Whirlpool Microwave Buttons Not Working? 7 Causes & Solutions

Whirlpool microwaves are hardy. Besides making my cooking enjoyable, the oven delivers evenly cooked. Whether broiling, baking, roasting, reheating or defrosting, you can shift the recipes to your liking.

But the appliance is not without a challenge. You can wake up to stiff buttons! Whirlpool Microwave buttons not working is not a rare occurrence. It is common, just like in other brands.

Whenever this hitch happens, you don’t have to dump your appliance. There is something you can do to solve the issue. First, you need to chuck out the causes before solving the problem.

Whirlpool Microwave Buttons Not Working: What Is The Cause?

  1. Power Loss

Many microwave users rush to report a broken appliance because of buttons not working, only to notice later that there is no power in the house. Power outages result from faulty lines or power rationing switches of your home’s electronics, including your whirlpool microwave.

The main box switch could also have tripped, cutting off power from reaching your microwave. The hitch affects all the appliances in any of the above situations, and none of your whirlpool microwave buttons will work. But no worries; we have a resolution.


Check whether other appliances like TV, washer, toaster, and lights are working. If not, go to the main switch box and check if it tripped. The control will be in a switch off position.

Switch it on to see if your microwave’s buttons work. If not, find out if there is a power outage in the area and contact your provider. Wait until power is back to enjoy your cooking sessions.

2. Improper Latching

Latching is a safety control for your whirlpool microwave. If the door latch is not closing well due to a fault or obstructions, your oven buttons will not work. It often happens due to overloading your turntable where some contents press the door.

The problem could also be a result of a broken door latch. The sensor will control your whirlpool microwave buttons, and they will not function. 


Reduce the food load and ensure that the contents do not touch the door or the interior walls of your oven. For a broken door latch, a replacement will resolve the hitch amicably.

3. Faulty Controls

Faulty controls include the membrane switch and the main control panel. All your microwave’s buttons operations are beneath what you see on the surface.

Without the membrane switch, none of the buttons will operate. The same is true when the membrane switch breaks. Your buttons will not respond.


Deal with the controls each at a time to fish out the problem. A technical expert can do it for you and replace a broken membrane switch. They can also diagnose a faulty main control panel where they will get a replacement to give your oven a new life.

4. Malfunctioning Touchpad

Some modern microwaves have a touchpad instead of buttons. You read and touch the appropriate toggles to execute functions like a smartphone. The touchpad is very sensitive and can malfunction due to wear and tear, frozen screen, outdated app, damaged membrane switch, et cetera.


If your microwave’s touchpad is not working, you will need to fix a few areas; replace the membrane switch, clean the touchpad, and update the mobile app.

Replacement requires an expert. You can wipe your touchpad according to the user manual instructions for cleaning. Update the mobile app on your smartphone to keep your touchpad up to the task.

5. Expired Mobile App

As we mentioned above, the app you use to operate your smart microwave could be expired, thus the failure for the touchpad to respond. The program providers keep on updating their systems accordingly. They update versions every other time, and you have to keep up with them. 


Go to your whirlpool microwave mobile app and update the app just like you do for other appliances. Google play store and Apple Store have a way of updating the app. All you need is to follow the prompts and get your app updates.

6. Loose Wiring

Any loose wires, be it in the plug or button switches, can leave your whirlpool microwave buttons not working. If you have used your oven for years and suddenly experience controls not performing, the wires could be loose and freezing buttons. 


A keen technician will check out the controls and loose or broken wires. The most practical solution will be to tighten the cables and the tiny screws on the controls. He can follow up with replacements in case the lines have physical damages.

7. Obsolescence

How many years has your whirlpool microwave served you? Whirlpool manufacturers give up to seven years of service. After that, your oven begins to slow down in operations. You will experience breakages and several parts replacement more often than when your appliance was new. 


Device obsolescence is an everyday phenomenon. If your whirlpool microwave buttons are not working, and you have applied all the above resolutions, and none is working, consider the years of service and equate them to obsolescence. It is time to consider an upgrade.

A new microwave will give you modern features with no tears at all. Once you bring home a new microwave, there will be no more stiff buttons and expensive repairs.

Where Is The Start Button On My Whirlpool Microwave?

It is not funny that you can’t locate the start button on your whirlpool microwave. Many new users cannot locate the switch. But that is not a cause enough for worry. Continue reading to find this tiny button that is the gateway to all your oven’s operations.

So, where is this critical button?

For all whirlpool microwave models, it is usually a little arrow or triangle that features on the front of your oven! 

Whirlpool Microwave Start Button Not Working

All electronics are bound to have their start buttons not working. Your whirlpool microwave is not an exception.

Unless your appliance has broken down beyond repair, solving this problem should be easy for you. It could be a troubleshooting issue that does not require a technician, but just a simple reset, and you are good to go.

But as usual with all my guides, I begin with the possible causes so that you can treat the problem without guesswork.

Causes for whirlpool microwave start button not working;

  1. Faulty Keypad

A faulty keypad will not allow the start button to work. The pad freezes all the operations, and however hard you press, it will not work.


If you are not a tech person, get an experienced person to open your microwave and access the keypad interiors. They will point out the problem and recommend the perfect solution. But it will either be a repair or a replacement, so be prepared for a cost implication.

2. No Power

Start button, clear/off button, defrost, and all the buttons on your whirlpool microwave will not function if your appliance has a power cut. It could be at your home’s central control board or a broken plug head. It will be a vain attempt to power up your microwave without power.


If it’s a power outage, be patient and wait for your provider to supply you back. You can contact the customer service desk for a report so that they can act promptly or wait until they connect you back.

Check out the junction box for a tripped switch and switch it back. In addition, the appliance’s plug or socket could be the leading cause of lack of power in your microwave. Replace or repair damaged plugs to get power back to your whirlpool microwave.

3. Damaged Control Board

The control panel relays information from the start button to the appliance. If there is a minor fault, expect a freeze on the start button.


Call your technician to check the wires that intertwine in the control board. After fixing them, they will relay critical from the start button to the appliance. 

4. Open Door

An open microwave door will not let the start button work. Operating a microwave with an open door can cause severe burns, hence the security feature that latches the door in place. 

Often, the door will not close if the latch is damaged. Some whirlpool microwave models will display an error. 


Close your whirlpool microwave door to start the appliance. If it is not latching correctly, many are the latch or door switch is broken. Let an expert inspect your device and repair or replace the latch. Broken hinges require a complete replacement or another microwave if the cost is hefty.

5. Broken Switch

If all other buttons are working except the start button, that is selective and could be a broken switch. The switch activates the start function to get your oven working. If the feature malfunctions starting your whirlpool microwave will be impossible.


You don’t have to buy a new microwave. Access the damage to determine if it is a switch repair or a replacement. 

6. Old Appliance

Old microwaves have obsolete programs that block the buttons from functioning. The start button will be the first feature to give you trouble. Go back to your manual and figure out the model number if you cannot recall the date when you bought your appliance. Is the purchase date more than seven years ago? 


There is no other solution for an old appliance that keeps on breaking every often. We have the best whirlpool microwave with the latest features in our guides. Look out for such to give your kitchen a new and improved look.

Whirlpool Microwave Not Heating

You placed a plate of rice in your microwave put the appliance off. The turntable is rotating but not heating at all!

That’s enough cause for alarm. Something is not ok, and you need to find out what is wrong with your appliance. 

We have eight areas for you to fix your eyes;

1. Door Switch 

A damaged door switch is a common cause for your microwave misbehaving. Your whirlpool microwave is likely to have three or four-door switches. As the door switch closes, it actuates a sequence that ensures that the door latches properly. Any disconnect will lead to a failure to start or heat your food.


A multimeter test diagnoses disconnects and continuity of the appliance operations. Use the device to check the error to fix the control appropriately. You can engage a licensed tech who can deal with high voltage and tiny electronic components.

2. Diode

Your microwave has a diode that converts the A/C power into D/C. The process doubles the voltage from your microwave’s microwave transformer to about 5,000 volts. This high voltage gives the magnetron enough energy to heat the food.

Sometimes a diode can burn out. And a burnout means your oven’s magnetron will not receive enough power to operate the microwave. Your food will not heat or cook.


Inspecting the diode for any damages will be the first step to give you a conclusive diagnosis. Use a 9-volt battery multimeter to measure its activity. If it is burned out, the only resolution will be a replacement. 

3. High Voltage Transformer

All microwaves have a transformer. The feature produces a very high voltage to power the heating element or magnetron. When the transformer fails, it arcs and does not heat. A clear sign is a burning smell. 


Get a new transformer replacement to solve the problem.

4. Magnetron

The magnetron heats your food using the high voltage from your microwave’s transformer. The high current is usually DC power that generates the microwave frequency, cooks, or warms your food effectively. But the magnetron can burn out. Your appliance won’t heat. How do you fix a damaged magnetron?


Unfortunately, you cannot repair a burnt magnetron. The only fix is to replace the feature. But the process requires a keen eye because a microwave can store a dangerous amount of electricity. The high voltage capacitor requires a licensed technician to handle and replace the magnetron.

5. Main Control Board

A defective control board is a rare case, but once it strikes your microwave, no healing can take place. 


Before deciding it is a defective control board, you have to rule out other faults. The board has often received misdiagnosis that technicians replaced the control unit.

Control board replacement process is expensive and may not resolve the heating issue if it is a misdiagnosis. All microwave part replacement requires a licensed tech to deal professionally with high voltage minute electronic components. 

6. Thermo Protector

Your microwave’s Thermo protector disconnects power to the appliance if it overheats. The Thermo protector can trip, making your microwave, not heating. 


The first move is to determine if your oven’s Thermo protector is the one at fault. A multimeter test the unit for continuity.

What if there is no continuity? Replace the feature. And as I have always recommended earlier in this guide and others, it is paramount to be cautious when dealing with microwaves.

The units store high voltage in its capacitor even after you unplug the appliance. The thousands of voltages are a potential for electric shock. Handle the device carefully or engage only a licensed technician to replace your Thermo protector.

7. Thermal Fuse

Do not confuse a thermal fuse with a thermal protector; both deal with overheating. A thermal protector is also an overload protector and trips when overheating. The thermal fuse also cuts off power to the microwave and features on the plug. 


Microwave oven plugs are three-pinned and have a fuse on the head. If the fuse burns, the oven can not heat. You have to replace the fuse to get your microwave heating your food.

8. High Voltage Capacitor

The high voltage capacitor combines with a high voltage diode to transform the output of your appliance’s transformer to DC voltage. It then doubles the output voltage to give your oven a heating capability. If the feature turns out, the entire microwave circuit will stop working your microwave won’t heat.


Technicians use a VOM meter to determine defective high voltage capacitors. If you confirm the damages, replace the parts immediately to fix the issue.

Whirlpool Microwave Not Working

I have almost covered all the faults you may encounter when using your Whirlpool microwave. The brand is top of the line, but you may still find breakdowns and abrupt malfunctions.

If your Whirlpool microwave is not working, there are many possible issues. In the next portion of this article, I will guide you on the most common causes of your whirlpool microwave not working and the step-by-step instructions for how to fix them.

  1. Power Cut

When there is a power cut, your whirlpool microwave will not work. The power cut could be a faulty plug, socket, or power outage in your region. So what can you do to counter such a situation:


First, check your household fuse box. That includes the circuit breaker that supplies power to your house and, to be specific, your kitchen. Turn the switch on, off, and then on to ensure power connectivity. Go ahead and inspect the fuse on the plug. Is it blown? Replace the device for the microwave to work again.

2. Turntable

After turning on your whirlpool microwave, is your oven’s turntable rotating? Are the rollers and the hub in place? Observe your turntable and answer the two questions. If your answer above questions is a no, then move to the below solution;


Your turntable is dirty! Read your user manual on the cleaning procedures for the turntable and its components. Go ahead and clean your rollers, the hubs, and the glass and place the pieces back.

Turn on the oven to see if it is rotating. If not, a part replacement is all you need to get your oven up and operating. You’ll need to replace the turntable components.

3. Display  

Many hitches will show on display. An example is the Demo Mode, Clock, Locked Mode, et cetera. Any time such errors show, it means your whirlpool microwave cannot work.


Display errors can clear with a few steps, like performing a hard reset. Unplug your Whirlpool microwave and hold on for a few minutes. Plug back and put on the microwave to see if the error clears. 

4. Line Fuse

A line fuse error is a technical issue that requires an experienced hand. The hitch causes your microwave to stop working whenever a high current pass into the circuitry.

A line fuse is usually on the end of the cable and is there to sense a high electric current. It may blow off, causing your microwave operations to come to a standstill. 


  • Unplug your appliance from the wall.
  • Remove the trim kit and locate the line fuse.
  • Use a multimeter to test your fuse for continuity. 

5. Thermal Protector

Your appliances have a built-in thermal fuse that disconnects power to the microwave if overheating and potential damage to your machine.  


Get a technician to replace the thermal protector and test for continuity. 

6. Main Control Board

This part is the last component to check if your whirlpool microwave is not working. A malfunction of the main control board will not let your oven work. It may switch off or on unintentionally. 


A control board diagnosis requires an expert to handle and do a replacement. If the damage is intensive, the soundest recommendation will be to acquire a new appliance. 

Whirlpool Microwave Not Working But Has Power

Microwaves have diverse problems, such as having power but not working. You will push the power button, but the microwave does not rotate, heat, or execute any commands.

What is the right step to take? As you may have noted in this guide, some problems are intertwined and have almost the exact cause.

First, take your time to master the hitches and know what to do when your whirlpool microwave stirs your cooking sessions. The first is to get the correct cause of the problem and then determine the right approach.

The below table sums it up for you;

Blown off Line fuseTest with a multimeter. Replace burnt line fuse.
Defective main control boardGet professional help to diagnose. Replace the control board.
Thermal fuseTest with a multimeter. Replace blown off thermal fuse.
Diode failureGet professional help for the right diagnosis. Replace burnt diode.
Faulty magnetronRequires professional diagnosis. Irreparable and requires a replacement.
Damaged door switchGet professional help to diagnose. Replace the switch
Faulty door latch assemblyGet professional help to diagnose. Replace the door latch components.

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Wrap Up

Very technical, right? But you need this guide to handle your appliance correctly. Your Whirlpool microwave buttons not working means there is a simple program issue that requires a reset. It could also spell a technical problem that is beyond your capacity.

In this guide, I have outlined the significant causes of whirlpool microwave problems such as not heating, the start button not working, and even the appliance not working at all. You know where to throw in the solutions and where not to try.

I still emphasize that you get professional help where necessary to avoid further damages to your appliance. If your whirlpool customer service desk is not reachable, hit our Contact Us button to get more detailed assistance.

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