Why Is Gourmia Air Fryer Fan Not Working? Let’s fix it (Quickly & Easily!)

Whenever your cooking appliance fails, you have to shift your mind to another cooking method. That inconveniences you, especially if you have the mindset to treat yourself to a delicious meal. 

The Gourmia air fryer fan not working is one of the issues that will stop you from making your best fries, roasts, and bakes. The fan is a crucial feature of your air fryer. It is responsible for blowing heat over your food, so if it is not working, your food will not cook consistently.

The fan issues could be due to a broken motor, debris, electrical issues, broken blades, sensor problems, inactive safety buttons, open thermal fuse, faulty circuit board, low voltage, and demo mode. There are more causes, so keep learning here to resolve them.

Why Is Your Gourmia Air Fryer Not Working & How To Fix?

1. Inactive Safety Button

Your Gourmia air fryer fan comes with a safety button. The button is usually off from the factory to prevent fan functionality while on the store shelves. Before you begin cooking, you need to check this knob and activate it.  

How To Fix 

It is easy to switch on the safety button. You will need an old credit card, gift card, or a butter knife.

  • Disconnect your machine from the power source to avoid electrocution.
  • Ensure the drawer is back into the air fryer.
  • Grab your old gift card and slide it into the gap. The action triggers the switch. It should unlock the safety switch and get the air fryer fan into action.  

2. Demo Mode

All appliances in the store display are set on a demo mode to prevent real cooking when you switch them on. That includes your Gourmia air fryer. Most functions cannot operate when the machine is in demo mode. 

The fan, heater, and other features won’t work when the machine is in this mode. When you bought the air fryer, your dealer may have forgotten to deactivate the demo mode. But it isn’t a technical process, so you can attempt to do it yourself.

How To Fix

  • The first step will be to consult your Gourmia air fryer manual for the specific steps. These steps are usually a combination of buttons you will press and hold until your air fryer returns to work. If you can’t trace your booklet, follow the prompts below.
  • Unplug your machine from the socket and leave it for a few moments. This action, called a reset, usually disables most appliances’ demo modes.
  • What if the above steps do not work? Contact Gourmia customer service. They will provide you with more troubleshooting steps to disable demo mode.

3. Debris

When debris gathers in your air fryer interiors, they cause blockage and stop various functionalities. The fan will rotate at low speed or stop. You have to disassemble the gadget and clean it up. 

How To Fix

  • Fixing your Gourmia air fryer fan also involves cleaning debris to create space for the rotating blades. You have to open the case that protects the controls, but first, disconnect the unit from the power.
  • Insert a scraper on the top cover to expose the screws. 
  • Unscrew the nuts and remove the inner cover. 
  • Lift the outer casing that houses the panel, and protect the controls and the interior wiring. 
  • Once in, take a tour of your air fryer guts. The fan is clear and visible as it has blades and a rotating base. 
  • Remove all the debris and check if the blades are touching the wires. You may need to blow the dust with a hair blow dryer. 

4. Damaged Sensor 

Air fryers come with sensors communicating with the controls when the unit is ready to cook. Also, the detectors sense any form of malfunctioning in the unit. The unit shuts off, including the fan when the drawer is unlatched. If that’s the case with your Gourmia air fryer, you may need technical assistance to replace the sensor.

How To Fix

The first step will be to slide in your drawer and ensure it latches well. If the fan isn’t responding, the air fryer has an issue with the sensors. You may not know the exact problem, so consult your tech or the manufacturer. They understand the air fryer functionality and will resolve the issue better.

5. Broken Components

Broken wings, base, or other parts of your fan can stop its functionality. The only way to be sure about this is to disassemble and inspect the unit. While in step 3 above, you can also inspect the blades. Check whether there are broken pieces under the blades.

How To Fix

A broken fan requires replacement. You have two options: order a fan and DIY it or take your machine to the repair shop. The first option is challenging because you may need to know the exact fitting for your Gourmia air fryer. Why don’t you trust the technical experts to do the work for you?

6. Electric Wiring Issue

The electric wiring system in your Gourmia air fryer delivers power to the fan for rotation. The fan’s motor stops if there is a short circuit or a disconnect.  

How To Fix

Inspect the entire wiring system to pick up the problem. The easiest way will be to test for continuity and the terminals. Once you fix the wires, test the appliance and see if the fan rotates.

7. Power Disconnection

While cooking, the power may go off. The entire unit shuts off, including the fan. Other appliances, such as the range and microwave, will also stop if it is a central issue. 

How To Fix

Begin inspection from the power socket to the main junction box for disconnect. For power issues, report to the general provider so that they can resolve their issue from their end.

8. Broken Motor

One of the fan components that may cause it to stall is the motor. This unit drives or spins the fan. Without power, the motor won’t power the unit. Also, the fan stops due to motor failure. 

How To Fix

The small feature is complex and requires testing for continuity. If it is broken, you may need to replace it. But mostly, the tech will replace the entire fan unit, including the motor. If you are unsure about the next action, talk to your technician.

9. Unlatching Drawer

Gourmia and other air fryers have a safety mechanism that cannot let the units run with an open drawer. The detectors will not allow the fan, heater, or other controls to work when the door hasn’t latched. There are many reasons the drawer may not be fully closing. Determining the cause will help you fix the machine to its full potential.

How To Fix

  • Broken latch: Replace the door.
  • Loose/broken hinges:  Screw back the hinges or replace the broken ones.
  • Overloaded drawer: overloading blocks the drawer. Reduce the food ingredients to allow perfect closing.
  • Obstructions: Slide out the drawer and clear any objects preventing closing.

10. Old Machine

 Many people assume that appliances should last forever on their countertops. The fact is, they do get old and obsolete. An air fryer will serve you best when you acquire it. After a while, depending on usage, its potentiality begins to fade. At year five, the machine is weary, and some of its features begin failing. If you are not replacing the plug head, it is the buttons. The fan, too, slows down, and cooking takes longer. 

How To Fix

Fixing an old machine is not cost-effective. You may replace the fan as a first-aid option as you plan to buy another appliance. Once you achieve the purchase, it will be a relief. Also, you get better and more reliable features.


If your Favorite Gourmia digital air fryer fan is still not working, check your Gourmia air fryer warranty. If your Gourmia air fryer warranty period still has, contact the Gourmia air fryer customer service team for help. If the air fryer warranty is over, then take it to your nearest electric kitchen appliance repair shop to fix your electric air fryer oven by a qualified technician.

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