How to Change Water Filter In Whirlpool Refrigerator?

Owning a refrigerator with a water filter compartment is luxurious. It eliminates the woes of buying extra dispensers and pitchers for your family’s safe drinking water. The filter comes inside the fridge, saving you your space.

Refrigerator water filter models function differently and effectively by keeping your drinking water pure and fresh-tasting. Most models can last up to six months, after which they require replacement.

Keeping them longer than half a year means your water is not safe for drinking. Experts say that the water is the same as the direct tap water.

After six months of operation, your refrigerator filter will not remove heavy metals and sediments from the water. A random sample of water from both expired filters and direct tap water will reveal a heavy presence of bacteria, fungi, and other disease-causing organisms.

To guarantee you efficiency, your routine changing of refrigerator filter should be after about every six months. You will find this replacement unit of your choice in both online and physical stores.

It is also prudent to get a water filter for your Whirlpool refrigerator from a reputable brand. In addition, make sure that you specify the filter requirements for your model. That will save you from the inconveniences of reordering and costly shipment.

We have countless brands of water filters in the market. They all claim to offer safe and adequate water filters, but replacing filters should be a DIY process.

You may notice that your Whirlpool refrigerator comes with either a twist-on or a push-in filter. Do not worry about which one you have, as both models are easy to operate.

Our guide will lay out the DIY steps of changing your Whirlpool refrigerator water filter. We will also demonstrate to you how to flush water through a new refrigerator filter, turn off the LED light, and how to use your refrigerator without the water filter.

For your Whirlpool French door refrigerator, the filter is also super easy to replace. Keep on reading our guides to discover these simple DIY processes.

Changing A Filter In Whirlpool Refrigerator

When changing a water filter, the first thing is to locate your filter. The filter holder in the Whirlpool refrigerator is inside on the upper right side. Some models have the filter in the base grille. As we noted earlier, we have two types of Whirlpool refrigerator filtering units;

  • Push in
  • Twist-on filters

Push-In Filters

Step One

Locate the filter behind the bottom grille.

Step Two

Push in the filter or the available ejector button to untighten the filter’s spring grip. Once it’s loose, it should be easy to pull the expired filter out. Swiftly pull out the filter and dispose of it off.

Step Three

Unpack and open the new replacement filter. Depending on the brand, you may find the new filter has O-rings. Peel off the protective cover taking care to leave the O-rings in place.

Step Four

Carefully place the new replacement filter into the groove. The filter should slide in easily. Be sure not to force it in, or you will damage the unit.

There is an arrow on the new filter; that one guides you on the correct position of the filter while it is in the slot.

Make sure that the arrow points upwards to fit perfectly.

Hint! If you find it difficult to slide the filter in, turn it left-right until the notches align appropriately with the grooves.

Step five

Close the filter door closed to keep the unit secure and free from dirt.

Step six

Step six is the final step. It involves flushing the filter of the carbon residues from the filter. Note that the carbons are food-grade, but the color is not appealing. It ranges from black to grey.

Graywater in a tumbler is scary to drink!

You will require to run and dispose of about four to five gallons of water to flush off the residues from the filter. Likewise, the first batch of ice cubes in your refrigerator’s ice maker will come out grey or black. Throw those away until the compartment begins making clean ice cubes.

If there are lingering contaminants, they will come out through the dispenser by the time the fifth gallon is over. The results will be a new and safe unit for the next half year!

 Twist-On Filters

You will find the twist-on water filters in front of your refrigerator, right behind the bottom grille. Some Whirlpool refrigerator models have twist-on filters inside the refrigerator compartment. That will be either on the top right or the bottom corner.

Replacing a twist-on filter is requires that you rotate the unit right-left. Pull it out and perform the other processes as you would on a push-on filter. Unpack and place the new filter into the groove and rotate left-right to secure it in place.

Go ahead and close the filter doors and flush out your filter with four to five gallons. You are all set for the next six months with up to 200 gallons of clean and pure drinking water!

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1. Do You Have To Turn Water Off To Change Refrigerator Filter?

There is no need to turn off the water supply as you change your refrigerator filter. Your fridge compartment comes with a unique design that shuts off the water supply whenever you replace your water filter.

2. How Do You Change The Water Filter On A Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator?

Your Whirlpool French door refrigerator comes in the upper right corner of the fridge compartment. You will find it easy to open by pressing the unit door.

Step One

Hold the filter firmly and turn it right-left. Remove it out and keep it away for proper disposal.

Step Two

Next, unpack your new filter, pull out the cap and place it carefully on the filter compartment. The pointer arrow should face upward to fit correctly.

Step Three

Turn the new filter left-right to secure it in place.

Step Four

Run four to five gallons of water to flush out residues from the new filter.


3. How Much Water Do I Need To Flush Through A New Refrigerator Filter?

You need four to five gallons of water to flush through a new refrigerator filter. That amount will be sufficient enough to wash away all the carbon residues that come with the shipment. You will notice the water turn from black to gray to clear.

Also, the first cubes will be blackish, then followed by gray ones. Discard any colored cubes and use the clean ones.

4. How Do You Flush Water Through A Refrigerator Water Filter?

Flushing water through a refrigerator water filter is super easy. You require a few items in place.

  • A rug
  • A pitcher
  • Bucket/sink

Step One

Spread the rag on the ground neat the refrigerator to absorb any water spills.

Step Two

Place the pitcher under the water dispenser and fill it with water. The initial water will come out cloudy with small black particles. These are carbon particles.

Running four to five gallons of water will wash out your refrigerator filter.   

Step Three

Discard the water in the sink or use it for your garden. Kudos! You are all set for another six months of pure fresh drinking water.

 5. How Do You Turn Off The LED Light On A Whirlpool Refrigerator?

Your refrigerator comes with an interior LED light that turns on when you open the door. On the control panel, turn off the light by pressing it off. The LED light will go off. If you wish to have it on again, press again. It will light on.

 6. How a Refrigerator Works Without a Water Filter?

Modern refrigerators come with water filters. That saves many households thousands of dollars by getting rid of water costly and space-consuming dispensers. The drinking water is also pure and safe.

If you feel that you do not require to use the unit, no stone is cast. You can install a bypass plug.

The plug replaces the filter unit in the water filter compartment. It functions by blocking water from flowing into the filter system.  

However, some refrigerators function differently. They don’t require a bypass plug. That means the bypass part works differently. The fridge comes cap to cork in the place where the filter tits.

7. Can I Use My Refrigerator Without The Water Filter?

Yes, you can use your refrigerator without the water filter. The water will skip the filtration process. You will get ice and water, which is not safe for consumption.

Bottom Line

Refrigerator water filters last longer than other types. The different models come with high costs but replacing the filter is easy and affordable. With the whole unit in your home, you save on space too. Changing the filter after it has filtered 200 gallons ensures that you drink safe and pure water. The timelines will be about six months.

Filter replacement is a DIY exercise that does not need a technician. With our elaborative guide, you will find the process easy.

We recommend that you read through the models’ user’s instructions guidelines. That includes both the refrigerator and the filter brand. The entire process should be easy and flawless for you. Enjoy these easy DIY processes!

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