How To Reset Whirlpool Microwave? 2 Simple Ways & FAQs

As I mentioned above, there are two methods I use to reset my Whirlpool microwave;

  • Soft reset
  • Hard reset

1. Soft Reset

This method is the most straightforward. It utilizes the microwave’s reset button that features Off/Clear on the display panel. The toggle is one of the tremendous benefits of owning this superior brand. Many brands out there do not have the Off/Clear button.

And here is how to perform a soft reset;


  • Locate the Off/Clear button.
  • Press to clear the programs. Your microwave will reset for you to begin afresh.
  • If the clock is inaccurate, you can go ahead and key in the right time, depending on your zone.


2. Hard Reset


  • Switch off the electric socket and get hold of your microwave’s plug.
  • Pull the plug out and wait for five minutes.
  • Re-plug your microwave and switch on the socket.
  • Your Whirlpool microwave will reset once you power it up.
  • Set your clock to match up with your time zone.

Both hard and soft reset helps to kick start your oven’s clock accurately as well as deactivating demo mode among other troubleshooting hitches.

Is There A Reset Button On A Whirlpool Microwave?

My Whirlpool 30 W 1-9 cu ft microwave has been around for over five years. I use it to warm, pre-heat, defrost, bake, and do all kinds of cooking that modern microwaves do. The most outstanding traits that I like about this oven are many features, capacity, durability, and reliability.

I cannot recount any breakages so far. There are just a few parts replacement as a regular maintenance procedure. I also conduct a few resets to wake up my oven whenever there are power outages or when I pull out the plug during the routine maintenance exercise.

But that hasn’t given me sleepless nights because I have the reset and troubleshooting tips. Resetting a Whirlpool microwave is super easy, and it doesn’t have to be the regular hard reset! I will teach you the soft reset, which takes only seconds, but watch out for the first thing first!

Where Is The Reset Button On A Whirlpool Microwave?

Some Whirlpool microwaves have an Off/ Clear button that cancels all the programs on display. When you press the button, it cancels and resets every program on the microwave. I find this button performing a superior functionality that many microwaves cannot do.

It is a soft reset that gets you out of all programs you had started and started all over again. So, yes, some Whirlpool microwaves have a reset button that features an Off/Clear toggle.

Other microwaves do not have the Off/Clear button and require a hard reset. Keep reading to learn how to reset your microwave via hard and soft reset.

Can You Reset A Whirlpool Microwave?

Yes, you can reset a Whirlpool microwave. If you have a Whirlpool microwave, expect some troubleshooting problems after a power outage or any time you unplug the gadget from its power source. 

Fortunately, a reset will clear all the errors and start your oven’s programs afresh without further hitches. There are different ways to reset your Whirlpool microwave; the hard reset and soft reset. I will cover each one of these in detail below.

Whirlpool Microwave Touch Screen Not Working

The microwave touch screen is an integral part of the gadget. The screen confirms that you have entered the button-press commands. That includes power level, clock, timer, and other preset functions that you select.  

It is more frustrating when your microwave touch screen stops working. Sometimes the problem may feature a blank or a row of half-zeros. With such a display, you cannot enter or read anything and thus requires a quick guide to bail you out of the hitch.

Here are a few points you need to check out and fix;

  1. Frozen screen

Most touch screens freeze and can neither scroll nor respond to any touch. They will not display any information when this hitch happens. 


A frozen screen may not be a technical issue and will require a reset, and your Whirlpool microwave’s touch screen will be up and functioning. 

  • Power Supply

Half plugged power cable can make the screen go off completely. That is the same for a tripped breaker. It disconnects your appliance from power, leading to blank and non-responding buttons.


Check the back of your appliance to see if the cable is firmly secured. If it is loose, frayed, or exposed at the base, power is not getting into your microwave. You have to replug and see if the touch screen works.

Scrutinize the plug to rule out the damaged cable and the circuit breaker to ensure power is coming into your appliance. Flip on and off the circuit breaker to see if the touchscreen lights. Other machines in the house can help you judge if there is power. If all the above are sound, move to the next point.

  • Locked Controls

Locked controls are a common issue in smart devices operations. It comes with complicated, innovative features that control the touch screen. A control lock protects the screen from accidental touch that may key in commands and process them. A random lock disables your microwave’s touchscreen.


Inspect the lock and disable it to get rid of the problem.  

  • Obsolete Mobile App

Smart microwaves operate on a Mobile application. The compatibility is quite complicated and requires a regular update of the app. Obsolescence can throw the gadget’s touch screen into limbo. 


Go to your intelligent Whirlpool microwave feature on your mobile and update the app. You will be surprised how the configurations work in a twinkle of an eye.   

  • Loose Wires

Inside your microwaves display panel is a network of wires that control your appliance. If any portion of the cables becomes loose, your touch screen device will go off. The reason for damaged or loose wires could be old age or general wear and tear. 


Checking loose wires on your microwave requires training and prior experience. Call a technician to unplug the oven and pull out a few screws and clips and screws. He will go ahead and open the panel and inspect for loose wires. After the inspection, he will firmly secure the cables and replace those worn out. 

Chances are, your technician will fix the problem once and for all. But in case it doesn’t work out, and he still diagnoses a damaged control panel, jump to the next point.  

  • Faulty Display Panel

Nothing works out even after unlocking controls, fixing the socket plug, tightening loose wires, and replacing damaged wires. Your microwave could have a damaged display panel. 


The panel controls the touch screen and all the other microwave functions. You have no choice other than to replace the board.

The entire panel assembly requires an experienced hand, so you need a technician. Your oven’s tiny electronic components also need a brand-new overhaul to get the touch screen functioning. You can have them order for you the exact features and pay for a replacement for your Whirlpool microwave model.

  • Old Age

How old is your Whirlpool microwave? More than seven years? If so, then it’s that time you called off repairs and part replacement. Old age leads to obsolescence, and you have to let go.

Further maintenance will get the touch screen functionality for a little while. Soon you will get strange advice from technicians, but it may not be a lasting solution.

A new microwave will give your kitchen a brand-new look and a more sophisticated design. You will get a chance to own a valuable microwave with modern features that can deliver diverse dishes to your table.

So, I recommend that you embark on a hunting spree to get the perfect appliance to suit your situation. Look up our articles on Best Microwave With Trim Kit, Best Countertop Microwave With Trim Kit, Best 30-Inch Built-In Microwaves, among others.

How To Reset Whirlpool Oven Touch Screen?

If your Whirlpool microwave oven touch screen freezes and does not respond, scroll, or cannot update the status, a reset can solve the issue.

Reset is by rebooting the gadget, and here’s how to do it;

  • Power down the appliance by unplugging or turning off the circuit breaker for one minute.
  • Power up the appliance by re-plugging or turning on the circuit breaker.
  • Verify the accuracy of the information on the display panel, including the clock and other functions.
  • Restart your Mobile App and check out if the information matches the one on your microwave’s display. If not, refresh the mobile app as follows;
  • Go to the page in your mobile app.
  • Pull down the page and hold it until it begins loading. The loading circle will activate.
  • Release the page, and you have a refreshed mobile app.

If refreshing doesn’t solve the issue, try this;

  • Connect your device to your home internet network
  • Log out of the Whirlpool mobile app.
  • Log back.
  • Cycle power the appliance by unplugging the microwave for one minute and then plugging back your device.

Wait for your Whirlpool oven to reconnect to Wi-Fi so that you can check the app status update. Everything should work perfectly. If not, you have to hit the Contact Us button for further help.

Whirlpool Microwave Clock Won’t Stay On

Your microwave clock not staying on can mess with you if you rely on it to tell you the time. You may still want to keep the feature on even if you have a wall clock.

If it doesn’t stay on or keep on resetting, then this is a warning that there is an electrical problem in your house. You have to fix a few things to have the feature up and operating. But what could be causing your Whirlpool microwave clock to go off or blinking?

  1. Microwave Settings

It could be that your Whirlpool microwave settings include an energy-saving feature where the clock goes off when your oven is inactive. The settings are standard in new models where after two to three minutes, the device goes off to save energy.


With the help of your User’s manual, turn off the energy-saving mode. Your clock will stay on all the time.

2. Power Outages 

Any power cuts in your area? As the display goes off, the clock, too, will not stay on. You need to check if there is power in your area before conducting other checks.


Apart from dialing your power provider’s telephone number and reporting the outage, there is nothing much you can do other than waiting for power to resume.

But if you find out that there is an issue of a power surge, where the current is sometimes high and other times low, you have to report to the emergency response.

Power surges are dangerous and can blow your electric devices beyond repair. You are also required to install a power surge protector to keep your devices, including your microwave safe.

3. Damaged Power Cord

What is the condition of your appliance’s power code? Does it have physical damages? If yes, that is reason enough to keep the clock off. In addition, the microwave will keep on turning on and off and also other features.


Besides the clock going off, a damaged power cord is dangerous to you and your loved ones. It can cause a shock if you contact the live currents. There are no second thoughts about a broken power cord; replace it immediately to protect your household.

4. Broken Display Panel/ Defective Controller

The display panel is the lifeline of your microwave. It controls all the features, including the clock. A broken display panel means that the clock won’t stay on. 


Engage a technician to inspect your appliance and repair or replace the display panel. While checking the display panel, remind him to check the clock controller. It could be the main cause of your clock not stay on when you are not using the microwave.

How Do You Set Time On A Whirlpool Microwave?

You can set time on your Whirlpool microwave by following the steps below. In most cases, the process will vary depending on the model number. I recommend a quick reference to your User’s Manual for specific instructions that match your unit.

These steps will help you to reset the time on a Whirlpool microwave;

  • Look out for the OPEN button and press.
  • Press the CLOCK button
  • Key in the clock time depending on your time zone.
  • Pause until the display shows “Clock Saved.” 
  • Resume to the regular operation of the appliance.

How To Set Am/Pm OnWhirlpool Microwave?

Resetting the am/pm on the Whirlpool microwave begins by getting hold of the clock symbol, which is above the display. Once you identify the clock symbol, follow the below prompt to have the AM or PM hour settings.

  • Press the symbol with your finger for about 3 seconds until some digits/digit flashes on the left-hand side. Go on to press the + or – button so that you can set the hours. 
  • The two right-hand digits will flash when you press the clock symbol again.
  • To set the time, you need to press “CLOCK.” 
  • Set your microwave to 12 hours or 24 hours by turning the dial knob, then pressing Select. 
  • You’ll then turn the dial knob to set the hour and hit Select to confirm. 
  • After setting the hour, set the minute by turning the dial knob again and then press select.

The above processes depend on your Whirlpool microwave model number. The most effective way to perform a clock reset is by following your User’s manual. The guide will give you the most straightforward way to reset your microwave functions tear-free.

How To Set Light Timer OnWhirlpool Microwave?

The first point to note about the Whirlpool microwave timer is that it uses the 12-hour clock only. If you use the 24-hour clock, the function will not work. You may end up thinking that the light timer is malfunctioning, whereas the hour clock settings do not favor the feature. 

Setting the light timer is also not a complicated procedure. You will be setting your cooktop light to turn on and off during different times of the day. 


  • Touch or press the OPTIONS/CLOCK. You will get hold of the Light Timer submenu.
  • Follow the setup prompts for the light on time and light off time. The time will be in hours and minutes. The exact process applies when you want to cancel the Light Timer.

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Wrap Up

Whirlpool microwaves will rarely give you hard times in the kitchen. Their design is flawless and lasts years and years in your kitchen. But you need to equip yourself with some tips to help you run your appliance.

You will reset the clock, am/pm hour, and the lighter timer. With this guide, you have the action to take if your clock is not staying on, the screen pad goes blank, or it’s not responding. For these and many other microwave troubleshooting tips, refer to our guides or contact us whenever you are stuck.

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