Troubleshooting Your Whirlpool Microwave Door Sensor

From the desire for a new kitchen appliance, I recently added a 22-liter Silver Digital Whirlpool AMW 497 IX 60CM microwave. What notable equipment it is! The magic gadget can do almost all my cooking. It’s powerful, super-fast, and energy-saving.

The appliance reheats and cooks my food. But a few days ago, I stumbled upon a rock. My Whirlpool microwave door sensor not working caused a standstill in my kitchen. Glad that I got into a research mood. It wasn’t a significant hitch, but I discovered several causes.

4 Main Reasons Why Your Whirlpool Microwave Door Sensor Isn’t Functioning!

If your Whirlpool microwave door sensor isn’t functioning, check the following three components;

  1. Door Switches

Your microwave has three door switches. The three work concurrently, so any issue with one causes door problems. The switches allow door operations by allowing voltage. Other features that work closely with the switches include the diode and magnetron. The two are responsible for heating your microwave.

In short, when the door switches have a problem, the sensor will not function. So you have to test your controls whenever the door sensor isn’t working. Check on their continuity between the terminals using a multimeter. If you realize there is no continuity, replace the bad door switches. A professional will help do the task for you.

  1. Door Latch

The latch assembly has two plastic hooks that fit the door switch. The hooks contact the controller to provide power and hold the latch to close the door.

The latch also has a spring that engages the hooks by providing tension. When the door hooks are not working, there is no contact between the door hooks and the switches. Replace them, and remember to be careful when you remove the panel to access the latch. Have a look at the door latch issues and resolve them;

  • Dirt

A greasy door latch interferes with the sensor. Ensure that you clean your microwave, including the door. That strips off the dirt that blocks the sensor.

  • Spring

When the latch spring overstretches or gets rusty, it cannot function. That interferes with the sensors. Don’t give up on damaged springs. Replace.

  • Arm lever

The lever activates the door switch and the sensor. A broken one won’t trigger the two features. Replace the lever or the latch, whichever is economical for you.

  • Hook

The hook is also an essential component of the latch. It locks the door in place. Once the element breaks down, the latch won’t attach. Replace the hook to get the latch working.

  • Weary latch

If most of your door latch components are worn out, you can replace the entire latch. Spending money on part replacements can be costly.

3. Power Loss

Power loss leads to appliance failure. Even their parts cannot operate. If you are experiencing a blackout, the oven is blank. You can open and close the microwave oven door, but the sensor, micro switch, and other functionalities are asleep until power resumes.

4. Fuse

A fuse protects the microwave components during power fluctuations. When the fuse fails to work, it leads to power interruptions in the control unit. For this reason, the sensor will not function without a working fuse.

Unplug the power cord before you check the fuse for continuity. A multimeter will come in handy for the test. It is also easy to replace a dead fuse. First, confirm the correct part number from the manual before ordering. That lets you get an accurate rating. If you aren’t sure about the procedure, inform your tech.

Whirlpool Microwave Door Switch Not Working

Cooking, reheating, and baking with your whirlpool microwave oven cannot continue with a broken door switch! The switch controls the door and stops your Whirlpool microwave from running when the door opens.

When you close the door, the switch actuates the microwave to begin working. So the button controls the overall functionality of your oven. The causes of a broken switch are as follows;

  • Failed Internal Components – The switch’s internal parts and functionalities are complex. That will take another article to explain their performance. But that isn’t necessary for now. All you need to know is that the switch won’t work when the parts fail. You cannot engage in repairs, so get a professional.
  • Lack of Power – Power loss makes all-electric gadgets and their components fail. Lack of power in the circuit won’t let the electric switch operate. Wait for power to be back.
  • Broken Latch – A broken latch affects the twitch functionality. The door fails to close, thus no signal transmission to the switch. Repair the latch for proper closing of the door.
  • Short Circuit – Your Whirlpool microwave switch is electric. Wires feed the feature with the power to operate. When the cables experience a short circuit, the button won’t work. Also, loose terminals on the switch block will not allow power to run the feature. Correct the wiring and tighten the open terminals.

Check out the below steps for fixing/replacing a bad switch door;

  • Switch off the power and unplug your microwave’s power cord for the power source. Shock and electrocution happen when you work on your appliance without disconnecting. Avoid the error for your safety and others.
  • Take out the screws that secure the grill. A screwdriver will come in handy. Pull the grill forward to remove it from the turntable.
  • Open the door and remove the screws that hold the control panel. Lift it to detach.
  • Please take note of the wires connecting to the control board. Remove them while taking care not to break any.
  • Use a screw to remove the screw that attaches the grounding wire to the control board.
  • Remove the screws holding the plastic panel. Detach the control board wires from the conference.
  • Release the central wire and place the plastic panel aside.
  • Remove the front control panel and detach the intellect support to access the switch.
  • Remove the old switch from the support. Then, remove the connecting terminal wires.
  • Install the new switch. You will start connecting the terminal wires and screwing the new button. Ensure that all the screws are in their original position to secure firm support.
  • Reconnect the sensor wires to the control board and return the plastic panel. Ensure they are all in the correct position.
  • Install the control panel, and remember to connect the grounding wire. And secure it with a screw and washer.
  • Return the control board to the front panel. Connect the remaining wires to their suitable terminals.
  • Return the mounting screws, put the grill into place, and screw to secure it.
  • Plug back your microwave and power it on.

You are good now to go on with your cooking process. Cheers!

 Whirlpool Microwave Not Recognizing Door Is Closed

Your Whirlpool microwave isn’t recognizing a closed door, meaning there is a hitch. The door contact area could be the problem. So, you must check several components, including the door latch, hooks, and sensor. Look out!

  • Sensor

Door recognition in your microwave is all about alert sensors. If the sensor is faulty, you will get a Door error on display. That’s an error to indicate that you haven’t closed the door.

The error displays even when you close the door. Clean the door latch to be sure that grease doesn’t interrupt the sensor performance. A weary latch or broken component will interfere with the sensor’s performance.

  • Time

It will display an error when you close your microwave for an extended period. So amazing that your appliance will not want to be idle and cause harm. To fix the problem, open and close your microwave. Start by giving it instructions for operation.

  • Faulty Switch 

Operating a door without a switch is so frustrating. When the button fails, the door doesn’t latch. And though you closed it, it will indicate an open door error.

Access the control and test for continuity using a multimeter. Consider a replacement once you find it faulty. We addressed the switch replacement process. Get your switch replaced to solve the error.

  • Broken Latch And Hooks

The plastic latch and hooks break due to poor maintenance. They also wear out after prolonged use. Both components assist in locking the door well. When they fail, the functionality of the door is zero. Get compatible parts from your Whirlpool care center. You can use the manual for easy replacement or get a tech to replace them.

  • Door Spring

The spring helps the hooks to engage with the door switch. When the spring is loose, there will be no tension to assist in hooking. And that interferes with the door closure. Check if there is an overstretch of the spring or if it is flexible and replaces it. Avoid banging on the door. It shakes components and throws them out of place.

Whirlpool Microwave Not Sensing Door

The unique features of a Whirlpool microwave make it the best choice. When it does not sense the door, there is blockage or something is a miss. Let us talk about some of the reasons why your Whirlpool microwave is not feeling the door;

  1. Dirt

Dust and grime build-up block the door from closing. Your microwave will not sense a door that is not closed. Check the door contacts and ensure that they are clean. Your microwave will also not work if the door is open. Wipe the door contact areas to remove the dirt.

  1. Door Blocking Materials

Packing materials, oversized utensils, clothes, papers, and incompatible accessories can block the door. Refrain from placing table clothes on top of your microwave. Even your hard copy menu can be an obstruction. The ends could hang loose and cause door interference. Clear other items on the top of your oven and keep the surroundings free.

Specify your appliance’s size when replacing racks, turntable glass, and other microwave accessories. That gives the dealer the limelight to deliver the right components. Refer to your manual for any other blocking material you may not know.

  1. Faulty Microwave Controls 

Whenever the microwave controls fail, that’s a significant hitch. Its components, including the door switches, latches, and opening lever, stop working. The control board is the life of your appliance.

You may not know the parts, but it controls the running of your device. It can even control the door functionality. Get a tech to check the faults or any short circuits. Replace a faulty control board to bring the oven back to life.

  1. Broken Door Components

The door of your microwave is complex. It has significant components that facilitate latching and sensing functionalities. When these parts break, your door will not feel.

It can close, but the halogen bulb that lights when you close the door will not respond. That takes you back to the tech to establish the cause of your troubled door. Always handle the door components with care to avoid risks of damage.

Whirlpool Microwave Door Switch Bypass

Door switches are essential components in your Whirlpool microwave. It is the components that provide a signal to your oven’s motherboard to work or not. The switches activate when you shut the door so your machine can begin cooking. In addition, the power switch has to be on for the microwave door switches to function.

Bypassing the door switch is riskier than anything else. And so you cannot bypass your microwave door switches.

You cannot bypass a microwave door switch. When the actuator presses and releases the button, there is a direct command link to your oven’s control board. That leaves you out of the action. You do not need to apply further effort to command the button.

So it is pointless to maneuver your door switch. And if you decide to do it, you will damage the user-friendly component. So, take note of the risks below.

Risks of bypassing A door Switch

  • The microwave will not work, it will stop, and the door will remain open.
  • Microwave radiation will come out and harm you. Radiations can affect your body parts/organs like the eyes, kidneys, and liver.
  • Radiations also cause the growth of cancer.
  • Increased gasses can lead to sparking in your microwave and cause more damage.
  • High levels of RF can cause blisters on your skin.

It is pointless to maneuver or troubleshoot your door switch. But you need to know if your microwave door switch is faulty. Here are the signs;

Whirlpool Microwave Not Heating Up

When your microwave’s door is faulty, that will affect its capability to heat your food. Examine your door for broken hinges or latch. Broken hinges will make the door wobbly. Do a replacement of the damaged door parts to heat your food.

  • Unlatching Door

Unlatching the door means a latch failure. The component isn’t connecting securely and so not operational. When the door can’t latch, then the switch will fail. That prevents the microwave from rotating or working.

  • Defective Keypad

The keypad on your microwave door displays various functionalities. If the buttons are faint or not responsive, you must replace them to enable smooth dialing. Sometimes, purchasing a new Whirlpool microwave can be cost-effective instead of replacement parts.

  • Smoky/Sparky Microwave

A faulty microwave door switch will give you hints. A smoke or sparky oven is an indicator of several faults. It is also a disaster in the waiting and so unplug the oven and stop all operations until you get hold of a tech.

  • Buzzing And Rattling 

These two suggest a significant hitch with your microwave. It could be the controls, door, switch, thermostat, or other functionalities. Never ignore a strange noise from your oven. Call a tech to address the hitch.

How to Test the Door Switch?

You need to test now that you have the hints of a nonfunctional door switch. That will remove all the guesses. All you need is to test the three buttons with a multimeter. Set it to OHMS for accuracy.

  1. Primary Switch

Test this switch when the door is wide open. Connect your multimeter’s tips to the switch terminals. Close the door while listening to the multimeter. Is there a ring? If yes, the switch is fully functioning.

  1. Secondary Switch

Test the switch when the door is wide open. Follow all the steps like you are testing a primary control. If there is a ring when you close the door, the switch is fit.

  1. Monitor Switch

Shut the door and connect the multimeter tips to the switch terminals. Open the door while listening to the gadget. A beep is an indicator that the switch is okay. If there was no ring from any switches, plan for a replacement. Without the three buttons, your oven will run when the door is not shut.

 Whirlpool Microwave Door Error Message

Display in your Whirlpool microwave will notify you whenever there is a problem. The manufacturer makes it easy to know what to check and do. When it displays “Door Error Message,” you will want to understand what leads to this error.

Reasons for a Door Error Message

  1. Delays In Starting Your Oven

A door error will show on display if you delay starting the microwave after closing it for 5 minutes. The error saves your appliance from an intended start. You can unplug it to disconnect it if you don’t intend to use your microwave oven. To continue cooking, open and close your machine’s door, then start a new cycle.

  1. Food Spills 

Food is likely to spill in the microwave when cooking, reheating, or to bake. The spills are hazardous to your microwave. The moisture and crumbs can cause a short circuit in the internals.

If you ignore spills and do not clean or remove them, your appliance might get damaged. They smoke when you heat them and make a hotspot in your microwave. Your machine will then display a door error message. Always clean your microwave after use.

  1. Grease

More grease in your microwave forms debris at the grease filters. Debris formation makes the filters nonfunctional and indicates a door error message. Clean the oil with warm water and detergent. Remember to be gentle even if the grease is sticky.

  1. Metals

The use of metals in your Whirlpool microwave is risky. They lead to arcing as they heat up and burn the microwave wall. As a result of the damage, it will register a door error damage.

Avoid the use of metals in your microwave. Microwave-friendly utensils will be of much help. Whirlpool has a range of accessories, from racks to turntables. Get compatible accessories for your appliance.

  1. Overheating

High voltages affect your microwave’s components. Many parts will heat up and burn, rendering them not functional. Using a multimeter, measure the voltage to establish the volume. If it is high, you may have to call your electrician to correct the supply to your appliance. Also, be keen on broken parts that can bring door errors.

  1. Blockage

An obstruction/blockage will cause your door not to shut as it should. We looked at various objects that can cause this problem. These include oversize dishes, racks, and turntable glass. You will get the door error when the door hasn’t latched properly.

 Whirlpool Open/Close Door Error

 You want to end your Whirlpool microwave’s Open/Close error so that you can continue with your cooking. To resolve the error, you must take note of the causes and how to fix them.

  • Closure

An error display will appear when you do not close the door. You might have forgotten to close the door. At the same time, you may be rushing to catch up on something, and the process does not lock the gate well. Be patient and take your time to close the door so as not to display an error. A clicking sound is a confirmation the door’s closure is proper.

  • Microwave’s Placement Surface

A flat surface is the best position for your microwave. Proper closing of your microwave’s door will be like pressing a button. Ensure your table or cabinet is flat. Avoid risks of endangering the hinges and door by having your microwave on a flat surface.

  • Microwave Status

When did you last inspect your microwave? Some parts may be weary without your knowledge. The easiest way is to test and confirm to avoid guessing. Use a multimeter to check for the continuity of the microwave’s components.

The wiring, controls, thermostat, and other features may slowly fail. An overheating device and broken parts like the opening lever, latches, and hooks will cause door issues. Prolonged usage can also lead to wear and tear. Replace the worn-out parts or buy a new microwave.

Whirlpool Microwave Door Won’t Close

The door is not closing; your microwave will not turn on. Are the buttons faulty, or is it an overload? Let us see:

  1. Button Assembly

The assembly attaches itself to the push button. When broken, the door will not close. To check:

  • Unplug the unit and remove the screws that hold both the sides and top panels.
  • Check if the button is detached from the latch.
  • Reattach or replace if need be. You can also call for help from a professional.
  1. Screws

Check on all screws securing the switches. Loose screws will not hold the controls in position. Tighten them to enable the control, and activate the latches and hook to lock the door.

  1. Broken Door parts

Broken or loose opening levers, latches/hooks will hinder the door from closing. Access them by removing the control panel and checking. If you find that the manual will not be helpful, seek a professional from the clinic to assist.

  1. Spray Cleaner

Sprays harm the controls of your microwave. The spray cleaner with constituents like ammonia and other acids damage plastics by cracking and locking the controls. You should avoid such cleaners and use what the manufacturer recommends.

  1. Steam And Smoke 

Be aware of smoke and steam in your microwave. The excess moisture can cause rust and also damage your microwaves. You can prevent smoking by covering your food when cooking. That locks the steam in the container.

When you complete cooking, clean the machine using a soft cloth. Also, make it a habit to switch on the exhaust fan when cooking.

6. Overload

Loading your microwave with oversized and irregularly shaped foods will cause obstruction. Load your microwave depending on the internal dimensions. Do not overload the turntable or place the excess load.

7. Slopy Surface

The surface on which you place your appliance may be responsible for the door not closing or opening. An unstable or sloppy table causes the door not to swing as it should.

8. Tight Space

Also, a tight space may cause issues with your microwave door mobility. Opening and closing require space. If your appliance is in a too-small cabinet, you will have trouble opening or closing the gadget. If your cabinet space is not enough, create one on your countertop. Remember that your appliance requires a vent, so an enclosed space is unfavorable.

9. Wrong Trim Kit Dimensions

If the trim kit installation is wrong, your microwave door may fail to close. The edges of the kit may also be more extensive than your microwave. A professional will install the equipment for you appropriately.