15 Most common GoWise Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

Gifting my ailing dad with a new GoWise USA air fryer has been my best decision. He can now enjoy his favorite fries, Popeye steaks, and other snacks without adding calories or raising her sugars. He’s now done with his old deep fryer, microwave, and toaster because I bought him a combo model with many presets and simple functionalities.

The air fryer utilizes rapid air circulation technology to cook food, so there are no dripping oils, whether chips or meats. You will achieve up to 85% less oil, a recommendation for most health experts; to eat less oily meals.

But no appliance comes without troubleshooting problems. Severally, I have had to email my dad notes on how to turn this awesome unit on, disassemble it, handle a sudden loud noise, and many more. That is why this guide is unique. You, too, could add it to your favorites to help you solve minor GoWise air fryer troubleshooting issues. Stay here!

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GoWise Air Fryer How To Turn On

As I said earlier, this was my dad’s first concern about this trendy air fryer. He couldn’t find the GoWise air fryer manual, so I had to act quickly, or his flank steak would go to waste. Turning on this air fryer isn’t complicated at all. Of course, the initial steps would be to get your new machine ready for cooking.

Remove your GoWise air fryer from its packaging and peel off all the stickers. Use a nonabrasive sponge or clean cloth to clean the basket, tray, and other accessories. Wipe the outside part of the Gowise air fryer using a damp cloth.

Your ideal place to position your air fryer will be on your kitchen countertop, but be sure to clear the surface. For good aeration and venting, leave about 15 cm from the wall and ensure no other side obstructions.

When your air fryer is clean and ready for use, set it at 350 F degrees to burn any manufacturing residues. Load the loaded basket and slide it in place. Once you switch on the power source, the following prompts will get your Air Fryer Gowise ready to cook and your meal on the table in minutes;

  1. Icon 4 will light on the display That alerts you to choose a cooking function. 
  2. Choose an icon that matches your preferred cooking function, e.g., air fry, roast, toast, etc.
  3. Adjust the function’s time and temperature using the down and up arrow (in some models, it is a + or – for adding and reducing time/temperature). 
  • Time adjustment: 1-minute increment between 1-60 minutes.
  • Default timer: 15 minutes
  • Temperature adjustment: 5 F degree increment between 180 F degrees – 400F degrees.  
  • Default temperature: 370°F for 15 minutes.
  1. To commence the normal cooking process, you have to press the power button again to begin the cooking process.

The flashing fan blade on display shows that the heat and air are circulating. Your GoWise air fryer oven is now ready to cook your food.

When all is done, the timer should alert you that your meal is ready for serving. Switch off your digital Air Fryer Gowise and wait 10 minutes to allow your food to set. 

And that’s the complete procedure for turning on your air fryer and setting it going!

GoWise Air Fryer Keeps Turning Off

When you are done setting your GoWise air fryer, you expect that in a couple of minutes, your steak, chicken, or zucchini will be ready for indulging. But this doesn’t happen.

After a few minutes of the cooking process, your air fryer turns off and on. And this trend doesn’t stop. Your worries are justified. If this continues, you expect delays and poor results in your cooking, so you need to know the cause and how you can resolve this issue. It could also be the genesis of dull air frying moments.

Look at this!

  • Loose power connection

A loose power connection can cause your GoWise air fryer to keep turning off. That includes a plug whose prongs are damaged or a faulty power socket.

You may have to replace the plug head and the socket if they are irreparable. Check your power cord’s condition and whether there are any twists or breakages. A faulty power connection can cause a short circuit and expensive repairs to your air fryer. 

  • Power fluctuations

Power fluctuations happen due to faulty supply. If you find damage to the power line, that’s enough to keep your GoWise air fryer turning on and off. All the other appliances will turn off when there is a supply issue in your house.

  • Faulty components

A faulty GoWise air fryer or its components causes the machine to keep turning off. A damaged air door/drawer sensor that connects to the micro switch makes your air fryer turn off. Same as a faulty microswitch. It will not allow your air fryer to cook continuously without turning it off.

  • Damaged controls 

When the control panel stops working perfectly, it pauses and starts erroneously. The problem could also be a worn-out membrane or a faulty touch screen. Proper diagnostics by an electrician will tell you the main area of concern.

  • Failing air fryer

After using your GoWise air fryer for many years, you will experience some inefficiency. Your equipment may begin failing one component after another. The most affected will be the controls and the heater, then turning off often.

At that point, you need to go shopping for a new appliance. Luckily, we have many air fryers on the market. And to narrow down your search, visit our guides on the best air fryers with multiple racks, best air fryers for diabetics, and many more. 

GoWise Air Fryer Turn Off Sound

The sound in your air fryer helps alert you when your food is ready. Although the beep is useful, it can irritate, especially when it is too loud. You may also not need it and want to turn it off. Unfortunately, for the older models, you may have to put up with it.

The latest GoWise air fryer models have a mute function. The new function also mutes your button beeps when you are pressing functions.

Read more

GoWise Air Fryer Basket Stuck (How to Fix)

How Do I Reset My GoWise Air Fryer?

After using your GoWise air fryer for some time, you will need to reset it to clear some digital glitches or bugs. A reset also returns your appliance to its factory settings, enhancing performance. When the controls are not working right, a simple reset will give your GoWise air fryer appliance a new lease of life. 

Unfortunately, the past GoWise air fryer models have the reset button missing. But it is easy to perform the short process;

  • Pull the plug out of the socket.
  • Give your appliance about 10 minutes of rest before re-plugging.
  • Re-plug and begin your cooking process.


GoWise Air Fryer Not Heating Up

When a cooker, oven, microwave, or air fryer is not heating up, you cannot cook. That, too, is a common GoWise air fryer troubleshooting glitch. You have a few things to check on your list to get the diagnosis right. The list will show the cause and help you fix the problem.

  1. No power

Your GoWise won’t heat up if it has no power. The hitch could be in your entire house or at the socket. Take time to investigate and resolve by;

  • Test the terminals.
  • Changing a broken socket.
  • Replace faulty and burnt wires.
  • Fueling your generator.
  • Checking your RV connections (if you are traveling).
  • Call your power provider to resolve power shortages in your area.
  • Dead/faulty heater

A faulty component such as a heater produces the required heat for cooking with your air fryer. The element has brittle parts that can break down during a vigorous cleaning exercise. Check with a multimeter for power continuity if, indeed, it is the part that is faulty. Resolve by’

  • Replacing the heating element.
  • Be keen when cleaning your air fryer not to rub the heater.
  • Too much food in your basket?

Overfilling your air fryer basket to cook in a single batch will not let the drawer latch properly. The microswitch will not turn on, and neither will the heating system.

When you reduce the ingredients, you will notice the quick response, where the element will heat up immediately. Also, overfilling the basket robs your food of enough space for hot air circulation. The results are undercooked and soggy food, not forgetting the delays.

  • Wrong temperature setting

If your GoWise air fryer doesn’t have a Pre-temperature setting, you must set it manually. You did it but did not follow the food’s requirements. Setting that too low temperature will be insufficient to heat your device. Too high is also dangerous for your food. So, follow your recipe’s requirements;

  • Cooking time

Did you set the cooking time? If you didn’t remember to do that, your GoWise air fryer would not heat up. Set up the cooking time to match your recipe, setting your GoWise air fryer heating up. Every Gowise Air Fryer has a cooking timer for up to 30 minutes with a temperature range from 170°F – 400°F.

GoWise Air Fryer Fan Not Working

The fan is a crucial element in your GoWise air fryer. The heat from the heating coil must circulate in the air frying compartment for your food to cook.

To aid the hot air circulation, your air fryer requires a fan. So, when the component is not working, expect inconsistently cooked food. You cannot ignore a fan malfunction as it will affect the doneness and crispiness of your food. Check this list to resolve your GoWise air fryer fan not working.

  • No power connection 

With no power, your air fryer fan will stop working. The blades will stop rotating, and the entire appliance will go blank. If the power connection issues are centered in the fan, the control panel will display, but the fan blades icon will not.

There may be a power break, dead plug fuse, damaged socket, or loose plug installation. The initial step would be to grab a tester to check for continuity. Resolve each of the above in turn to get your fan into operation.  

  • Inactive Switch

Your fan has a switch at the base with OFF and ON inscriptions. Check the position of the fan and act accordingly. 

  • Overheating

All appliances react differently to overheating. When your GoWise air fryer overheats, several parts will stop functioning effectively. The fan will stop and the heater too. That tells you that the machine needs to take a rest. Switch it off to give your GoWise air fryer time to vent and rejuvenate.

An hour’s break will be good for your appliance. Alternatively, you can call off the air frying business and do it after a day. For your commercial needs, you could do better with a higher-grade air fryer that doesn’t overheat after a heavy output.

  • Blockage

Failing to clean food debris and grease after cooking leads to the accumulation of grime. Do it every time you cook, and you will reduce many GoWise air fryer troubleshooting problems like the fan not rotating and smoking.

Use the crumb tray to protect the base where the heater and the fan are. It comes with your air fryer. You can consult the manual to grasp how to insert the tray into your air fryer.

  • The drawer isn’t closed. 

Would you imagine air frying with an open door? Spatters, flying food particles, and the risk of smoking in your kitchen is possible. But that won’t happen with top-notch air fryers. The appliances have a good safety feature and will power on only when the door/drawer is well latched.

There is a switch below the drawer that locks when the drawer is in place. You do not have to struggle with the lock. If you have the right ingredients level in your basket, push in the drawer until it clicks. You will send the signal that the Gowise USA air fryer is ready to cook. All other functions like the fan will get going.

  • Faulty fan accessories

The fan comes with various fan accessories. These include the blades, wires, and the base. A broken base will not hold the blades in place, while twisted wires won’t supply power to the motor. It is a problem that requires a thorough inspection to determine the cause and fix it appropriately.

  • Obsolescence

An old appliance begins with several failing parts. The fan, plug, heater, thermal fuse, control panel, and other parts begin failing one after the other.

Evaluate the duration your GoWise air fryer has served you. If it has been over half a decade, it’s time to let go! Look at our best air non-toxic air fryers, best air fryers for diabetics, and many more guides, and pick a modern air fryer.

GoWise Air Fryer Disassemble

To clean your air fryer, you must separate or disassemble the parts. That way, you will clean its parts and prevent troubleshooting glitches such as stuck fan blades and door obstructions. Here is a simple way to disassemble your air fryer.

Step 1

  • Begin with the basket assembly (it is the easiest). Get out the drawer and remove the basket and its tray.
  • Hold the basket’s handle and pull the part out.  

Step 2

  • Get the tray out of the basket by pressing the release button. Your tray will pop out.

Step 3 

  • Turn over your GoWise air fryer and unscrew its bolts. 
  • Remove the bottom cover that shields the power switch. There you go if you were interested in the heating resistor and the power wires!

Step 4

The top part is easy to disassemble. It houses all the controls and has plastic shielding. Press and hold it to remove the plastic shield, then unscrew the controller unit.  

I’m not sure why you wanted to see the guts of your GoWise air fryer, but there it is! Remember to return each component to its place to avoid further trouble.

 GoWise Air Fryer Not Turning On

Your GoWise not turning on can toss your brain, especially if you don’t know the right step. While it could be as simple as a power glitch or a misplaced basket, it could also be as complicated as a technical breakdown. We will examine the two extremes and help you resolve your GoWise air fryer troubleshooting flaws. We begin with the simplest;

  1. Power failure

Power failure can happen only in your house or locality. All the power machines, including your air fryer, won’t turn on, so before you go nuts, check your TV, microwave, washer, heater, and even your lights. If there is power, move to the next possible cause.  

  • Bug

Digital bugs cause appliances not to turn on. It is easy to solve this; reboot your air fryer by unplugging and waiting for 10 minutes. Re-plug and watch your technological device come back to life. 

  • Socket

The socket is the point that allows power to get to your appliance. It connects your main circuitry with your air fryer and supplies it with power. A slight hitch will not allow power to pass through. Test your sockets regularly and replace them when need be. 

  • Broken Plug Fuse

After the socket, the next item to check when your GoWise air fryer is not turning on is the plug. The tiny control in the plug head regulates the power that goes into your appliance. It is a protective device. It can malfunction when overwhelmed, shut off, and prevent your GoWise air fryer from turning on. 

  • Missed Basket Position

Every component must fit in position for your air fryer to turn on. That includes a misaligned or missed basket position. Rectify the mishap and close the drawer for your air fryer to turn on.

  • Defective Appliance

A defective appliance will have multiple defects, including the power button and other controls. It could be manufacturing defects, handling, or long usage.

Assess carefully why your GoWise air fryer is not turning on. Whichever the case, you have to call a tech to attend to your air fryer. Don’t call any unauthorized person to fix it. If it is new, contact the customer care team, and consider a ship back or a new order if it is a case of obsolescence. Gowise provides a warranty against defects in materials.

GoWise Air Fryer Display Not Working

Air fryers come with manual and digital knobs. Both are subject to breakages, but the one that will bother you most is when the control display is not working. That means all the buttons are irresponsive.

You cannot select a program, time, temperature, or even pause mid-cycle. Your appliance is as bad as a dead one. But there is hope. Finding out the cause gives you the right fix, so have a look!

  • Faulty mother plate

The mother plate houses all the controls in your air fryer. Power, programs, time, temperature, and other functions are rooted in the mother plate. Any malfunction of this crucial board means the entire appliance doesn’t work. Some technicians specialize in appliances mother plate. You can have one check your device to solve several problems, including display problems, touch screen, etc.

  • Old display

The external display experiences rough moments as you press different keys and functions. After a long period of usage, wearing away is normal. If your appliance is in good shape and you do not intend to replace it, you may ask your technician to replace the display for you. It will give your GoWise air fryer a sleek look.

  • Old membrane

The membrane or Mylar plastic is common in all-electric appliances with a display. It houses the switch, tiny cables, and many other components that make the display function. After long usage, the membrane can experience tear and wear and become inefficient. That affects the display and may require a replacement. 

  • Damaged membrane switch

The membrane switch is the platform for the communication between the controls and the screen. For your air fryer to respond to an input, say, pizza, the two must work together.

If any of those two, the membrane or the control, doesn’t play its part, your display will not respond. You may need to replace a damaged membrane switch to continue using your air fryer’s display.

  • Defective circuitry

When the wires that transmit power into your GoWise air fryer display are defective, the same will not work. The tiny wires can twist and cut over the years or simply grow old.

No power gets into the display, and that’s why it is not working. Get a technician to open the interiors, fork out broken wires, and replace them with brand new ones. 

GoWise Air Fryer Screen Not Working

With the digital era in place, air fryers have touch screens like smartphones. The GoWise is not lagging. Its latest air fryer models have touchscreen displays that you must put effort into when pressing.

Like the older displays, these touch screens come with their challenges. They can freeze and become irresponsive. When that happens, you cannot move an inch into your cooking, so you must find out what’s wrong and resolve it quickly.

  1. Motherboard/plate

The touchscreen controls are in the motherboard/plate. You can trace its malfunctions on this board. A faulty single tiny wire from this board to the touch screen’s membrane can freeze it, so get electronic personnel to resolve it for you.

  • Membrane switch

Like the semi-digital display, the touch screen attaches itself to the membrane from the inside. The membrane has a switch that allows all communication from the mother plate to the screen. If the switch trips or is defective, you will have issues with the touchpad.

  • Lack of power

Many things cause power loss. It could be external to your device or internal. External means you do not have power in your house, junction box, or socket. Internal means your air fryer’s guts have an inadequate supply.

Check your home circuitry and resolve the external power problems. Internal glitches require your technician to have a look and get your screen touch working.

  • Faulty screen pad

Your GoWise air fryer may have arrived with a faulty touch screen. Nothing limits you from calling GoWise to inform them of the faulty shipment. They will replace it for you., but the warranty terms and conditions apply. If the appliance is not within the warranty period, you will pay a few dollars to replace your faulty screen.

GoWise Air Fryer Loud Noise

Something is not working right when your GoWise air fryer is too loud. And when the sound irritates your baby and neighbors, you must find the cause. The limited options include switching off your oven and fixing the issue. 

  • It’s a regular operation!

Your air fryer could just alert you that your chicken wings are ready! The same beeping you experience with other appliances when the timer reaches zero.

Your oven or microwave behaves the same way when time is up, so there is no cause for alarm when your GoWise air fryer beeps with a loud noise. But when it’s not a beep, a mechanical issue can be possible and may need attention.

A regular beep is crucial in reminding you that you left your onion rings and possibly forgot to get them out. An alternative to this beep (if it is annoyingly loud) is switching it off and using your clock or phone alarm.

  • A stubborn bug

Digital mishaps happen inside your appliance’s controls. The glitches disrupt your appliance’s performance, which may cause loud beeping. Sometimes it happens even when you are not cooking. It is an irritating noise, so you may need to clear it.

Most technical and bug glitches go away when you reset your appliance. Pull it off the power socket and hold it for 5 to 10 minutes. When you reconnect, the problem will clear.  

  • Plugged in for too long

Leaving your GoWise for a long time plugged in will cause your oven to beep loudly. It could be that some food is left there for longer than usual, or the basket is just empty.

The inbuilt alarm will warn you that the appliance is overheating. Such a loud beep alerts that your air fryer can get internal damage. Your oven requires rest after a long session of delivering delicacies to your dinner table.

Give your air fryer a break by switching off the socket and unplugging it from the power source. Besides, you wouldn’t like to pay heavily on electrical bills for the power you are not using.

  • Broken fan

Broken blades that are not rotating as they should or are stuck in the compartment can signal you that all is not well. That happens when there is debris obstructing the fan. A broken fan requires immediate attention to continue blowing air on your food. So how to go about it?

  • Switch off or unplug your GoWise air fryer and leave it to cool down.
  • Depending on your GoWise model, locate the bolts and unscrew them to access the fan components.
  • Inspect the fan parts for any breakage or obstructions.
  • Clean any debris that could be preventing the base from rotating.  
  • Replace broken components to get your oven working. Once you solve the problem, the loud noise will stop.
  • A blown thermal fuse

The interior thermal fuse damage can cause a loud ding. A fuse is a guard to prevent intensive damage to your appliance. When your oven beeps, it could be your appliance was overheating and headed for damage.

Such a signal should send you to check the condition of your appliance, voltage, and many more. Switch off the machine and access the thermal fuse. Test it for continuity and replace it if it is blown. Otherwise, it could be other components that are misbehaving, hence the bell sound.

  • Faulty electrical component inside

Your GoWise air fryer comprises many components. The control panel, heating element, plug, wires, etc. If any of the above is faulty, for instance, the control panel, it may bleep to alert you to check for damages.

A faulty control board will show an error and probably keep on beeping. Get a qualified tech to check your appliance or return it to the care center for repairs.

  • Incompatible material

Using the wrong material, e.g., a baking tray or basket, can send your appliance into panic mode and cause an alarm. Be sure about the accessories that you use on your GoWise air fryer.

Compatibility means the safety of your device and also yourself. If you want to add extra components or spare parts, order from licensed GoWise air fryer outlets that guarantee quality

GoWise Air Fryer Stopped Working

My dad has severally called me with this bad experience; the GoWise air fryer stopped working mid-cycle. He feared that the air fryer was not quality and was breaking down. I assured him he had the best unit and could use it for half a decade without a major glitch.

Of course, I had to prove it by listing several causes. Some are technical and mechanical, while others are operational. Once you get it right, you will use your GoWise air fryer for the longest time, so have a look.

Power Off

When you lose power in your house, all your electrical appliances that depend on it go off. Your air fryer is one of those. Even if you are in RV or are using a generator, any power glitch means your machine will go off.

Before panicking, check the connections and other electric gadgets in your house. If they are not operating, then you have a power failure. Fuel your generator or check your RV connections to resolve the problem. You may have to wait for your power supply until the provider fixes the lines.

Tripped socket/junction box

Power may not be off in your house, but you have a tripped socket. That can allow electric power to pass into your appliance. A simple tester can help you diagnose this small hitch in seconds. You can also shift to another socket to continue air frying.

A tripped junction box is possible where it switches itself when there is an overload. Check the box, and reduce the number of devices running concurrently with your GoWise air fryer.

Paused appliance

Many times, we ignore simple checks when our appliances stop mid-cycle. An example is whether you pressed the wrong keys. You may have erroneously pressed the Power button on your GoWise air fryer. Your appliance will pause all the processes, so you must press the button again to continue cooking. 

Blown thermal fuses

Your GoWise air fryer has two fuses; the plug fuse and the internal thermal fuse. If any of these blew up midcycle, your oven would stop. The cause for blowing is intense heat. Those two-block serious damages may happen to your machine when there is power fluctuation.

When they blow, they block any voltage from getting into your device. Until you check and replace the fuses, your GoWise air fryer will not work.


There is a possibility that any electrical controls can fail mid-operation. It could be because of a digital glitch or errors due to a short circuit, damaged membrane switch, or microswitch, among others.

The issue of faulty controls is a bit of a complication that requires a technical expert. So, if it is not power failure, blown a fuse, tripped socket, or accidental pausing, you have every cause to panic. Get your appliance checked to rectify the situation.

GoWise Air Fryer Smoking

Like cookers, grills, and ovens, air fryers can smoke. But when the smoldering happens, all is not well with your appliance. Your food could be burning, there is a lot of water/oil in your food, or it could be burning components.

When you experience smoking from your GoWise air fryer, you must be keen on the color and smell. Those two will guide you in the appropriate steps to take. 

Anytime you see intense smoke from your air fryer, your first step will be to pull the plug from the socket. Of course, you got to master the color and smell. There are three smoke colors that you should take note of. Look at this guide to make an informed decision and save your air fryer from damage. 

Blue smoke

This smoke smells like burning plastic. Indeed, it indicates burning components. You could have left some plastic wrappings in your air fryer. They found their way to the base on the heater. They got burnt when you put them in the oven, hence the smell and the smoke.

Or it could be your GoWise air fryer components are burning. Whichever is the case, you must scrutinize what it is to avoid further damages. Do not leave any components like mats and wrappings in your air fryer when you are not using it.

Some may find their way to the heater and light up when you begin cooking. It is equally dangerous for your household. 

White smoke

The GoWise air fryer smoldering white smoke means that you added lots of water or oil to your ingredients. Stop your air fryer by disconnecting from the power source and get on to reduce the liquids to stop the smoke.

Slowly master how to use your air fryer from the manual or our guides. All the air fryer recipes have details of water and oil measurements to avoid smoking. We recommend that you cook only air fryer-friendly recipes for efficiency and excellent results.

Black smoke

As usual in cookery, black smoke indicates burning food. You cannot continue the process, so you must disconnect your appliance immediately if you see dark smoke. Slide out the drawer, pull the basket, and empty the contents into a bowl.

If your food is beginning to burn, you can scoop out the burnt parts, clean the basket and continue with the process. If it is burnt beyond salvage, it’s too bad. Discard the food and begin all over again.

Check the temperature setting. You may have dialed high temperature than the menu requirement. Follow the designated recipe requirements to prevent burning your food.

Final Words

GoWise air fryers let you enjoy your favorite treats without worrying about extra calories. In addition, you can enjoy a meal in your kitchen, RVs, camping, parties, and picnics. The hardy brand will give you crunchy but juicy meats, veggies, seafood, bakes, pizza, etc.

With this mini-oven, no more long hours of cooking. It saves time and electric bills.

But it is not without shortfalls. GoWise air fryer troubleshooting problems cut across other air fryers. The reason is that they are electronics with the same design and build. Our guide has tackled almost all glitches you will likely encounter with your device, from technical to mechanical to operational.

Don’t give up on your air fryer. If you try the most basic and find yourself getting stuck, a phone call, a chat, or an email can save you a hell of a time. Getting the right help prevents further damage to your appliance. Do not shy off contacting the manufacturer or our team for more help.


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