10 Most common Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Problems (troubleshooting)

Recently, you upgraded your kitchen with a new Bella Pro Series air fryer. Undoubtedly, the air fryer is one of the best pieces of appliances that you have ever bought. Bella Pro Series air fryer does its job perfectly and has a front digital touchscreen control with several (eight) presets.

Its excellent ergonomics include an easy-to-operate system, dishwasher-safe components, and incredible versatility. But technology isn’t flawless.

That’s what you are trying to determine in this guide; Bella Pro Series air fryer problems (troubleshooting) and ways of solving them. We have a whole dozen of those, so stick around and follow the repair guide;

How To Turn Off Bella Pro Series Air Fryer

Cooking is enjoyable with the Bella Pro Series air fryer until when it reaches a point you don’t know how to switch it off. Unlike many models, you will find this mini oven very simple to set up and easy to use, so turning it off should no longer be a nightmare.

We have different ways to turn off the Bella Pro Series air fryer. Look at this!

1.   Power/Start Button

Once you’re through with cooking, or you are mid-process and want to turn off your machine, you can use the white Power/Start button.

Hold it for about 2 seconds to turn your appliance off. Your air fryer’s white convection fan will flash for about 15 seconds.

Switch off the socket and pull out the plug. Wait for your appliance to cool down before cleaning and storage.

2.   Timer dial

The timer dial is the function you use to set the time and countdown when cooking your food. When the feature is in place, your air fryer will not stop cooking until the end. You can make use of this function to prevent your oven. Turn the dial to ‘0’, and your Bella Pro Series air fryer will turn off.

3.   Disconnect power supply

Your Bella pro series air fryer uses electric power to work. That means disconnecting the machine or switching off the socket will automatically turn your appliance off.

4.   Automatic Timer

Besides the timer dial, you have the automatic timer for setting your cooking time until the perfect doneness. It works as a countdown, goes off at the end of the period, and notifies you when your food is ready. You can press the feature before the time elapses or wait until the end for your Bella pro series air fryer to shut down by itself.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Reset Button

With a reset button in an air fryer, you resolve several troubleshooting issues with software interference. The controller clears several errors.

But this button may not be available in your Pro Series. Do not panic; there is always a way to reset your air fryer if the button is missing. Let us explore two ways of doing this;

1.   Reset by power off

This method involves resetting your air fryer by disconnecting it from power. We can equate this method to a hard reset where you intentionally disrupt the power connection to your machine with a need to reboot the programs. Follow the below steps;

  • Switch off the power at the socket.
  • Remove the air fryer plug from the socket.
  • Pull out the drawer and remove the air fryer basket.
  • Allow the air fryer to cool down for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Return your basket to the drawer, push it back, and connect it back to the socket.
  • Follow the correct process by selecting a suitable program, time, and temperature to start cooking your food.

2.   Reset By Button

Manufacturers keep on updating their machines. Your Bella Pro Series could be the latest and has a reset button. It is easy to reset an air fryer or any other appliance using a reset button. Have a look at the below guide for utilizing this knob;  

  • Hold the air fryer and check on the reset button.
  • Hold the button, press, and release.
  • Your air fryer will display a clear flash.
  • All sensors will return to factory settings.
  • Begin all over again and start cooking.

An alternative would be deep pressing the power button for a few seconds. Wait for about 10 minutes before pressing on to power up your oven.

The simple process applies to many electronic household devices and can help you clear your Bella Pro Series air fryer problems (troubleshooting).

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

Bella Pro Series air fryer is a hardy oven that will hardly disappoint you. But mishaps sometimes happen, and you may find yourself in a mess.

Your guess is correct; your lovely appliance faces technical/mechanical failure. That’s not obvious as there are other things you can check out and fix your air fryer.

1.   Source of power

Taking your time to check your power source before any other possible cause is paramount. Your Bella Pro Series air fryer gets its power from your house’s supply through the kitchen socket.

If the socket where you plugged in your air fryer is not supplying sufficient energy or the voltage is nil, then your appliance won’t turn on.

The simplest way to confirm this hitch is by connecting other machines or changing a faulty socket to ensure that your air fryer is powered.

2.   Plug head

The appliance plug has to fit and get adequately fixed to the socket. If it is loose, there will be no electric flow current, so the air fryer won’t turn on. Touch the pins to determine if there is a breakage or looseness.

In addition to a broken plug, the head is the fuse that lies inside the feature. Open the two screws that secure the fuse in place to access it. The fuse cannot allow power to pass through to your air fryer if there is browning or burnt elements.

3.   Power cable

Is your power cable in suitable condition? Does it have cuts and bends? Those are the concerns you should have regarding your appliance’s power cable. Address them by straightening your wires and replacing the broken ones.

Again, never use power extensions on your air fryer. Sometimes, power extensions are faulty, loose, or supply less power output than your Bella Pro Series requirements. 

4.   Basket and tray

Several components must be correctly positioned for your air fryer to turn on. That includes the basket and tray. A tilt or a missed groove/alignment will not allow your air fryer to turn on. You have to remove the combo and position them correctly. First, you will start with the basket.

Ensure the food is at the proper levels, and then place it in the tray. The unit will click to indicate that it is secure. Once you put the combo in the drawer and push it in, your air fryer should turn on.

5.   Air fryer Microswitch

A faulty air fryer switch hinders your air fryer’s working correctly. First, your Pro Series model will not turn on if the microswitch dies. This switch gets information from several other components that turning on the air fryer is okay.

An example is a drawer; when it is half-closed, the information relays to the microswitch is that the appliance is not ready to begin cooking. The air fryer automatically switches on when you pull the door and close it properly. Ensure that the basket, tray, drawer, and other components are in the perfect position for the microswitch to work effectively.

6.   Drawer

As mentioned above, the drawer is one of the components that will not let your air fryer turn on if it is not in the proper position. A faulty drawer latch assembly behaves the same. Your air fryer is not ready to begin cooking if the drawer is not intact.

Many other functions stall because of a drawer’s fault. Heating will not take place too. Inspect every component of your drawer to ensure it is perfectly working well. Clean out any stoppers and a heating plate.

These can fail on the way, including grime and food crumbs. Before working on the drawer, you must disconnect your appliance, cool down, and be safe to handle.

7.   Control knobs

The air fryer has several knobs that control the temperature and time setting. Food remains, and grease sometimes collects under the knobs, making them not function appropriately.

That will hinder the air fryer from turning on. Ensure the air fryer is always clean, including the knobs and other interior parts. That will not only allow excellent functionality, but it is also hygienic to keep your appliance clean.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Not Turning On

We have looked at several causes of your Bella Pro Series not turning on. You may have no time to go through due to tight schedules or are in a hurry. The below table is a simple summary of why your appliance is not turning on. 

Bella Pro Series Air fryer not turning on chart

Faulty control knobsOpen the panel to access the membrane pad.Replace faulty knobsReplace the control panel  
Loose/broken drawerCheck the componentsRepair and replace  
Faulty power source  Repair electric circuitryReplace faulty socket  
Power lossHold on for power resumption.  
Half closed door  Close until you hear a click sound  
Misaligned basket/tray  Align the combo  
Faulty microswitch  Repair and replace  
Faulty plug head  ·         Replace with a new one  
Burnt plug fuse  Remove the bad fuse and replace it.  
Cut/bend the power cord.  Replace for safety and operational purposes.  
Faulty/dead equipment  repair/replace  

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

Of late, your Bella Pro Series air fryer has been troubling you. The touchpad is not working. The function not working is one of Bella Pro Series air fryer problems (troubleshooting), and when the problem checks in, you have a non-responsive touchpad. Sometimes, the display is blank, and other times your air fryer shows some error codes.

So, what is the cause for this Bella Pro Series air fryer troubleshooting issue?

1.   Power supply failure

When your power supply fails, your air fryer gets disconnected. The Touch screen will not work and will show a black display. The touch screen and the entire unit will also go off. So, check out your power supply before you reach out to your technician.

2.   Faulty power socket

A faulty socket will turn your air fryer on and off. The touch screen will also work on and off and may become non-responsive if the socket dies. Until you restore the socket, you will continue experiencing several problems with your air fryer, including a failed touchpad.

3.   Wear and tear

Like your smartphone and other devices’ touchpad, your Bella air fryer’s screen can experience wear and tear. That’s after some months or years of usage. Depending on the length of use, you can plan for a replacement to keep your smart oven on track.

4.   Dead membrane 

The membrane and its switch put on your air fryer’s touch screech. The component comes with a conductive medium known as Mylar Plastic which houses hundreds of tiny wires intertwined to allow communication between your screen and the other controls.

When you touch the relevant button, communication happens between the screen and your device.

A dead membrane means that the Mylar Plastic and the wires are affected and won’t function as you need them to. Get a qualified and licensed tech to diagnose this issue and repair or replace it effectively. Also, a defective membrane switch is easy to repair or replace, just that you need an expert to do it for you.

3.   Defective MotherBoard

The motherboard houses all the controls for your air fryer. That includes the switches that operate your device’s touch screen. All programs in your device get information from this mother plate.

A slight defect means that your unit will not relay commands from or to the touch screen, which is a possible cause for your touch screen not working. Get an expert to give you proper control board diagnostics to resolve the issue.

4.   High voltage

Your appliance’s membrane switch operates at a low voltage electric circuit. When the controls supply a higher than usual, it can affect the membrane switch, which is essential for screen pad functionalities.

The motherboard/plate is responsible for this the low voltage production and supplying it to the membrane switch. A qualified electronic expert will open your appliance, check the voltage, membrane switch, and motherboard, and resolve the issue.

5.   Broken appliance

Is the Bella Pro Series air fryer generally functioning correctly? Has it had a fall or impact recently? A crack can cause your oven to stop its operations. The Touch screen may have cracked after the fall.

During the repairs, you could give your tech a clue of what happened so they can repair your gadget and replace the broken screen. Failing to repair and refurbish your air fryer interiors, e.g., the membrane switch and other components will still give your new touch screen trouble.

A non-responsive Bella air fryer touch screen combined with other components means your air fryer requires a replacement. If your oven demands repairs more often than average, look for an alternative. There are several Bella Pro Series air fryers that are worth your consideration.

How To Turn On Bella Pro Series Air Fryer

Are you new to the Bella Pro Series air fryer? Are the air fryer knobs confusing you? You are not alone, as many Bella Pro Series users are in the same situation. Turning on the air fryer becomes a gist if you switch on the socket, but you don’t know what knob to press afterward.

Just to stay you on track with your Bella Pro Series air fryer, the gadget comes with eight programs with their preset time and temperature. These include

  • Air fry
  • Roast
  • Boil
  • Bake
  • Reheat
  • Keep warm
  • Pizza
  • Dehydrate

Your Bella Pro series air fryer also comes with a power/start button that you press on to begin cooking. But pushing the power/start button will not give you results. There are several other processes to follow. 

Step one

We assume you have arranged your ingredients in the crisper tray/air fryer basket. Remember to put observe the maximum level not to overfill. That will be about ⅔ full. It is half to one cup for your veggies to allow maximum air circulation. Insert the basket appropriately and push the drawer into your air fryer.

Step two

Fully plug the cord in the wall outlet and press the red POWER/START button. The default time/temperature of 15 minutes/370 °F will appear on the control screen. These will keep on alternating on display.

Step three

Adjust your air frying time on the right side of the controls by pressing TIME and then the arrow (up or down). You can add or decrease from 1 to 60 minutes with a one-minute increment.

Step four

Equally, adjust your air frying temperature n the right side of the panel by pressing TEMP and then the up and down arrow. Your Bella Pro Series air fryer temperature ranges from 90 °F to 400 °F with a 10-degree increment.

Step five

Your desired TIME and TEMPERATURE will appear on your display. Touch the white Power to TURN ON YOUR AIR FRYER. Your White Convection Fan will begin blinking, and the heater icon will also indicate that your machine is operating.

Step six

After the above prompts, your oven’s preset temperature/time will begin to alternate on your display until the cooking time is over and your food is ready.


  1. The Bella Pro series air fryer will not heat unless you press the white POWER/START button in step five above.
  2. If you delay for over 60 seconds without pressing the buttons, your air fryer will automatically turn OFF and go into standby mode. That will prompt you to begin afresh.
  3. Keep checking your food through the process to determine the progress. You can add/reduce the cooking time and temperature if you notice it is cooking faster/ slower than you anticipated. Cooking is a skill that calls for common sense when things are not cooking well.

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer Error Codes

Our last part of this guide is error codes. These remain the most challenging in all your air fryer issues. The codes can depict a complication that only requires the manufacturer to handle or a simple one that you can clear.

Similarly, when error codes show on your Bella Pro Series air fryer display, it implies that your appliance cannot cook your food, so you have to resolve or call someone to do it for you. Let’s look at what they mean;

  1. E1 Error

Your Bella air fryer displaying E1 error shows a circuit error. Your device could also be boiling with heat. Overheating will not let you continue. Switch off your oven for a couple of minutes and replug to see if the error clears. If not, it is a technical fault that will require a licensed tech to attend to.

But it may also be an operational error where you inserted the wrong components. Your pans, crisper basket, or rack material may not be compatible with your oven. Resolve by using Bella Pro Series air fryer accessories in your oven.

  1. E2  Error

This error occurs when your gadget’s thermal sensor fails. The internal fuse burns due to a blockage in the exhaust port, affecting the sensor. Clear any exhaust port obstructions and keep your oven a distance from the wall to allow venting.

  1. E3 Error

Your appliance can display the E1 or E3 when overheating. The cause is usually overusing, overfilling, faulty circuits, or blocked vents. It is evident that other than a defective circuit, improper use of your Bella Pro Series causes E1. Follow the proper operation procedure to prevent air fryer errors. 

Bella Pro Series Air Fryer E1 Error

Although we covered the Bella Pro Series air fryer error codes above, let me get deeper into this one pissing error, E1. It is stubborn and will go away with a mere reset unless you resolve the underlying issues. So what are the causes for this error, and what is the fix or caution?

 Using incompatible components

Your air fryer came with a tray, a rack, mats, a crisper basket, etc. If you broke or lost any of those, you must order new accessories. Your new order could be incompatible with your Bella Pro Series air fryer. When you insert any of those, the display will show E1. So, when ordering accessories, take note of material compatibility for your air fryer to avoid disappointments.


Your Bella Pro Series air fryer can overheat due to mechanical or operational faults. Find out this and call customer service if needed.

Faulty circuit: mechanical

A faulty electric circuit is a mechanical fault that requires solving only by a technician. But before you taking decision that this is the leading cause of your oven overheating, have a thorough check on the rest of the issues.

Overfilling: operational

When your crisper tray is overfilled, your air fryer will work excessively to provide the high heat requirements for the ingredients. It will prompt you to extend the time and add the temperature when you notice your food is undercooked—Cook the appropriate amounts of food by following the low and high markings on the crisper tray.

Overuse: operational

Serving dozens of guests from your air fryer means cooking several batches to satisfy them. Your air fryer will eventually overheat and crash due to overuse. You can use other appliances like the oven and grill to roast your meats to relieve your Bella Pro Series air fryer from exhaustion.

Excess oil: operational

Using excess oil in your air fryer will drip and find its way on the heater. Contact with the hot element will raise the temperature and even cause smoking. If your recipe requires oil, spray a minimal amount to prevent dripping and overheating.

Grime: operational

Grime build-up on the base of your air fryer or the heating element can cause overheating when you start your appliance. Clean all food remains and grease after cooking to eliminate grime in your air fryer.

Blocked vents: operational

Obstructing your air fryer vents will cause heat accumulation. Usually, these are at the hind of your air fryer. Ensure a 15 cm distance from the wall and avoid placing objects near your air fryer.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the Bella Pro Series air fryer is a unique appliance that combines eight preset menu options.

The air fryer not only replaces your regular pots, deep fryers, microwave, and oven but also delivers healthy snacks and foods to your table. You can use it at home, on RVs, at parties, and camping.

But it is not without setbacks. Bella Pro Series air fryer problems (troubleshooting) can kick in anytime. We have given you tips on handling your device.

The first process is establishing the cause and then fixing it. We are optimistic that this troubleshooting guide will help you resolve your air fryer problems and use the appliance for the longest time.

Are you still stuck or unsure about the subsequent troubleshooting steps? Call the Bella air fryer’s customer service department or contact us for further help.

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