Why & Where Gourmia Air Fryer Making Noise & Gourmia Air Fryer Fuse Location?

Cooking with a noisy air fryer is not amusing. Your chicken may not cook to your expectation, plus the deafening noise is scary. You aren’t sure if your air fryer will burst into flames and smoke your house. Besides distractions, cooking with a noisy air fryer is a risk. So, any unusual sound from your gadget should draw your attention.

Your Gourmia air fryer’s noise indicates a deformed fan, unstable rack, or the machine’s design. The noise could also signify a dirty air fryer full of dry food debris that needs removal and cleaning. A loose or unstable tray inside the air fryer can also tilt and touch the walls of your air fryer. 

Hearing this noise for the first time can cause panic, but you have this guide for reference. Check these five reasons for your Gourmia air fryer noise;

Why Is Your Gourmia Air Fryer Making Noise & What To Do?

1.  Deformed/Broken Fan

The fan is a component that helps blow equal amounts of heat over your food in the cooking compartment. If it stalls down, your food may not cook consistently. A distorted blade, loose base, or faulty motor will cause the unit to make an unusually loud noise. 

How To Fix

The first step to examining your fan is removing the frame. Use a screwdriver to remove any screws that are visible on the sides/ back/bottom, depending on the air fryer model. For easy access, read your Gourmia air fryer user manual. Once you get hold of the fan, check if the blades are distorted. The base should also be intact, and the motor too. There should be no dust, grease, or debris—brown/black pigmentation on the engine signifies blown components.

2.  Unstable Rack

A poor-fitting rack or a tilted one will rumble inside the tray. The rattling isn’t quiet, but there is no risk other than spiling. To avoid the irritating rattling noise, fix your tack well. But there is more that you can do to prevent the issue. 

How To Fix

When buying accessories for your Gourmia air fryer, get the proper fitting. That prevents a mismatch and further damage to your appliance. An ideal rack doesn’t rattle and fits well. Also, ensure that the stand doesn’t tilt in the tray.

3.  Unstable Rotisserie

Your Gourmia air fryer oven comes with a rotisserie for spinning your food. The spin exposes your chicken or steak to consistent heat. You will get perfect results at the set time. 

Gourmia air fryer ovens have rotisserie slots where you fit in the loaded rods. The appliance may make a grinding noise if the rotisserie is unstable or doesn’t fit well. Also, the rod may have an overload or irregular foods that touch your oven’s surface. Or you left the tray, and the food is getting into contact. That causes noise.

How To Fix

Check your rotisserie for errors. Also, fit it well to ensure that it doesn’t. You can check if you left some accessories in the air fryer oven. Remove them to prevent contact with those rotating pork ribs. When loading the rods, ensure the meet chunks fit well and leave space for rotation.

4.  Dry Food Debris

When the fan is at full speed, dry food debris flies into your oven and causes an unusual noise. It could be leftovers from your previous cooking sessions, which won’t give you peace. You need to clean up our oven.

How To Fix

Clean up your oven after every cooking session. Also, cook air fryer-friendly recipes. As the fan blows in your air fryer, dry foods will give you a hell of a time with noise.

5.  Air Fryer Design

Some air fryers will be noisy from the word go. Other than getting a quieter brand, you can do nothing to rectify the situation. But it would help if you differentiated between a breaking appliance and a regular operation. 

The above noises differ. For instance, do not take a grinding, screeching, or rattling noise as an air fryer design. Even the noisiest air fryer will hum and not make distracting sounds.

How To Fix

Determine what’s the normal functioning of your Gourmia digital air fryer. Once you are sure that it is a low hum and not a rattling or grinding noise, you can put up with that. Any other noise should raise your eyebrows. Call Gourmia air fryer customer service for clarity.

Note: If your Gourmia air fryer is still making a loud noise, check its warranty. If it is still under warranty, contact Gourmia customer service for assistance. If your Gourmia air fryer warranty is over, take your Gourmia air fryer to an air fryer expert to fix it.

Gourmia Air Fryer Fuse Location!

Whenever you acquire a new kitchen appliance, you have to learn its operations. That way, it will be smooth for you. Mastering your Gourmia air fryer fuse location is crucial. Like other appliances, you need to know that air fryers come with fuses.

Gourmia has safety mechanisms to disconnect power when there is a malfunction. The air fryer will not ask you to disconnect the power, but the operation will be automatic. Without the measure, a power surge can cause a blow on the appliance or even a fire outburst. The air fryer has two;

  • Plug fuse
  • Thermal fuse

The Plug Fuse

This fuse is a must-have feature in all-electric appliances. Your iron box, refrigerator, TV, washer, etc., have a plug fuse. Its location is in the plug head. It is usually a tiny rod in the head, but without it, your machine will not light up or operate.

The positioning aims to regulate the power that comes from the wall source to the appliance. It brings down high voltage to a manageable level for your device. When overwhelmed, this fuse can blow. The malfunction disconnects your machine from electricity. Luckily, you do not have to buy a new appliance. The fuse is replaceable.

By unscrewing the head, you get access to the fuse and replace it with a new one. Upon the replacement, your appliance will wake up. Plug fuses are not pricey. You can store several to keep you armed in case of emergencies.

Thermal Fuse 

Within your air fryer functionalities, there is the thermal fuse. It is a cut-off device that disconnects circuits when there is a risk of overheating. With the thermal fuse, the current that flows into the heating element stops to prevent dangerous levels. High levels can cause a fire or damage the air fryer beyond repair.

You can tell when the plug fuse stops working as the appliance will not turn on. The fuse is easy to access in the plug head. How about a damaged thermal fuse? 

You have to locate it in the belly of your air fryer device. That is, in the electrical system. To access the thermal fuse, expose your air fryer’s electrical system. But first things first! 

  1. Disconnect the machine from power.
  2. Grab a scraper and insert it into the top edge of your Gourmia appliance. That way, you remove the cover that protects the controls.
  3. Unscrew the top casing. 
  4. Remove the cover that houses the control panel. Please do this by holding the bottom and raising it.  
  5. If need be, free off the socket board. It has two plug-in connectors. Disconnect them by pulling them off.
  6. Take a tour of the electrical system, which includes the wires, heating element, and thermostat. The thermal fuse is next to the thermostat.
  7. If the thermal fuse is brown, that may signify a damaged unit. And to avoid doubts, test it with a multimeter. The arrows will not move if the fuse is broken. Replace it or ask an expert to do it for you. 
  8. Assemble your unit and test if it is working.

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