8 Reasons Why Ninja Air Fryer Won’t Turn On (Troubleshooting)

Ninja is a popular air fryer brand in the market. The model is handy and works efficiently for your roasts, bakes, broils, fries, and dehydrating your food with less than 75% oil. With its variable temp control, you can control the cooking temperature for every meal you make.

But it is not without tears. Troubleshooting errors such as failure to turn on are common. Do not overthink the issues, as you have this guide in your hands to help you fix the errors. Other problems such as Ninja Foodi failing to pressurize are also in this article.

Why Is Your Ninja Air Fryer Not Turning On?

We will always insist in all our guides, always consult your appliance’s users’ manual before attempting DIY fixes.

To get your air fryer up and working, let’s check out a few things;

  1. Power Connection

Have you checked whether there is power in your locality? Broken power lines that supply you with power happen, but sometimes you may be too engaged to realize. You go ahead and plug in your Ninja air fryer, but it won’t turn on.

The best way to check for power loss is to check whether your refrigerator, washer, or water dispenser has power. If not, then your power supplier is the major problem. That is not something you can fix.

Try to contact their customer care desk for assistance. You will have to take further steps below if there is power in your house and only your air fryer isn’t turning on.

2. Poor Connection On The Socket

Is your power socket working? There is a possibility of tripping, which causes a power cut into your Ninja air fryer switch . Also, if the plug is not connecting properly to the wall socket, the gadget will not turn on.

Ninja air fryers have a design that includes a two-prong power cord that you plug into the wall socket. Two prong cords sometimes do not connect to the socket effectively unless you are extra keen. Some wall sockets have GFCI protection, which may cause them to trip.

If you are using an extension, that too cannot be effective in this cooker. Plug your Ninja air fryer in a wall socket for sufficient and consistent power flow.

3. Blown Fuse

So, there is power in your house, but your Ninja air fryer won’t turn on. That’s probably a blown-up fuse. The quickest solution is to remove and throw away the damaged fuse, then get a new one.

You may need a helping hand if you don’t understand electrical gadgets properly, but a few directions on the new fuse users’ manual is easy to follow.

4. Damaged Micro Switch

When the microswitch malfunctions, your Ninja air fryer will not turn on. The switch works by pressing a button and allows power to flow in and out of your air fryer.

To rule out a damaged micro switch, you need a technician to inspect your pot. They will then replace the parts and get your air fryer up and working. 

5. Broken Down Air Fryer

One of the symptoms of a broken-down electrical appliance is that it will not turn on no matter your efforts. Attempting to repair a broken-down Ninja air fryer by yourself or an unauthorized technician can interfere with your warranty.

The Ninja air fryer customer service is available 24/7 to solve such issues. They can ask you to ship the oven back to them or opt to send their technician to fix or pick the appliance.

6. Improperly Installed Or Overloaded Basket

An improperly installed air fryer basket will cause your air fryer not to power up. And so is an overloaded basket.

The Ninja air fryers have a unique safety feature that prevents the device from switching on if the tray isn’t in place. This issue requires you to take out the basket, reduce the load of ingredients, push it in, and ensure it stays in its position. To ensure that the basket is in its proper place, shovel it in until you hear a click.  

7. Stuck controls

If you haven’t used your Ninja air fryer for long, chances are the controls will become unresponsive. Turning on and off and even pressing will not work.

Your appliance is in standby mode. The solution seems unprofessional, but hitting the power button will activate its controls. What happens is that your Ninja air fryer entered a standby mode to conserve energy. 

8. The Air Fryer Hasn’t Been Pre-heated

One of the steps to preparing your Ninja cooker is preheating. The gadget heats up when you switch it on to get ready to air fry. Chances are it has not preheated properly to reach the cooking temperature. The pre-heating-heating process takes about three to five minutes. Check that before you add the ingredients.

Why My Ninja Air Fryer Is Not Working?

Your Ninja air fryer not working may be a case of troubleshooting or a complete breakdown. A total mechanical breakdown will require contacting the Ninja customer service desk. Most often, the company will go ahead and replace a faulty machine, but this is conditional; your Ninja air fryer should be under warranty so, enjoy your warranty while it lasts. 

It is wise to get a new air fryer to replace an old one that keeps breaking every other time!

Troubleshooting is normal in any electrical gadget, more so your Ninja air fryer. You will feel a little disappointed if your pot fails after spending time preparing for ingredients.

It’s a big relief to learn Ninja air fryer troubleshooting issues and how to fix them. We handled some of the causes earlier. For you to recap, have a look at the reasons why your Ninja air fryer is not working;

  1. Improperly installed air fryer basket.
  2. Loosely connected power cord.
  3. Power loss from the main meter.
  4. Broken controls
  5. Standby mode
  6. Air fryer not heating up
  7. Overloaded air fryer basket
  8.  Engaged timer
  9. Damaged/faulty air fryer

How Do You Turn On The Ninja Foodi Air Fryer?

Turning on your Ninja Foodi air fryer is a short and easy process. First, you need to learn your air fryer’s control panel before operating the pot.

Read the Ninja Foodi air fryer manual that properly displays what you expect in the packaging. You will find it on the display power button on the bottom left.

Go ahead and press it down for the air fryer to power. It should be effortless to press the start button. You will then go ahead and select your cooking function.

Press the Start/Pause button to begin cooking. Also, press the same button if you need to stop the process midway from monitoring your food.

Other functions appear on display and include Toast, Bake, Bagel, Keep Warm, Dehydrate, Air Broil, Air Roast, and Air fry.

There is also the Time/ Slice and Temp/Darkness for cook time/number of slices to Bagel and temperature/darkness level you would like during the cooking process.

Does Ninja Foodi Have A Fuse?

Most electrical cookware appliances come with a fuse. The purpose of this device is to protect your air fryer by breaking the current flow in case of an electrical fault.

Manufacturers usually fix this tiny but important device on three-prong plugs. Two-prong plugs don’t come with a fuse. That means if your Ninja Foodi has a three-prong plug, it has a fuse, but if it is two-pronged, it does not have a fuse.

Another easier way to know whether your Ninja Food has a fuse is to check for screws. If the screws are present, that means there is a fuse inside. Unscrew to inspect your fuse, especially if your appliance is not turning on or abruptly off.

Why Is My Ninja Foodi Not Pressurizing?

A pressure cooker quickens and eases your food preparation. Everything cooks thoroughly and is also tender, and the process involves the pot building pressure in the tightly sealed chamber.

Your Ninja Foodi generates steam, and as the pressure increases, the water boils past 212°F. The ingredients cook at such a high temperature, thus shortening the cooking times. 

Food will only cook like in the regular pot if the pressure doesn’t build up. So, you need to be keen on your pot pressurizing. But what are the reasons why your Ninja Food won’t pressurize?

Check these four points;

  1. The Gasket Seals

Your cooker gasket seal will be the first thing to inspect if your cooker is not pressurizing. The seals are the most important parts of a pressure cooker. Without them, this will be nothing but a regular pot.

The best pressure cooker seals are made of silicon. There are rubbers, but these are not as effective as silicon. Rubber expands and eventually becomes loose. 

Whichever gasket seal you have, its idea is to help build pressure within the pot. Leaking seals allow pressure to escape, meaning steam won’t build. Whenever the seals are not in their right grooves or don’t fit well, air escapes, thus no pressure. Replace worn-out seal regularly as part of your Ninja Foodi maintenance.

In addition, if you notice your new gasket seal is leaking out steam, use Vaseline to provide extra sealing. You can also try food-grade silicone gel. This gel or jelly should work perfectly for you. If not, then it’s time you rang the Ninja Foodi customer care for help. 

2. Release Knob

The release knob is the second thing you will check if your Ninja Foodi is not building pressure. A faulty knob requires a replacement if it is not adjustable. For your electric Ninja Foodi, the pressure release knob setting should be at the sealing position.  

3. Liquid Content

To cook with a pressure cooker, you have to use water. But sometimes, we put in thick soups depending on your ingredients. The thick gravies do not produce enough steam that builds pressure. Ensure that you use enough water to create the hot vapor for pressurizing. Thick sauces are not recommended for pressure cookers.

3. Wrong Ingredients

What are you cooking with your device? Not all ingredients can allow pressure to build in your device. Some get stuck at the bottom surface and prevent the steam from the building.

As we said earlier, pressure cookers work with boiling water and liquid circulation. There is no pressure in your pot if there is poor steaming.

Follow your Ninja Foodi manual for the types of ingredients to use; meanwhile, if you notice the poor pressurization, use a long spatula to remove the stuck stuff at the bottom. Add water to facilitate steaming and pressurization.

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Final Thoughts

Ninja air fryers are some of the best appliances in modern kitchens. Besides their ergonomics, the pots are versatile. You can bake, broil, roast, and do many things that an oven or a pot can do.

An air fryer saves your time and delivers flavorful food to your table. But simple troubleshooting issues can maim your efforts of cooking using this gadget. 

If the pot is not turning on, you will not go past that point. You have to establish the causes and fix them to continue cooking. We have listed and elaborated the causes and easy fixes that you can do all by yourself. 

We also have the Ninja Foodi, which serves you as an air fryer and a pressure cooker. This pot not only saves you time but also your energy. Its quick cooking mechanism helps you boil meat, beans, peas, and other food ingredients. 

A faulty seal, wrong ingredients, an old release knob, and putting in thick liquids will not allow steaming and pressurization. Keep inspecting your device before any cooking experience to ensure perfection.

Feel free to contact our team if any of the above tips work out for you. We will advise you accordingly and refer you to an experienced Ninja cookware technician.

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