My Whirlpool Dryer Won’t Start When I Push The Start Button?

There is nothing that dispirits more than a faulty dryer. You have to deal with a load of damp laundry. That ends up ruining your schedules as you struggle to air your clothes with the natural sun. If it is winter, it is more inconvenient.

Whirlpool dryers are handy. The modern designs are more robust and can serve you for decades without significant hitches. However, like other home appliances, they also suffer from faulty start buttons, incorrect settings, and several other issues requiring minor and major fixes.

There are common causes that may lead to such malfunctioning. That includes the Whirlpool dryer not starting even you push the start button. The hitch does not mean that your dryer is ruined beyond fixing.

This guide delves more into revealing to you why your Whirlpool dryer is not starting when you press the start button. In addition, we will take you through several steps to fixing your dryer’s start button.

Why Your Whirlpool Dryer Is Not Starting?

There are several causes of this common Whirlpool dryer mix-up. Of course, knowing the cause is the first step in fixing the problem. 

Let’s look at the possible causes of dryer start button hitch;

1. Loose Dryer Door 

A door latch is a safety feature in your Whirlpool dryer. When it fails to fasten, the start switch will not work. 

Sometimes, it may not be a mechanical fault but a push that did not fasten the door latch properly. It is also possible that door parts are broken. 


Whichever the case, a loose door latch will not let your whirlpool dryer start. Close it tight and proceed to switch on the starter.

2. Faulty Whirlpool Dryer Starter Switch

Alongside a faulty door latch, your Whirlpool’s dryer starter switch could be the cause of the hitch. Before you proceed to check other features, it would be better to establish whether the starter switch is faulty or not. 


If you are experienced enough, you can first use a multimeter to check the power connections to confirm the issue. Proceed to tackle the issue by replacing the starter switch.

Later in this guide, we will show you how to replace a faulty starter switch. Keep reading!

3. Faulty Settings

A minor hitch when setting your Whirlpool dryer can disable the start button. If your door latch is intact, check out the control board to rule out faulty setups.

A wrong selection like Wrinkle Reduction instead of Timed or Automatic Cycle can disable the dryer’s start switch. You may also notice that some safety settings like Child Lock numb the entire dryer. 


Check on the control board that all the settings are correct. If you notice that you selected the wrong function, you can reset and start all over again. Most Whirlpool dryers have the reset function.

Please make use of it to solve incorrect settings. What if the problem persists; it could be a faulty factory setting. Reach out to whirlpool customer care for tech assistance.

4. Power Issue

Have you checked whether there is an electric power supply to your home? It is easy! Check whether you are experiencing a power outage at your house’s main switch. Lack of power deactivates electrical appliances.  

In addition, there could be power, but the supply is inadequate. A low voltage cannot run a washer. If you do not have a generator, you will have to be patient for a while until the power guys sort out your area. 


The first step to solving a power issue is to evaluate your supply to the dryer. With the clue at hand, you can now move to the fixes where possible.

Several ways can help you to evaluate your power supply.  

  • Plug in your dryer appropriately in the right proper electrical outlet. If the dryer starts, it is clear that you had not plugged in the appliance appropriately. 
  • Your dryer doesn’t require a power extension cord. Such cords are not sufficient enough to conduct power to your dryer. Get rid of the cord and try the switcher button once more. Without the extension cord, your dryer start switch should work efficiently.
  • When there is a tripped circuit breaker, the dryer won’t start. Also, blown fuses on both the dryer and your house’s main switch will not allow your appliance to start.

Check for any of these features and replace or reset appropriately. Read more and learn how to fix a blown thermal fuse.

5. Dead Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse is responsible for controlling the amount of power that goes into your appliance. Instead of the dryer getting damaged, the thermal fuse bears or blocks the damage whenever the fuse malfunctions and trips, the dryer’s start switch will also fail.


The only workable solution for fixing a thermal fuse is replacing it with a new one. Before you start the replacement process, you need to test the fuse with a voltmeter. The gadget will tell you whether there is a continuous flow of electric current or not.

After fixing the thermal fuse, you have to be keen on the cause. It could be a restricted exhaust vent.  

Replacing a dead thermal fuse is not rocket science. We have the most straightforward way for you to replace this vital feature in your whirlpool dryer quickly;

Steps of replacing a whirlpool dryer thermal fuse

  • To access the thermal fuse, you have to locate it at the rear fascia of your dryer. Detach the screws that secure the fascia in place. Remove it and place it in a safe place away from your dryer.
  • Find a blown thermal fuse at the bottom of your dryer. 
  • You will see two wires on the fuse terminals. Disconnect those and use a driver to loosen the fuse screws. 
  • Gently pluck the blown thermal fuse to give room for the new thermal fuse (it should be easy to pull the fuse out as the screws are already loose).
  • Place the new fuse into the exact place where the old thermal fuse lay and fix the mounting screws in place. 
  • Once you are through, reconnect the two wires that ran from your dryer’s fuse terminals. 
  • Work on returning the fascia in place and plug your washer on the power source. 
  • To test your new thermal fuse, put some wet clothes into the dryer and push the starter button. 

Hopefully, it isn’t a big hitch with your dryer. If it is the thermal fuse, you should be good to go.

6. Malfunctioning Timer

Your Whirlpool dryer’s timer is rarely defective, but that doesn’t rule out that it is not faulty. Go ahead and check your dryer’s timer. You may have set the function off. With a multimeter, you can check out the timer and act accordingly. 


To solve the timer issue, set it on and try to push on the starter button. If it doesn’t work, you need to consult a whirlpool technician to work on it.

7. A Broken Whirlpool Dryer Belt 

If you are using a belt drive whirlpool dryer, you could still check whether it is intact. Depending on your model, when the belt breaks, the entire system shuts off the dryer. Even if you press the switch, likely, the dryer will not get up and running.


When a dryer belt breaks, the easiest way to solve the issue is a new replacement. A belt replacement is an effective procedure that requires an expert. We recommend getting an experienced dryer expert to replace the belt and leave the warranty in place.

8. Damaged Whirlpool Dryer Control Board

Your dyer’s control board is the memory and the central nerve of all the appliance’s functions. A slight malfunction will leave all the components out of order.

It may not be easy to know that your machine’s control board is not functioning well, but you can check for any other signs. If the panel is off even after putting the power on, there could be a significant hitch. 


Issues to do with your dryer’s control panel require expertise to solve; otherwise, you can interfere with the main functionalities of the machine.

9. Faulty Terminal Block

In your whirlpool dryer, the terminal block location is beneath the rear access panel. It connects your dryer’s internal wiring to the power cord. If the terminal block is blocking the starter switch, how can you go about it?


The surest way to determine a faulty terminal block is using a multimeter. You also need the technical know-how to undertake the exercise.

No worries, as we have all the processes here. If you are sure that you can give it a trial, begin by checking whether your home’s circuit breaker has tripped. The only remedy to a faulty terminal block is swapping with a new one.

Here are the steps to replacing your whirlpool dryer’s faulty Terminal Block; 

  • Firstly, your dryer’s terminal block at the rear of the appliance. Several screws secure the power cord access in place, so you have to take them out.  
  • Loosen the screws to get access to the terminal block. Grab your smartphone and take a photo of the entire wire connections. (Unless you are a genius, you will need the photographic evidence later to reconnect your wires back in place)
  • Go ahead and unthread all the screws and place them safely in a bowl. The power cord will loosen.
  • You will notice that the terminal block is not easy to remove. More screws secure the block onto the dryer. Please remove all of them and pull the entire block out of the dryer.
  • Take another photograph to ease your work later when fastening the terminal block onto the dryer.
  • Now it is time to work on your terminal block; you need to push the tabs that lock individual wires to the block. Go on, pluck the wires from the system, and remove the terminal nuts (there are usually three on the component).
  • Step seven involves the second photograph that you took. First, work on the new terminal block by fixing the three-terminal nuts.

Carefully study the photograph and put the wires back into their respective positions on the terminal block.

  • Using the mounting screws that you set aside, fix the unit onto the dryer.
  • Remember the first photograph? You will require that for the final step. Compare the power cord positioning on the photograph as you reconnect the wires. Screw them tightly in place.
  • Get the power cord access fascia in place and plug your dryer in the power outlet. 

If you followed the ten easy steps to the latter, your appliance should turn on. If it doesn’t, it could be another problem that requires a technical address.

How do I fix the Start button on my Whirlpool dryer?

Fixing your Whirlpool dryer start button is super easy if you know the cause. Earlier in this article, we revealed the possible causes of your dryer’s starter button not functioning.

We also have several straightforward fixes to this notorious problem. The fixes depend on the cause of the problem. 

You will find solutions, a quick fix to the hitch, while others require a technician’s hand. If you find the processes complicated, we recommend that you get Whirlpool’s technical expert to do the fixes. 

Home appliances come with warranties; be careful not to interfere with your warranty. Our steps are clear and easy to follow. Walk patiently through the steps to get your laundry appliance up and running. 

How to fix the start button on the whirlpool dryer?

Step One: Whirlpool Dryer Pre-Testing 

  • Pre-testing your dryer comes first before trying anything else. The door switch will be top on the list, followed by the plugs, belt, thermal fuse, and any other feature that you suspect is faulty.
  • Checking your main house switch can also help you determine a hitch on the power supply. Any tripping cannot allow power into your appliance.

Step Two: Fixing The Faulty Door Switch

Your dryer’s door switch may or may not be faulty. To be sure about the problem, open and close the door, then push the starter button. 

If the starter switches on, you just resolved the problem!

If not, the latching system may be faulty and requires repair or a replacement. The good news is that a faulty latching system will show on the control panel. However, some Whirlpool dryers will show the error, and others will not.  

In both cases, it is evidence that the door doesn’t latch well. The latch controls send signals to the control panel, which then blocks the starter switch from working.

To replace your whirlpool dryer door switch, follow these easy steps;

  • Remove your dryer’s lint filter. Go on and loosen the screws beneath.
  • To separate the front and top panel, slide a blade in the middle. That will disengage the latching mechanism that holds the switch control board together.
  • Open up the top board. That will expose the latch wires so that you can work on the entire system. You can lean the top pane on the wall for maximum support.
  • Locate the wire harness and disconnect it.
  • Open the door and unscrew to lessen the door switch. You will access the faulty door switcher. Pull it out gently and get ready to fix the new door switcher.
  • Place the new door switch at the exact place you plucked out the faulty switch.
  • Grab the mounting screws and place them in their proper position so that you can secure the switch in place. Go ahead and reconnect the system wires that run to the dryer’s door switch.
  • Close the top board and push it down on the front board to snap it rightly in its place.
  • Remember not to forget reattaching the lint screws. Fix them in place accordingly, or else your lint will be loose.
  • Replace the lint filter and test out your dryer’s new door switch. You test by shutting your whirlpool dryer door and hitting the starter switch.

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Final Thoughts

A starter switcher gets your whirlpool dryer into action. When it fails to work, the hitch causes you lots of inconveniences. You will only be lucky if it is summertime or you have an extra dryer. Dealing with dripping clothes is teary. 

The quickest solution is to find out the cause of the problem. It is only then that you can jump to the appropriate fixes. We have expounded on several causes of your whirlpool dryer starter switch not starting.

Additionally, we have several processes to help you to fix the issues. Some are super easy DIY processes, while others may seem quite detailed.

Whichever your approach, remember that repairing a whirlpool door switcher may look like an easier way to fix the problem, but it will keep on recurring. You will keep on repeating the same thing over and over again. 

To avoid such disappointments, get a new whirlpool parts replacement. You will find that the spares are inexpensive and easy to fix. Just follow the above respective steps and get your laundry room back on track!

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