How To Fix Power XL Air Fryer Fan Not Working? (Quick Fix!)

Have you noticed excessive overheating and unusual noise from your Power XL air fryer? Those are the first indicators that the fan is not working. The results are reduced hot air circulation in the cooking chamber and longer cooking time than usual. Your model may also show an error message or indicator lights. 

Lack of airflow is disastrous to your cooking process. So, you must fix the Power XL air fryer fan if it is not working. The fixing process includes turning the fan on, resetting the appliance, and fixing the motor. You will also need to check the fan’s power cord and electrical wiring.  

Detail! Why Is Your Power XL Air Fryer Fan Not Working & How To Fix?

1.    Close The Drawer

Does your air fryer drawer latch well? If your air fryer has a perfect connection to the power outlet and the panel is on, the reason for the fan not working could be an open drawer. If your power XL air fryer door doesn’t close, there are several things to check;

  • Close the drawer and make sure it latches well. A perfect sign is a click when you push the drawer in. It shouldn’t eject itself out. 
  • Ensure no overfilling or irregularly shaped food is pressing the drawer out of position. Before closing the door, check the level marks if they are visible. If not, you have overfilled your air fryer basket and must reduce the amounts.
  • Remove any obstructions on the sliding plane or around the oven door. These include a dislodged air fryer component or food debris.
  • Inspect and replace a warped door to ensure it closes well and activates the sensor. The sensor will ensure that components like the fan and heater also turn on.
  • Realign your basket and drawer to fit in the oven. That way, the door will stay in position. 
  • Inspect the latching mechanism and replace it if need be.
  • Dispose of an old air fryer whose door and other components do not function well due to old age.

2.    Turn On The Fan  

If you recently bought a Power XL air fryer, It is unavoidable to make errors. It is a learning curve that involves trials and omissions. The fan may not be working because you omitted the turning-on step. You don’t need to feel sorry because you can go back and turn on the switch.

The switch on the control panel indicates “fan on” or “fan off”. But that depends on your model. The switch could also be near the base of the fan and has an “On” and “Off” indicator. Turn the button to the on position to activate your Power XL fan. Some people use an old gift card to turn on the fan switch.

3.    Reset The Appliance

Resetting air fryers and other cooking appliances improves the performance of the device. Also, the process may resolve minor issues, such as firmware which cause some components to stop working. Unplug your Power XL air fryer from the power outlet to reset it.

When resetting your electrical appliance, you have to be patient. Wait for your unit to cool down and the internal electronics to stop working. It will take only a few minutes. After about 10 minutes, re-plug it and turn on the oven. If there are no complex issues, your fan should spin without errors.

4.    Check The Air Fryer Power Cord

Have you examined your air fryer power cord? Any dents, brays, or crimps can cause a power leakage and disconnection into your gadget. The plug head could have a dead fuse, hence the reason for a shut-off device.

Your air fryer may have developed the issue soon after starting to cook, so you didn’t notice early enough to resolve. Inspect the cord and a possible blown fuse. If the fuse is dead, replace it. Do the same to a worn-out power cord. Still no relief? Check the internal wiring.

5.    Power Loss

Maybe you lost power! That’s why your air fryer fan is quieter than usual. You need to check several points in your house:

  • Power Outlet:The outlet is where your air fryer plug connects to get power. If there is power loss in your home, then the outlet won’t connect your device.
  • Junction/Meter box: The meter box or junction box is where your home’s main supply unit. It has a meter for counting the number of watts that you use in a month for billing. If there is a problem in this unit, your air fryer will lose power and vital components won’t run. That includes the fan. It is in this box where the min socket sits. Examine if it tripped and is in an OFF position. If so, switch it on. It the switch goes off again, call your electricity supplier. There could be a hitch in your home.
  • Neighbors: The proverbial good fences make good neighbors applies here! Check if your neighbors have power. If they do not have, it is an area outage. Report and wait for resumption.

6.    Fix Internal Wiring

The Power XL air fryer has an internal network of wires supplying crucial power components. If any cables feeding the fan break, the component won’t function. Inspection of the internal electrical wiring requires a careful eye, so you need an expert. He will inspect and test all the wires leading to the fan. If there is any gap, he can fix that and also examine other electrical components in your air fryer. 

7.    Examine And Fix The Fan Motor  

Most of the above fixes should work for your air fryer fan. If not, there is one more; the motor. This component propels the fan blades to rotate and blow hot air over your cooking food. If the motor is not working, the fan will stop. You will need an expert to test the component and give recommendations.

If the motor is dead, he will quote a replacement. Also, the tech can ask you to contact your gadget’s customer service desk if it’s still under warranty. 

8.    Check For Obstruction

Your fan blade needs free space to spin continuously. If objects are blocking the area, the components will stop working. Your air fryer will heat and cook your food but not as fast as when the fan is rotating. Check the obstructed blades and base. If there is lint, debris, or any other objects under the fan, remove them, as they could restrict the rotation.

Also, you can vacuum your air fryer to get rid of dust that has collected on the fan. Sometimes, it is a piece of broken blade. This, too, can block other edges from rotating and stall the fan. If that’s the case, you need a fan overhaul. Talk to your Power XL air fryer dealer for a replacement.

9.    Replace Broken Fan

Besides the motor, other parts, such as the base and blades, are subject to breakage. If the pieces dislodge, the fan won’t function. You have to access the entire component and inspect whether it is intact. You need a new fan if the base is shaky or the blades are loose. You may have to locate the dealer or call the manufacturer to advise you on the best route. 

10. Resolve Overheating Issues

Your favorite appliance may be experiencing overheating. The first symptom will be a scorch when you touch your air fryer. Though there is a safety mechanism for your Power XL, you may have to cool down your device by switching it off. Next, check why the oven is overheating. There are several causes; 

  • Continuous use of the air fryer that exceeds the limit that the internal components can hold. 
  • Blockage on breathers that prevent proper airflow and cooling during operation. 
  • A broken thermostat that doesn’t regulate your air fryer’s internal temperature.  
  • Insufficient ventilation that does not allow airflow into the room. 
  • Faulty wiring in the device.  

You need to call a technician if you experience overheating due to wiring and thermostat faults. Handling the device all by yourself can cause more damage. You can also consult your dealer or manufacturer in step 11 below.

11. Consult Your Dealer, Manufacturer, Or A Technician

Before you give up on your Power XL air fryer fan not working, you can try one more thing. Talk to your dealer, the air fryer manufacturer, or a technician. The above guys are familiar with your air fryer components, including the fan.

Experts find it easy to diagnose the problem and fix it. Even if you spend a few dollars on consultation and repairs/replacement, it is worth the effort. A professional will advise if you need to dispose of your gadget or if more action on repairs can revive your device. 

12. Dead Appliance

A general breakdown of your air fryer means vital components, such as the fan, will stop working. The first sign that your appliance is dying is when problems become complex and challenging to resolve. A once robust and super-fast air fryer fails more often, plus you begin feeling the pinch of high maintenance.

Depending on the age, your oven might be obsolete, or if it is not very old, it may be experiencing wear and tear due to overworking. At that point, you might need a change. You could acquire a similar oven if you had an incredible experience with Power XL models. Otherwise, there are many modern air fryer brands that you can consider taking home.

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