. Unlike the Reheat and Rotisserie options, this one doesn’t use an air frying fan.  

·        Bake/Pizza

One of the significant benefits of the PowerXL air fryer grill is that you can cook your pastries and pizza. That’s because the grill utilizes convection cooking, plus you can make pizza from scratch, add toppings and bake other frozen doughs.

With this feature, your dough will crisp the bread and melt the cheese, giving desirable results. The rack in position five gives you enough space to add a muffin tray. Bake/Pizza uses both top and bottom heating coil. This function uses the air fryer fan.

·        Broil

The Broil function sears small meat chunks, cooks your sandwiches, and melts cheese on your burgers and other cooked foods. Place your food on the Pizza rack and set it on position one or two.

You can also use your PowerXL air fryer baking pan. Like the Reheat function, the Broil doesn’t use the air frying fan. Cooking happens by heat from the top and bottom coils.

·        Grill

A char-grill gives your food an appealing texture and finger-licking taste, but it comes with the inconvenience of using it outdoors due to smoke.

With the grill function on your PowerXL air fryer grill, you have an indoor BBQ that works precisely like the outdoor one but is clean and doesn’t smoke.

The non-stick grill plate gives your roasts even cooking. And that is made possible by the top and bottom heating coils. The grill plate works in Position six. In addition, the grill uses an air frying fan.

·        Air fry/Grill

This combo function with the grill plate to give you outdoor grilling results. The superheated air cooks your meats and other foods quickly and evenly.

To air-fry/grill, the fan must be on, and the grill plate uses position 6. Both the side and bottom heating coils work on your food. 

·        Air fry 

PowerXL air fryer grill is a high-speed convection cooker that replaces the regular deep fryer. You get great-tasting and crispier foods by cooking them with superheated air and no or less oil.

The Air fry function utilizes the crisper tray or basket at position four. The air fry works with the fan on while the heating is from the bottom and side heating coils. 

Do you want to preserve mushrooms, tomatoes, beef strips, capsicum, and other veggies? Use the air fry function to dehydrate your foods. You can follow the dehydrator recipe processes, including temperature and time.

If you do not have any recipe to follow, you can use a range of 104 to 107.6 degrees F and keep your PowerXL air fryer on for several hours until you get your desired results.

Your veggies will not brown or cool when you set the low temperature. Take a stroll to the last section of this guide to learn how to dehydrate with your PowerXL air fryer grill.

3.    Time control knob

This button works as a time controller. You turn on your desired cooking time which ranges from 1 to 120 minutes.

The markings appear on the panel near the knob and indicate whenever a cooking time setting is less than 20 minutes. To use the button correctly, set the cooking time at 20 minutes and then turn the switch to your cooking time.

To toast your bread, you need this knob combined with the Toast/Bagel (on the Function knob). In addition, the temperature/Darkness feature allows you to pick your desired darkness and select Toast/Bagel.

After twisting the time control button past the 20 minutes mark, turn it back to the toast icon. You can relax as your timer will alert you when the cooking is complete.  

4.    Power Light button

This light turns on when your appliance is in cooking mode. What this means is that when you set the timer on, you will see the button illuminate. Equally, the power light button will turn off when the cooking time is over.  

Can You Dehydrate In The PowerXL Air Fryer Grill?

If you are on a raw vegan diet, you know what a dehydrator means in your kitchen. The PowerXL air fryer grill comes with high-performance versatility.

It is obvious that when you get the grill home, you will first think of cooking extra crispy food and Rotisserie roasts for your guests.

This combination of the grill and air fryer makes it a plus as you don’t have to spend extra cash on separate appliances.

Of course, that’s a plus, but your major concern is if you can dehydrate those extra fruit strips, beef jerky, and veggies. The fact is, the dehydrator function is missing on your PowerXL air fryer grill. How will you do it?

Your thinking is right that a grill alone cannot dehydrate veggies. The heat that comes with the function will cook, brown, or burn your fruits and veggies. We have good news for you; the appliance you are about to buy is a combo, a grill, and an air fryer.

So, you will conveniently dehydrate your fruits and veggies in the PowerXL air fryer grill, thanks to its air fry functions. As we said earlier, there is no dehydration setting on the function knob, but you don’t have to worry about that.

Our team went ahead and researched for you how you can dehydrate your food. Firstly, this air fryer is the most versatile appliance in a modern-day kitchen. And so, with a few maneuvers, you will achieve the dehydrator functionalities.

Go on and follow the same instructions on your recipe as you would on a dehydrator function. Apply the same temperature and drying time to get perfect results.

Like a dehydrator, a PowerXL air fryer grill can remove moisture slowly from your food without browning and cooking the food. Your berries, fruits, mushrooms, and veggies will come out brittle and chewy depending on how long you dehydrate them.

Yes, your grill works at very high temperatures, but you can use the air fry function at mild temperatures, about 40 to 42 degrees Celsius (104 to 107.6 degrees F). Higher than that will cook or brown your food. Dehydration will take a couple of hours to complete the dehydrating process.

You will preserve your food’s nutritional benefits and serve more healthy meals at that temperature range.

Wrap up

We have addressed your concerns about turning on the PowerXL air fryer grill. It is a process that allows the cooking to begin. And it is more than plugging in your appliance. We expounded further on the various knobs you must turn on to deliver your desirable menu to your table.

The most outstanding benefit about this air fryer/grill combo is that it can dehydrate. But you have to use a few tricks since the oven doesn’t come with a dehydrator setting. Use the directions on your menu, including the temperature and time setting.

Of course, it will be lower than 104 degrees F (10 degrees Celsius) and will take longer to dehydrate your beef jerky, mushrooms, tomatoes, and other veggies. Read our PowerXL air fryer grill guides to furnish your dinner table with healthier meals.