How To Get Panasonic Microwave Out Of Demo Mode?

Demo Mode? The D stuck on your new Panasonic microwave display signifies Demo Mode. Get it right that this is not an error. Your oven is in this status because the manufacturer set the in-store tool. The function allows sales guys to show the various functionalities without activating the gadget.

It seems like the sales crew got your Panasonic microwave out of this form! And so you can’t cook. How do you clear this default mode? We have the right process to bring your oven to operation.

Steps For Clearing Demo Mode of Panasonic Microwave

Most microwaves have a Demo mode setting to prevent the actual cooking in stores. Yet, by accident, you may activate the status and find it challenging to get out of it. Your oven will display a letter D or the wordings “DEMO MODE PRESS ANY KEY.” Whatever will appear on your microwave’s display depends on the model.

The steps for getting your Panasonic microwave out of Demo Mode also differ. Each model has its operating instructions, so you should read those carefully. Remember that a wrongful combination of presses will not work. They might even complicate the display further.

We will detail the steps for different models. Be keen on the codes.

1. NN-CS894, Slimline Range, and NN-CF853/873

When D shows on any of the above Panasonic microwave oven models, there is no power. The control panel is mute and so it will not heat or cook any food. Also, the oven is safe to demonstrate to clients.

In other words, you can use the gadget without food for demonstration purposes. Once you get home, you must clear this status. Your oven will then be active, produce heat, and is ready to cook your food.


  • Hold down the Micro Power button once
  • Press Stop/Cancel four times.
  • “DEMO MODE PRESS ANY KEY” will pop up on display.
  • Again, hold down the Micro Power button once.
  • Press again Stop/Cancel four times.
  • Your Panasonic microwave Demo Mode should clear away.

2. Panasonic NN-DS596 Microwave

The Panasonic MM-DS596 is one of the models that will enter into Demo Mode. It is easy to clear the status.


  • The first step is to select the Demo Mode, so tap the Timer button three times.
  • “DEMO MODE PRESS ANY KEY” will pop up.
  • You need to cancel that, so press the Timer button three times.
  • Congratulations! You have cleared the Demo Mode, so get ready with your ingredients.

3. Panasonic C994S microwave

This Panasonic model comes as a combination of both microwave and convection oven. The Demo Mode is handy for sales guys as it locks the heating process and uses the control panel. So in this form, your oven won’t function. And if you tap the tab by mistake, you can still get out of the mode.


  • Ensure that you close your Panasonic NN-C994S microwave.
  • Tap the Clock button three times. Locate it below the Warm button on the control panel.
  • The display should show the time.
  • You are out of Demo Mode so program your oven to cook food as you desire

Sometimes, pressing the Clock many times may not clear the Demo Mode. You can use the method below: 

  • On the control panel, tap once the Stop/Reset button.
  • That should remove the Demo Mode message.
  • Go on and program the microwave as you desire.
  • If the message is still stubborn, unplug your oven and wait five minutes.
  • Plug back the microwave and tap the Stop/Reset button.

Are you still unable to clear the Demo Mode from your Panasonic NN-C994S oven? Call or message Panasonic for help or see the user manual. Their toll-free number is 800-211-PANA (7262). You can also report any other form of malfunctioning to the team. They will offer an off-site repair or replacement.

Panasonic inverter microwave series

If your model is one of the Panasonic inverter microwave series, you are lucky. It has Turbo Defrost technology. This one is an advanced microwave with sequencing technology. That means it has a consistent flow of microwave energy.

It has the best cooking capability. But that’s not your worry, as the gadget got into Demo Mode and wouldn’t function. If its screen displays DEMO MODE PRESS ANY KEY, you can’t cook.

Get to the Timer/Clock knob/tab and press three to five times. You can press the Clock tab if the two buttons are separate. The process should get the inverter microwave out of the mode. If you get stuck, call their help desk. The team will guide you to clear the Demo Mode. But you should be sure of your model so that it can teach you appropriately.

Getting Your Panasonic Microwave into Demo Mode

I have detailed all the steps to get various Panasonic microwave models out of Demo Mode. Occasionally, you may want to get your microwave into inactive status. For example, when you donate the machine or are shifting to your new home. Or you want to lock your microwave out of access when you aren’t around. How do you ensure the control panel and other functions remain mute?

  • Open your microwave door.
  • Press and hold the Clock key until the Demo Mode is on display.
  • Tap the Start key to confirm the status.


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